Paliadorian Staff Code Activation

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During recent Paliadorian Activations, the return of the Mother’s Sophianic Template is reconfiguring the Monadic body architecture available on the planet, which transmits another stage of the sound wave female Staff Codes. This activation of the verticals in the planetary body is impacting the vertical channels and hara line in the human Lightbody, which is additional support for embodying the multidimensional internal Monadic Biocomputer that sparks the inner flame access points. The flame access points are a part of the organic human lightbody system that are designed to circulate life force energy within the axiatonal lines between the physical layers and the etheric body template. These are smaller energy centers that exist in the body on the vertical channels of the axiatonal lines and are also referred to as Lotus Points.

The Lotus points and the internal flame access in the Spherical Energy Domains was being blocked by the layers of dead energy miasmas and transposition filters generated by the Checkerboard Mutation, which was being primarily enforced by the damage incurred by the alien machinery embedded in the 11th Stargate, Stonehenge. The flame access points modulate the entire spectrum of ray frequencies running throughout the Horizontal Triad Shields, these smaller energy centers are designed to circulate the staff currents for distribution throughout the formed density shields and into the Radial Body and individual Permanent Seed Atom. This recent configuration is designed to correct distorted architecture in the lightbody system in regards to the life force energy and dimensional electromagnetic wave circulation, which includes the eternal Krystic flames that distribute energy sparks throughout the lightbody system. The Krystic energy sparks ignite within the lightbody circuitry and radiate the organic light source, dissolving false light and buildup of static fields of Dead Energy.

This appears to be generating impacts in the way consciousness units enter the material realm, making vertical channel adjustments through the Sophianic body template that effect the Subatomic, atomic and molecular levels of the physical body and matter realm. Thus, this recent activation appears to have another purpose in elemental re-encryption of carbon matter and correction of the corrupted raw materials that were forming Miasmas throughout the planetary elementals. This shifting staff architecture is setting in a new Krystic template into the density shields of the Universal structure which is designed to reset positions into the correct Planetary Staff alignments, which includes reconfiguring the vertical channels of Axiatonal Lines into corrected tri-wave formats of the diamond sun body. This is definitely a stage revealing the return of the Mother principle, which is reclaiming her Sophianic body in the instruction sets of the morphogenetic layers of our planet, and this is rippling changes into the activated human lightbody that interfaces with the planetary architecture to receive the coding of the Diamond Sun template.[1]


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