Sacred Blue Cow Grid

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Sacred Blue Cow Grid

Abbreviation - SBC is the Sacred Blue Cow Planetary Grid Network.

SBC - One of the Guardian Planetary Grid Networks defined for advanced HGS session work as: Guardian of Blue Ray Family (India – Earth).

Session Focus is vertical and horizontal channel openings via conduits of the 12D field and/or 144 harmonics. Best focus for healing all nature kingdoms and earthly creatures. Best focus for Guru/Disciple distortion and Eastern or Asian Lineage genetic clearings. Overrides False Dragon Grid Networks. Earth Elemental emphasized.

See the Four Living Creatures.


Blue Oxen Grid

The Blue Oxen ('Sacred Cow')[1] was installed in 22,500 BC covering the whole of India, which was a specialized interplanetary network and runs on 12D Ray current. Its specialized feature allows Earth to connect to a different time matrix, and this process is called the Trans-Harmonic Time Cycle to enable Earth to enter a different time continuum, preventing it from being drawn into the Phantom Matrix.

HGS Session References

HGS Sessions - Clearing Dragon Moth Grid and Blue Oxen Network - 3/5/2015 [1]


Found in HGS Manual, Page 159