Clearing Abduction and Absconding of Body Parts

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Starseed Session Transcript: Themes' :using Silicate Matrix DNA template for repair of 3D 4D sub-harmonics Nadial Structures and merkaba, finding Zeta agreements tracking and tagging, release from obsolete agreements, sourcing and clearing implants, clearing abduction and absconding of body parts, asking councils to end security breach.

Starseed Template

Opening: Take a big deep breath into the still point area in between the rib cage, we are going to open and dial up our space. In the name of the Melchizedek order the holy order of the ascended, serving the sacred light and Law of One. From our still point of wholeness in manifest decision we decree in sovereign knowing here expressed at our command, lovingly stated absolute intention the divine will and intention of the one self one God. As we call upon the Guardian races the councils of our greater God-Self, Evolution teams and those that serve the starseed identity matrix aligned to the Law of One mission, to work together for the highest capacity of exchange of God's infinite light love and power. Beloveds as we secure the 12 dimensional field again open our vortex in counterclockwise motion expanding into the celestial force, we do call upon the zero point 144 plate alignment to fully utilize the Golden Fleece buffer on the 12 dimensional layers. Please place time vector horizontal encrypting the codes of protection and security as we fully open our space north, south, east, west, earth and sky, we direct the corners to be sealed in the light of unity and wholeness, impenetrable and invincible.

We ask Aurora force to gate-keep our space in sacred service to the light and Law of One. Beloveds again quick connect and reinforce into the 12 dimensional shielding we ask to fully connect both individually and in creating a group shield, as we move out and create our space merging into the group shield. And as we focus into the third eye area opening that connection and linking the third eye, thank you so much. Beloveds we ask again as we begin the intention of opening our session here today that all that is needed in order of priority to bring comfort grace and ease to the physical and bioenergy system. I ask genetic technicians and those that serve the Melchizedek crisis unit and etheric template upgrade for assistance and support in causation. And again any repair work or support as needed and necessary to bring the physical body in optimization of its physical functioning an energetic functioning. Thank you so much.

Beloveds as we're working with Axiatonal Alignment please focus on the Hara Line. As we look at the vertical spiritual current the Prana tube and Chi tube through the lower centers moving upward, and from the higher centers moving downward, meeting in the midsection around the solar plexus and heart area. I am going to ask that we increase and assist the vertical spiritual current line in its meeting at the midline point. Remove any blockage or obstruction that is creating, it looks like energy that kind of feels like a fission fusion process within the body and then it kind of explodes. I feel like a burnout of energy, too much of that frequency is being splintered off from the midsection around the solar plexus.

We'd like to look at that and assist in any upgrades and assistance in the ease of flow, bringing symmetry balance and harmony to the energy flow through Axiatonal alignment. As we look at the Axiatonal lines again there is a strengthening or adjustment through the Axiatonal lines themselves. Okay so show me what that is? Okay in the 12 primary Axiatonal lines we're looking at the Crystal Seals Grid, go into the Crystal Seals Grid level. Let's look at that in between, before the Templar and underneath Chakra system. Looking at the Axiatonal line and the miodic diodic points where the single axis flash line sequences are that cross over through each other. Okay specifically too I'm feeling on the left side around the 10th dimensional energy that is around the center of the body, I'm seeing some blockage on some of the smaller they are secondary or tertiary chakras, on either side of the solar plexus. These should be conducting primarily tenth dimensional energy and ninth dimensional energy, right in each of the centers right on the side of the Axiatonal line and the still point. Let's look at that and it looks like correction and a strengthening specifically around the midsection.

I'm feeling it's almost like there has been scar tissue or an accident or injury in the body at some point that has, I'm feeling like the line of energy is getting misdirected or moved off from its center inappropriately. So when we look at the Axiatonal lines we need to look at each of the points where the rotating axis is and allow the Axiatonal lines to create the perfect intersection. There's like a sandwich effect between the internal Templar, okay I see. It's affecting the third chakra the solar plexus primarily. Okay so when we are looking at the solar plexus go through each of the layers of the sandwich of the body, between the internal Templar the Crystal Seals grid and the miodic diodic points that form the actual chakras them selves.

