Transiting Souls Trapped in Vatican

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Recently, Guardian Host has requested support for transiting out human souls, victims of Blood Sacrifices in satanic ritual under Caligula’s Obelisk in Vatican City. These sacrifices are connected to many obscenely wealthy Cardinals and the Papacy, which in turn are connected to the Black Nobility lineages in the energetic terrain around Rome. For many years, we have witnessed the gradual reconfiguration in the structure in the 5D gate in Vatican, which has enforced these black magic grids for human Blood Sacrifice and collecting Loosh from martyr’s blood in the name of the Black Suns’ declaration of Satan as God in the Vatican City. The Vatican is a Black Sun NAA racket with a stranglehold on global human affairs and it is clear that that many Cardinals and Popes have been heavily involved in SRA and Pedophilia for hundreds of years. This calls for Compassionate Witnessing of these timelines in which the usurping of Christ consciousness into anti-life reversals and blood sacrifice was used to power up the Vatican architecture, to firmly seat its power worldwide and which is an interdimensional Black House dwelling used by practicing satanists on multiple planes.

Currently, the 5th dimensional timelines are requiring rehabilitation to correct alignment of the clock shield directions that form the Krystal compass for the base shield into the Outer World Domain. Distortions in the inner earth being generated by the Vatican’s lunar demonic force hierarchy, are requiring them to be evicted out for the corrections to take place. The Outer domain emanates the organic timelines in which we experience the space time continuum, and is where we reside as physical beings in the time matrix. The Outer Domain is transitioning into the actual location from which we are stationed as an identity in the organic timelines in 1D-5D on the earth plane. The Vatican satanic complex in the 5D gateways is interfering with the corrected organic timelines from the Outer domain, in which timeline and transit projects are ongoing.[1]


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