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Credible and accurate information on Maria Orsic is especially hard to come by with current means of online censorship and Information Warfare. The following entry is for research purposes. See German Esoteric Societies.

Maria Orsic 1921

Maria Orsic of Zagreb is said to be born in Vienna. Her father was a Croatian and her mother was a German from Vienna.

Although various alleged photos and documents exist that verify Maria Orsitsch's existence, it was only until the 1960s that historians and writers began to note her involvement with Esoteric Nazism.

Maria Orsitsch was first mentioned and pictured in 1967 by Bergier and Pauwels in their book Aufbruch ins dritte Jahrtausend: Von der Zukunft der phantastischen Vernunft.

Vrilerinnen Women

Vrilerinnen Women

Maria Orsitsch was the head of the 'The All German Society for Metaphysics' (Alldeutsche Gesellschaft für Metaphysik) founded in the early 20th century as a female circle of mediums who were involved in extraterrestrial telepathic contact.

The society was later renamed the 'Vril Society' or 'Society of Vrilerinnen Women'.

In 1917 Maria Orsitsch is said to have made contact with extraterrestrials from Aldebaran with her female Vril circle. Later in 1919 the Vril circle met with other groups in a small forester's lodge in the vicinity of Berchtesgaden to discuss a possible voyage to Aldebaran to meet the Aliens by the construction of Nazi UFOs.

Notes on this space mission are discussed in a recent detailed analysis of Nazi Occultism entitled Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism, and the Politics of Identity.

Maria claimed to have received mediumnistically transmissions in a secret German Templar script - a language unknown to her - containing technical data for the construction of a flying machine.

Vril documents mention these telepathic messages had their origin in Aldebaran, a solar system 64 light-years away in the Taurus (Constellation).


In 1945 Maria Orsitsch and the Vril Circle mysteriously disappeared. This has led to some writers, conspiracy theorists and Nazi Mystics (i.e. Jan Udo Holey) to believing Maria Orsitsch escaped to Aldebaran. [1]


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