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EO Enlightened Contact

Guardian Host initiates direct contact only in those people that are direct lineages or hybrids from their original race line, many have pre-incarnation agreements for enlightened contact for the purpose of serving the Christos Mission. Guardian Host will engage in contact with any human being who requests their support by wanting to learn to live in accordance with the Law of One and is interested to put forth the effort in pursuing personal spiritual healing and consciousness growth during the Ascension Cycle.

The Guardian Host will never initiate contact through urgency, coercion, demands, manipulation or use force. They will never accept involvement in any mind control agenda or that which violates natural laws, or violates the rights of any human being or life form, and consistently emanate the highest Krystic ethics conducting themselves within the Law of One principles and the scientific laws that govern the mechanics of creation. Authentic Guardian races will assist any sincere spiritual seeker that addresses them through principles of the Law of One, whereby they are committed to the expression of unconditional love, truth, respect and reverence for life.

It is important that contactees realize they are being chosen for their genetic relationship and unique station of identities through multiple timelines, which can also surface memories of pre-incarnation agreements to engage in collaborative missions. See Empowering Enlightened Visitation.

Contactees Tested for Personal Integrity

Those that have been contacted or will be contacted in the future are being tested for Personal Integrity in ways that they may be asked to become ambassadors or representatives acting as liaisons between visiting off planet benevolent groups and the human race. When we can see this bigger picture, it makes it clear why we have been continually warned by the Guardian Host to be focused upon Discernment of Psychological Warfare tactics, so that we can maintain core stability and energetic integrity to discern who is who in the extradimensional visitor groups that use manipulation and deception to get humans to be their slave work force.

Enlightened Contact

Aquamarine Heartflame Teardrop (art by Sequoia)

Emerald Order Guardians will initiate enlightened contact with loving kindness, respect and honoring personal sovereignty, in which they will expect the same reciprocal expression in return. Guardians will require that you as a human being are willing to be self-responsible and put in the personal effort in your own learning, growth and personal healing. It is suggested to work with the 12D Christos shielding process, GSF Boundary Testing and Unity Vow in the morning and before bedtime, which helps to attune your energy field to the Guardian Christos frequency. When enlightened contact is happening, it can be very subtle in order to test out field occurrences and your specific reactions to such energetic contact.

They generally will not give proof of their contact initially, because like any situation where building trust is required in a mutual relationship, they will test your integrity for building a trustworthy bond for the purpose of communication exchanges. Once this bond is present, it is possible to ask them for help in ways that biologically regenerate your original Diamond Sun template and reclaim unique spiritual heritage. The communication bond can be severed if the individual’s fundamental frequency plummets and exceptional negative behaviors take over the individual no matter what the reason. One must remember that to ask for this enlightened contact connection will take some effort. This means that spiritual acceleration will happen rapidly and that your life may not remain the same, and thus you must consider consequences and choose wisely.

Again, before choosing to intentionally ask for positive Guardian contact you should have already developed a daily personal shielding process with the 12D Christos shield, Unity Vow and GSF Boundary Testing. Then, when it feels guided in right aligned timing, set aside a sleep state process at bedtime in which the main focus is holding prayerful intention to connect with Emerald Order Guardians that serve the Cosmic Sovereign law, in the power and authority of God and Christos. For approximately 21 days, before sleep offer a prayer of goodwill in service to God, and request connection and contact with Emerald Order Guardians serving the One in the most authentic and heartfelt loving way, as you are expressing a genuine commitment to personal spiritual healing and being in Service to Others.

During the fourth week, then add in the following exercise before sleep. Be sure to have a writing journal and pen at bedside to capture your impressions and help to remember your experiences as you wake up in the morning. Keep track over the time you are working with this sleep state exercise, and pay attention to subtle energy shifts or different sensory perception awareness in the day to day.

Before sleep, power up your 12D and above frequency and focus intently on the inner vertical channel from tailbone to the base of the skull, intending to strengthen your inner core self and be very confident in your direct relationship with God. Now intend to command your personal space in service to the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One and then create GSF Blessings for your sacred space for sleep for the purpose of communing with God and loving truth spirits of Christos.

Focus on your heart, feel and intend to see an aqua blue mist form into a perfect teardrop of the aquamarine heart flame inside your emerald crystal heart. Now intend to create an entire orbital circuit with the teardrop of aquamarine heart current or run the Amoraea Flame. Intend to run the teardrop aquamarine heart flame throughout the Microcosmic Orbit channel, pushing the aquamarine teardrop from your heart down into your tailbone. Then run the teardrop aquamarine flame from the tailbone and up your spine across the top of your skull and down the front channel seeing that your front and back channel are filled with a complete circuit of aquamarine to emerald flame current. With an exhaling breath, intend to push the aquamarine-emerald flame beyond the top of your crown and into your 10th Chakra Solar Star that is about six inches above your head.

Now see the 10D Solar Star project out an aquamarine-emerald flame into a horizontal sphere which acts as an aqua-emerald platform in which to initiate positive contact. For some, this Solar Star platform may also project out or evolve into other dimensional colors such as sapphire diamond or lilac-lavender tones, when in contact with Amethyst Order Rha Kristos Collectives such as Amethyst Order Ramyanas.

Now intend to see yourself in a smaller physical image sitting on top and within this platform area, with the intention you are preparing this space for the purpose to initiate higher frequencies through which to secure positive contact with God or Emerald Order Guardians. Practice imagining and seeing your physical self in this platform space you have created inside your 10D Solar Star and focus upon intentions of loving kindness, Compassion and meaningful connection with authentic spiritual family.

Formulate your intentional request that is personal and meaningful to you. If you are not feeling connected to the term Emerald Order Guardians, then use the term that makes your heart feel open, loving and expansive. Such as you may ask your Krystal Star Guardians or Personal Christ to meet you, expressing that you’d like to meet them and feel the energetic signature of your spiritual family when it is in the highest alignment for serving your divine purpose.

Once you have worked with this to prepare the foundation, set the space, formulate a clear intention and then practice seeing yourself sitting in the platform you created for contact, then subtle forms of energetic contact will occur. What forms that Enlightened Contact takes will vary with each individual.

This is happening now and this year begins our spiritual journey to seek truth and finally begin to heal from what has happened to humanity.[1]


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