Holographic Data Retrieval of Memories

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The key component of Holographic Data Retrieval of Memories is understanding the mathematical angle which is the Christos, the mathematical proportion of the Krystic angle at which the plasma light is sent to the krystal body, and it’s able to retrieve volumes of data from the original Blueprint records that are there. Now in order for this to occur, meaning this Plasma light beam has to match the original angle exactly, and that is the 45 degree angle. A difference of just a 1000th of a millimeter or any difference will result in a failure to retrieve those records and holographic memories.

Rebuilding Holographic Memory Systems

Transcript- The thing that is a beautiful is that as Holograms contain the entire holographic image record, it contains that content no matter how much the hologram fragments. Even though it fragments from the whole, the holographic record is always included in the fragment. And that’s how a lot of the retrieval work happens with the Guardian and Krystal Star consciousness retrieving fragments of the hologram has the whole complete picture and timeline recorded in it. Within that little fragment, that picture can be retrieved and it can be rebuilt from the tiniest quanta. That has a lot to do with the mission of the Krystal Star on this earth and that we are rebuilding holographic memory systems for the planet. So understanding what the holographic memory system is, is understanding that entire volumes, it is beyond comprehension that content that can be stored as history, data, instruction, information, volumes of data can be stored in holographic memory. That content record is really apart of our architecture, as well as understanding that the hologram was a memory system. Is a memory system. A lot of what has happened on this planet is a war over memories. To remove and erase the memories of the original species. Remove what has happened here in the earth, Taran and Gaian body, which is a part of the recoded DNA because the DNA is related to memory. By wiping out the memory, you’re wiping out the DNA, and thus they are attempting to wipe out volumes of data.

Now it is possible that the hologram can be retrieved or rebuilt. The instruction set can be rebuilt by accessing parts of the hologram. That’s a lot of what we do in Energetic Synthesis in different ways of working with the Planetary Emancipation Gridwork or the HGS system. We are working with holographic memory systems. In order to retrieve and reinstruct the holographic data that is stored in a crystalline field, the frequency or light beam, the Plasma light is shined into the crystal body at the exact same angle and the exact same spin (meaning the spin rate) at which it originally entered the blueprint of the DNA to store that original information. This would be similar to understanding the Silicate Matrix, the original DNA, has a frequency of light, which is at an exact angle or spin. So when we are talking about mathematical, angular proportions of Christ, this is what we are referring to. Aligning to the angular rotation at the exact same spin. With that frequency, we’ll retrieve the original information in the crystalline field. There are volumes of data stored as memories for each memory or lifetime that is an identity. This is understanding we have Soul memories. We have Monad memories. We have memories from other Stations of Identity in time. All of this is stored in a different area of the crystalline DNA.

One can understand, as science has called unplugged portions of our DNA junk- the junk DNA of science, this is the DNA that has been unplugged from the earth histories, from the holographic memory system that we are. This was an attempt to erase these holographic memories. So not only was it unplugging DNA, it was an attempt to erase the memories. Meaning all of the holographic memories of who and what we are and what was actually recorded accurately in the DNA Crystal Core of this earth, and as well, these bodies that we’re in, the bodies that we inhabit. So the original memories and instruction sets, the 12th dimensional Silicate Matrix, again understanding the silicate matrix, the 12 dimensions, can be retrieved based on the proportion in angle at which the plasma light as a beam intersects with the crystal body. This is what the Krystal Kaleidoscope is doing. This is what the Krystal Kaleidoscope function is. It is a part of the plasma light beam that intersects with the crystalline body and recollects these fragments of the hologram. And resets them at their proper angle and spin.

During reconstruction of the holographic memories, plasma light is defracting its light or curving that light into the crystal body at its exact mathematical proportion, which allows recreation of the original data and information that was stored, again originally stored. This reconstructed page of holographic memories are then projected onto the DNA, the physical DNA/spiritual DNA as a lens. That is what helps us to project that or experience that from our Aura. This is what interprets and forwards the information to our Consciousness, and eventually, to the part of the brain that can recall these memories. Because again our brain a lot has happened when we understand the planetary brain and our brain is related. It’s very hard for us to recall memories because the grid of our planet has been the Neural Net of our planet has been so damaged. This is why we do gridwork.Transcript by Tracy. [1]


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