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==Stage Two-Absorption==
II. Absorption (Accretion): Once new [[Kundalini]] frequency is initiated, it’s absorbed within the lightbody[[Lightbody]]. Each individual has a specific process to personal absorption (experience, relationships, karmic lessons, self-mastery etc.). Frequency [[Kundalini]] spirals move up the spinal column and its frequency will move up and into the chakras and bodies to [[Dead Light]] blockages ([[Miasma]] and [[Dead Energy]]) that need to be cleared to spiritually progress. Cleared blockages allow access to higher intelligences intelligence and access to [[Expanding Consciousness]] through higher Spiritual Identity. Movement through dimensional bands and communication links to higher intelligence is perceived by extra-dimensionals, such as Advanced ETs. For example when ascending 3D-4D, you absorb 4D [[Soul]] frequencies into your [[4th Chakra]] (Heart Center) via your [[Nadial Complex]] system into your nervous system. There are 12 octaves within each dimension. You start accessing the 1st octave of the 4D and must absorb all 12 to complete the 4D spectrum. 12 Dimensions X 12 Octaves = 144 Sub-harmonics. Some of us go too fast and get fried, but the energies start to transmit and they come into our [[Lightbody]]. They drill down through the layers of our lightbody [[Lightbody]] until they’re anchored into our physical structure. This process has also been referred to as light accretion. The combination of our natural biology, [[Soul]] and oversoul-[[Monad]] are in charge of this process, and they’re doing it as smoothly as possible. Then, you go through the natural process of evolution and the [[Ascension Cycle]].
==Stage Three-Integration==

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