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Starseed Session Transcript:

Themes: Japan Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster on 11 March 2011, and creation of rips in time-space fabric, displacing those trapped in the grids, ancestral miasmas creating vulnerability, demonic entity possessing ancestors and traumatized beings lost in Astral Planes.

Opening: We are memorializing our session and I have to tell you this is an unusual kind of system that's happening today. As I began to connect to you I received a lot of different levels of guidance from my Guardian teams and I recognized that something very unusual was going on. What is unusual about this session is that I am given the thumbs up (energetic confirmation) to complete a level of the session, and with you I am being asked to create a completely different template for the setting of the field for this session, and my guides have given me some awareness, that I'm going to try to communicate to you.

First of all I want to say that I honor you and I thank you very much for your honesty and for your truth and for your loving kindness that you have shared. I understand very much what you're speaking of as you have bullet pointed certain issues in your email. But I'd like to ask you for this exchange, to try to explain what is going on at this sort of new level that the Guardian consciousness is bringing through in regards to your personal situation. I think that you are well-informed in understanding what has happened to planet Earth and the current timeline with Ascension, and certainly how this has created a lot of confusing, painful and difficult situations what we would call the counterforce attacks or dark forces. Again it's difficult not to create a judgment of good or bad in these actions, but we have to be very careful in first, just understanding exactly what it is. And that there are forces that are certainly connected to God force, and are about increasing truth, maximizing human potential and growing the human soul, and there are forces that are anti-life forces or dark forces that are ignorant of the law and ignorant of the light, and of course act accordingly.

What I have come to understand today as I have been working on your Chakra systems energetically for about an hour, and this is because the guidance is pointing out and showing me a structure. In attempting to find a verbalization of this structure that you're carrying in your Lightbody, and to, again I'm choosing my words carefully because I'm attempting to try to find an expression of this that makes sense to you. First I want you to know there is no fear, there is no need to fear, but there is something that needs stages of dismantling and clearing, that I cannot complete in one session today. So I have been told to stagger this in terms of stages, and will also direct you into a program of workign with some meditation treatments, which are acting as stages of development to gain strength in order to remove something that is complicated to express in words.

Ancestral Thought Form Possession

What I am being told and please only take in what resonates with your own heart, but what I'm being told is that there are multiple complexities with your body. So in this moment as you are transiting through a spiritual and energetic development and of course the biggest challenge you have had with your physical health and your physical body is that we have a two-part problem. That is that number one your body has been possessed by an ancestral thought form. I'm telling you that I have never seen this nor heard of this before, however when I asked the Guardians and guides; was your body possessed by demonic entity, they say no. But they say you have a very interesting and different situation where you are a being that has a huge amount of souls from the ancestral line that you carry, connected through your body. It's like saying, histories of the beings that connect to you from your ancestral line, your family of origin, and they are directly connected to the timelines and histories with the landmass of Japan.

First of all as a being going through Ascension, a part of our Ascension as we become more evolved into our higher spirit light bodies, is we integrate aspects of our self and we work with healing aspects of our ancestors. Healing our ancestors is very important to us. Those of us that have come to the planet at this time, this is really part and parcel of our spiritual development, is healing ancestors. This is understanding that every memory that has occurred in your family line meaning mom and dad, and family of origin in the physical biology you inhabit, this is what I'm talking about. I'm not talking about the spiritual lineage per se. I'm talking about the biological lineage and what's being held in your physical person. Understanding that the physical body is a representative total of the accumulation of cellular memory, mental body, emotional body, dysfunctions, things like that create a Trauma in the body. Then the body through that trauma starts manifesting disease patterns and blockages.

So what I'm seeing is a lot of these blockages started to manifest from this ancestral relationship in your flesh, literally in the genetic flesh that you are in and this is connected to the landmass of Japan obviously. This is a part of the soul agreements, meaning that this is an imprint that you have. Of course all of us if we're in a human body at this time on the planet, we are subject to our biology. Meaning what the physical body is an accumulation of which is our ancestors and our family of origin. What I'm seeing, I’ve never seen this particular structure before and I want to thank you for this as well because this has clearly been orchestrated through the God forces, through the Christ forces, through the guides in our families of consciousness that are bringing this as an awareness and a learning opportunity, so that we can learn to heal this in the masses. Not only through your body but through that which impacts others, because I'm sure if you are having this arrangement, there are other people on the planet obviously having this painful arrangement as well.

