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There are a lot of challenging situations in our world that are coming into Energetic Balance and even though that shift may not look like balance, because there is a harmful intention that is flowing into these lower fields, our chakras membranes are being dissolved to become free of obsolete energies and things we were connected to that were trapped in time.

We have understood the necessity of clearing these lower frequencies from the Lightbody is to truly be liberated from Consciousness Traps in time. This holds something relevant to the Second Death with certain inhabitants of this earth. We have a situation that can go either way depending on the bifurcation that seems to be called the same thing, but it manifests in a different way depending on if you are on the arcing spiral or you are on the descending spiral. We come to the awareness that the Second Death is a dissolution of levels of the Astral body and the physical body coming into a synthesized integration within the aura.

The Soul, which is the feeling part of the female aspect of God of ourselves. Everything in existence is either female principle or male principle, the Monad is masculine and the soul is feminine and in order for the soul and monad to communicate with each other, they must unify and so they cease to exist as separate. They do become one, the soul and the spirit become one. Some people call this losing the soul. I don't agree with that because the soul is our feeling body, it is our feminine aspect of the Lightbody and because it merges with the spirit and with the body, doesn't mean the soul is dying so to speak. It doesn’t mean the soul is being lost or fragmented. It means it is being integrated, it is being integrated into the Consciousness of the body and those membranes that were separate ceased to exist in so that they might become unified.

If the person is on the descending path, this same process occurs but because they haven't done the masculine and feminine principle integration that is required in order to have a positive result of the Second Death, the second death for them is a disconnection or an implosion of the Soul body, because the density of that descending arc creates a fragmentation where the physical body and the etheric body of that person is unable to connect, integrate or enmesh with their soul source.

We have an interesting event happening on the earth during this cycle, with what could be termed the Second Death. Something that is very positive on the ascending arc can be not so positive on the evolutionary journey of a being who is going in the opposite trajectory. Yet, we do know with Consciousness Corridors that when the body is dropped in this timeline, the rehabilitation and support to connect or build the soul body to be taught the eternal living structure, will be given to the consciousness, to the person, so that they will be able to rehabilitate themselves.

This feels to be a very important milestone with what's happening in the cycle of the Magnum Opus right now. That schism in the bifurcation that is playing out in the world scape and recognizing that these lower first, second and third chakra membranes that were connected to first, second and third stargates are reconfiguring in us and the particle spectrum that was being interacted with in our consciousness, is going to cease to exist in the same way.

Many of us may have been experiencing collective consciousness processing or Planetary Miasma clearing more than usual because most of the collective consciousness is stuck on planet in those lower dimensions. As we know, that's the primary areas of Mind Control. It is where the extremely low frequencies are sent out to the Unconscious Mind and so most human beings are still extremely reliant on what we call the false architecture, this mind control architecture that has taken advantage of the lower energy centers. People who become completely governed by the Three Layers of Ego and remain polarized in their lower energy centers, without understanding if they allow that to continue, they are in bondage and servitude to the Negative Ego consciousness. This means they are also in bondage and servitude to predator mind Archontic Deception Strategy which has placed this false architecture in these lower energy centers, that many people believe is their identity, when it's not.

May we hold gratitude and appreciation for the privilege of Self Awareness, understanding our own responsibility and accountability to strengthen our inner spirit, to acknowledge and love our spirit, and to protect the light and highest consciousness within us. [1]


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