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Krystal Star of Azoth (art by Sequoia)

The name given by ancient alchemists as the essential agent in alchemical transformation of elements was the Azoth. Known as the Prima Materia, Universal Cure, and Elixir of Life (elixir vitae), the Azoth was said to embody all medicines. It is the first creation principle that includes all other substances and elements. Azoth is related to the Kabbalist's Ein Soph, the infinite substance of divine origin that created all existence. The Qlippoth is the Negative Form shell and Imposter Spirit or negative force of the Sephiroth. In its Negative Form polarity, the Dark Mother, is what animated life into the Fallen Azazael hierarchies (anti-Christ forces) that were manifested in the underworld realms. As these fallen entities attempted to perform the cosmic sacred alchemy, they misused the Divine Fire Water of the Prima Materia (Azoth). The Divine Fire Water is androgynous and split into the solar fire and the water became the lunar water of the Astral Planes. [1]

Light Symbol Code

The six-pointed Star of David is a Light Symbol Code that represents the first cause of sound frequency’s unifying function of Holy Mother’s quintessence, the pure divine fire-water within the alchemy of the holy spirit, the sacred animating force which controls the essence of organic and eternal life, Azoth.

Platonic Solids

Platonic Solids

The Mystery Schools of Pythagoras and the ancient Greeks taught that these five solids are the core patterns behind physical creation. Four of the Platonic Solids are the archetypal patterns behind the four elements in all creation, Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. The fifth pattern was considered to be Universal Substance of creation and in some Mystery Schools was considered the fifth element of Aether. The fifth solid is the dodecahedron and its usage in the material world was closely guarded as it was felt to be dangerous if it was misused. We are acutely aware the NAA and many of the Illuminati lines has misused these as forms that are the basis of reversal ten structures that have been placed on the earth as Mind Control matrices. These are called Reversal 55 Grid and appear as Dodecahedron shapes, they are a part of the reversal matrix used by Service to Self entities. Hence, in our model we came the dodecahedron as the elemental matrix substance used to form time and space. Through Hieros Gamos the upgrade is the Star of Azoth to the Krystal Star Seven Sacred Suns which hold the Cosmic Aether component for our connection and communication which is fully governed by Cosmic Sovereign Law and the Krystal Star host. The Cosmic Aether or Mothers Quintessence manifests itself into any geometrical wave pattern and breathes life into it creating offspring, multiple fractal patterns of spirals that are creations birthed into form matter.


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