Okay so starting at internal Templar level and looking at that point direct in the midsection. Okay, I see it's both third and fifth dimensional energy spheres that are receiving some kind of blockage, in the main channel center. So first correction of the channel between central body current and Hara line, widen and open it through corkscrew. Using again the mighty I AM presence function the solar energy to come in and out gently opening the center point. To allow again a perfectly straight corrected and flowing central body current and Hara line. Again all the way from 12 inches beneath the feet to about 3 feet above the head. Make sure that those points are completely parallel and open, allowing the ease of flow through all corrections. Really straightening and correcting the foundation of the structure at the Hara line level. Anchor lock and seal through the hologram, anchor lock and seal through the time matrix. Thank you.

Okay now at the internal Templar level looking at the 12 seals grid Templar, show us where those points that need to be adjusted or corrected in any way are? Okay the third and the fifth centers of the 12 tree grid internal Templar, again there are grid lines that connect the third and the fifth energy centers. I would like to look at that, there seems to be a disparity or an issue between where the third energy center opens up into the seat of the navel. The seat of Amente is at the navel center that feeds the energy into the throat chakra. So again the point of blockage that I'm feeling is really coming from the core of your body, so we need to look at the core of the body and each of the grid line points between 1-2-5-1 and 1-3-5-2 and each of those internal Templar grid lines, at the core scalar template level.

Repair of 3D 4D Sub-harmonics

Okay so I'm seeing these are the correction points. First of all we need to amplify and re-grid. Okay there is a re-gridding of structure at the core scalar template level, the 12 Tree Grid internal Templar re-grid and amplify, reconnect as needed and necessary. Again fully opening the expression and connection between the etheric template body to be fully redirected reconnected to the core scalar template instruction sets that govern the morphogenetic field and the DNA body rhythms of the dimensionalized forms. We need to fully amplify and correct the entire grid, but the primary centers that seem to be the focus are the vertical 12 Tree Grid lines or grid lines between the first center and third center. So that is grid line 4. Okay so that would be also fourth dimensional energy attempting to be redirected into those centers.

So again correction, okay the first is fine. Go into the third energy center, reset scalar wave points that hold the core electro-tonal and geometrical mathematical program for the dimensionalized structure third center template, anchor lock and seal. Okay look at the grid line please correct number four on the 12 Tree Grid. Okay four has distortion coming from the DNA template and has to do with some kind of sub-band. Is this DNA distortion? This is astral distortion. Okay we are going to go through each of the layers of the strands, you tell me if it's base code or acceleration code in the strands, Okay? First of all general correction in complete strand four axis points and all of the sub-harmonic strands that are leaving from strand three into strand four.

Okay so the correction point at three, 12 moves into 4 and 4.1 correct? Okay is this correct? Is that fully strengthened? Okay so it's in the sub-band somewhere. So it is sub-band, okay starting with DNA, is it a base code or acceleration code? It's an acceleration code. Start with acceleration code, okay four; 1-2-3-4, so 4. Correct the 12 acceleration codes for four, so it's the 4th, astral 4th harmonic sub-strand of the fourth DNA. Correct re-strand use the morphogenetic field scalar wave template of the silicate matrix this being holds. The 12 strand DNA template, update the scalar shield and again re-grid and amplify the host matrix into the silicate matrix 12-strand DNA. Thank you so much. Anchor lock and seal, permanently totally completely.

Okay so for 1-2-3-4, four is correct. So moving on, 5-6-7, so 7. Fourth strand 7th sub-strand acceleration code host matrix transplant and again silicate matrix imprint. Correct 4.7 acceleration code, anchor lock and seal remove distortion. Okay this one's got something sticky or something else having to do with the 7th sub-strand. Please show me what that is? Okay 7th harmonic, the 7th harmonic in the fourth strand, the fourth dimension. Okay clear alien implants, alien influence, alien enslavement and any type of manipulation or distortion cause. Okay we need to go into astral plane and into the 4.7 identity and find where the source causation in the hologram is in the memory. Wherever the morph field memory is on this, we need to go back and pull that timeline out of there and clear the distorted pattern.

Okay this is coming from soul, another identity structure at the fourth, seven. So it's a place in future in the astral plane. Okay clear out distortion. At this moment of self again as we collect all that is needed, we need to collect all fragments energies essences and tools. All that belongs to this being we claim in the self-sovereign God power and right now, to fully be returned and rightfully returned to the rightful owner. This is the body part abduction or something that has been taken or absconded, misdirected in some way. We need to go and retrieve it and return it to this beloved being now. Okay this is a body part, a body part that needs to be returned. We need to clear residue remains and trauma, shock trauma and injury. Clear the distortion and heal the distortion.

