Defining Enlightened Contact

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EO Enlightened Contact

As the density locks open throughout the dimensions due to recent planetary activations, this means that the potential communication with an assortment of extradimensional enlightened beings will commence, ushering in the next stages of our planetary liberation. The Guardian Host holds concern for angelic humans that have not been properly briefed on the necessity of clearing Negative Ego and developing emotional competence, as well as the degree of spiritual maturity required in the proper handling of such contact made by their direct spiritual family lineages.

The following information contains suggested guidelines for Starseeds, Indigos and awakening humans to become aware of the personal responsibility needed to comprehend that no otherworldly enlightened being or extraterrestrial race should ever be perceived as greater than or of higher value then yourself. It is highly suggested to practice the Law of One guidelines as a lifestyle and know that this is a pre-requisite for preparing for enlightened contact.

Thus, it is critical that those Earthly humans that will be contacted by their star family or related lineages in the future, have some basic understanding of Guardian protocols along with the mental and emotional maturity needed to remain stable and personally competent to engage in productive mutual communication. To prepare to interact or communicate with a range of benevolent non-human beings from other worlds, we need to be grounded with a practical awareness of embodied self-love, self-acceptance and the commitment to personal responsibility that is required for maintaining personal sovereignty.

We should have some practical understanding of what it takes to manifest in this reality with principles of ethical conduct, responsible co-creation and have gleaned some wisdom and maturity from direct life experiences. To be an acting Guardian representative, would encompass a loving, stable and competent person that has self-assessment skills of emotional self-regulation. Such individuals avoid displays of delusions of grandeur, messiah complex, superior-elitist thoughtforms, and addiction tendencies while knowing the dangers that hero-savior and self-delusions pose to rapidly digress mental and emotional health. Acting in the role as ambassador or liaison to interstellar communications and being available for direct enlightened contact requires some self-mastery with psychological and emotional competence to remain coherent and clear in the presence of beings that appear very differently to ourselves. Thus, this is not a game of fantasy to be trifled with.

The return of the Emerald Order correlates to the fulfillment of the Emerald Covenant which is specifically for the purpose of freeing humanity and liberating the planet from her oppressors, which are comprised of interdimensional non-human and humanoid invaders and those that serve the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA). Humanity is caught unaware in the midst of a strategic war game for control over Earth in which those opposing the Emerald Covenant’s promise to guide us to fully free humanity, are using everything they have available to take control with AI machinery, attempting to thwart the Emerald Order by inciting distractions via false flags and World War.

Thus, the return of Emerald Order is the primary directive of the Guardian Host and they are returning to educate humanity about the ancient knowledge of our stellar histories and the alien hybridization conflicts our race has been involved in, but were subsequently blank slated into amnesiac mind-controlled slaves in order to forget and be exploited by these invaders. Angelic humans were originally designed to be the Guardians that protected the planetary templar complex of Earth-Tara-Gaia network which includes time travel through interdimensional stargates, portals, and access to natural methods of accessing abundant forms of clean and sustainable free energy.[1]

Three Main Agendas, One Serves Human Freedom

Every human being that has been contacted by interdimensional entities or has suffered through abduction scenarios should be well aware that the Earth holds great interest for these non-human entities that want to access the entirety of the planetary genetic library without restrictions. On planet, the history of the human genetic race line and tribal affiliation is key coded to interdimensional stargate mechanics in the grid network, which is held in the DNA record of the incarnated human being even when its potentials remain dormant and inactive. The high majority of those that are contacted or abducted are directly related to the genetic affiliation that the human being has had with one out of three primary interdimensional stellar agendas that are connected to that particular star family located in higher dimensional realities.

Those that serve the Emerald Order Covenant uphold the Cosmic Sovereign Law for achieving human freedom and planetary liberation, which extends beyond this Universe into the Cosmic Source Domains and go all the way back to the 1st God World Creation. The other two, Belial Group and Black Sun alien AI hybrids originally source from a fallen parallel matrix called Wesa, which serve the One World Order government with the current transhumanist slavery agenda for implementing the Great Reset.

Pro Human Freedom=Emerald Order

The Guardian groups are supporting truth tellers, free thinking individualism, personal autonomy, and personal sovereignty concepts which ultimately protect human freedom and planetary liberation. Thus, Guardians are working tirelessly in the removal of artificial alien mind control systems embedded in the planetary templar complex, in order to help humanity know the truth of our reality by bringing on the global Awakening and the Full Disclosure Event. See Emerald Order Contact Guideline.

Emerald Covenant and Oraphim Lineages

The original angelic human design from planet Tara emerged from out of the double diamond sun Oraphim, as such the Oraphim are parents to the Indigos and the authentic grail lineage that services the Christos Mission. Guardian Yeshua and team returned the diamond sun DNA template back to the Earth while he was incarnated. Christos Starseeds came from this same grail lineage in order to keep the diamond sun DNA alive in the planetary gene pool during the Dark Aeon that began after the Luciferian Rebellion and into the current final conflict over Earth happening during the Ascension Cycle. The Oraphim and Indigo lineages have a genetic ascendancy back to the original Emerald Order Founders, and during this phase of planetary Eukatharista activation this group will be radically upgraded to embody the highest diamond sun template they can handle at this density to activate their potentials.

Contactees Tested for Personal Integrity

Those that have been contacted or will be contacted in the future are being tested for Personal Integrity in ways that they may be asked to become ambassadors or representatives acting as liaisons between visiting off planet benevolent groups and the human race. When we can see this bigger picture, it makes it clear why we have been continually warned by the Guardian Host to be focused upon Discernment of Psychological Warfare tactics, so that we can maintain core stability and energetic integrity to discern who is who in the extradimensional visitor groups that use manipulation and deception to get humans to be their slave work force.


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