Center Point of All Union

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The framework of manifested creation in our Universe starts from within the eternal God Source or the Center Point of All Union, by vibrationally down stepping through itself, contracting the consciousness into a singular point of focus which forms a creational intention. All of creation, from the unmanifest to manifest forms emerge from the consciousness energy of the eternal God Source, and ultimately all of these consciousness forms will return back into the center point of all union, reuniting with the All-One. Thus, the eternal consciousness of the God Source resides within and around all of us, each living being is the original manifestation of the intelligent consciousness units that exist in the entire body of the God Source or All-One. The intelligent consciousness units or the Living God Spirit that is alive in all things is called the Inner Christos, which is built upon the Universal Natural Laws. We can come to understand this through the reverence for all of life, and through philosophies that are described in the Law of One.[1]

The Center Point of All Union is the Central Source of Creation in which all realities emerge from and is commonly referred to as spirit or God. The Guardians that uphold the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One may refer to the Center point as the Yunasai.

Cosmic Matrix

The Cosmic Matrix is the structure that contains six 15 dimensional Universal time matrices for the purpose of consciousness individualization into dimensionalization, in order to experience the perception of time, and to which are collectively referred to as the Time Matrix. From within the Center Point of All Union there are six spiral of energy systems that emerge to form into the Cosmic Matrix. Within the Comsic matrix our Universal Time Matrix that makes up the earth system is one out of the six other time matrices.


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