Okay and this has created a vulnerability or opening in the etheric template field. We need to find the opening to any harmful portals or energies that are not serving this being. Find any harmful portals to energies or dimensions in the body that are being manipulated or made vulnerable, into the physical at some level. It's in the astral plane somewhere, look around 4.7. What I'm seeing is heart cords, or a knot in the lower heart center deep within the heart complex, being affected by this 4.7 strand. Again we need to unwind the musculature of whatever that construction is that we're looking at. Fully allow again the opening and re-gridding to fully amplify through the silicate matrix. Supersede all prior instruction sets, third dimensional identity, fourth dimensional identity, to the silicate matrix 12-strand Christ template. Fully reweave connect and allow all distortions to be fully cleared healed and united with the Crystal body counterpart, the true absolute self. God-Self fully empowered fully present fully healed and united with the true creator. Thank you so much.

Zeta tracking, Release from Obsolete Agreements

Agreements, are we allowed to address agreements through that? Okay so these are old agreements that had been useful at one time and are no longer useful in the soul's current evolutionary agreement and process. We ask to assist in like a Galactic counsel that you work with inter-dimensionally out of body. Okay there is some kind of council Orion Council. Okay there is a co-evolutionary agreement that was forged or stated as a part of this beings physicalization to work with Zeta energy, Zeta Reticular energy in hybridization agreements and relocation agreements. I'm going to again defer to the higher-self contract as we address the Rishic being in the 12-strand Christ, again to fully release. There's a review and a release through negotiation agreements that had been put in place, that were at one time useful and now have been superseded and suspended.

There has been manipulation to the body of this being from old agreements that are no longer in alignment with her soul mission and purpose. I'm going to request that all that is no longer in alignment to the re-assignment of the soul's ascension mission and program here in the physicalization of that, to be cleared released rescinded and terminated now.

We asked to address the councils and all appropriate parties that need to bear witness in terms of their impact on the astral plane, to fully clear heal release all vows contracts agreements and systems and structures that are no longer serving this beloved being in her reassignment of self-sovereignty, oneness wholeness and truth. Again as a 12-strand Avatar being and Christed one. Thank you. Okay so collapse the timeline collapse the holographic identity, dissolve it into the moment of self. And again as we pull the identity thread merge into now, into the oneness wholeness and truth, no separation. Total merge total blend, thank you so much.

And reinstatement to fourth strand, 7th acceleration code sub-strand. Plug-in and activate now. Correct. Thank you so much. This is a soul identity healing and clearing from past agreements. Again in the completion of this we do ask the Core Soul Protection program be instituted in this particular matter to allow the freedom and liberation of the soul identities, through the fourth, it's the fourth identity. The fourth dimensional astral plane identity to be fully healed cleared and united with its true self now. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

In deep gratitude, in deep appreciation for the councils, thank you. And again in unconditional love, forgiveness and forgetfulness we clear and release all that is no longer a part of the identity as needed and necessary. And again as we open to the expansion of the absolute being we open into the self-sovereign God power of that truth now, fully embodied, fully fulfilled and complete now. Okay moving into 4.7, we are still in the acceleration codes, are we complete yet? We are complete with acceleration codes. Okay so full acceleration codes in the fourth dimension, all 12 are active and ready to be activated and plugged in. Correct.

Okay base codes per strand, the same? Okay four; 1-2-3-4, so 4. So the base code fourth dimension, the 4th base code sub-strand, again host matrix transplant through the silicate matrix. Re-grid the structure at the base code 4.4. Anchor lock and seal. Okay but it's also 4.7? Okay, re-grid the silicate matrix on the base code per strand 4.7, plug in the base code. Operational and active corrected, anchor lock and seal. Thank you so much. Base codes are full and active? Are there any corrections between the base codes, are we complete with base codes? Thank you, anchor lock and seal. Are all base codes working with acceleration codes? Correct.