Ancestral Rage from Disasters

There are a tremendous amount of fragmented souls and ancestral connections to those souls, in a very convoluted web-work that is connected into your energy field and body. Your physical body is basically connected to a huge amount of ancestral souls that have become, let's say a group entity, a group body. So it's like saying you've got many beings connected in a group, and this group resonates at a certain thought form level. I'm going to be honest with you, if I could put an energy signature on this - this group of souls that is connected to the landmass of Japan and through the lineages that are represented from your mother and father of origin they are absolutely livid, angry, pissed off. It is a type of anger that is like a rage, they express rage at what has happened to them and the landmass of Japan.

I want you to understand this because what I'm seeing with this is that you are the vessel physically, that is clearing this and removing this through your body and through your transition. So what I'm understanding is that the feeling of rage or anger that you have felt is not you personally, it is the attempt of your beautiful soul to transit and release thousands, thousands upon thousands, of souls that have been destroyed through I would call this various warring and military factions.

Fukushima Event as Catalyst

Because what I'm understanding is the guides are basically telling me that since the nuclear reactor event in Japan (Fukushima Daiichi, 3 March 2011), that this created a movement. It created a hole in the fields in that area of the Earth. It's like saying when the planet has a traumatizing event when there is war, when there are nuclear weapons or something that's extremely harmful to the environment, extremely harmful to the planet, extremely harmful in the layers. What I'm seeing is when this nuclear reactor went off, an alarm went off in you as well. Obviously this has been long-going something that you have been carrying that is ancestral. However, when this event happened in Japan it created a hole in the timelines. What happened was and what I'm looking at is Japan as a landmass and holes around Japan, where there are holes literally between time and space: in-between astral dimensions, in-between other spaces where interdimensional beings exist.

So what I'm seeing is what happened to Japan when this nuclear event happened on I believe it was March 11, a hole was ripped in-between the fabric of space-time that created an opening for what I would call underworld. What I'm looking at is beings that are really unhappy. It would be beings that have died and moved on in extremely hellish and underworld creations and are just desperate for anyone or anything to help them, because they are in so much pain.

As I'm seeing this, what happened was you have spent a long time working with a pattern that you've been trying to figure out, and what's going on in your body. Meaning that when your body became ill, you were holding patterns called Miasmas, which I know you understand. These miasmas are genetic dysfunctions in the ancestral line in the family lineage. When frequency started to come into the planet, these frequencies that are supposed to activate our God bodies and our higher spirit. For you, they started creating an incredible burden on your physical body. And because probably at the time this process began for you, especially about 15 years ago you probably were not aware of how to clear the Aura, how to have the 12D Shield, to have the spiritual tools to understand what the heck was going on.

This genetic path-cutting agreement has always been with you, even when you were born. And as a part of those that are going through Ascension, as we heal our genetics we come into higher frequency of light. So this process is a natural part of Ascension but at the same time, you had some really heavy-duty karmic burdens around miasmas connected to your ancestors, and these miasmas come from the landmass of Japan. It's like saying conflicts, enemy patterning and things that are involved from your biological lineage started to play out in your physical body. When we don't know how to clear this... It's like saying you have energy blocks in the body start to form and when you don't know how to clear these energy blocks, ancestral miasmas, what we are describing with you, they come into bacterial forms of infections. It's like saying, huge amounts of pathogens of bacteria start manifesting in the physical body matrix, as infections, and it gets into deeper and deeper layers of the body's matrix.

So when I feel your body what has happened, what's creating the pain in your body my dear one, is bacterial infection that is gone systemic in your blood and in the bone matrix of your body. That bacteria is what is creating the swelling and the pain. When this event happened on March 11, when this hole was ripped in space-time, and I've got to tell you I did not know this until meeting you today. Energetically what happened was a hole was ripped in space-time and beings that were stuck at various levels of the Asian grids that connect into Japan, started to disperse and connect, almost attach like a hitchhiker to beings that are connected to that landmass.

