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HGS Required Reading may be listened to through audio transcript available on HGS Introduction pages here: http://www.energeticsynthesis.com/index.php/hgs-introduction

Hieros Gamos is the Sacred Marriage of a Human Being with Divinity (the Inner Spirit) and the Unification between all life expressions and its levels of opposite. The AoA Hieros Gamos System (HGS) is a “Guardian” Multidimensional and Living Template Technology being offered for the first time to those desiring to expand their own personal empowerment and/or guided to become HGS Mentors, by means of which is to develop the inner spiritual foundation based upon Energetic Self-Mastery principles, and to claim personal sovereignty and responsibility over one’s personal energies.


The Guardian spiritual healing template, the AoA Hieros Gamos System and its network, is the response to support personal human freedom and energetic empowerment through embodying the “Return to Balance” via the Hieros Gamos Alchemy based upon the Law of One principles. It is suggested to become familiar with the Law of One practices as supplied with this manual to align your core self to represent the core values of Unity consciousness. The HGS system will be rendered ineffective by those attempting its use its technology as perceived through lower mental body intelligences, such as 1D 2D unconscious mind and 3D personal mental will. For those new to the process of identifying and clearing negative ego, it is greatly suggested negative ego clearing be ardently applied to self discipline one’s mental body judgments, before any attempt is made to utilize this system. The HGS responds to Consciousness intelligence principles aligned to the Law of One, and to Unity Field intelligence, and to the spiritually uninitiated, this system will prove to appear flat, one dimensional words that are misunderstood and useless from that point of perception.

It is suggested as a new user to begin the 12D Shield process, to apply the ES Core Triad Practices in daily life to discipline the mental body. A basic skill set of the Three Step practice and following the mental body discipline daily guidelines are the first required step of the HGS Calibration process. The ES Core Triad practices ultimately are designed to connect one to their inner spiritual core.

The inner spiritual core is The Witness or Observer and has no judgment. It allows observation of external events without needing to control the outcome. The inner spirit is connected by staying in the now moment. Practice this intentionally as a daily exercise.

We have answered the call for the time to bring forth the Sacred Marriage Template to the Planet, and the Hieros Gamos template to be given to the planetary body and humanity through the Chalice of her Cosmic Heart. Those that answer this call are the transmission points of serving this intelligence to be freely given to humanity throughout the world.

The AoA Hieros Gamos System (HGS) is being offered also for the activation of Higher Sensory Perception (HSP) which leads to the awareness of communicating directly with one’s inner energetic core and finding one’s divine mission and purpose in life. As one finds clarity within the personal knowing of their energetic core and its purpose in life, inner balance returns, allowing a state of wellbeing that includes inner peace and harmony. Through the intentional application and developmental use of the AoA Hieros Gamos System (HGS), one may develop a foundation based upon Energetic Self-Mastery principles, and claim personal sovereignty and responsibility over one’s personal energies. In result, one may become fully cognizant in efficiently and harmlessly directing focus and attention to maximize life force potentials.

Use of the HGS system consistently and with dedication of being of harmless service to others will develop the user’s Higher Sensory Perception (HSP) in the ability to feel, sense and direct consciousness energies for positive growth, spiritual evolution and holistic healing purposes. You will be trained to develop the Neutral Observer Point within, and, through applied energetic awareness, to increase self-mastery, to mentally focus, and to direct those thoughts energetically to make upgrades, clearings and physical corrections. At any level of beginner, intermediate or advanced, the System is designed to increase and support furthering consciousness perception, and to continually develop those abilities in order to be free one from suppression, oppression, possession and mind control limitations.

This now begins the Required Reading for the Hieros Gamos System, also referred to as the HGS, and the Terms of Agreement of its application and Statement of Responsibility for its use.


A Call for Transformation

During these times of great planetary and human evolution, known as the Ascension Cycle, a re-evaluation of our personal priorities, lifestyle and social values are at the forefront for many desiring the knowledge to shift and change their own limiting beliefs and consciousness perceptions. Many of us are living in a deep discontent with our lifestyle, searching to ride the wave of a great change in order to move away from the enslaving nature of the current planetary collective Consciousness. Much of this knowledge has been esoteric and hidden for centuries in many Mystery School teachings and Ancient Wisdom philosophies that carried down this knowledge through certain blood lineages. Basic energetic concepts in comprehending how to access Universal Creative Intelligence forces, the Natural Energetic Laws of Governing Forms, and how one can masterfully direct these energies to influence their experience within the world of matter; have only been allowed to be accessed by a privileged few. The Ascension Cycle requires our participation with ourselves and in order to gain energetic sovereignty in the matter worlds, the commitment to serve one’s spiritual core is what allows one to have access to these previously hidden systems.

The AoA Hieros Gamos System (HGS) is a Multidimensional and Living Template Technology being offered to those desiring to expand their own personal empowerment by means of developing spiritual exploration and personal consciousness. The development of Higher Sensory Perception (HSP) leads to the awareness of communicating directly with one’s inner energetic core and finding one’s divine mission and purpose in life. As one finds clarity within the personal knowing of their energetic core and its purpose in life, inner balance returns, allowing a state of well-being that includes inner peace and harmony.Through the intentional application and developmental use of the AoA Hieros Gamos System (HGS), one may develop a foundation based upon Energetic Self-Mastery principles, and claim personal sovereignty and responsibility over one’s personal energies. In result, one may become fully cognizant in efficiently and harmlessly directing focus and attention to maximize life force potentials.


