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Cosmic Christos Sophia Celtic Maji Grail Lines (art by Sequoia)

In the Celtic world, the Pendragons or Head Dragon was masculine and was carried from the bloodline of Fey, which holds deeper meaning that Pendragon as an Earth Guardian holds the fate of the timelines being recorded in the entire grail bloodline. It is important to be aware of the fact that the anti-Christ forces have taken this use of the title Pendragon or Dragon and generated the satanic version for their inverted purposes of hijacking the original creator code, as well as hiding the spiritual knowledge that is sacred to all angelic humans. The Cosmic Christ in our Universal creation is from the source of the Cosmic Solar Dragons that are from the God Worlds and are free Cosmic Citizens, the Dragon is not our enemy, it is the ancient Founder genetic lineage from which all Diamond Sun humans were created in God’s image. Dragon is not meant to be taken as the literal meaning of the word in a physical sense, but is the esoteric knowledge of the energy signature of our divine human form and where we all have come from.

Pendragon is the Fey Grail Bloodline of King Arthur that originates from the Christos Diamond Sun lines from Andromeda, thus we call this the Solar Dragon breath of the Aquafey, the source of original Holy Father to Christos Son source codes. Thus, King Arthur was a living man that was assigned to be the guardian protectorate and Pendragon of the original Nazarene Teachings being hidden by the original Celtic Church that went underground around 22,000 years ago. In previous articles we have already established that there were a few previous timeline embodiments of Arthur the Aquafey that had incarnated in service to the Christos Mission, and that King Arthur had finally returned into his embodiment to begin grid work for returning the Triple Solar Goddess emanations, recovering the body parts for his genetic equal Mary-Guinevere-Brigid earlier this year. Thus, the Solar Dragon breath of Aquafey transmits the Holy Father's Emerald Ray prisms through Father Sun Codes to reunite the Christos-Sophia in corrected Solar Masculine Christ coding throughout the Universal Time Matrix.[1]


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