Sacred Blue Cow Grid

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The Sacred Blue Cow Grid is the planetary network that has surfaced into awareness with the recent Amethyst Order activity during current rehabilitation projects transpiring in the planetary grids, in relationship to the running of Kristos base 12 current and new elementals from the God Worlds. This has the purpose of overriding the current problems that generate grid reversal damage connected with the Dragon Moth Grid. Upon the rehabilitation of two Atlantian timeline wormholes that had been used to infiltrate and gain control over the Sacred Blue Cow grid, these fallen entities have been evicted and the Amethyst Order has reclaimed it into its higher purpose for serving the Christos family. It has been registered that the corruption of the Sacred Blue Cow from the Atlantian Timeline has been related to producing assortments of fallen RA entities, many from 6D. Some of the fallen RA consciousness are being routed into an anti-Kristos creation matrix which is not a punishment, but similar to a re-education assignment in learned self-mastery. This appears to be for the purpose of setting up intermediary transit stations in which aspects of fallen consciousness that are not classified as vandals, can learn how to regenerate themselves and grow by learning the consequences of their choices through directly experiencing them in the field. They will be responsible to find their soul family RA fragments and work on healing lost spiritual body parts. Being sent into a complete tri-wave Kristos field creation would be painful and traumatizing for them at this stage of development.

The Sacred Blue Cow has been reclaimed and then activated by the return of the Amethyst Order and the corrected 5D-6D-7D fire letter sequences that they have brought with them. It has been revealed that the Sirian Blue humans and the Amethyst Order joined together to build this planetary network to run base 12 current, to protect the Michael-Mary heart twinning into sacred union and help protect the Asia-India grids from being overtaken by the Dragon Moth Grid. The Sirian Blues hold the 6D Indigo Blue Flame fire letters to build the masculine wing of Michael, while the Amethyst Order holds the 7D Violet Flame fire letters to build the feminine wing of Mary, which instigates a purge and extraction of crucifixion implants occurring on the left-hand side of the human lightbody on the 7th axiatonal line. As a result of these strong transmissions of corrected frequency spectrums of the 6D Indigo Ray and 7D Violet rays, an upswell of higher frequency support is present for bringing forth the unified Michael-Mary spiritual initiation referred to as the Building Wings.

Building Wings can manifest as light to moderate physical pain with the changing bone structure that impacts the upper back, scapula, frozen shoulder, clavicle, base of neck along with large joint stiffness, as the entire core structure is being reset and calibrated while the lightbody is releasing trauma-based blockages. Frozen shoulder is very common in the Violet Flame Holders in the Family of Michael lineages, in which one side of the shoulder experiences impingement and loss of range of motion, and then when this side heals, the other shoulder will start with the symptoms and undergo the same process.

Thus, the Sacred Blue Cow Grid has been reclaimed into its higher functioning and purpose by a sequence of events leading to the Amethyst Order returning through 5D, and it allows interplanetary communication with other Emerald Covenant races that support the Christos Mission and planetary ascension.[1]

Guardian of Blue Ray Family

Sacred Blue Cow Grid

Abbreviation - SBC is the Sacred Blue Cow Planetary Grid Network.

SBC - One of the Guardian Planetary Grid Networks defined for advanced HGS session work as: Guardian of Blue Ray Family (India – Earth).

Session Focus is vertical and horizontal channel openings via conduits of the 12D field and/or 144 harmonics. Best focus for healing all nature kingdoms and earthly creatures. Best focus for Guru/Disciple distortion and Eastern or Asian Lineage genetic clearings. Overrides False Dragon Grid Networks. Earth Elemental emphasized. See the Four Living Creatures.


Blue Oxen Grid

The Blue Oxen ('Sacred Cow')[1] was installed in 22,500 BC covering the whole of India, which was a specialized interplanetary network and runs on 12D Ray current. Its specialized feature allows Earth to connect to a different time matrix, and this process is called the Trans-Harmonic Time Cycle to enable Earth to enter a different time continuum, preventing it from being drawn into the Phantom Matrix.

HGS Session References

HGS Sessions - Clearing Dragon Moth Grid and Blue Oxen Network - 3/5/2015 [2]


Found in HGS Manual, Page 159