As in many other historical or traditional belief systems or cultural paradigms of spiritual, scientific or “world view” perceptions, many points of view contained within this system will extend beyond current accepted standards of reality. It is being presented for the use and empowerment of the individual only. The responsibility to choose resonance or claim results achieved by this system is purely at the discretion of the user.Many people have claimed the benefit of the application of meditation practices for spiritual exploration, as contained within this system (and many other systems that utilize meditation or clearing practices). Practicing these techniques consistently over time has revealed that the impact and effect are individualized, and mostly positive in nature. However as impact and effect are individualized and dependent on a wide array of internal and external influences, no guarantee of personal results or benefit can be made through the use of this system. Every person’s involvement with the application of this system is a personal decision and choice that is made at the discretion of the user. Therefore the responsibility pertaining to the effect and influences of its practice are inherent in this personal choice and its responsibilities solely remain with the individual. [1]


No claim is made in the AoA Hieros Gamos System (HGS) for the treatment or cure of any previous condition or history of medical or psychiatric conditions, nor is the HGS intended as a substitute for medical care. Those presently in the care of medical doctors or psychiatric professionals are advised to seek professional advice before using any spiritual exploration techniques or technologies contained within this system. [2]

Commitment to Integrity

God-Sovereign-Free (GSF)

The written translation of the contained material within the AoA Hieros Gamos System (HGS) holds a conscious commitment to maintain the highest integrity of the information being provided to the public as possible in current conditions. The information presented is within an experiential knowledge format via direct personal experiences in consciousness, and is not gleaned from an intellectual or direct linear study program of any books or written material. This process of receiving and disseminating information is known as consciousness imprints and downloads through telepathic relay to the author. This is not currently accepted as a known method of “intelligence transfer” by current scientific standards of quantifying data. Therefore, the information presented is understood to represent the clearest most accurate translation under the domain of “theory” within the context of the current consensus of factual and perceptual reality of science. In offering this system for public exploration, no claim is made for the empirically founded and factual nature of this system’s information in terms of any current consensus of scientific knowledge. This is an exploration of personal and collective consciousness systems and its purposeful evolution through the applied awareness and the use of basic energetic laws governing the direction and experience of human consciousness throughout time and space. Authenticity toward the integrity of the information provided can only be claimed through direct personal experiences and not by intellectual concepts or mental constructs which limit perception. For this reason the information is presented for the open mind, the open consciousness, for those desiring personal freedom, and for those wishing to explore the nature of multidimensional reality through direct personal experience.If the perspectives represented within the content have resemblance to other texts, materials or systems, that resemblance is purely unintentional and coincidental. This consciousness paradigm experiences many similarities to a vast array of historical, ancient and contemporary records of sacred, spiritual, alternative healing or religious pathways which are accessible in the public domain. It is suggested that such coincidence to other materials of which HGS bears similarities is based on the synthesis of Ancient Knowledge from a common open source language, such as the “Global Brain”, that has yet to be verified scientifically.[3]

Terms, Conditions and Implied Consent

In choosing to use the system contained herein, it is implicitly understood that in doing so the individual accepts full responsibility for any conditions that may or may not occur in conjunction with such practices. It is agreed in terms of use that the individual user releases any facilitator, mentor, teacher, endorsement, translator or author, as well as any and all individuals and organizations related, from any future claims of liability or damages perceived or assumed to occur in conjunction with the use of these spiritual evolution practices and technologies. This statement of Terms, Conditions and Implied Consent represents a Consent of Liability Release from any circumstance(s) which may arise from the chosen participation and involvement with any level of the Hieros Gamos System (HGS) and its represented paradigm. [4]

Open Source Agreement

The System (HGS) is represented as an “Information Commons” and exists as an open source educational reference, such as a physical library or online community, which exists to produce, conserve, and preserve information for current and future generations of humanity.The System (HGS) exists as a Free Documentation License [5] in the format intended for use in and as a manual, textbook or other document to assure for everyone the effective freedom to copy and redistribute the educational content, with or without modifications, either commercially or non-commercially. The System Terms of Use under Free Documentation License [6] specifies that no monies, fees or charges can be assessed for the privilege or use to access this system information. If the System (HGS) is exploited for financial gain, abuse of privilege or mistreatment, it renders its effectiveness and participation in Free Documentation Licensing and its open source agreement as terminated, null and void. If the System (HGS) is redistributed as an “Information and License Common” to the public, [7] the terms of use specify only fees and monies are exchanged in value to support the general, administrative functions of the educational system resources, facilitation and mentoring time, and consulting expertise.No future distribution of this system or its educational material under any circumstances, either modified or unmodified can be licensed for future copyright or related entitlements to legal privileges. The Free Documentation License allows this works in the common to be secured in the common, presently and in the future.[8]

You are free to:Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format

Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.

The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.Under the following terms:

Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

Share Alike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original. You cannot charge money for the information only charge for consulting or session fees based on the material.

No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.For more information see Creative Commons by SA license. [9]

Freedom of Information

This System (HGS) refers to the protection under the right to freedom of expression with regards to the Internet and information technology and the digital rights to that technology.Freedom of information is an extension of freedom of speech, a fundamental human right recognized in international law, which is today understood more generally as freedom of expression in any medium, be it orally, in writing, print, through the Internet or through art forms. This means that the protection of freedom of speech as a right includes not only the content, but also the means of expression in conjunction with the use of this material for spiritual exploration purposes, (excluding the intentional criminal harm to another.) This System (HGS) is referenced to promote further open sharing of information (World Summit on the Information Society, and Declaration of Principles adopted in 2003) and to continue to promote the Information Society and preserve human rights in free expression as founded by the constitutional freedoms and their principles in order to promote an open and free society. “We reaffirm, as an essential foundation of the Information Society, and as outlined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; that this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. Communication is a fundamental social process, a basic human need and the foundation of all social organization. It is central to the Information Society. Everyone everywhere should have the opportunity to participate and no one should be excluded from the benefits the Information Society offers”.[10]

Statement of Action and Responsibility

If you are in agreement with the Terms of Use and its intentions as stated above, please continue to state the below commitment to yourself and then continue to the Introduction and Overview.If this Terms of Use does not resonate with you, it is suggested to discontinue reading and stop now. By continuing to read further, you are agreeing to collaborate with the HGS energy network in alignment to its mission statement as above.

