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Transcript - We have a Bone Matrix Net in the first dimension. Think about this. The bone matrix has this AI net running this genetic mutation, again, remembering that this is the frequency they’ve put out in the lower dimensions, we are all subjected to this. The physical body is undergoing changes in the bone matrix in order to free itself from the first dimensional AI net. Also, in this area of the Bone Matrix Net is something called the Death Seal that was intentionally recorded and put in the bone. The death mark in the bones are attempting to release themselves at this time from the Paliadorian Activation. The Paliadorian Activation is to free the body from the bone matrix net at the first dimensional level where the Death Seals have been encoded in the bone marrow in the collective consciousness record.[1]

Lower AI Net Mutations

As we move into the next cycle, these areas in the physical body that have been impacted by the lower NET mutations in the corrupted 3D elemental structure, will undergo sequential re-encryption process in order to release and remove the AI mutations, Paliadorian Seal and alien beast marks recorded in the physical structure. This is a macrocosm project that impacts the earth realm, although there are those that have embodied and cleared this mutation from their consciousness body previously. This will manifest some kind of physical ascension symptoms for most people, and thus why increasing body awareness, taking good care of the body and participating towards greater Embodiment levels are crucial at this time. The primary areas of clearing AI NET distortions are in the subatomic body layers 1D, impacting the Skeletal System and Bone Matrix, the Skin, Tissue and Blood Matrix in 2D and the Epigenetic Overlays that influence the Negative Ego software programs in all three layers, but manifest primarily through the 3D Conscious Mind and personality.[2]


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