Healing Cosmic Human DNA

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The human body is a living morphogenetic instruction set originally based upon a 12 strand DNA crystalline template that exists within greater instructions sets that form into the multiple layers of consciousness constructs of species, planetary, galactic, universal and cosmic morphogenetic blueprints. These morphogenetic blueprints and unique consciousness records held within the Diamond Sun DNA templates are arranged upon a crystalline lattice that extends in all directions and is organically designed for the process of ascension through multidimensional expansion. These crystalline properties are expressed through the organic genetic code and are the causal factors of the biological forms within this Universal creation. These crystalline structures of form are based upon blueprints, instruction sets and accumulated consciousness memories of that particular station of identity and its complex relationships and experiences that have occurred within the histories of timelines that are interconnected to other consciousness forms. All of this consciousness experience spanning the cosmos is recorded in angelic human DNA at the spiritual levels and biological levels forming into timelines or historical genetic records.

Thus, the human body is a holographic projection of living light, sound and electromagnetic waves that are built upon a holographic template of consciousness units which form into the unique crystalline lattice that is the personal DNA template. The DNA template further holds the cellular memory record for that individual and their collective stations of identity which are the source of collective memories that are being experienced by the original spiritual family. DNA holds consciousness memory, and is responsible for the experiences we have in matter, its fire letter sequences form into 12 or more dimensions of time and space which can be experienced consciously when the DNA is functioning and operational.

The organic DNA imprint is an instruction set made upon unique energy signatures which include languages of light and sound arranged upon a core template in which dimensional manifestation is made possible. The core manifestation template in our Universe is built upon a 12 strand DNA template representing each of the 12-dimensional layers, which are interwoven within layers of sound and light symbol codes. As we spiritually integrate our stations of identity that are existing throughout the time matrix, we are spiritually ascending via the process of plugging in DNA memory records from other dimensions of time and from higher dimensions of instruction sets. We may be integrating a memory from our spiritual DNA record existing through time, and this begins to weave in memories and frequency codes from higher creation cycles in dimensions of no time, by expanding into the feedback loop with the zero point. From the zero-point loop created in the crystalline lattice of the Diamond Sun DNA, the consciousness expansion continues to weave in memories and instruction sets, from what is referenced to be extremely high dimensions experiencing its creation cycle. An example would be the Scepter codes sourcing from the 36D instruction sets of the Rha God World Creation, in which these 36D codes are being interwoven through tri-phasic solar plasma streams, transmitting from the Solar Rishi into our time matrix from the 15D energy centers. These 36D codes are sent to support our creation cycle into a successful ascension cycle, that is being overlit by the Holy Father Solar Rishic principle and Guardian Host to correct masculine rod architecture and the violet ray transmissions from 7D into our time matrix.

The quality of DNA determines the amount of dimensionalized consciousness one can experience and process through the physical body. Humanity has been genetically manipulated to manifest DNA distortions within the biology and consciousness in order to suppress and control consciousness perception during the NAA war over gaining complete control of the Earth. By controlling and manipulating the DNA genetic expression through experimentation with genetic switches, turning them on or turning them off, the result is controlling and manipulating the consciousness perception of those embodied in the forms that hold that same DNA template. This agenda of genetic modification is the primary hidden purpose behind the creation of the pharmaceutical companies and shaping of western medicine that are controlled at the very top by nonhuman entities.

Consciousness follows a transduction sequence through down stepped dimensionalized instruction sets in which the consciousness units generate a biological form in matter realms, whether this takes shape as planets, or a variety of species which includes people. Consciousness units flow into morphogenetic blueprints which form into counter rotating electromagnetic spirals of energy that run between multiple dimensions and form into the DNA-RNA imprint which is created upon the matrix of Gender Principle. The DNA represents both gender principles of the mother lineage through the forces of magnetism and the father lineage represents the electrical forces in creation. The Mother-Father lineage in gender principle is recorded in the DNA and RNA which imprints upon the biology and lightbody through the chakra or dimensionalized energy centers which run throughout the nadial structure, which forms into the direct neurological blueprint for that individuated consciousness. Further, the nadial structure runs the energetic frequency current that forms the unique signature of the manifest form of the DNA and RNA which activates the molecular structure, which further runs consciousness energy into the human bio-neurology through the central nervous system.

Mainstream science refuses to acknowledge the multidimensional electromagnetic reality of the human body and DNA, thus blocking further scientific discovery of the nature of consciousness. Thus, the DNA chain called the double helix in science only represents the observable material portions of the chemical and electrical components of the surface of the DNA itself. DNA is a multidimensional consciousness phenomenon in which there are levels of DNA structure performing functions for the human genetic imprint which have not been detected with current technology. Crick, Watson and Franklin are credited with mapping the double helix structure formed by double stranded molecules of DNA in 1953, and it is noted that not much further information about human DNA has been shared with the public since, for obvious reasons to do with the NAA.

While it is accurate to say that much of humanity’s DNA has been unplugged, within the observable surface of the double helix there are multidimensional layers with many additional DNA strands which are designed to be reconnected. The DNA imprint in this material reality holds the potential for activating the 4th through the 12th DNA strands, but until science is freed from the Controller’s agenda, the scientific discovery and understanding of the multidimensional structure and function of human DNA and ascending consciousness is being thwarted.

Responsible Co-creation and DNA

Before learning responsible co-creation and manifesting skills, each individual must first learn how to de-manifest undesirable or negative patterns that have been recorded in the cellular memory of their DNA imprint. Activating higher DNA imprints does not happen unless the consciousness is willing to participate and explore the clearing release of previously recorded memories of fear-based thoughts or low frequency content such as trauma and miasma. The DNA record is the conduit through which the instruction set will project the energetic content into the holographic matrix that has been stored as data from the historical record of your cellular memory. It is that accumulated content recorded within the individuals DNA memory that operates the electromagnetic circuitry of those combined memories, that then becomes what is physically manifested into your life experience. The quality of DNA is relative to the consciousness that you will experience in a body, and it is DNA that is wholly responsible for the manifestation of the external reality, which clearly reveals why there has been an ongoing spiritual war to suppress and damage organic angelic human DNA.[1]


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