I, _________________________ state with my whole heartfelt intention and agreement to use my personal consent and privilege to access the HGS template from the clear intention of maximizing my highest spiritual expression and consciousness power while being of harmless service to others. I accept accountability for my actions and behaviors and I am willing to open my heart to know my true self and personal power. I am aware that intentional violation of the Terms Of Use will render the system inactive, ineffective and will amplify energetic cause and effect.I am the Cosmic Sovereign Law made manifest.

Signed, this day of_______________________ ____________________________________________________________ Thank you for choosing to be responsible for your actions.

Please continue with many blessings to share with as many people as possible.

HGS Background

The “Hieros Gamos System” or (HGS) has been compiled from the direct personal consciousness experiences of the author through the facilitation of thousands of individual and group energetic clearing sessions, as well as the direct kundalini awakening and subsequent contact with extraterrestrial races. This extraterrestrial contact has shaped the body of work and author’s perspective as sourcing from the paradigm of being a Free Cosmic Citizen, as well as a “Guardian” living in agreement on planet Earth. The educational reference and information being shared within this system is the mission and body of work of a combined collaboration between extraterrestrial and human resources. The system is intended as a multidimensional energetic tool to support the consciousness paradigm shift during the Ascension Cycle to protect freedom, liberation and sovereignty for humanity and the planet Earth. This system comprises the collective work of the Energetic Synthesis Community and the polarity integration modeling which is the group soul mission of various extraterrestrial races now incarnating and awakening on the earth. In order to create the neutral field of zero point on planet earth, mastering the integration of all polarity energies and archetypes in matter is a collective Starseed mission. This System is designed for this specific group as an educational reference and communication link-up, to heal, gain clarity and receive Guardian mentorship for current and future life assignments. However, this System resource will greatly serve any dedicated and sincere initiate who desires freedom in their heart. There is no value difference placed on the role each human has chosen for their expression.[11]


This system will help to develop the user’s Higher Sensory Perception (HSP) in the ability to feel, sense and direct consciousness energies for positive growth, spiritual evolution and holistic healing purposes. You will be trained to develop the Neutral Observer Point within, and, through applied energetic awareness, to increase self-mastery, to mentally focus, and to direct those thoughts energetically to make upgrades, clearings and physical corrections. At any level of beginner, intermediate or advanced, the System is designed to increase and support furthering consciousness perception, and to continually develop those abilities in order to free one from suppression, oppression, possession and mind control limitations. Through the setting of the system encryption pathways, and following the numerical sequences, one can be educated to participate directly with their own energy and spiritual bodies, impacting and effecting change to transform and harmonize their outward manifestations and various life experiences. When we are aligned to our spiritual source and know how to access our energetic essence and core, we are able to return to inner energetic balance which allows a peaceful harmony to pervade our being and therefore our life experiences. As we access our inner spiritual light source we are able to comprehend our blueprint and mission and our lives take a special meaning in living our true purpose.

Healing and Clearing

Energetic Healing and clearing is nonverbal and nonlinear from the ego’s mental body perspective. If we think too much or have bias, we block sensory feeling and also block potential healing and clearing pathways. The physical body is a manifestation of the inner spiritual and energetic life force. All that outwardly manifests in your life experience has a blueprint at the energetic levels of the body controlling those functions. Therefore it makes sense to restore balance to the energies of the body in order to restore the balanced function of the whole body system.The human body, both physically and energetically, manifests health and well- being when a balance of life force (chi) energy is maintained. The human body is naturally self-healing when homeostasis is achieved within the bodies regulating mechanisms, or when a balanced flow of energies can circulate throughout all bodily systems. When we understand our body and identity as multidimensional we will need to address all inner, outer and in-between spaces (multidimensionality) of our biology and its spiritual energetic processes in order to regain personal freedom. Personal freedom is being freed of all constructs of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual suffering, torment or limitation.As we regain the memory of our ability to personally heal and clear ourselves to be freed from such mechanisms of suffering, we will be able to clearly perceive the root cause of our suffering. At the core level, immense suffering always exists within the disconnection and/or interference between our body and our connection to our own spiritual energetic bodies and their source light. Absolutely all living things have a blueprint and access to that source light. When a living thing is blocked access to its source light, it gets sick, diseased, depressed and the DNA instruction set deteriorates rapidly. Through this system you will identify and locate those multidimensional parts that are disconnected, damaged or stolen, reclaim and reconnect them to achieve inner balance and union with your multidimensional selves. Achieving union with your multidimensional selves and their various parts is called polarity integration. Through the alchemical process of polarity integration (synthesis) within your body, positive and negative charges emanate a neutral charge field, the zero point. The zero point is a non-polarized charged field, and is the access to inner balance, health and wellbeing as well as the key to Unity consciousness or embodying the Christos intelligence, a plasma light wave.

Being Inner Sustained is the Healing Prototype

Many systems of personal healing and spiritual expansion have been promoted for use in the New Age, Mystery School or the “2012” paradigm for many years. Most of those systems do not take into account an accurate assessment of the planetary reptilian invasion which currently promotes the slavery, consumption, stealing and karmic manipulation of humanity and their energy resources. These Reptilian Vampires exist in order to manipulate energies through “divide and conquer” methods to increase human slavery and unleash their sociopathic agendas to rule or command influence in the physical world. Most of that influence is unknown and unseen within the mass populace and highly misunderstood by the Starseed and Indigo population that actually have seen or experienced these entities.

Due to heavy infiltration and hijack of many of these “personal healing” or “spiritual expansion” systems, inner sustained healing is not present when using a “consumptive model” as a control mechanism. That consumptive model system usually has a Twilight Master or dark entity that makes an agreement with the user to exchange a part of their light source for the experienced relief of pain, or other perceived oppressions being cleared. The person having no personal awareness, spiritual interest or conscious control over his own energy field, has just been swindled out of his energy body, for the smoke and mirror effect of having some “pain” in his physical body be released as an apparent “miracle healing”. Applied consciousness technology is not a miracle, it is a byproduct of God’s Natural Laws. If we can apply and live in harmony with those natural laws for positive purposes, it greatly amplifies our support and connection to the spiritual light source in the physical world.