Spirit Attachments, Hungry Ghosts

It's like saying when this event happened and a hole was ripped into space-time, a huge amount of souls, which I would call hungry ghosts, beings that are underworld. A lot of pain a lot of trauma and a lot of anger came out of the time-space field and found people to attach to. Because there had been unresolved anger with your ancestors which you were already holding prior to this event. Because I've got to tell you what I'm really feeling is this has to do with nuclear war, this has to do with bombing, this has to do with destruction of the land and the people. This has to do with the most destructive asinine and ridiculously banal and archaic human behavior possible in creating this kind of destruction on a race of beings, on human beings. Its just a crime against humanity, it is just something that has elicited a rage in the ancestral lines that I'm seeing for the first time at this level from Japan. Where beings that have been exploded, obliterated, burned to death incinerated, are so pissed off are so angry that this has happened. This kind of destruction and I'm seeing the confusion I'm seeing the rage and the anger. And because there has been a history that has resonated in your ancestors, that has re-opened this wound again in Japan.

What I'm understanding is that this is not an accident. This is understanding that forces are using times in history, cellular history historical memories where things have occurred in certain places on the planet. And then they repeat these events and they do it in cycles. This is a part of the enslavement, this is a part of the suppression of the Soul this is a part of the reptilian controller Negative Alien Agenda (NAA). And what I did not understand until today, is that this event that happened in Japan was a part of that control mechanism, at the same time that this occurred and it was orchestrated to occur to create devastation and damage. It kills people, but it created a hole in the time-space fabric in the area of Japan where beings that had passed their body that were stuck and had not moved on. So this is like understanding beings that have passed over but are lost and confused or in pain and have not merged back with God source, they don't know how to do it because they're lost, they're confused souls, they're Hungry Ghosts, they are astral distortions of themselves, roaming the earth.

What I'm seeing is that a humongous amount of these souls are obviously in need of support to be transited and rehabilitated and healed and merged back into the heart of God. There are stages to this that apparently and I'm being brought into awareness with our session today. But what I'm understanding about this is that a part of you is connected to this, and it's like saying that this already existed as a part of your ancestors, probably from the first World War and the second World War where this was going on. Because what I'm seeing is war, I'm seeing military I'm seeing this sort of destruction this needless destruction and the anger that has been played out and it's not stopping.

I'm seeing that in the ancestral line of the flesh that you inhabit and that has been a part of the miasma of pain that you have held in your body. And that miasma has generated in physical energy parasites. Energy blockages became physical blockages and manifested in systemic infections that created pain and inflammation in your body. The inflammation is the suppression of the emotional rage that is felt from being, I want to say, from the destruction that has been needlessly applied to decimate and harm and kill the human race for no reason.

Okay so the complexity of this is attempting to be brought to the surface so that the Guardians and God forces can assist in the transit and release of these levels of beings and souls that are connected to your family connected to your ancestors connected to the landmass of Japan. Now since this new sort of explosion has happened since March 11 and there is the systematic level of attempting to clear and release this.

Demonic FA Astral Binding

What I'm understanding is that with you, and in wanting to serve you at the highest level that I'm capable there is no way that I can do this in one session. And here is no way that I could do this without your collaboration. I need this to be in collaboration with you and the Guardians have taken me through a special program to give to you today. Because what's happening is this moment, the amount of souls and ancestral rage that are connected to you, that group is being controlled by a resistant and a demonic force that is literally not wanting to give them up.

When a human being passes their body and they go to the astral planes, when someone is severely tormented or traumatized, let's say they've been blown up by an atom bomb and they don't know what happened to them, the shock and the trauma of an event like this is so incredibly devastating that it fragments the soul. It fragments the being and they don't know where they are when they leave their body. A lot of beings that are traumatized this way, maybe they didn't have spiritual connections or whatever, they don't know how to reclaim themselves. So they take with them the same level of consciousness that they had prior, to the other side. And they take the trauma from whatever event happened to them, and they don't know what happened to them sometimes they're in a state of confusion. What happens is they're locked into a space where they don't know how to move into freedom or into the higher realms or dimensions, they don't know how to call for help, and they get lost. They get lost on the Earth plane they get lost in the astral plane and they get used. When you're lost like this demonic entities use you. They find you and they use you and they enslave you into basically a hellish realm. This is what I'm seeing.

