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Gaian Matrix

The onset of the invasion of the Wesa entities through the Metagalactic Core directly impacted the Gaian core and contributed to a series of Electric Wars in Orion, and this includes the timeline bleeding through into the Gaian Wars. During the Gaian invasion an entire planetary shadow body was formed through the use of advanced Black Hole Technology in which an AI replication of the Gaian Matrix was captured. This was made for the purpose of capturing Gaian frequency and generating feedback loops of harvested energy in order to send that current back through the Wesa Tunnel. They collected mass amounts of energy from the Gaian matrix in order to form a phantom Black Sun in the Metagalactic Core that would act as an NAA base in 8D and run Metatronic Reversals throughout the lower dimensions. This essentially acted as a frequency fence, making it impossible for Founder races to breach the net and gain access to the human race stationed in the lower timelines.

The invading black hole entities desired to build an extensive virtual reality playground with assorted planetary systems for inhabiting their race lines with the use of extremely advanced AI black hole technology forming into a Black Sun, which also feeds them energy to maintain an immortal existence. They required the source creation code for planetary body blueprints so they actually stole the original creation code from the Gaian matrix. They also needed access to continue to harvest living energy matrices in order to replicate Black Sun shadow body planetary systems within their phantom systems in Wesa. To handle the energetic load, they built extensive levels of Beast Machine architecture and assorted metatronic alien machinery with Gaian stolen creation codes, including Azurite DNA. This content became the shadow body form utilizing metatronic death coding that ran reversal current loops designed to sustain these parasitic matrices from within Artificial Timelines.

During the stages of invasion to conquer Gaia made through a series of Electrical War campaigns, they increasingly used the living matrix of the Gaian body. This was further siphoning from our system through all of the other dimensions and timeline densities by running metatronic reversals from the Metagalactic Core, which pulled life force from out of the grid network of our entire planetary matrix. The generation of the Gaian Shadow, or the Gaian Phantom Body during the final stages of the Gaian Wars, was the primary causal event in the human holocaust timelines that has been feeding and holding together the first matrix origination of the Artificial Tree of Life reversal patterns or blended reality system. The Artificial Tree of Life, a base 10 reversal matrix designed to run Metatronic Reversal or anti-Christ death current, further infected the entire planetary matrix and angelic human DNA through its Monadic body that was bonded and fused with the original Gaian Shadow etheric body forms. This particular historical timeline trigger event of fusing multiple timelines with the Gaian Shadow Body is what runs the metatronic reversal patterns and Artificial Tree of Life imprint throughout the Albion-Cathar body template that is located in the United Kingdom. Each dimensional sphere within the Albion-Cathar or Kryst-Krystallah pattern must be rehabilitated and reconfigured into the correct manifestation template design of our original Gaian Matrix Edenic coding, that was held by the Azurites that existed in pre-fall 7D Gaia.

Through Guardian Host Defender rehabilitation and rescue projects, we have noted that the Gaian Shadow Body was the first attempt of Wesa black hole entities to replicate an entire living planetary system from our Universe. They accomplished this by pulling the organic living matrix within planetary bodies into their Phantom Matrix via artificially replicated systems forming shadow planet doubles, generating an AI version of our systems planetary matrices that are reconfigured by AI systems to exist in a base 10 reversal current shadow form. Thus, we have observed several phantom planets that appear in the artificial timelines that were spun off from the original Gaian Shadow body, such as the AI matrix replication of the Lyran Founder Sun Star and Arcturus in prematter, as well as planets Tara, Tiamat, Mars, Maldek, Saturn, and Nibiru. Apparently Nibiru also has a pre-invasion matrix that exists as the organic 12th planet in the timelines before the Thoth-Enki-Enlil Collectives from Sirius A took it over and weaponized it against the earth.

Additionally, the destruction of Gaia generated a chain of causal events which impacted many other neighboring living systems, such as parts of Andromeda, Sirius and other star systems that fell into the Wesa Tunnel and became trapped within its phantom parts. Parts of the Gaian Shadow matrix merged with other fallen matrices that were interconnected sending many advanced levels of Ascended Master collectives to be sucked down into the Wesa system’s phantom parts, and this included the Guardian Azurite identities that were originally seeded upon Gaia to embody the entire Gaian Matrix for ensuring Founder presence was maintained upon the planet.[1]

Guardian Azurites

The original Guardian Azurites that were on Gaia were captured by the invading entities, while others suffered serious genetic digression during the Gaian Wars, when their consciousness race lines were fused into the AI coded Gaian Shadow Body that was inserted into the Artificial Timelines. Some Azurites were taken into the Wesa system and their genetic template and every part of their etheric body was taken apart and mapped by AI supercomputer systems, to generate metatronic coding or Anti-Christ architecture. Consequently, the invasion of Gaia included excruciatingly painful memories of being separated from our unique Soul and Monadic families, as well as being separated from particle-anti-particle double, which later evolved into our genetic equal or hierogamic sacred union partner.[2]


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