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It is critical as spiritually mature adults that we understand the reasons the world economy, the unrestricted power and wealth that is given to the Power Elites through deep state organizations, is being run on the foundation of pedophilia, sodomy and child sex molester related activities. Only then can we understand why they seek to legalize and normalize sex with children - globally. This is purely an anti-human agenda that is designed to destroy and subjugate the entire human race, starting with attacking the most vulnerable, the infants and children. Children are unable to protect themselves from being abused and spiritually violated through molestation, and thus sexual abuse causes excessive damage to the mental and emotional functioning, as well as damage to the physical body for the rest of their lives. Sex with children is the most heinous and vile activity any person can do to cause great multidimensional harm to that person, as well as binding them energetically to an assortment of predatorial forces and parasitic entities. The spiritual damage that is incurred through this most depraved activity to oppress humanity cannot be overestimated.

The desperation of the NAA entities that are pushing to mainstream pedophilia by changing or eradicating laws of consent with children in sexual acts with adults, is not only because it is a food source for feeding vast arrays of unseen energy parasites, but also these personal violations greatly damage the human lightbody, such as reversing the direction of the inner merkaba shield. The predatorial parasites have been known to target what Guardian Host refers to as the “fallen tree” people (those with imploded root and sacral centers), to hijack their 2D sexual energies in order to keep the reversal grid networks in place in the lowest dimensions of the planet.

The psychiatric field utilized its latest edition of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) to attempt to normalize the raping and sexual exploitation of children, by initially referring to pedophilia as a mere sexual orientation. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has made its objective explicitly clear to the public, maintaining that the negative impact of child sexual abuse when adults have sex with children was overstated. Further they stated that, “The vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from their child sexual experiences.” At a July 2013 pedophilia conference held at UK’s prestigious University of Cambridge, research experts concluded: “Pedophilic interest is natural and normal for human males. At least a sizeable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children. Normal males are aroused by children.”

This is the protection, support and proliferation of child sexual predators without any concern for the conditions it generates in society by leaving a trail of traumatized, victimized and suicidal children, in which the survivors largely grow up to be traumatized and addicted adults. Thus, the elites controlling the psychiatric profession embraces pedophilia as typical thoughtforms and sexual fantasies for normal males. The belief that pedophilia is a permanent, undisputable condition that is inherited from birth, is a downward spiral that relinquishes self-responsibility for adults that are sexually abusing children, which reveals the agenda for gradually normalizing and decriminalizing child sexual molesters and child pedophilia rings. Thus, there is a highly organized effort to normalize and legalize child rape which is moving faster because a growing segment of the global population is more aware than ever about the elite’s hidden criminal operation.

In my direct experience of planetary field work and energy sessions, as well as listening to the accounts of satanic ritual abuse and child rape survivors, the gloss over of pedophile-controlled organizations stating that child sexual abuse is not harmful, is a bold-faced lie of demonically twisted criminal psychopaths that ultimately are serving the NAA anti-human, global enslavement agendas. Again, the traumatic damage this deviant behavior generates in the victim’s human lightbody, impacts the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each unique individual’s soul that cannot be overestimated. In my opinion this alone is the greatest travesty and spiritual violation to ever occur to human beings, rendering them consciousness slaves buried in trauma and emotional devastation, stunting consciousness growth, unable to directly experience their inner spirit and God connection.

The extent to which the earth is made a prison planet for producing consciousness slaves, is related to the extent to which humanity ignores and allows mass human trafficking and child sexual slavery to continue. Human trafficking and sexual slavery comprises and organizes itself as an enormous hidden shadow-demonic consciousness that is functioning as a global spiritual oppression that buries unhealed pain and trauma behind the collective subconsciousness amnesiac barriers. To finally evict these spiritual oppressions stunting the evolution of the human race, we must find the bravery and courage to finally face these ugly and painful shadows in order to begin the global spiritual healing process.

We may never have an accurate analysis of how many children and adults have been abducted, raped and ritually tortured by the human and nonhuman predators using satanic ritual abuse methods since antiquity. However, in my research about six years ago to find some hard evidence of statistical analysis when scouring the internet, the following statistics were being provided by human trafficking organizations. Since that time, most of this online data has been totally scrubbed and censored by the Big Tech organizations, so some of these statistics may be hard to find and may not be fully corroborated until online censorship is finally abolished and freedom of speech is restored. We believe online censorship, shadow banning, digital profile destruction and character assassination campaigns are the aggressive actions taken across the globe by the elite pedophiles who are desperately attempting damage control on social media to stop the awakening population from understanding the Power Elite pedophilia network.

Thus, please take some time to reflect on these statistics below to deeply understand how massive this scourge actually is on the earth. Taking into account that these are people’s babies, children and loved ones that are suffering or have suffered in painful agony, never knowing what may have happened to their child, when authorities just causally classify these events as just another number in the missing children cases. This is not human; in my experience, this is the direct impact of nonhuman entity infiltration into our world.[1]

See Important Facts about Missing Persons.

Elite Pedophilia Networks

For the first time, the Solar Rishi are able to look at the complex infrastructure of the Lunar Female Demonic Forces that have been co-created with the Lunar Matrix and built into the Elite Pedophilia Networks for global human trafficking and Child Sacrifice. This includes the extensive NAA infestations within the grid networks located in Washington DC, London and Vatican City, which are used as spiritual ritual centers and more loosh harvesting. It appears the Solar Rishi have set their sights upon cleaning up the Vatican complex, as it is a cesspool of satanic creatures, alien infiltration and demonic parasites, used for trapping souls and powering up the lunar forces of Dark Mother onto the planet. [2]

Moloch Gestalts

In the Guardian use of the term Moloch, it is used to describe receptacles on the Astral Plane that operate as battery tanks for harvested Loosh, which is generally sexual in nature. Moloch tanks are used by the NAA forces to collect and store human sexual energy as a battery source, generally the tanks are more specialized as sourcing from the consciousness bodies of molested children, which is the real purpose that is behind the promotion of legalizing pedophilic practices.[3]


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