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==Stage One - Initiation==
I. Initiation (Activation and Plug In) Essentially, you’re activated when your neurological structure gets “plugged in” and ready to accrete the light codes (frequencies) of the [[Soul]] 4th dimensionthrough [[Kundalini]] activation. Essentially, the [[Kundalini]] activation pulls in new neurological structures (apparthi) that act as energy receivers so you can absorb the new frequencies. [[Kundalini]] Activation is also about activating DNA and [[DNA]] also has [[Silicate Matrix|12 sub-strands]], and those are called fire-codes, or [[Fire Letters]]. Fire letters are the cellular alphabet of our [[DNA]], and they become activated when we start to absorb the frequencies from the first octave of our next dimensional ascension. We have to do this in the correct process and order. Each individual has specific energy signature (incarnation path) that determines the detail of awakening. Indigos and Starseeds are the first awakened to be initiated into [[Kundalini]] activation during this [[Ascension Cycle]]. It is planned and supported by Ascension Guides, ET [[Krystal Star]] Family and Planetary Stellar Activation. Moving through a frequency “stair-step” Dimensional Ascension through the 12 bodies of intelligenceback to the [[Threefold Founder Flame]]. Every person has a unique path of Ascension yet the same process of transformationthrough [[Kundalini]] Activation.
==Stage Two-Absorption==

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