Your body is not possessed by a demonic presence. However there are thousands of souls connected to you that are bound to a demonic entity that does not want to let them go. Because of this there is a resistance being created for me to connect with you, for me to clear this from your field. Because what the Guardians are saying is we have to do this in stages in order to be effective with this, because it involves a very big shift that is much more complicated than just you.

There is a lot connected to you and through you, which is a part of your compassion and love and as well as why you're here. It's like understanding that, and this is such a difficult thing to explain and I hope this is making sense to you, that a part of your coming to the planet and incarnating in the evolution cycle of Ascension. All of us here on the planet have an agreement at some level to work in healing what has happened to planet Earth and what has happened to the poor human beings on planet Earth that have been subjected to this madness of the dark rule. I think that you have felt some kind of dark heavy burden and being but didn't know exactly what it is.

So I'm hoping that this helps you to understand that because I've never seen a configuration like this. But what it is doing for me is, it's making it extremely hard for me to work in your field because this demonic entity that is controlling the ancestral souls that are connected to you, are resisting any contact, are not wanting me to do this. You have a demonic entity, a humongous dark entity that has been using the enslavement of thousands of souls and does not want to let these beings go. Because if we change this in you, if we heal your body if we do anything that starts to move the change of these levels of configuration to your ancestors, this being has to let go of the thousands of souls that it's been feeding on. I don't want to call it a 'he' of the he/she/, the it, this demonic entity this dark being. It's a big being this is a massive being it's not a small astral demonic, this is a big group entity being. This dark overlord has been using astral souls that have been trapped on the Asian grids from multiple histories of time where disaster, warring and bombing occurred and clearly somehow, ancestrally this is related to your family of origin the body that you inhabit physically and genetically.

Because you are a being that is working with the evolutionary construct when this started to come through, the anger that you felt, I mean my God, I can feel the anger of these thousands of beings. This is why I want you to attempt to try to re-contextualize this into an impersonal method or experience. The only way we're going to be able to shift this is if you are able to be energetically detached from it. Meaning mentally and emotionally detach, look at this from an impersonal level, look at this as a macrocosm item that is connected to a landmass. Because this is understanding this is not you, the anger is not you. It doesn't define you, it's not who you are, you are an eternal magnificent God being. You have been frustrated as all heck in this body trying to deal with the limitations of what has been imposed on this body, as an enslavement to this.

I want you to understand that we will clear this, it will be released. But I need your help. I need this to be done, at least from the Guardians' guidance with us here today, we need to do this in stages. I'm understanding that if you so choose this time as your exit point darling, that there is no way you are going to be limited to the astral planes. We will take you all the way out of here. So again I don't want you to worry I don't want you to fixate on any of that. This is going to be handled for you. With all of my heart I promise this, you will not be trapped in the astral at this level.

However what we need to do in this moment of time now, is in stages that will need your participation. Because the issue that I am having is a lot of resistance and a lot of challenge energetically, doing this from the external level of looking at you. Meaning that we both have to participate with this and know what it is, we have to face it. As we face it and focus our consciousness on it, we will be able to move this but because it's in your physical body. The Guardians have given me stages of commanding your space, because once you command your space and you do this personally from your own cognizance and free will choice, there is nothing they can do about it. I can't do that for you, this has to come from you. It has to come from your heart, it has to come from your mind, your mouth, your heart.

If I just do a clearing today, which I've had to clear your chakras for an hour just to be able to get a certain level of clarity about what is going on with you. Because they are trying so hard to not let me see it, they don't want me to see it, see what has happened that is connected to all of these traumatized souls. They don't want me to understand what this is, because to be honest with you I've never seen this something this large, connected to a landmass before. So by seeing this it gives me an awareness of how this construct exists, which is a construct that demonics and dark forces are using to control people in the Asian grid network, that has a central hub in Japan. And specifically today with you the piece that you're holding in the Asian grid network is connected to the histories of the landmass around Japan. This is the first time I've ever seen this. If I start to understand this I start to be able to override and heal certain levels of destruction.

