Origins of Individual Shadow Selves

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The matter form body we have embodied as an angelic human being began on the earth’s fifth dimensional future timeline; the future planet Tara is the true origin of the current prototype for the human tribes on the earth. The angelic human prototype on Tara was incredibly genetically advanced and was designed to embody and hold all of the Universal Genetic Library, as well as have direct communication links with the celestial management structures and other star civilizations. Other civilizations wanted to interbreed or hybridize with these new God creator bodies called Tarans, and the blending with non-humans created genetic diversity in such ways that began to fragment and fracture the consciousness body of the human species. Alien hybridization and eugenic programs are still very active today in the current enslavement agendas, as the same entities are attempting to steal or crack the God Creator DNA codes found within the angelic human body, are still working on using human DNA as a consciousness weapon against our species. The planet Tara was originally inhabited by God-like humans designed to be the Guardians of the Universal Genetic Library, thus collectively we held the jewel in the crystal heart of the entire Universal body. When Tara fell, our Sacred Crystal Heart would be shattered and the angelic human species would be forced to return to incarnate upon the earth in the lowest density during the dark ages, in order to begin the long process of reclaiming and healing our original human DNA.

During the ending evolutionary cycles on Tara, conflicts erupted within those Melchizedek factions that desired guardianship over the spiritual power of the Blue Flame and decided to appoint themselves as the Keepers of the Blue Flame. As self-appointed Blue Flame Keepers, these groups started experimenting with directing the planetary core Staff with the Blue Flame to achieve certain objectives, often utilizing planned strategic methods in order to gain power over others. The sixth dimensional wing holders of the patriarchal Melchizedek faction violated their agreements with the Paliadorian Covenant through power abuses when they unleashed chaotic underworld forces and then used them as a weapon to infiltrate the Egyptian-Serres culture on Tara. The Egyptian-Serres human tribe acted as the rod and staff holders that synthesized the unity code between the twelve tribes to hold the Universal Tribal shield. This power grab made by the patriarchal Melchizedeks contributed to the ultimate destruction of the planet Tara and the disintegration of the vertical blue flame staff.

Wing Trauma

As a result of the Fall of Tara and Wing Trauma, these Melchizedek groups were destined to incarnate on the earth repeatedly as the Hebrews, in which they would be required to make amends to heal these DNA distortions from the wing trauma in the 6D-7D wing architecture, and thus learn their spiritual lessons about abuses of power through the evolution cycles on the earth. This original timeline for wing trauma is very heightened during this time, as many awakening Indigos are working to rebuild their lightbody wings with the recent planetary plasma activations, by reconfiguring themselves to hold the correct positioning for the Building Wings 6D-7D hierogamic initiation.

The wing trauma in the architecture caused the split in the astral identity, the astral soul layer split into a lower layer and a higher layer. This astral body split generated chaotic emotional energies that remained unconsciously expressed as autonomic system impulses, in which the individual was unaware or unable to control these impulses. When these negative emotions accumulated into aberrant patterns that remained uncleared and unresolved, this content grossly exaggerated the most primitive and animalistic of the instinctual impulses. Over generations this lower astral body formed into a repository for accumulative emotional aberrance and traumatic experiences which in turn forms into the Shadow Selves and Pain Body that are connected to the Lightbody. It is the Shadow Selves which contribute to an assortment of pain body problems such as exacerbating uncontrollable subconscious reactions and addiction tendencies, as the unaware individual seeks inner relief from the built-up tension and emotional anxiety that is held in the shadow selves. The ego-personality tends to want to escape facing the harsher truths in the reality and wants to escape the sensation of pain, thus avoids resolving emotional conflicts and negative emotions by putting up subconscious blocks. This greatly contributes to the phenomenon of a lack of self-awareness which then forms into mental states of Cognitive Dissonance that is very common today.

2D-4D Astral Body Split

Due to the DNA damage our species suffered after the Fall of Tara, the 4D astral body that made up our heart center was fractured, and the lower portion of the soul matrix astral layer became inverted upon itself and became lodged in our 2D sacral center. Thus, a portion of our original soul matrix fragmented and got stuck in the 2D dimensional layers of the planetary body and within our individual layers. When incarnating upon the earth plane, this distortion to our soul and heart center became a genetic block, which further digressed angelic human DNA. Over time these became generational distortions which manifested into the disconnection between the 2D elemental field of the physical body, the 1D unconscious mind and both the lower and higher part of the astral identity that form into the soul matrix. Essentially, what this means is that when incarnating in a physical body on the earth, it was hard for the conscious mind of the personality to actually feel the experience of the soul while in a body, and this had the tendency to disconnect the functions of the heart center.

These schisms in the lightbody layers also greatly contributed to the production of shadow selves, shadow personality alters, shadow elementals and fragments in the soul matrix, which further proliferated personal miasma and planetary miasma.

666 Seal

This level of the blockage and quarantine is what is referred to as the 666 Seal and is a genetic block in the sixth dimensional frequency layers residing within the 6D Indigo Ray and 7D Violet Ray Monad or oversoul bodies and crown chakra which is referred to as our Wings. At the beginning of monadic level integration, this 666 Implant or Templar Seal can be removed form the human Lightbody.

Essentially this relates to the trauma of having our Wings cut off from our Lightbody and is related to the Curse of Yahweh. This fact is what created many of the Fallen Angelics and the Watchers trapped in the earth. See Wing Trauma.

Origins of the Universal Shadow Body

The origination point of shadow body attachment to our personal angelic human Lightbody was kept in place as a static field, in which black hole entities from the Wesa system used the Universal Shadow body to siphon life force energy and feed on humans directly, with cords and implants attached to the Chakra system. Thus, the shadow body which contains subpersonality aspects of the Negative Ego shadow selves, negative forms, ghost imprints and accumulated traumatic memories and karmic superimposition, is a part of the human lightbody. During the Lyran Stargate explosion, the damage created at the 11th dimension was inverted and twisted into phantom areas in order to harvest our collective race consciousness, sending the living light energy collected back to their home, a fallen system in a parallel matrix.[1]

Shadow Clearing is Emotional Wound Clearing

At the most basic level, we each have a collective shadow body that we have inherited as connected to humanity, as well as an individual shadow body that has formed from accumulative traumatic experiences and emotional conflicts. The negative emotions generate shadow elemental substances and dead energies that build up and become enmeshed with our physical layers forming into energy blockages. To release these energy blockages, we are required to address the shadow body, so clearing the shadow means to first be able to face our emotional wounds. To achieve spiritual integration, we must become conscious of our past emotional Trauma and then allow a safe space in which to heal these dark places, in order to transmute the shadow body and live in a much more conscious, authentic, and loving lifestyle.

Core emotional wounds that form into our shadow and pain body sabotage our divine purpose and prevent us from finding deeper meaning in life, it dampens our joy and interferes with our service in this world. The shadow shows up as our unconscious fears, uncontrolled impulses, knee jerk reactions, chronic forms of anger, depression, loneliness and addictions. These accumulated emotional wounds form a dark shadow interior that will resonate with outer dark forces in matched resonance, and then the body can be used to transmit a range of negative forces in the environment. This phenomenon manifests as the psychic vampire profile, an unconscious person with unhealed shadow that has become a repository of outer negative forces, which they unconsciously transmit to others in exchange for siphoning higher energies from their target from a lack of Self Awareness.


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