Okay fire codes between the strands? Same, right? Okay between it looks like the third, the solar plexus has had some damage some burnout. And that seems to have created a problem or some kind issue with the fire codes, as we leave the third dimensional chakra into the soul identity layers. So again show us where the fire codes between the strands need to be either imprinted, matrixed and amplified, again in alignment to the silicate matrix Crystal body? Okay, as we're working with the third dimension, do you want me to go through each of the 12 harmonics? Okay three; 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, and again 7. What is that, it's very interesting. Okay so this is the Violet flame issue. 3.7 so the 7th fire code in the third strand DNA, the 7th sub-strand. Look at the fire code 3.7 and correct the fire code, from the silicate matrix imprint. Plug-in, correct.

Okay keep going? Three; 8-9-10, and 10. Correct the fire code 3.10 harmonic. Fire code correct, anchor lock and seal. Keep going three; 11, okay the 11th sub harmonic. Correct the fire code between the strand, thank you. Three; 12, okay also 12. Correct 12th, okay 3.12 fire code between strand. Correct silicate matrix reweave and amplify, thank you. Three, so all fire codes third dimensionally sub-harmonics corrected? Okay moving from the 3.12 to the 4. Okay fire code fourth dimension. Okay so some fire codes have been absconded, that's what it is. Okay so I'm going to ask this now. Who is the body, the governing body that we address for this? Okay is this coming from alien absconding or abduction or something? Okay there has been a manipulation and a breach of security.

I would like to address the Guardian alliance and the races that are administering the Galactic Center, Orion human councils through the 8th dimensional portal to be redirected and to request a full reinstatement of all fire codes that have been misdirected stolen or absconded in some way. To be returned to their rightful owner or replaced appropriately, to full and complete activation in DNA strand template activation and energization, as needed and as necessary for this beings soul fulfillment and consciousness. Again these are energies, tools and codes that belong to this being and we are reclaiming them in the self-sovereign light of the oneness that is the truth in the name of the Christ and shining ones, those that serve the Guardian alliance and the light and Law of One. I'm going to ask the Sirian Counsil to assist as intermediaries to the particular councils to address the return of all fire code letter sequences that are requested in, it looks like all harmonics. We want to look at all harmonics in the fourth dimension, so look at all fire code harmonics four, in the entire 12 fire codes.

As we work with four, 12 fire codes. Okay so in working with the silicate matrix we're going to redirect. There is let's say a reweaving and synchronization with the silicate matrix to re-imprint each of the 12 fire codes between the strands at the fourth dimensional level. Again correct the DNA template and allow the entire soul identity and soul matrix body that creates the Doradic shield to be built. Okay so this is a six dimensional Merkaba body that needs to be built, and the fire codes prevent it from fully being built and holding the energy appropriately for the body. So it's creating damage around I would say the midsection point. So what we're looking at beloveds is as we work with the 12 fire codes and we start to re-imprint through the silicate matrix, reweaving each of the fire codes between the strands. We need to assist the body in fully correcting and building the Doradic shield, the soul matrix body of the soul identity that affects the chakras four, five and six, the entire soul identity Merkaba body.

So we need to make sure that as we correct the fourth dimensional fire codes that they fit through the fifth and sixth imprints as well. We are building a sixth dimensional Merkaba in the light body system correct? Okay, thank you very much. Okay is this complete? What else do we need to feel complete with the fire codes? Are we just going to use the silicate matrix, host matrix transplant?

Okay I would like to either report a breach of security or assistance for this being and the councils protection to assist in any vulnerability in the field, where fire codes and codes that belong to this being that have been absconded or abducted. We need to go find the place and the timeline in the hologram and seal the field from any further intrusion, interference or abduction types of scenarios. We need to find where that breach in security or vulnerability happened. At what point in the timeline, at what place in the body and go and seal it, correct it and dissolve the holographic timeline of that. To further strengthen and build the integrity of the light body itself. Thank you very much.

Okay so first of all there's some kind of process that I've never seen before about cleansing the Zeta Reticuli damage or imprint or insignia that's in the body. That allows them to tag and track this being or to harass this being. So we need to go through each of the layers of the template and please clear. First of all search for the frequency energy signature of any of the 127 species of Zeta Reticuli get to the core implant wherever that beacon device is and dismantle it and remove it from the bodies template record, morph field and any of the layers where this insignia or energy is recorded in the field. Okay, clear all tracking tagging and record memory, like any cellular memory in the neurological system structure and the etheric nadis structure.