This is obviously our agreement at a God spirit level, to do this together. To come together today to learn this, to witness this, in God consciousness. To come to this in fearlessness knowing with all of our heart, that we have no conflict of who we serve. We serve God first and foremost. As you have so eloquently stated, I am God I am Sovereign I am Free, and we know this with every cell and pore of our being. And from this position we will unify our masculine and feminine energies in the eyes of God to release and bring freedom to these souls, to the ancestors and to the beings that have been enslaved by this structure.

Spiritual Warfare over Japan

I'm going to explain this again for clarity. Your body is being utilized as a portal for souls that have been fragmented and used in the Asian grids that have been brought to the surface of the earth, when these holes blew through the time space fields during the trauma of Japan's nuclear reactor release. Okay what we're understanding now at least for the first time today, is that that was not an accident. That Fukushima nuclear disaster was a trauma that was done on purpose to this area through dark forces. I did not understand this until today, which is interesting because during this time that this trauma was happening in Japan, I was sent to Italy to do grid work on another project. It's like understanding this was a countermeasure to positive events that were happening en masse on the planet. Because at this time in March a massive structure was entered into the planet by the Guardians that is called the Euka-Christ body, and was a part of the work I was doing on the planet on the exact day I left for Italy, the day of March 11th when this trauma happened in Japan.

I did not know the relationship of this until today in having this session with you that this was a counter agenda destruction. It's a part of the game that is being played on the Earth right now as we come to the end cycle. We have basically these forces duking it out in the physical and unfortunately human beings become the pawn in a game that they don't understand, that is being wielded through manipulation and enslavement of the human being and the human soul. (See Spiritual Warfare)

What you and I have the opportunity to do, is to free thousands of souls that have been connected to you or through you as a part of who you are as an Indigo being, as a being that is working with the evolution of the Ascension and coming into completion with this. Your body is being utilized as a portal of transit that will not only transit and change the journey of your own soul and God-being, meaning that you will not be subject to the reincarnation and the recycle of reincarnation as many of these souls attached to you, are coming from and have been subjected to. What I am looking at is astral beings and earthbound beings that have been devastated and traumatized by events. And those beings their souls, are connected to your aura are connected to your body and are a part of massive levels of ancestors that are a part of the body you are in.

You may have noticed around the time of March 11 that your body started to swell up and become more in pain because these souls connected to you then. They had nowhere to go. When you create a hole like this in space-time, it's like a vacuum. It's very destructive to this reality, it's not a positive thing. Because when you are ripping holes in space-time like this, it's like it thrusts beings into a vacuum, where they just get sprayed out into multiple areas. What we are looking at is an incredible body of beings that are souls that are being abused and used by dark forces that are controlling certain levels of the planet and the planetary grids in Asia.

Now the interesting thing about this is probably only three weeks ago this was brought to my attention. So this makes perfect sense for me that I would be given the next piece of awareness of healing or assisting the planet in the Asian grids, because I have not spent any time in Asia, or the Guardians have not asked me to focus in Asia. And clearly they are now, through you and through also other Asian genetically-based beings that are working with the healing of this issue. Again I want to thank you with all of my heart for this.

Stages of Intervention

For right now what I need to ask you, is I'm going to send you a learning protocol for the stages that I'm talking about that the Guardians had me put together for you today. I want to have you look at the emails I sent you. I hope this is not overwhelming. But all of the steps that they had me put together are in the email with a daily protocol and learning material outline. They have this listed as step one, step two, step three, step four, step five and step six. Go through the steps.

The first step is to state out loud the agreement and request for intervention. This is absolutely imperative because I can't get to you, and the Guardians can't get to you until you fully state the commitment out loud or in your mind. I know that your voice has some paralysis, but this is the request for intervention that will make my job easier. Because right now I am being basically obscured. It's like saying there's a fog around you and an anger around you, and this entity is fighting me with all its got because it does not want me to see what it's holding. It does not want me to release these souls and it does not want me to help you, because it loses a lot of energy and power if we send these souls home.

