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Humans are multidimensional beings of light that have multiple layers of spiritual bodies that are electromagnetic in nature, and in each nested layer of these electromagnetic bodies are levels of spiritual-energetic intelligence that is conscious. The Human Energy Field is a layered system of energy circuits, designed to run energy throughout the bodily matrices with entry and exit points at both ends, like our north and south pole. It also has a main central channel of current along the spine that anchors intermediate points that serve as the intake (receiver) and discharge (transmitter) of the spinning vortices of life force energy. There are flowing channels of energy known as meridians and axiatonal lines, which impact the flow of energy to all of the organs, glands and interconnect all of the processes within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. The planetary body has the exact same layered system of energy circuits, and is the macrocosm body reflection of the microcosm represented in the individual human body.

All humans and life forms on our planet have an interconnected bio-energy field composed of a complex network of electrical circuits, which make up the individual and collective electromagnetic battery body and this is commonly called the aura or Lightbody. The human lightbody is configured with specific electrical circuits in the root layers that are designed to energetically interface and lock down the lightbody grounding mechanism, directly with the planet. This Grounding Mechanism is what connects us to the Collective Consciousness and to all of the human race species memories on the earth. The electrical circuit is the path through which Subatomic Particles, or electrons from the electromagnetic current of the human energy field flow and exchange with the current that is running in the planetary grid network.

Electrons radiate or absorb energy in the form of photons of Light when they are accelerated through the electrical circuitry of the human lightbody. When the human energy field interacts with the natural frequencies in the planetary electromagnetic field, subatomic particles are exchanged which produce light that carries assorted data through electromagnetic signals. When human DNA was unplugged in the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion, it was at this time the human race lost their ability to translate the electromagnetic signals of species memory, and we lost our DNA language that allowed for communication with the earth intelligence and with each other. However, the circuit exchange is still beneficial and some of us are coming online with the corrected DNA signal pattern. The circuit exchange of electrons is equalized within the human body, helping to naturally neutralize negative energies or free radicals, which may result in many potential physical health benefits.

The human lightbody’s electrical grounding works in the same manner as an electrical circuit that is attached to the earth uses the interface as an electrical conductor. The electrical circuitry in the human lightbody functions as the Grounding Mechanism, which produces a direct physical connection, and a DNA Signal bond and electromagnetic interface that communicates with the earth. It acts as the electrical circuit that interacts with the electromagnetic network of the human lightbody that consists of a closed loop from the earth, giving it a return path for the current to complete its circuit. The earth acts as the grounding circuit, which gives an additional path for aberrant or high voltage electromagnetic current to be absorbed and neutralized, so the human body is not harmed by electrical surges or accumulated harmful energies. It also acts as a method for data transmission through the electrical circuits of the human Lightbody, which help empaths to gain information about the earth's changes.

The human body is a composite of the elemental materials that make up the earth body. Being electromagnetic beings traveling in a physical body made up of the earth elements, those of us born on the earth are naturally designed to interface and interconnect directly, communicating with the earth’s electromagnetic body. Unfortunately, due to the NAA broadcast of artificial intelligence and Alien Machinery, Intuitive Empaths or Starseeds have to be more discerning about how and where we ground directly into the planetary grid network. Many people, however, gain health benefits from having direct skin contact with all forms of nature and animals, by walking, sitting or sleeping outside when in direct contact with the earth.[1]


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