Glandular and Hormonal Suppression

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The artificial manipulation of the earth’s magnetic field is also related to the suppression of the glandular systems proper functioning and its hormonal secretions made into the bloodstream of the human body. The most impacted glands that were rendered dormant are located in the brain, this means the intentional suppression of the pineal, pituitary, and the hypothalamus. These glands in particular work as a trinity, and are required for our brain to read energy signatures. Human hormonal secretions allow the higher perception of subtle fields of energy in multi-dimensional states, as well as the ability to translate languages and meaning from color, sound and images. When our hormones and our glands are working as they were designed in the original human DNA, it is much easier to expand consciousness through the access to expanded multidimensional perception.

The female body and reproductive organs had additional levels of hormonal manipulation that cycled with the Moon Phases, which was a byproduct of the control over the female body for Breeding Programs and the reincarnation cycles on the earth. As the lunar force and artificial magnetism transfigures into light, males and females are being released of constructs of lunar force manipulation that had control over the sexual organs and hormones. The evolution of the human glandular system during the Ascension is currently effecting hormonal changes that relate to building of the new lightbody structure as an eternal Orb body. This returns the freedom of interdimensional travel to the human being.

The lunar force that controlled human bodies is now potentially being superseded with the solar force, which is coming from the base shield of the Seven Sacred Suns transmitting to the earth. As more humans transfigure the Negative Polarity of the lunar forces, black substance and dark matter into light, the lunar force is alchemically transformed into solar light. This creates the unified balance through solar union.[1]

Awakening the Endocrine System

The Endocrine glands are responsible for producing, distributing and helping the body to assimilate hormones. Hormones act as chemical messengers in the bloodstream that communicate to organs and body parts, which maintain the body's functioning in a state of balanced health or homeostasis. Hormones are the chemical messengers that are required to transmit to the brain and nervous system that which allows higher perception of multidimensional realities, translate Universal Languages, and activate ranges of higher sensory abilities. We should have the true spiritual understanding and realize that our glands and hormones are directly related to expressions of Consciousness, and their function is intrinsic to our ability to achieve higher consciousness. (See Endocrine System)


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