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There have been recent energetic changes in the planetary field architecture related to the Albion, that are also related to the embodiment and anchoring of the Christos Scepter or Albion Rod of Power. This has functions given to the Christos people in regard to the direction and focus of God forces and Zero Point Grual forces, in so to energize and bring forth the divine plan of the timeline of ascension-disclosure for the planet earth. The Universal Rod and Staff structure that is passing the zero point power source into the embodiment of the Benevolent Divine Kings to rise up again, and that process of embodiment is the Male Christos principle that is connected to the raising of the previously dormant, in stasis, King Arthur consciousness. This appears to be a new Krystic manifestation template that was anchored in the earth body during the Summer Solstice, which is a reallocation of energy current-power usage, a leveling of the playing field which gives direct God power and Christos forces for the purpose of actualizing and embodying higher purpose that serves planetary ascension and global awakening.

This feels specific to group projects being organized in which to direct the power sources required for those group and community projects to fulfill their missions and be successful in the contrast of those run by the Satanic-Luciferian cult and their related organizations. The purpose of this massive energy field, seems to be to give Christos stewardship the resources they need to elevate themselves to the levels they require when facing off with the current controller structure. It does appear that our community has received the blessings of this gift for our projects, growth and support, in that this level of field access into the King Arthur architecture is a Krystic sponsorship given to each of us that can raise ourselves into the ascension platform in order to help transform and unite our group into serving common goals of the Christos Mission. And supporting the individual highest expressions into embodiment, that protect us as we move through the Ascension Stages and the group process of transformation, into actualizing more diverse methods of personal and planetary service.

It has become clear the Paliadorian Dragon Kings and templars are standing behind the Arthurian Grail and all Magi lines for the purposeful restoration of the Benevolent King masculine principle architecture being returned with the Christos Scepter and Maji Crown, and the method we walk through this consciousness doorway is through the consciousness archetype of King Arthur as the manifestation of the Second Coming of Christ on earth. This is the shift to Awakening Albion, which is the Krystic architecture that holds the God Forces and Zero Point that is directed through the Christos Scepter. The scepter is a Lightbody architecture which is what directs the Power of Christ, and how it is manifesting itself in the physical body lending its manifestation template to those of us from this family working the Christos Mission. This feels as if this level of God power had to come to the physical world in so we can withstand the resistance of those who have been utilizing the occult power of Blood Sacrifice and black magic, these energy harvesting stations are losing power, while the Scepter of Power is gradually increasing in power being directed explicitly for the Christos family. The dark forces and people governed by them cannot see, cannot know this architecture, it remains unseen and invisible to them. This seems to bring awareness that at some level there will be a tipping point in which they will be forced to see this, and it is that moment when they meet the creator, the come to Jesus moment, and so it will be interesting to see in the future how that revelation is carried out in the masses. As we are well aware, the narrative sold to the masses is complete and utter deception and lies, and so this relates to removing the veil and removing the enchantments of black magic spells in so the masses can see the truth in past and current events.[1]


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