So let's go through each of the templates please. Please clear, we're looking for any implants specific to the Zeta implants that have created a vulnerability in the fourth dimensional astral body. But look in the astral body first and then go through each of the layers. Let's look at the etheric template body and ensure it hasn't bled through any of the other identities. Okay start with the KA template body first dimensional. Clear. Look for anything that has that frequency signature. We are going to use the violet purple flame on this, so let's just use the violet light to look at the first dimensional body. Look at the matrix look at the subconscious sub-system. Clear all alien implants all Zeta influence now. Thank you.

Okay let's move into the instinctual body. Look at the mind matrix at the instinctual level. Okay let's take the violet light and flame it, completely cover the second dimensional body. Let's look for any implantation or insignia. Okay there we go. Remove it take all of that out of there. There is a bunch of confetti in there we need to pull that out. Okay it's a spinning process and then we're going to dissolve. Use the violet purple light to fully transmute and remove any again tagging tracking and whatever jack devices are they use. It looks like they took a bunch of jacks and threw them in the field, like these little dark spotty confetti like objects. Let's take that out of there. Okay it's like a magnet putting a big magnet in the second dimensional field and pulling out the debris. Clear all astral debris clear all etheric debris, clear all implant residue remains and imprints. Clear it from the cellular memory clear it from the etheric nadial structure and make sure we completely cleanse the second dimensional instinctual form of the mind matrix please. This is the inner child aspect of the atomic nervous system of the physical self. Clear and use the violet light to sooth, heal and balance the bodies. Thank you so much.

I am feeling we need to reweave and synchronize. We can't use the 12-strand DNA but use the fifth dimensional body to connect to the 2D body. Let's do that now. Please anchor, activate and energize the fifth dimensional electro-tonal soul identity to connect into the second dimensional form and body. Please upgrade the 2D body mind matrix to be connected into the soul identity body. Raising again the frequency and energies to be perfectly suited and merged into the soul identity, fully freed liberated and healed of lower emotion and pain sourcing from the second dimensional mind matrix. Okay there is also fragmentation in there that's stuck from the fourth dimension. I would like to, what would we do with that? Can we bring that up into the heart center now? Okay so we need to open the energy center then between the second dimensional body and the fourth dimensional body. These are both astral bodies, the second dimension is the lower vibrating forms of the astral plane and the fourth dimension is the higher.

So we need to assist the body in moving any astral fragments to be purified into the synthesis of the heart center. When we open up the sutranomic cords in the heart, again assist in the spinning of the sutranoma and the heart to allow, literally a vortex in the heart to pull those fragments up from the second dimensional levels of the astral body and into the forth, into the higher heart center where they can be transmuted. Can we, how do we do that? So inhale that up and assist, assist the body please. As you inhale and bring all of the lower fragmentation and energies from the second dimensional chakra. We are going to breathe it in and move those energies to move up the Hara line and center point and to reside in the heart. We are going to push it out of the heart center to be fully melted into the shield and the 12D current.

Bringing all fragments to be united with the original Christ self, again healing uniting and bringing the integration and wholeness back into the bodies. Okay anchor lock and seal the 5D electro-tonal body, in the second dimensional chakra. Open the energetic merge between second chakra and the fourth chakra. Strengthen the sutranomic cord to fully spin the heart chakra and allow the opening of the lower emotional centers to be purified in through the heart center. Open all channels between second, third and fourth that allow the ease of flow of that channel to fully purify those energies as needed. We are bringing the lower dimensional energies to be purified into the heart center, that again assist the heart center in removing any blockages, knots. We saw some knots in there when we were working with the soul identity body at the fourth dimensional level. So again we need to unwind any cording, knots, heart scars or obstacles in the upper heart center that allow a free flow of the cosmic heart energies to be fully embodied, in the heart complex and it centers. Correct?

I'm going to ask the Lord (Logos) of Sirius for help with this. Beloved ones as we work with the galactic community and connect with the Lord of Sirius, beloved one I ask on behalf of service to this beloved being that we connect the heart chakra into the cosmic heart energies, to allow a full and complete connection to the cosmic goddess level of the heart energy and ray that will allow the purification of the heart to be brought up into the frequencies. I am seeing that the harmonics come up through the body and allow those energies to be vibrated allowing the ease of flow and exchange between the cosmic heart and the physical self, the physical body and the energetic self. Thank you so much. Reweave, synchronize and connect the cosmic heart into the heart chamber and its complex. Calibrate and align please, calibrate and align synchronize and hold it. Anchor lock and seal. Thank you so much.

