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Axiatonal Alignment

Axiatonal Lines create the energy network in the Lightbody where all dimensional frequencies are transduced into the meridians, chakras and etheric nadial structure. These 12 vertical lines move throughout the entire light body running energy to the chakras. These 12 vertical lines create intersection points with the horizontal fields that project out the Chakra cones, and where the DNA manifests. Each axiatonal line has a corresponding dimension, Chakra, chakra crystal, and frequency color.

  • Left Hand: Female, Receiver, Magnetic, Counter-Clockwise Rotation 4-7-10-1-5 (from Left-Right)
  • Right Hand: Male, Transmitter, Electric, Clockwise Rotation 3-6-9-2-8 (from Right-Left)
  • Central Hara Line (Unity): 11-12 (straight up and down)

An Axiatonal Alignment is a request for our vertical connections to be secured and to calibrate our energetic light network to be phase aligned to support maximum health, harmony and energetic balance throughout our bio-energy systems. The Axiatonal Alignment process is one of the requested steps to connect to the inner core required in the energetic HGS Calibration process to access the HGS system.[1]

HGS Template Encryption

Axiatonal Alignment For HGS TEMPLATE ENCRYPTION and Preferred HSP METHOD

As you review the Axiatonal Alignment HAND Chart above, (see the larger graphic visual aid) notice the three monadic gold orbs resting on the finger pads of the middle three fingers of each the right and left hand. When the being becomes individually activated to align and reconnect with their monadic body, these Monad finger flames extend out of the fingers/hands. If one is not at these embodied frequency levels yet, the HGS user can attune to this activation by applying mental focus and intention, which will assist the session user to continually activate these energies within the fingertips to gradually function.

Focus on your hands and intend these middle three finger orbs/small chakras to activate. As you work with the intention and encryption of the HG system, these three monadic orbs will be activated as you utilize the HGS template and continue to practice energy sessions. The process of activation of these monadic orbs, in order to use the HGS template as the preferred HSP method, is called the THREE FINGER SWIPE.

This HSP method, although is easier for the more advanced energy session worker, can be used at any part of the HGS template system as well, as it is suggested that all of the HGS template session work be encrypted through the user with the THREE FINGER SWIPE METHOD.

These three fingers will be used in quick encryption of the entire HGS Template System.

This process is included as part of the introduction to the HGS template in the HGS Calibration Procedures, and is listed in the graphic visual aid called Axiatonal Alignment.  

Three Finger Swipe

To ENCRYPT the HGS template into the active Multidimensional Template Access Connection:

1. Undergo the HGS Calibration Process and use the visual aid graphic Axiatonal Alignment.

2. Place both of your hands over the Left and Right Hands in the Graphic and visualize the energy connections. (you may want to print out the larger Graphic Aid Visual Material on page ____.).

3. State the Axiatonal Alignment Out Loud Numerically – LEFT TO RIGHT – THEN RIGHT TO LEFT TO MEET IN THE CENTER POINT, AS NEUTRAL.

(“4-7-10-1-5 LEFT – 3-6-9-2-8 RIGHT – AXIATONAL ALIGNMENT – UNIFY!)

4. Mentally focus and intend the induction of these codes into your hands and fingers, as God Would Have it Be!

5. In a Relaxed and Meditative State, Hold the Printed HGS system and then take your three fingers of your Right or Left hand (whichever hand is comfortable) and hold them over the written text and numerical coding of the HGS template.

6. Move your THREE FINGERS touching the “written text code” and swiping through EVERY PIECE of the written HGS system template, in page sequence order.

7. Starting from the top Left of the Page moving Left to Right and Right to Left intentionally focusing your mind to encrypt the system to be used in the Three Finger Swipe Method.

8. Place your fingers gently on the page and move them through the lines sequences until you have completed the encryption process. Focus your mind intently, yet with relaxed awareness. Sip water on occasion to keep your body balanced as you intend to attune with and encrypt the HG system.

9. Start practicing the Three Finger Swipe Method for HSP testing.

10. If you are not confident in your HSP skill with Three Finger Swipe, move back to HSP Method, ASK YES OR NO.

11. Eventually as you get proficient, the Three Finger Swipe method is designed for maximum speed and conductivity of the intended code as you generate the HGS session work, so you are not slowed down by having to wait for command completions by using the YES OR NO HSP METHOD (which takes a little bit longer to listen and register the answer.)

12. The Three Finger Swipe is both an ENCRYPTION METHOD and HSP METHOD. The option to utilize it as a HSP method is personal and individual. Practice with the THREE FINGER SWIPE ENCRYPTION method to code the HGS template into activated use, and the HGS multidimensional reconnections, and then the THREE FINGER SWIPE as an HSP METHOD to complete HGS Session Clearings.

Please do not let this feel confusing or overwhelming to you, as you practice with the encryption process, and release the mind and feel into your heart, one will adapt to this process much easier. Be in the flow and stay relaxed. Let your fingers do the walking!  


  1. HGS Training, Day Two, August 2012

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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 27