Core of Creation

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Angelic Human Ascension Vehicle into Four Domains

The God world domains all emerge from the Core of Creation, and as we move in between these four layers, the four layers are braided in and out of the core of creation with the Solar Rishic tri-wave fields. The core of creation emanates into the next layer of which holds the Inner World Domain which have also been referred to as the Inner Hubs of Creation.

The base orb is stationed at the base of our perineum and tailbone which extends just below our feet. This is the root connection made directly with Holy Father, the Solar Rishi, which acts as the Universal Father Solar Conduit through the Core of Creation and to which merges the first dimensional layer with the 15D Holy Father, and the second dimensional layer with the 14D Gold Sun of Christos Sophia. The 14D Gold Ray access leads into portals in other parallel matrices and weaves in the Solar Rishic braids of the Universal Trinity within the base shield of the Gold Sun lightbody orb.[1]


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