In the past those that have had access to these consciousness technologies, and have abused these Laws from ego agendas, became diluted and distorted, descending them into a Black Magician/Ego Controller - type being. Many controller mechanisms operate in the planet today. However, when aligned to Spiritual Source Light these same Laws that have been so abused represent the Mysteries of the Universe, and represent the true origin and purpose of our creation in the Universe. This is why we must bring the spiritual light source into our awareness. The priority is to access inner sustained healing and to end the manipulation inherent in consumptive modeling and energetic vampirism of others, thereby claiming your own inner spiritual light to nourish and sustain healthy balance back into your bodies.

An attempt to share this information of how to become “inner sustained” is being made to empower the human being to be freed of this insidious “consumptive model” oppression. Once a system is infiltrated with base desires or selfish ego, the system is not sustainable as it only collects energies from one group to steal from another group in order to achieve a temporary result, (Like a ponzi or pyramid scheme) or give a small percentage of people who manipulate the energies the energetic advantage over others. This is the abuse of consciousness technology and is known as “Black Magic” (i.e. many of the world leaders and their families that own the resources of the planet have been directly given this knowledge or parts of it to maintain the dominate power, economy and influence over controlling others).This system (HGS) is foundationally based to build your own spiritual house (align and connect and heal your bodies) so that you may learn to become inner sustained and protected by your own inner light source. There is nothing more powerful than your direct connection to the God Source.[12]

Possession is Common

Most people do not realize that we must take the steps to participate with our consciousness and energetic intelligence in order to experience the tangible support and presence of our guidance, mentors and Universal Intelligence. Many people from their veil of confusion have forgotten who they are and how to communicate with their inner spirit. This disconnection, itself originating in the control mechanisms of stolen light described above, has made many humans vulnerable to a host of manipulating entities that desire to create anxiety, pain and fear in that individual in order to harvest those energies. When we are making decisions and guiding our life from the basis of fear, we become tormented and attract more of these dark forces. We may also be unaware of the lifeless or dead energy flow in our physical body and develop disease or chronic pain as a result of that blocked energy flow. From this perspective I have personally viewed many unconscious human beings totally unaware they are carrying dead energy, displaced entities, negative alien implants, unaware that they are soul disconnected and mind controlled to limit further consciousness expansion. In other terms, this is enslavement of the person without their consent. If this persists, combined with continued destructive behavior to the self and others that are repeated as life patterns, the person becomes sucked into a density of painfully low self-esteem, phobias, fears and addictions. Most of the time that will include layers of astral debris, displaced entities, impersonal elemental forces, and sometimes, includes full demonic possession.

Being possessed does not generally mean you are levitating off the bed or acting “demonic”. There is absolutely no shame or guilt applied to this state unless the suffering person applies it from their own state of fragmented confusion. It is through the possession of one’s body of which the suffering and pain is greatly increased, until this possession is removed and cleared from your person. There are a million different variations of possession possible; however, the only possibility to evict these possessions is to get clear within yourself, and learn that you have the power to heal yourself and claim your energetic sovereignty and freedom. When one learns to create the space inside to communicate clearly and embody one’s spiritual source, one can begin the road to personal freedom and permanent release of suffering.

Connecting Neurological Energy Receivers

From the perspective of this multidimensional system, spiritual disconnection, pain and disease are also directly caused from the blockages in the neurological stations located in the body, as well as damaged or blocked energy receivers in the spiritual body. As you learn to connect and unblock these neurological systems and energy receivers, you are altering the controlling mechanisms that exert messaging made on your Central Nervous System (CNS). Therefore the energetic healing and clearing also comes at the physiological levels by managing the influence the CNS has made upon the physical body functions. All pain is experienced through the neurological system which messages the brain that transfers that pain to be perceived at a physical body part or site. This means that the location of the pain is never the origin of the pain or suffering in the body. Physical, mental and emotional pain place blocks on inner perceptions as well as deep blocks on emotional growth and spiritual expansion. One cannot experience spiritual (consciousness) expansion without emotional expansion, so when we are emotionally traumatized it is nearly impossible to achieve personal freedom until we resolve these conflicts. When these energetic blockages are resolved and removed, the pain, suppression or memory causing the blockage is also removed. The user will learn to identify, locate, remove and repair multidimensional layers of these blockages to achieve inner balance and therefore, personal freedom.[13]

Basic Energetic Concepts

HGS Required Reading continues to summarize Basic energetic concepts the HGS system is founded upon. [14]

Energetic Polarity is Gender Principle of Creation

All things exist within the Gender Principle of Creation, The Natural Law of Polarity, also referred to as the Pairs of Opposites. One will notice the same repeated pattern in absolutely every energetic force or form in matter. Every person, place or thing will have an energetic polarity that is balanced or weighted in one form of energetic polarity or its opposite. This is represented also within our Gender bodies, which expresses as a polarity in matter form (male or female). While our physical body exists in one polarity form in matter, our internal energies exist at both male and female principles. Our right side is “electric” and works as a transmitter, which is the active force principle of the male gender. Our left side is “magnetic” and works as a receiver, which is the passive force principle of the female gender. Our male “electron” is positively charged which interacts with the female “proton” which is negatively charged. These two forces together create the ranges of electromagnetism we experience on the planet. To be balanced, harmonized and peaceful with one’s self, one must acknowledge the inner polarity and acknowledge the value and necessity of both gender principles in order to truly “know thyself”. Our life experiences show us the lessons for our consciousness to learn to bring balance to our inner polarities so that we may achieve sacred marriage and union with our internal spirit. If we become wounded in our male or female, we may choose to exist in one predominate polarity of which we act out into the world. These energetic imbalances lead to pain, suffering and the eventual destruction of our self. To deny polarity exists is to deny Universal Mechanics and the organic Natural Laws of Creation. To unify polarity is to come into balance and unity between the pairs of opposite. As we bring balance to the inner polarities we exude that balance into the world, becoming a harmonizing and healing influence with everything around us. We exude peace and contentment as we feel our sense of purpose being fulfilled. Our sense of connection and life purpose is radiated throughout all living things as we live within the synchronicity of our divine alignment with spirit. Human beings with balanced polarity have embodied a massively higher frequency to a zero point field, with much larger auric systems which are capable to amplify and direct these balanced energetic forces into the environment. This is achieved through the energetic synthesis of these inner polarities brought into unity and balance. Every being is ultimately designed to accomplish this with their consciousness, and is fully capable to achieve this return to balance in order to experience connection with all things. The awakened and embodied human being is then a strong force of balanced frequencies which can perform incredible healing, manifestations and events. There is a specific process called the Ascension cycle that is transpiring within human evolution to move into balanced polarity, (neutral) which is also manifesting massive shifts of transformation within planetary energy field. We are exiting from a severely imbalanced and dark history of Patriarchal Domination on planet Earth. Humanity is moving into the Female polarity to achieve balance and bring unity between these Pairs of Opposites. As we join our inner and outer polarities we achieve unity with Life and are capable to know our real essence and destiny as a part of the human race. This HG system is to support those remembering to return to inner balance and to manifest the ultimate sacred marriage – both as wedded to your inner spirit and as the external representation of that sacred marriage. That ultimate union of opposites in sacred marriage is the Hieros Gamos.[15]

