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An individual either has, or does not have, the "Rhesus factor" on the surface of their red blood cells. This term strictly refers only to the most immunogenic D antigen of the Rh blood group system, or the Rh− blood group system. The status is usually indicated by Rh positive (Rh+ does have the D antigen) or Rh negative (Rh− does not have the D antigen) suffix to the ABO blood type. However, other antigens of this blood group system are also clinically relevant.

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Rh Community Letter

Dear Rh Negative Community,

With the intention of transparency and sharing with the family that shares this bloodline, I humbly submit this for support and better clarity. First I am RH Negative and I have had unusual experiences of ET contact and in the capacity of remote viewing the energetic Blueprints of planet earth. My Higher Sensory Abilities were cultivated and trained by my Extraterrestrial family contact. I was not abducted. I was contacted to begin the re-education of the changes occurring to the planet during this end time cycle, which is called the Ascension Cycle. It is also known as the time the planet will undergo the Reclamation of the Christ Consciousness. In this terminology, Christ is not defined as religions imply, however as a unity intelligence that values all life force as one with the God Source Creator.

Over the course of many years of off planet assisted communications, sessions, study, discipline of ego and a curriculum that included various levels of planetary stewardship training, a few items were clarified about myself, my relationship to the planet and the RH Negative bloodline. Please only take what resonates and discard the rest. This is my personal experience.

1. Rh Negative Bloodline is blood that is inherently karmic-less blood of the original angelic human Diamond Sun Template, the ancestral miasm from previous human generations hybridized with animal or alien DNA is not recorded in the same way as in the karmic blood patterns that are sourced from alien generated genetic distortions on Earth. The karmic miasma patterns of repeated lifetimes on Earth are energy stamps that are recorded in the blood of every being that is born into this dimension with alien hybrid genetics. RH Negative blood is sourced from the original angelic human DNA from the stars, as such they may be called Starseed people. The RH Negative blood types have been extensively controlled and manipulated for attempted hijacking by the Illuminati Bloodlines, many insist that reptilians are the source of RH negative blood which is incorrect.

2. Because there are less karmic energetic imprints in the blood from animal or nonhuman alien genetics, higher spiritual–energetic bodies of the RH negative person have a tendency to function or operate at increased levels than in the majority of the human population. These include higher sensory abilities such as telepathy, empathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, direct spiritual knowing, reading energies, ET contact and awareness that may develop into higher compassionate tendencies towards other humans and the earthly kingdoms. This bloodline has a natural resonance to reconnect with higher DNA activation. For this reason ET’s such as Greys studying DNA code and attempting to replicate DNA, abduct more RH negative people.

3. The hybridization of bloodline is not sourced or caused by Annunaki or reptilian races, as the source of RH negative blood on the earth. The hybridization has occurred between the Oraphim and Annunaki resulting in the Nephilim on planet. The RH negative is the source of Oraphim (Christ progenitors) consciousness, the original divine angelic human race, and not sourced from the Annunaki as they would like to represent. The Annunaki did not create the Christ human bodies, DNA, or the planet itself. However, they genetically modified humanity, created human hybrids and modified the planet thereby diluting, distorting and digressing the bloodline and human DNA with a particular agenda. They also modified many life forms creating a variety of DNA anomalies on the planet itself.

4. The Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) of digression of human consciousness on earth started with the digression of angelic human blood, and that led to the digression of human DNA. The digression made to human DNA was to create a slave race in humanity so that the peoples of the earth would be subservient to a reptilian race that intends to use the earth and humans for their own race and bloodline for selfish purposes of domination. This agenda began an insidious mind control program to place religion on the earth and create genetic discrimination and racial hatred based on a variety of factors designed foremost to enslave and suppress human consciousness. The intent was to inactivate or damage the original 12 DNA strands and their imprints in the angelic human being. The agenda continues with genetic modification to digress or harm human DNA, such as with spraying chemtrails, genetic modified foods, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, fluoride in drinking water, nano technologies and a variety of other methods that ultimately use synthetics/technology abuse to harm the human and planetary nervous system, and brain. The agenda for genetic manipulation or genetic modification is to stop, prevent or damage the spiritual-energetic consciousness of the human being ( via soul damage or soul disconnection) which is required for plugging in and activating higher layers of the angelic human DNA. Without the soul bodies we cannot activate higher DNA nor free our blood from karmic record. We are limited to 2.5 – 3 strands of active DNA in current 3D earth because of this alien agenda. Humanity has a much higher DNA Potential which is kept secret.

