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God-Sovereign-Free (GSF)

The use of the word or term "God" is hereby defined to not to be misconstrued as a personage or entity in the representation of the Godhead, as the term is commonly used within organized religions. The spread of NAA sourced Violent Religions on the earth is an consciousnesses enslavement tool to give up personal sovereignty by worshiping external entities, thereby confusing humanity to misinterpret the source of God within as being an external person, entity or Alien from another world. The eternal, infinite and divine source of God can only be found deeply within the self, the inner spiritual source that is referred to as the Inner Christos, that is dedicated to the pursuit of truth.

In comprehending the proper context for the use of the word God, and to begin to explore its deeper meaning, is to dedicate oneself to the pursuit of truth in all matters in life, to develop purity of heart and purity of mind through dedicated self inquiry to pursue truth beyond all fear. Thus, truth seekers are sacred in Universal Law, and are supremely protected by the Defenders of truth, the Guardian defenders of the truth spirits.

Thus, the use of the word God in proper context denotes:

  • All That Is
  • All-One
  • Divine Eternal Source
  • Infinite Creator
  • Center Point of All Union
  • Eternal Living Light of God
  • Eternal Spiritual Being
  • Beloved Holy Presence
  • Holy Mother, Holy Father and Holy Christos-Sophia

it is suggested to find the term or expression that best resonates with the heart of each individual in their personal pursuit of truth when communicating through prayers or meditations with the Godhead.

Law of One

The Law of One is the comprehension that all things are made of intelligent energy and are a part of the All-One. The Law of One is a Sacred Science of the mechanics of Christ Consciousness and are the Natural Laws governing our Universal Creation. All-One is the recognition that Eternal Truth is Eternal Love and Eternal Love is the organic consciousness of Infinite Creator, or God. Eternal Love consciousness embodied in a form is Unity intelligence, and simultaneously recognized as, the Inner Light of Christos. Unity consciousness is at One with God and Unity consciousness ignites the Inner Light of Christos. The Inner Light of Christos when actualized in form, is the embodiment of an Eternal God Human. Practice Unity Consciousness and One is directly reflecting the image of God’s Love, and is eternally protected.

Center Point of All Union

The framework of manifested creation in our Universe starts from within the eternal God Source or the Center Point of All Union, by vibrationally down stepping through itself, contracting the consciousness into a singular point of focus which forms a creational intention. All of creation, from the unmanifest to manifest forms emerge from the consciousness energy of the eternal God Source, and ultimately all of these consciousness forms will return back into the center point of all union, reuniting with the All-One. Thus, the eternal consciousness of the God Source resides within and around all of us, each living being is the original manifestation of the intelligent consciousness units that exist in the entire body of the God Source or All-One. The intelligent consciousness units or the Living God Spirit that is alive in all things is called the Inner Christos, which is built upon the Universal Natural Laws. We can come to understand this through the reverence for all of life, and through philosophies that are described in the Law of One.[1]

Emerald Founder Records

Emerald Covenant

The Cosmic Founders promise to us was made with the Emerald Covenant, that all Souls in this Fallen Universe would eventually be found and returned back to their original spiritual home. This was the original divine plan of spiritual Ascension, the evolutionary journey through the astrological ages and timelines which would facilitate our way back home, to remember our divine purpose and be reunited with God.[2]


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