All Energy is Intelligent and has a Blueprint

Everything in form exists at some polarity level, as well as an energetic and vibratory level that can be perceived with Higher Sensory abilities. Every physical body part as well as the unique energetic signature of your spiritual essence, holds a very specific frequency of combined energies held together in an etheric form. This is the spiritual-energetic blueprint which contains the entire intelligence of one’s consciousness and spiritual purpose. Every energy field and identity has an intelligence and blueprint that it functions through and from within. So all energy holds intelligence signatures, or consciousness, which means one can learn to communicate with that energy field in order to receive vast amounts of intelligence. This intelligence is being accessed through the energy receivers of the spiritual blueprint and perceived through the neurological system and brain receivers in the physical body. One can attune to this awareness to become highly adept at reading energy signatures by empowering themselves to recognize which energies to harmonize with or when to clear out discordant energies.

Higher Sensory Perception

Higher Sensory Perception (HSP) is the key to unlocking your ability to communicate with energy signatures and spiritual intelligences. One cannot access these intelligences from the linear format of the rational thoughts of the mental body. HSP is accessed through the emotional sensory process of the soul body and heart-brain complex. One can effectively learn quickly how to access the HSP skill in their own body and learn to develop it to discern energy at expert levels. Use of this system regularly will greatly advance the bodies HSP skill and develop its clarity into perception. One will need to learn to trust this perception without personal bias, or judgment.

So if a person is cut off from feelings or emotional senses, (generally from pain) they will not experience their soul or HSP connection. The mental body ego function will dominate the perception of the linear mind to filter its reality perception. The mental body is linear intelligence and extremely limited. The first priority is to be clear to allow your feelings by not judging them, allowing free flowing emotional states without fear or projecting your emotions towards another. Taking responsibility for one’s emotional state without blaming others is a critical step for success in achieving a neutral state and greater clarity with HSP. If one is fearful to learn the truth, the mind will place a block on perception so the person can continue to live in their illusion rather than experience fear of change. Going beyond your personal fear of the unknown is critical to learn how to go beyond the mind’s perceptual blocks and access the inherent abilities of one’s Higher Sensory Perception or Intuitive body. As you use the system to clear mental and emotional blocks this will enhance your clarity and gain further confidence in your HSP skill. As your skill develops, many of the processes of clearing will advance to much easier and quicker levels, where the base protocols are not required to create the connection. By working with the Connect to your Inner Core Steps, (introduction to session work) you will start to enhance HSP skill. Do not get discouraged; learn to flow in a state that is nonverbal, a place of Observer Point. With no attachment or stress, breathing easily, allowing yourself to receive intuitive impulses when asking a Yes or No question. Listen to and feel the body response when you ask the question. Do not be afraid of a wrong answer, allow yourself to receive and experience the moment. A closed or constricted feeling in your body means “No”. An open and expanded feeling means “Yes”. Practice using the HSP Exercise tool “Asking Yes or No?” in the HGS technique section. [16]

Once you gain confidence with this method, move to the “Three Finger Swipe” method which will allow for even faster and more rapid use of the HGS system. Three Finger Swipe is an encryption method and a HSP method that can be used with the HGS system to identify, locate, remove and repair items quickly. Practice using the Three Finger Swipe “encryption” method to “attune” to the HGS multi-dimensional template, and then use these three fingers to “sense” ( like muscle testing) what items your body consciousness is requesting for support, assistance, or clearing. Please see the Three Finger Swipe instruction located in the HGS technique section.

Energy Moves Spherical

When accessing HSP, communicating with energetic intelligence or directing focused thoughts for maximized results, visualize the energy moving in spheres or circles. The Universal creative energies move within a spiral of time and in all things energetic - the movement of living energy is spiral. Dead energy is a static field, and is like frozen chards of broken glass. Energy flows through circuits moving circularly in the body. Keeping the circuits circulating with spherical energy flow maximizes your health and energetic balance. When energy is not circuiting it is not in a balanced flow it will create stagnation, inflammation (heat) and be energetically draining.[17]

Linear Ego Mind vs. Spiral HSP Mind

Most of us have been programmed since birth to rely on the logic of our linear ego mind, rather than listen to the spiral HSP of our higher mind intelligence. To be accurate with accessing information in your energy work and to keep the linear ego filter out of corrupting your perception, it will be important to discern the thought impulses and where they are sourcing from. As you become more aware of the use of ego mind control on this planet, it will be of great benefit to you to learn to self-source all thoughts. The linear ego mind generally thinks in superior or inferior thought forms, casting judgment on self and circumstances. When you find your mind struggling in conflict, apply a neutral association to the conflict in your mind to dissolve its emotional impact on your body. This releases stress and tension from your body immediately, so it does not harbor memory of the conflict.