Okay are we complete with fire codes? Are we complete with this? Okay so the full silicate matrix 12-strand DNA template bodies and scalar shield and identity level correspondences that have the instruction sets for the scalar wave template are completely in alignment for this being at this particular time space. Thank you very much. Okay back into the core scalar template now that we have connected this. Okay I'm seeing we need to take this into the transduction sequence. The transduction sequence all corrections into the 12 Tree Grid, Crystal Seals matrix and DNA that are serving this beloved being in harmony and comfort. Again bringing the expansion of the soul into physicalization and again the highest service and alignment of the soul's purpose of fulfillment, passion and connection to spirit. Again we take it into the basic transduction sequence, at the point in the holographic identity timeline when consciousness came into biological form. We need to reset the pattern of the instruction sets and the corrections that we have just completed, to be fully fulfilled in the phases that consciousness has passed through into dimensionalization.

So going to each of the transduction sequences into the dimensionalization where the form was created, into biological form. So correction and take this through the scalar grid levels, both level one of the Templar, level two of the Crystal Seals and Hara line, and third level into the diodic points miodic points and the chakra systems. Okay so reset the morphogenetic field the instruction blueprint to the corrections here in stated and in service and in harmony to this beloved being. Upgrade morphogenetic field instruction sets and take those instruction sets into the Merkaba field. Okay we need to build and assist the body in stabilization at its Doradic, it's the Hala field, the fourth, fifth and sixth shielding of the Merkaba, the six dimensional Merkaba. Please fully rebuild and reset the Merkaba as God would have it be, fully functioning and optimized for this beloved being. There's a phase alignment of the counter-rotating electromagnetic spirals of energy and fully adjusting the phasing of those frequencies that run in between the dimensions and into the Merkaba field.

Okay this is where there's an issue, there's some issue on the modulation of where the spirals of energy come down and through the multi-dimensions and into the Merkaba field. Because the Merkaba field could not funnel the energy appropriately, it's creating all kinds of damage in the rest of the Axiatonal lines. We need to cover and look at all that is in priority to correct the Merkaba instruction set and fields of energy so they can properly circulate and phase align the sequences of the consciousness units that are coming through. The frequency units that are coming through that run and are modulated in perfection and health and radiance. Again using the 12-strand DNA imprint of radiant health and vitality, bringing harmony balance integration back into the bio and energy field sequences itself and its entire matrix. Thank you.

Energy Conversion Correction, ATP modulation

So correction, that's as far as we are going to take it at the Merkaba field level? Correct. Okay can you take it into the DNA RNA imprint? This is creating some issues with the energy conversion of the ADP and mitochondria level. So I am going to ask for an over lighting Diva of healing and genetic technician that works with you. When we're working with the DNA RNA imprint structure and how the ATP sequence of the Krebs cycle is converting energy management into fuel for the body, there are some adjustment or modulations there on the amount of ADP and ATP that is produced in the mitochondria of the cell. Again I'm feeling some monitoring and some support at that level to again nourish the body. Bring the nourishment back into the cells. Again once we modulate the energy that has been overflowing into the Merkaba fields this should again correct the issue that has been problematic at the DNA RNA transport level. The RNA messenger is all confused now because the energies have been just frying the mitochondria at the cellular level. It's coming in way too fast, it's got to be modulated so that when the energy gets to at least the level of the DNA RNA, when the RNA is bringing the messenger into the ADP, and the ATP functioning that brings the energy into the cell. This is what needs to be modulated.

We need to look at the Crystal body the 12D Crystal body or if you need to look at the 5D body, this has got the coding and the specs and the instruction set that should bring the modulation back into balance and harmony so that the frequency and energy, the Chi and the life force is being utilized at its maximum optimization for the physical cells of the body. Thank you, thank you. So we have corrected the DNA to RNA messenger imprint? Please check that all the way through. Make sure you re-grid the morph field instruction to the RNA messenger to the ADP function at the mitochondrial level that converts the energy to the cell. Correct. Thank you. Take this to the bio-energetic auric field and to each layer of the chakras. So this is the instruction set, we're going to run this all the way through now, the new imprint into the auric field now into the chakra column.