What we need to do is understand that this is in stages and this has to do with your completion of the cycle as well, meaning as this is released from you it also releases you of this pain and this burden, that has been wreaking havoc on your body.

So as you look at the daily protocol and learning material outline, go through the steps. After you complete some of these steps, we're going to set another appointment time. But I need you to begin to use the 7 meditations that recode your aura. Again what we're going to do is after you listen to this session, after you request the intervention in your mind and you send it back to me, I'm going to put you on the calendar again. I don't know what the timing of that is going to be but I will understand that in that time.

This will allow the Guardians to get through to start clearing some of this off, so that I can get through the multiple layers that are being resisted and pushed away from me. It is so hard for me to do this because this being is a demonic overlord. It is a dark overlord that is in control of a massive piece of grid work over there. To do this is like very similar to an exorcism. I'm going to need your help with this.

I know this is a lot. I hope this makes sense to you, again I send you all of my heart and love. And this ancestral meridian and the blockages around it, I'm hoping once we go through these stages that you will get relief. Again I'm sending you my love my strength and my gratitude, for all that you are and all that you're doing. Please look at the email, the daily protocol and learning material outline. Go through step one and step two; send me the email after you have agreed to it either out loud, meaning you've said it out loud in your voice, or you have mentally read through it, because it's a protocol that's basically requesting Return to Rightful Owner and an intervention.

Again, this is unusual. This doesn't usually happen. This happened once in December with someone who was actually possessed by Draconian beings. This is a different thing. I wouldn't call this a demonic possession, this is very different, it's very complicated. Again we have some layers with it. If you go through the daily protocol and you start working with the rotation of the 7 meditations, this will make my life a lot easier coming back into your aura, because right now this entity does not want me to do this work. So I need you to participate with me, to participate with the Guardian Host consciousness, so that an intervention can be staged for you for Japan and for the souls that are connected to your body.

Well this is certainly not light and easy. I hope that this does make sense to you and that we are finally getting to the bottom of a very long process and that you know that you're coming to completion with this. But at least we know what it is. But until we can connect again, please continue the daily protocol and the learning material outline and go through each of the steps that you can, in order to help me and the Guardians continue to do this work. You have to remember the meditation treatments that I'm giving you have a frequency level that allows that level of frequency to stay with you, to stay in your aura. Because as long as I can keep attuning you to that frequency, I can get the Guardians in your field and get this being out of your field. So that it is not tormenting you or tormenting these souls anymore.

Anyway much love to you. Thank you so much for this learning experience and for your courageous bravery in this level of soul evolution and clearing. I really appreciate and hold much gratitude for you in my heart. You feel like a brother to me and I have such affection for you, I did at the first moment I read your email to me. I feel a family and a loving connection and an appreciation towards you. For now I'm going to say goodbye however, please look at the daily protocol learning material outline and the email of the agreement and request for intervention. Look at the core practice and I already know you're doing the 12D Shield, but I'm going to send you the video of that so you can actually see it.

Do your best to refocus your anger, and know that this anger isn't you. I've given you some emotional release tools in case you just feel fed up and pissed off, to kind of have some emotional catharsis with this about what you need to forgive, what you can change. I want you to understand this is not you, this is an ancestral piece that's huge. This anger is not you. I want you to reformat that thought, refocus yourself. This is not you. It is a part of the genetic and physical biology you inhabit but it has nothing to do with the eternal nature of the true light that you are. This is one of the reasons why you're here. You're here in your infinite love and compassion to help the human race with this.

Again I'm deeply grateful for you. As you do this again, work with the seven meditations that re-code the aura and the spirit bodies. As you go through these it makes it much easier for me because we can keep that frequency in your field, so that I can have more time in your field without being exhausted and psychically attacked by this dark overlord, because again he's putting up quite a fight.

That is it for now. I'm sending you all of my love and appreciation. We will continue this into the next stage and again send me an email when you complete it and let me know how it's going. Okay much love to you and take care for now. Thank you.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions - 6-9-2011]

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