Since the linear ego mind’s purpose is designed to perceive linear time, as in point A to point B in a straight line, it is very limited in its capacity to access a wide range of possibilities. It will reduce possibilities to limitations of perceptions of time and collective “belief systems” logic. Therefore, this is not desirable when learning to expand consciousness and access energetic information to perform clearings and healings. This HG system will challenge the ego belief systems of a closed mind, so attempt to hold an open mind in the spirit of exploration. The spiral HSP higher mind, when attuned correctly, will observe and receive information neutrally as “sensations” or direct cognition. The spiral energy of accessing information will allow you to go beyond linear time to access much more information in “no-time”. Spiraling energy is how the energetic bodies and the Universal life force energies move through time and space. As a practice to discipline your ego, learn to refocus negative or judgmental thoughts when you become aware of them as an inner dialogue. As you discipline your negative ego from running your life, you will acquire greater skill at HSP and reading energies. Remember the linear thoughts of the ego mind blocks higher sensory perception. Being scared or fearful of the unknown will also block HSP. There is nothing to be afraid of in facing the truth. Refresh your mental discipline tools by reviewing the “Ego Discipline Techniques” provided in the Technique section before you begin your adventure with HGS template energy session work.

Energetic Balance Accesses Spiritual Genius

Achieving energetic balance is the goal at every level of one’s inner and outer being in order to maximize the genius present within each and every one of us. Every one of us has a genius living inside of our body. That genius is the creative expression of the unlimited potential of your spiritual or soul expression. As you become more adept at HSP you will open more neurological circuits that allow an exchange between your brain and your soul intelligence. This intelligence is unlimited and can accomplish things your mind would never imagine or dream of. Be aware of clearing limited or destructive belief systems stemming from mind control and open your heart to the genius of your soul. The spiritual soul intelligence communicates with your body non-linearly; it is an energetic spiral. So learning to feel, develop sensory ability and put your ego mind aside, will open you to new levels of intelligence possibility. Find your spiritual genius and shine it into the world!


Learning to communicate with Soul and act upon its guidance will lead you to live a life congruent with your spiritual plan, one which behaves with harmlessness to others. Harmlessness is another way to say karmic-less. In this way you become efficient with energy management and stop the “karmic footprint” from repeating destructive patterns on the Earth. The real spiritual self will not direct you to attack or harm another being, ever. The spiritual intelligence knows that all energy in the Universe is Love and is balanced at some point in time, and that nothing justifies harm. Harm has an energetic consequence of karmic imbalance, and if intentional harm is directed to hurt others, or the self, that energy will be returned to the being at some point in time to make amends (rebalance). This means you will get more loads of karmic lessons to balance in your life experience and within your relationship with others.

Your spirit wants to evolve and stop the karmic generating process and will lead you to learn those steps. (This is not referring to superimposition of karmic loads which is a different thing entirely) This is not punishment; it is the Law of Responsibility, a law of which most humans have forgotten. All of us are ultimately responsible for how we have directed the energetic consciousness we have been given while in a bodily form. Many of us (doing energy session work) will find trauma from other lifetimes where this “harm” has been generated towards others, or we have received harm from others. Generally harm is generated from ignorance at our own perceived disconnection from others. At this time we can clear, heal and resolve all harm that has been made in all relationships, bringing energetic balance to ourselves and the others involved. When coming to observe such circumstances in one’s healing process, be the compassionate witness. Know that the cycle is ending and we are witnessing many different levels of harm that have been perpetrated over eons of time. Humans are making the choice to live congruent with their spiritual source, and now can learn again to live in harmlessness. The quickest way to evolve and clear energetic imbalance is to be of genuine service to others and attempt to show sincere kindness to everyone.


The Natural Laws governing the Universe’s energetic world of forces is effortlessness. Conserving energy to maximize results is organic to spiritual source. When applying energetic concepts and attempting to apply them into our lives, we will want to increase our strength and effectiveness by learning how to achieve conservation with energetic resources and effortlessness in how we direct them. The user will be learning to change the ego’s paradigm of stress, tension and huge effort in order to achieve results. We have been conditioned and enslaved to work in grueling conditions in order to achieve supposed success in the social obligation of our 3D world. With the shifting change on planet earth we are being supported more to learn how to live with exchanging with spiritual source light through the means of conservation and effortlessness. Like the forces of nature moving effortlessly to generate power, one can learn to emulate the natural forces by allowing the body and mind to emulate nature. Be present, allow and adapt to changing circumstances easily. Learn to develop energetic effortlessness in the application of session work and throughout your lifestyle to become more effective and efficient with physical tasks. By reducing mental and physical stress and exertion in your body, one becomes more intuitive with creative solutions to resolve and clear up issues.

Fluidity in Motion

General fluidity and relaxation of both the mind and body will greatly improve the HSP development and its related communication links. When we are mentally polarized in needing to control answers and outcomes, or we have to defend our belief systems from fear, our body tenses up and constricts the energy flow. From this state you will have a propensity to channel your inner child personalities and ego preferences, as the information being received can only reach exchanges at the lower vibratory levels. When a being is constricted, the energy receivers close. When a being is fluid and relaxed the energy receivers open. Be willing and open to accept the answers you may receive without judgment. Be aware and pay attention to your body’s responses. Do not open a session field if you are angry, upset or really tense. Listen to your body, treat your body with care, and open a session when your bio-rhythm feels relaxed and open. Open a session where you can set the personal space. With practice and available techniques you will discipline your mind and emotions from overwhelming your effectiveness. The more we dis-identify from our need to control the external influences and learn to allow and accept them, the more quickly we can adapt. If further guidance is needed, please refer to the Spiritual Self Centering Model Chart (Ego Discipline 2 in HGS technique section) to learn how to refocus your mind to relaxed states of being.

