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It reverses the natural polarity and we start to break down, and that's where the breakdown starts impacting the genetic material and this is what we see going on on this planet. Why people are not waking up, why they're not connecting and Awakening. So there is some level of that Genetic Mutation that is being cleared in you, because you have recently become connected to those currents. Those currents are beyond 12D. Being able to remove these invisible types of Holographic Insert and Implant structures, because what you're doing is you are, and it's so amazing because the antiparticle is the invisible. That's what you're looking at your looking at the antiparticle function, where all the Miasmas are distorted.

Because this is how they've been controlling this 3D reality, right? Literally it is on the other side where we can't even see it. Because it's like understanding there's the particle universe and antiparticle universe. A part of the Ascension is the particle and antiparticle is merging, and as it does the Timelines are collapsing and merging. But at certain points of the system, when you're talking about looking at human beings auras you're basically looking at both sides. You're seeing the particle manifestation at some level, and then you're looking at the antiparticle manifestation of it. Like you're able to look at the flipside, but where you looking, that place that is where miasmas are created. Because they're created on the out breath and again in the antiparticle function of our bodies, which is where many of the Controllers have placed the Alien Implants and have siphoned off the frequencies, and all that energy harvesting.

Because if we have a block in our natural organic flow, then they are able again to siphon that flow into wherever they're taking it to power their phantom systems or whatever. So what I'm getting is that you are starting to get these pulses and energy fusions of this particular level of frequency. And what is so amazing about this, is that right now on the planet one of the biggest structures that is being dismantled on the planet itself, and this maybe this dodecahedron structure that I'm looking at. Because they're showing me a grid that is all around the planet in Dodecahedrons, and it looks like in sets of five, and I know there are massive levels of collective miasmas in there. Understanding as I'm looking at this crystal in a dodecahedron pattern, that this is a software AI program. Meaning somehow they have programmed that Dodecahedron to be arranged in the reversal NET static fields.

I see, okay oh my God. This is the Transposition Filter. What they are showing me is this thing that is the five-sided crystal is on the planet Earth, and therefore a part of human beings. Okay there is a structure and this is the next part of it. Okay what you've been doing is looking at the miasmatic fields at the antiparticle level. And you've been looking at this and calling it the invisible field, the stuff in the invisible. So what's happening is that as you are looking at the invisible field the next part, is you are actually going to be dissolving the structure that is creating that. This is a transposition field being generated form the Transposition Filter.

When we get into the creation and we understand masculine and feminine and the still point. To first understand there is the Divine Mother, which is the God seed and it's the sound. There is the Divine Father, masculine principle and that is the God spark, light. And then there is what we call the God spirit or the Holy Spirit and that is the still point void. It's like somehow why it feels feminine is because it's coming from the sound field.

The NAA are using a sound field outside of the time matrix and the sound field is reverberating all the way through. And it's creating this pattern if you will and the pattern, where it is going is into this dodecahedron structure. I think a part of this if so we understand this, because this is going to be next.

Okay, the dodecahedron grid that they're showing us, that is connected to the antiparticle miasma level what you call invisible. This structure is a five-sided grid again a dodecahedron crystal, which transposes and reverses all of the energy that comes into this planet. What it means is this grid is some kind of structure. It is a grid-work, is this a part of the NRG? No, this is different. This is the actual system that takes the frequency coming from outside, meaning when we align to Sirius, when we align to Pleiades. What goes on in the natural Ascension is the stellar body of earth aligns to these various bodies. Alchemy happens, energies are shared and then the energies actually alchemize vibrations and frequencies that should be conducted in the field of our planet and therefore should be conducted by us, in our bodies the human beings. And then we should activate DNA, because that is the process of activating DNA and activating our centers.

What has been preventing us is a big piece of this, is that there is a field and a grid that acts as a reversal. It's transposing the light. It's like here's a light coming down, or the frequency the organic structure of our God-ness so to speak. And it's trying to circuit let's put it that way. It hits this field it hits this grid, five sided, and it reverses. And that means the second it hits this crystal it transposes that energy into a reversal code. And somehow this is a suppression? I see, this field this transposition field that reverses the life code and the life force, is creating miasmas. I see okay, so this is understanding there is a specific matrix that is designed to reverse life code on the planet.

Ooo and it's at the mental level. Okay this is it, this is the whole thing about the mental body with you, because as we know it's always been about the mental body. Okay we're hitting this, because this Transposition Filter generates the reversals in the field that are in the mental body or it's using a mental principle. Not only is it transposing the life force it is a part of the program of mind control. It is a part of the AI program, yes it's mind control. I see, okay. There is something about it going into the astral as well. So I'm trying to figure out what dimension this is, or is it a dimension? It's a grid and I think what's going to happen is you're going to start sensing this. Because you're being taken through steps, it's like you actually got the step of being activated and getting these new talents. And coming into the Orion Healing Codes and being able to work with removing this stuff off people.

Now you're going to get to the actual program and field that creates it. You are going to get beyond the objects. What they are basically showing me is this transposition grid this field, this mind control matrix transposition field that transposes energies and creates miasmas, creates blockages in the energy, creates anti-particle distortions in the bodies and on the planet. This distortion field is what projects the demonics, the Alien Implants, all the weird alien crap is connected to this Transposition Filter and the reversal field. It means that these things can't exist with this transposition field being broken down.

So we're going to another layer here and this is a mind control matrix. What this transposition field does, and think about this, the miasmas break down and they create all kinds of strange debris and waste product that we may not have words for. I don't know how to say it, it's almost like there are creatures and beings and weird crap that are soul-less and dead creatures. They are inorganic creations but they're being generated by this transposition field. Because what's happening with this is that any thought form can manifest into something through this reversal program. Because again down here on earth nobody, almost no one is aware of being able to control their thoughts or comprehend that their thoughts are creations.

So what this thing is doing is it takes those creations in it's transposition field but in this field there's all this weird debris and astral crap. Because I'm looking at it and I don't know how it got there. This structure is creating Miasmas and all kinds of weird astral and etheric garbage. I don't even know what to call these things, because they're grotesque and strange. They're miscreations, they're inorganic, they're demonic looking creatures, they're ugly, and they're grotesque. It's like if you took off a filter and this program thing catches all the ugliness, the depravity in the unconsciousness. It's like a debris catcher or something, because again there's energy with all the astral garbage and creations and somehow they use it or harvest it. So this transposition field that's creating reverse life code energy and therefore destruction to us and the planet and all this harm, is a five sided grid that is designed to not only suppress and reverse the energy as it comes into the planet, but also to work the mind control software. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 10-2-2009]

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