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The Hidden Eighth Sun is found where the vast layers Elaysian Fields converge from the parallel Universal matrices. Its solar plasma rays carry uniquely rarefied solar plasma sound-light cells of core creation crystals which hold the God cosmic creator Kryst-Krystallah encryption code, for directly creating the eternal Kryst seed atom and various permanent spiritual features of the eternal identity when fused in the Diamond Sun DNA record within the consciousness spirit body. These specific core creation crystals come directly from the solar diamond heart of the eighth sun in the Halls of Cosminya and generate a failsafe shielding and ascension hosting mechanism. This mechanism bonds with the consciousness DNA template that holds this specific eternal Kryst seed coding, named as the solar factor K+8 or the Kryst Factor 8. This K+8 Solar Factor has instruction sets for activating Emerald Sun DNA protein bonds, and there are many types of other solar factors that come from the branches of the Kryst tree of life. All types of solar factors are recorded in the human body’s blood via the unique spiritual record of that spirit body, and this specific detail reveals from which Cosmic Sun spiritual family that particular individual sources from at the Cosminya level.[1]

Cosmic Dragon Starhuman

The extensive range of suns and stars in the Starry Night Dark Firmament each contain there own unique creator's identity of the Aton Solar Disk and are a part of our Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon King families who created our Universal Time Matrix. These are the Threefold Founder Flame Rishi-Reisha families who have held the keys to restore and embody the Aton God Body within the Universal Ankh Body as part of the triple solar diamond shields. These are accessible to the Starborn Cosmic Dragon Starhuman, in which their Cosmic Aton God Body, unifies the Solar Factor to reveal the Hidden Eighth Sun of the K+8 Solar Factors.

When accessing the Cosmic Hall of Records the Cosmic Dragon Starhuman in their Eternal Ankh Solar Body undergoes a series of Silver Seed activations, which then change their access into the Core of Creation passed through The Silver Gate of Man, to The Golden Gate of man in the Galactic Ecliptic. During the Christos Mission, the Ankh gateways have been restored by Emerald Order, in which the Cosmic Rods and Ankhs in the center of the Time Matrix in the Gaian Matrix were restored into the Cosmic Wing principle of the Albion Emerald Founder Aeonic Pair of Cosmic Dragons and Rod and Staff Holders, which embody and govern the movement of the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons.[2]


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