Strengthening Core or Centering

Building the strength of the spiritual house (Body temple) by strengthening the inner core is mandatory to embody your spiritual light and amplify its intelligences. Building the Inner Core is the first objective and the most important step to ensure your success with the efficient and rapid results that can be achieved with the use of this System. The spiritual light body is a high energetic frequency and the physical self will need to adapt and attune itself to be congruently aligned to house your spiritual light source. Whenever opening a field for session, one must be spiritually centered from their Inner core to resolve polarity imbalances. The 12 D Shield technique and Axiatonal Alignment, which will be learned in the course of this system, is one such core building technique. Additionally a mental focus on the midline of your body strengthens any weakness immediately. Placing the right hand along your bodies midline (along the hara line) will increase your strength immediately. As you close your eyes, place your right hand on your still point/center and breathe deeply while focusing on your core center and mentally saying “core”. Core centering strengthens your physical and mental body immediately. Balancing your core also relates to the correct alignment of the body and its structure. One can scan to test if these relationships to the body structure and energetic structure are in balance. Test the relationship of balance between the Top to Bottom, Bottom to Top, Inner to Outer, Outer to Inner, Front to Back, Back to Front. Or when needing to balance to center, mentally focus on these commands while breathing deeply and holding your right hand over your midline. The balancing exercises can be applied to any bodily system or structure. (i.e. central nervous system, brain etc.)

Organic vs. Inorganic

Within the system of energetic forces having impact on the planet and humanity, we have energies that are organic or inorganic, natural or unnatural in architecture. Organic and natural energy and its architecture is defined as the balance of forces which exist in harmony with nature, therefore in harmony with the cycles of the Universal Natural Laws. Inorganic and unnatural energy is defined as that which exists as an artificial structure to replicate or generate energies discordant with the Universal Natural Laws. Inorganic energies are generated by artificial systems replicating forces to replace natural laws, and ultimately bring death, disease and destruction if not brought into balance. As an example when a person chooses to manipulate others energies and resources for personal gain by outwardly lying and controlling the influence he has on others, this is defined as “artificial and inorganic”. This person has put up artifices in order to exploit others by representing the opposite of what he says he is representing. This is inorganic to the natural laws of energy. One may note that things in nature represent themselves as what they are and do not hide what they are not. A bird in its natural state does not act like a dog, as the bird responds to its natural blueprint of creation. If the bird is exposed to synthetic chemicals (inorganic) it may mutate to inorganic states of disease, which will rapidly deteriorate the breed from its original blueprint, possibly causing extinction.

In another example - If a negative alien implants a human being with mind control and manipulates his thoughts without his conscious awareness or consent, this is a violation of the natural laws. The “implant” being used is artificial and not organic to the person. Because it is not organic it can create disease, pain or immense trauma that create schisms in the person. The more schisms a person has blocking self-awareness, the more soul fragmented they become. All interference and manipulation that interrupts and blocks the flow of a person’s spiritual source (organic) light, is a violation against the Natural Laws. Continued violation of natural laws, brings genetic deterioration, physical and mental sickness, and eventual extinction of a species if not corrected. As one learns to observe and discern energy signatures, you will want to know if the energy or architecture you are connecting with is organic or inorganic to your energetic and physical person. Your goal is to remove all inorganic energies and their architecture from interfering with your body in order to create the space that allows your organic spiritual energies to be fully housed within your natural person. The removal of inorganic energies will allow a natural building of one’s inner core to be the foundation of merging with one’s spiritual-energetic bodies.[18]

Compassionate Witness

Without a clear foundation set for developing the inner core essence as our first priority, we can be bombarded with energetic slime and become a doormat, sacrificial lamb or parasite food. This causes our energetic body to be clouded with astral debris and therefore exist within a confused state of inner perception. Being unclear and directed from ego judgment in any kind of perception, whether towards yourself or others, is energetically draining and completely unsustainable in the new energy platform. When we think about compassion in these terms of good or bad (or we develop selective compassion) we have lost the core essence of what true spiritual compassion actually is.

To achieve the intelligent design of Gods Infinite Compassion for All of Life it is essential to embody a Neutral Observer Consciousness that deflects all judgmental personal views and its attachment to outcome. The Power of Compassion is directed naturally by the intelligent design of God’s Living Essence when embodied in a human that has achieved a neutral observer mode. This living essence heals bodies, changes timelines (elevates outcomes), reveals deception, activates light-body, retrieves soul fragments and connects to the Universal Mind’s Pure Genius in order to resolve all energetic conflict between parties. Intelligently designed to create Unification, its core essence seeks to resolve, reconcile, rehabilitate and harmonize. Embodying the Compassionate Witness paired with this system is the Ultimate Alchemical Tool in God’s Liquid Light Technology kit!

Preparing The Foundation

HGS Required Reading continues to summarize Preparing the Foundation for the spiritual body which the HGS System calibration is founded upon.[19]

Connect to your Inner Core

  • Authentically declare your Intention from your Heart, to resolve Authority issues. Defer your Negative Ego to Serve God/Oneness
  • Activate your Inner Spirit and Core Shield (12 D Shield Technique)
  • Boundary Test (I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free GSF)

Foundation Overview

How to Connect to Your Inner Core

Founder Threefold Flame

The Energetic Synthesis Community Suggested Basic Core Technique comprises all of the below steps (a. through d.) as a daily spiritual practice whether you perform HGS session work or not. After this becomes a daily dedicated technique, the light-body foundation is firmly set to connect to your inner core and inner spirit. The foundational practice alone is extremely fortifying and strengthening to the individual with regular use. For those enterained to this daily spiritual practice and feeling confident and strong in their core connection, focus on each item (a-d) briefly to amplify frequency, and then move to the next section to continue – Prepare for HGS Energy Session Calibration. [20] Connecting to your inner core is suggested as follows:

A. Authentically, Declare your Intention from your Heart to Resolve Authority issues.

Defer your Ego to Serve God/Oneness: “My declaration of intention is to serve my Source. I commit to serve my highest power, fully completely and totally, I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free!” Feel the presence of your energy and as you say the above declaration– feel the conviction of your inner spirit to protect and listen to your heart.

