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EO Enlightened Contact

First to reclaim your spiritual power, you must know that you have spiritual power in the Natural Laws of God, which are based in the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One. When you know yourself as a multidimensional spiritual being, and know that you have an eternal soul, spirit and Christos identity that is connected or at one with God source, then you are on the way to knowing that you have spiritual power in which you have the free will and divine right to choose where to direct that power.

Learning about the multidimensional human anatomy and how that corresponds to human consciousness perception arranged in the layers of the mind matrices, begins to re-awaken the spiritual body parts that were dormant. When connecting with mind matrices for the purpose of Awakening consciousness, you choose each layer to reclaim your spiritual power as an embodied eternal consciousness that is one with God and the natural laws.

In any visitation or contact, hold the perspective that you are equal to any entity or visitor, knowing that you have the same potentials to be as advanced and evolved as they may appear to be. Every individual has the opportunity to consciously grow and integrate higher aspects of spiritual identity and activate dormant DNA to achieve advanced Consciousness growth.

Take personal responsibility for your own consciousness evolution journey and do not project or expect that others are supposed to direct your personal evolution on your behalf. Becoming spiritually mature means that you are learning how to be responsible for yourself and the direction of personal energies, and that learning about your multidimensional aspects and how your consciousness works is a part of becoming a spiritual adult.

It is suggested that your first priority be connecting and remembering your spiritual aspects through Meditation and Prayer. It is important to work to overcome fear, embody love and Surrender all to serve your highest expression or God source. Whereby consciously choosing intent, consent and authority to serve God source, while knowing that you do not need another person, or formal religion to achieve spiritual actualization.

Hold your own personal power of decision making and make sure that you are in control of your spiritual evolution and destiny to fulfill your own unique divine purpose for incarnating on the planet. Do not ever allow any other entity to generate a wedge or stand between you and your direct connection with God source. We do not need intermediaries and one should choose to make a direct God connection with the intention to integrate your personal higher dimensional identity levels as divinely sourced and inspired.

When you empower yourself through dedicated self-reflection and acceleration of inner potentials, by refusing to allow others to gain control over you by choosing consciously to direct your own life, you become a living example which helps others to empower themselves and do the same. As you learn about the war against humanity and its ancient origins in genetic hybridization, we help others to awaken to the anti-human agenda and stop complying to be experimented upon.

Natural Laws are Law of One

Be willing to learn about the Law of One which are the natural laws in such ways that you can become competent in manifesting from the pure intentions of loving kindness, non-judgement, Unified Cooperation and respect for other living forms. This neutralizes miasmatic and karmic based manifestations that can bring on great challenges from entwinement with controlling or Negative Ego based desires. When we give our manifestations to God, and we ask to be in service to the divine plan when praying for spiritual guidance, we are given the intuitive breadcrumbs which take us through the process of karmic-less manifesting. Karmic-less manifestations are based in synchronistic divine alignment which allows the best options to be made available from absolute Harmlessness and thus manifestations are freed from the impacts and influences of shadows and Dark Manipulation.

When you make the commitment of spiritual awakening as priority, and sincerely grow towards implementing principles of spiritual maturity and negative ego clearing, it is highly possible that you will experience Enlightened Contact with benevolent Guardian forces and other pro-human freedom visitor races in the future. If you can hold this responsibility with the maturity and emotional stability required to receive this level of truth about our reality, it may be that you can assist the Guardian races to make themselves known to the surface human population in a benevolent manner. The more of us that are capable to act in alignment with authentic Law of One principles, means that each individual has an important role that can greatly help to support the global Awakening and human evolution towards unpacking the disclosure timeline.

Contactees Tested for Personal Integrity

Those that have been contacted or will be contacted in the future are being tested for Personal Integrity in ways that they may be asked to become ambassadors or representatives acting as liaisons between visiting off planet benevolent groups and the human race. When we can see this bigger picture, it makes it clear why we have been continually warned by the Guardian Host to be focused upon Discernment of Psychological Warfare tactics, so that we can maintain core stability and energetic integrity to discern who is who in the extradimensional visitor groups that use manipulation and deception to get humans to be their slave work force.

Emerald Order Contact Guideline

Aquamarine Heartflame Teardrop (art by Sequoia)

Emerald Order Guardians will initiate enlightened contact with loving kindness, respect and honoring personal sovereignty, in which they will expect the same reciprocal expression in return. Guardians will require that you as a human being are willing to be self-responsible and put in the personal effort in your own learning, growth and personal healing. It is suggested to work with the 12D Christos shielding process, GSF boundary testing and Unity Vow in the morning and before bedtime, which helps to attune your energy field to the Guardian Christos frequency. When enlightened contact is happening, it can be very subtle in order to test out field occurrences and your specific reactions to such energetic contact.

Guardian Host initiates direct contact only in those people that are direct lineages or hybrids from their original race line, many have pre-incarnation agreements for enlightened contact for the purpose of serving the Christos Mission. Guardian Host will engage in contact with any human being who requests their support by wanting to learn to live in accordance with the Law of One and is interested to put forth the effort in pursuing personal spiritual healing and consciousness growth during the Ascension Cycle.

The Guardian Host will never initiate contact through urgency, coercion, demands, manipulation or use force. They will never accept involvement in any mind control agenda or that which violates natural laws, or violates the rights of any human being or life form, and consistently emanate the highest Krystic ethics conducting themselves within the Law of One principles and the scientific laws that govern the mechanics of creation. Authentic Guardian races will assist any sincere spiritual seeker that addresses them through principles of the Law of One, whereby they are committed to the expression of unconditional love, truth, respect and Reverence for life.

It is important that contactees realize they are being chosen for their genetic relationship and unique station of identities through multiple timelines, which can also surface memories of pre-incarnation agreements to engage in collaborative missions.

See Emerald Order Contact Guideline.

Cautionary Guidelines

Do not believe that all visitor contact is benevolent and beneficial, or place any entities on a pedestal deeming them as Gods or Saviors. It is important to not be dazzled by astral glamours, crafts or abilities that the visitor may use for manipulation purposes which may seem advanced to most humans. We must realize that just because they may reveal certain advanced abilities, that they are not necessarily ethical, moral or have the same spiritual objectives of being in service to the Law of One and supporting the restoration of Cosmic Order. [1]

Three Main Group Agendas

Those that serve the Emerald Order Covenant uphold the Cosmic Sovereign Law for achieving human freedom and planetary liberation, which extends beyond this Universe into the Cosmic Source Domains and go all the way back to the 1st God World Creation. The other two, Belial Group and Black Sun alien AI hybrids originally source from a fallen parallel matrix called Wesa, which serve the One World Order government with the current transhumanist slavery agenda for implementing the Great Reset.


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