Treaty of Altair

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After gaining control over the Giza Stargate post Atlantian Cataclysm, the Annunaki made demands of the Christos Founder races that the entire angelic human race on the earth be placed under the dominion of Annunaki Hybrid Fallen Angelic races. The Founder races and Christos representatives attempted to continue peaceful negotiations in finding resolution to the territorial conflicts unfolding, and a meeting convened with an agreement that was made between Guardians and the Annunaki in the Aquila constellation, that was referred to as the Treaty of Altair.

This agreement was made on July 5, 2000 and was later revealed to be a ploy for borrowing time for planning a military strategy orchestrated to gain dominance by recruiting an assortment of alien intruder groups that were currently in the process of staking their own claim on the earth for their interests. These factions would join their forces and collaborate together in order to essentially stage a coup for planetary domination and takeover of the earth during the Ascension Cycle. These combined intruder groups are what are referred to as the Negative Alien Agenda. The original agreement negotiations included that the Guardian Founders would assist and support in the protection of the Annunaki in the unfolding military attack happening during the Orion Wars that was occurring in the higher density dimensional timelines, in exchange for them releasing control over the Giza Stargate and handing it back to the Founders of the Guardian Alliance. Instead, the Annunaki never intended to honor their agreement, but covertly negotiated deals with several other intruder groups to oppose the Christos races hosting of planetary ascension, in which during this timeline the Stargates would open and humanity would begin accelerated spiritual development and become capable to achieve freedom from the reincarnation cycle on the earth. The NAA effectively declared an edict of war against the Christos Founders, and all of the Maji Grail King lines, Indigos, as well as the earth population on September 12, 2000. Exactly one year later they staged an Adam Belial ritual in order to institute a public ceremony announcing their New World Order plan with the culmination of the tragic events of September 11, 2001 in New York City. The destruction of the Twin Towers and Blood Sacrifice of those killed at the World Trade Center, was intended to be the line drawn in the sand to show the NAA were proceeding with their full domination and slavery agenda of humanity and earth. This event brought forward what became known as the 911 Timelines, the institution of the false reality timelines in order take the planet into AI Assimilation Timeline which is the Fallen AI Timeline Loops that the NAA fully control from within the Phantom Matrix. [1]


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