B. Activate your Inner Spirit and Core Shield (12 D field Shield and Hub)

For beginners, this is learning the 12D Shielding technique. For others, this is amplifying the protection of your shield with your inner focus and intent.

C. From within your 12 D Shield, create the Hub Handshake with Unity Vow.

The Defenders of Truth, Sovereignty and Liberation, the Guardian Families, Serving the One:

From across all the multiverses I call upon my Guardian families to join me now. My unification is demonstrated in the waves of Omni Love - I sound my heart tone to you now. My energy template updated, renewed and forever perpetuated in the Eternally Sustained Light. My Alchemical Container is consecrated and dedicated to the Purposes of One, and I endeavor to be the Knower of God to then be the Way Shower of God. Please sustain me in the Eternal Power of my Consecration. I have asked for Gatekeeping in order to hold my mission, my mutual highest purposes in Service to the One Light, Our Source, The Living Light Code. My intention is Unification - The Cosmic Christ Principle - as an Energetic Reality, here and now. I request the handshake to fortify my spiritual links through the Universal Cosmic Triad, and into The Core of One, the Zero Point God Matrix, that which is the source of my genesis. With deep reverence for all of Life, Dear God, Breathe your Life Codes into my created form. I set my intention now to remember that which I AM, fully completely and totally. I state my mutual purpose as One, please resurrect all inorganic patterns to organic Living Light Now. And to that I Say, Thank God I AM the Living Eternal Light. And so it is lovingly decreed.

For those new to the “Unity Vow”, repeat this command with every session to entrain your field and create the Hub Handshake of direct communication with Unity intelligence of the Krystal Star. When feeling the need to strengthen or amplify session communication links, repeat this Unity Vow. When proficient with regular energy session work, and by holding down the field, the Unity Vow is entrained with your nervous system, by saying “Unity”. This statement of intention will sufficiently activate the handshake hub to Krystal Star.

D. Boundary Test (I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free)

From within your 12D Shield, see the three frequencies of God-Sovereign-Free (GSF) written in language or symbol code to encrypt your 12 D shield to boundary test with the combined GSF triad of frequencies. You can state it out-loud or focus on your GSF triad of 3 Founder Flame frequencies encrypted directly into your 12 D shield. See the GSF Triad for suggested use for visual symbol code work, or simply use the written language of “I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free”, written in the shield itself or written on the inner screen of your forehead.This accomplishes a Boundary Test within your shield that is encrypting your personal field based on the resonance of these 3 three flames, and only accepting communication from sources who agree to these resonances. When approached by entities, make the command “GSF” to boundary test the nature of communication. A negative entity will be disarmed or refused access to your nervous system.[21]

ES Core Triad

The core daily practices that are learned in the Energetic Synthesis community are to protect the human aura from the high risk behaviors that are promoted in the New Age materials that encourage Channeling and astral projection without any type of learned psychic self defense. Expanding Consciousness is all about training the mind.The many free foundation materials such as the 12D Shield, the Psychic Self Defense Series, Ascension materials and the HGS are designed to reeducate humans to access the higher truth of the current agendas on planet earth. Through being informed one is empowered to consciously participate with personal spiritual growth, Expanding Consciousness and cultivating energetic discernment through increased Higher Sensory Perception. The controllers do not want this knowledge to spread therefore they spread all methods to discredit and dismiss the information. Go here to practice the daily suggested exercises to build your spiritual bodies and connect to inner core - ES Core Triad:ES Core Triad

Higher Mind Calibration

The HGS Calibration process includes this Higher Mind Mentor meditation [22]on the website to help activate the Mentor in the person who is sincere in their efforts on the ascension path. A person who works regularly with HGS will be upgraded eventually to the Mentor Field mind, which is a function both personal and impersonal. The highest triad of the Soul intelligence has this function. The HGS energy template has the same Mentor function but it is connecting from the larger hosting of the collective field of Krystal Star. The Mentor field of Krystal Star communicates with the Mentor Mind of the person, until the person has increased communication and sensory skill levels, which are functions of the Monad and higher. The ES Mentors are the group body that are holding the Mentor field for their own person, meaning they have activated this process within. For most this became natural after participating in the ES community activity or meditations over a few years. As they have activated the Mentor field function, the group holds the collective Mentor Field for the community to also be able to activate the individual members personal Mentor. This is natural function of the intelligent field and not a superimposition. If a person is reasonably dedicated to apply effort on their personal path, this will happen naturally when participating with Meditation. Unless, the person is extremely traumatized, to which our community is not equipped to facilitate high maintenance traumatized people. Our goal is to serve Ascension information that helps people find what they are looking for existing within themselves, not to give them externally what they think they need.

The ES Mentor Field is a foundational body which supports the larger capacity of the expanding HGS field template. They interact with each other. The Mentor Band is something that must be continually created, expanded and built by new template, of which our community is involved in. It is both planetary and personal. Over the years, we discovered that those people that do not have the Mentor field personally active, cannot be ES Mentors, and we had hoped that the person could learn to activate through the larger group. Levels of the planetary Mentor Band were reclaimed in Sarasota in October 2013, as 6th dimensional harmonics that are held by the 666 Seal architecture create problems or obstacles in some people trying to activate their personal Mentor function. The more we clear the planetary distortions that interfere with the Mentor assembly, the easier the personal activation of the Mentor will evolve for people. This is the interchange that exists within the Mentor field, we must correct it, build it, embody it, clear it from the planet, learn from its distortions. Then this is the foundation for the HGS field to be effective in the planetary field, or for more users to have effective results. The HGS field cannot be used by a Three Layers of Ego mind. It is not effective for that person. The ES Mentor field is what lends the Krystal Star Mentor Band realm of intelligence from the Avatar to connect into the physical body in matter – for most people. Most people on earth are not capable to discern or communicate directly with their liquid light Avatar mind, because of serious soul matrix damage. The community function is to hold that capacity and allow the Mentor function to be rebuilt and corrected, both personally and planetary.


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