5. For this reason the Reptilians promote RH negative as a result from their DNA. This is untrue. However it is because they seek to destroy all Oraphim/Christ hybrids and their DNA potential from spreading, growing or changing the consciousness structure in humanity, which inherently will change the entire DNA of the earth population. They want to kill off the RH Negative hybrids through genetic modification, keeping them misinformed and sick through the various methods already mentioned.

6. For the above reasons, RH negative people are primarily manipulated with superimposed karmic burdens, many sourcing from Annunaki or other reptilian distortions made in the blood. This is the attempt to distort the blood pattern of the RH negative person so they cannot be successful or productive in changing the DNA or consciousness structure on planet. Because their blood holds higher DNA potential the NAA and reptilian races do not want this phenomena to occur through the planetary consciousness fields. This impact is known as the hundredth monkey effect, when the collective consciousness reaches certain patterns these influences can impact the collective consciousness on earth. The NAA works against this phenomena from occurring in order to maintain their agenda of promoting a human slave race, on this planet and for other planets which they seek to control. Most reptilian races favor the corrupted Nephilim, ( a being motivated by greed, money and power) who exist as half or more Annunaki in their DNA, to sympathize with their agenda and maintain the belief systems on earth that promote race superiority, genetic discrimination, and social and financial hierarchy as defined by class or a rank assigned.

7. The primary function of the NRG Grid, Nephilim Reversal Grid, is to digress hybridization between the Oraphim and Annunaki DNA which would ultimately lead to higher consciousness if the spiritual path were consciously chosen and participated with. Instead genetic digression is promoted to infect the blood with actions, behaviors that hold karmic consequence, such as sexual distortions, Black Magic, etc.

DNA Anomalies created by Annunaki races:

  • 1. Hybridization with their races for human bodily exploration on earth ( body takeovers or body sharing programs)
  • 2. Reproduction cycles in animals, humans and other earth kingdoms
  • 3. Certain animal, plant species were created by Annunaki genetic laboratories, some for testing, experimentation, consumption and pleasure
  • 4. Mating, genitals and gender experimentations crossing species
  • 5. Eye, skin and hair colors
  • 6. Glandular and hormonal dysfunction
  • 7. Christ Crucifixion Implants in planet; Spleen implant is specifically to infect blood and digress its purity
  • 8. Changes in digestion in the consumption of a variety of substances based on changes to the blood

Rh Negative Factor Blood:

1. Off planet Origin of Christ family progenitors 2. Starseed people with a variety of ET hybrid or future human influences 3. No personal actions of past karmic record in blood 4. Holds planetary record in blood of Christ genetic histories and 12 tribes 5. Holds “spiritualized” blood chemistry that manifests higher resilience and immunity overall 6. Has more active DNA at birth because of no personal karmic record pass through 7. Has more responsibility to collective human karmic records, clears impersonal karmic records 8. Targeted by Reptilians as “redemptive vehicles” to pass through their miasm/karmic issues 9. Targeted by Reptilians to further their agenda through manipulation of their hybrid DNA 10. Tendency to be monitored, tagged, harassed or studied by ET’s. 11. More electrically sensitive and magnetically sensitive, some are not acclimated with Lunar magnetic influences 12. Empathic to planet, solar events or other astrological movements causes physical issues 13. Less than 10 percent of the current world population. (O- most common, AB- rarest, Goes for oldest to newest Star being on the 3D earth)

This has been compiled to answer more questions about the RH Negative Factor and is not designed for any comparative measures, however for the greater understanding of the RH Negative challenges upon the individual. All blood types are potentially able to clear karmic issues through increased spiritual participation and developing consciousness. There is no value given in these matters. However, clues can be drawn into the purposes of this earthly incarnation, and to be informed in strengthening one’s consciousness which is also in strengthening one’s blood. As we develop communication with our inner spirit, we clear our blood and the bloodline records, and this purifies our blood from karmic imprints.

May this be supportive to your path in love, Lisa".

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