Okay now this is a big one. The nadial capsule and the nadis the form. The nadial capsule instruction set, before it gets into the DNA RNA where it actually manifests into the nadis, this is where I'm feeling there is a lot of memory that's got to be cleared out of the energy rivulets that feed energy from the nadial capsule. So we need to reset the memory back to neutral association and modulate into the new frequency that's appropriate for the body. Okay you guys have the codes off the instruction sets right? I'm seeing like all kinds of geometries that I cannot explain verbally. Is that what that is? Okay so in updating the program to the nadial capsule, we need to make sure that we go through each of the layers of the central nervous system, atomic through the entire central nervous system and the etheric nadis system. Where the energy rivulets feed energy from the nadial capsule into the central nervous system and molecular structure. This is the key point if we miss this I can feel we're not going to be complete with this.

So we need to adjust the modulation by removing first, all of the previous instruction sets. Or actually it wasn't the instructions, it was just that the energy was just overflowing and creating surges through the body. So we need to clear the surging memory through the entire morph field nadial capsule instruction set and to reset the neutral association. To modulate into the new instruction set based on Crystal Body and adjust the electromagnetic battery body and each of the fission-fusion sequences, how that frequency comes in to the nadial capsule. Correct the DNA RNA manifest and all the way to the actual nadis and into the central nervous system. Okay is that correct? Thank you very much.

Moving this now again through the complete transaction sequence, once we get through the nadis of the central nervous system take it into the molecular structure, to the nuclear core. Then it adjusts the CNS, the metabolic biological rhythm through the blood-brain chemical hormone organ and tissues. Each of those systems within the physical to be fully modulated to the new nuclear core molecular structure setting, as per the nadis structures that we have just now upgraded into the new morphogentic field imprint, and Merkaba resetting and corrections of the Merkaba fields rotations. Thank you so much.

Okay so general Axiatonal alignment between the miodic and diodic points. I want to look at each of the black-hole white-hole sequences make sure the electromagnetism is set appropriately, through each of the horizontal grids, vertical grids and the diagonal grids. And then reconnect that into the chakra system as they are created. I can still feel and there's damage in solar plexus is there a particular team that can be assigned to correcting or healing that? Okay there is repair work needed and necessary on the solar plexus chakra, especially in the upper left half. It looks like it's been burnt out or it's browned out or something like this. We need to either do repair work or align to the original blueprint. Okay that looks like we're going to need a full re-ensoulment of the chakra or a full blueprint. I see okay, so over lighting Diva of healing, thank you, thank you.

We need to fully repair and work off the blueprint structure. Fully repair and heal the solar plexus chakra. Looking at the top petals on the left-hand side please correct strengthen and work off the original fifth dimensional blueprint. To allow the full perfection of the solar plexus chakra to fully function at its highest optimization that supports the physical body in vitality health radiance. Again really physically stabilizing the foundational support of the body. Thank you very much.

Closing: Thank you thank you. Thank you so much. I really am in deep love and gratitude for the amazing and beautiful teams that have shown up for us today. Again it is with deep love and gratitude we thank you for this opportunity and this support. Again in the completion of this work, we ask to fully seal all layers and levels in the light in the Law of One and in the service to our beloved planet, and brothers and sisters. As we harmonize and hold the space we witness, as witness to one, I seal this into the light of union and wholeness, in service to the one self. Beloveds please seal our work here today. Please take it through the outer levels of the mind grid, DNA, karmic contract, core soul level and beyond. From beyond the moment of self to beyond and through the earth, annihilate any negatives at the moment of self past, present and future timelines. Through each of the dimensions and realities, each of our chakras and complexes we take this work through the morph fields and subtle energy systems through all components fully completely, totally and permanently. Anchor lock and seal this work through the hologram, anchor lock and seal through the time matrix.

Beloved teams beloved councils thank you. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Again please seal the field and we do ask that any gatekeepers working with Aurora force and the Galactic councils personal to this being, to fully anchor lock and seal and support this work in the highest capacity of God realization available to us at this time. Thank you. Our infinite stream of love is with you in all ways. And so it is. We seal and end our session into the light. Beloveds thank you. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions - 8-8-2007]

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