Hyperborean Holocaust Timeline Collapse

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Through these very positive events, the Gaian Phantom Body has been dismantled and it can no longer be used to broadcast human holocaust timelines that were being sent into the earth grid from the Black Sun, which was the result of the destruction of the Guardian Azurites and the Hyperborean Holocaust. The seeds of this root race trauma on Gaia in the anti-particle layers were being used to enslave humanity in recurring and replaying holocaust timelines on earth. This can be evidenced by the Black Sun influence through the Nordic Aliens and Tall Whites gaining control of the Nazi regime with Hitler’s obsession with Hyperborea, which energetically connects and leads into every genocidal campaign in human history. Reclaiming Gaian memories and clearing the pain of the Polarians, Hyperboreans and Azurites in the Gaian timelines may be productive now that the Paradisian races have fulfilled their ascension promise for all angelic humans in the future.

Also, the false holograms of Hyperborea were used to project an array of extremely negative archetypal forces into the 7D Violet Ray and to transmit these distortions through our local constellations to enforce the many Greek tragedies we have been told in regard to the Olympians, Titans and Giants. These creation stories were connected to collective consciousness mind control being sent through an assortment of archetypal dramas designed to amplify the Negative Ego mindset on the earth and propagate primitive, angry and violent emotions in humanity. The Hyperborean Holocaust of the Azurites has a deep connection into the roots of Greece and the Greek islands in the Ionian Sea and in the northern areas of Scotland.[1]

Original Fall of Hyperborea

Transcript - The reason why the Hyperboreans are so important to us, is because this was where a lot of the original trauma of the Fall of Humanity happened. This is when the split in time occurred and this is when the Moon was brought to the planet as its companion satellite to manage the gravitational field. It's like saying in the root races during the process of human evolution, of humanity moving through the timelines of consciousness; this was a part of the original soul that was involved in the first seeding of helping the planet to reclaim her bits because the planet had exploded. We had all kinds of problems. This is a part of the reseeding of a Consciousness that had been lost, helping the consciousness to evolve in to its original spiritual body and return to a Golden Age on the planet. The Hyperborean period is like the golden age. This is when the level of identity is fully connected and fully in your Christ Consciousness, meaning that we have this understanding that we are fully connected to the Godhead, there is no pain and suffering, there are no types of situations like wars, killing and violence, that we deal with on planet Earth. So, in this early root race cycle, there was a war that happened and this is what's known as the Electric Wars.[2]

Scotland’s Hyperborean Portal

Guardian projects have identified NAA Black Hole Technology for dismantling and eviction that have been used to damage the natural Planetary Grid Network and the masculine Rod functions, these are alien machines that have been operating the Anti-Christ Pillars in Norway. These are smaller pillars that form a ley line network that plugs into one massive pillar intended to hijack the Planetary Rod system, with extensive layers of embedded alien machinery that extend into the northern tip of Scotland’s Hyperborean Portal, and then sprawl further into the Scandinavian countries that further plug into the Black Cube matrix in Mecca. These run AI Reversal Networks that are used by the NAA Black Sun forces to siphon life force from the planet and use it as a tool for maintaining global consciousness enslavement. [3]


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