Embodying Female Principle Melchizedek


Themes: Fallen Melchizedek carrying soul fragments in her body in order to reclaim them during Ascension, history of the order, karma of spiritual leadership when beings stewarded into you care are damaged, patriarchal slant infiltrating religions and Melchizedek order, healing patriarchal programs and Embodying Female Principle Melchizedekorder through Mother returning.

Opening: We are memorializing your session today. Today we will be unraveling some of these larger pieces and hopefully this will give you deeper insight and a greater context for the patterns and challenges that you have had in this time of Ascension. In the interest of completing many unfinished pieces in the parallels and within other stations of identity, which is another way of saying other lifetimes, past lifetimes, that have led us to the accumulation in this moment. And it is that accumulation that has brought those particular challenges we face in our current station of identity. I'm going to be saying a lot of different things my dear and please do not take this personally.

Again what we're describing is larger memories that become embedded in the genetic material and in the spiritual consciousness, which we have returned to this planet in the physical in order to complete. By witnessing and acknowledging it and giving it to God, allowing God force Christ force to again override these distortions from the past. So again a lot of this is understanding that we are coming into a completion lifetime and this is about unfinished business from the past. Again I really feel since we last connected your body is much more stable which again allows spiritual forces as well as your own spirit light body to connect with you, in a more cohesive integrated pattern. Because remember as we go through ascension it's actually a descension meaning we are descending our God Spirit light and purifying our containers, purifying our body so that our spirit can be housed in our physical person. And that takes a sympathetic resonance and a cohesion, which allows an integration factor between our spiritual frequency and our physical frequency, and it is that gap that has been markedly healed and improved in your being. So again thank you so much for your devotion, your dedication, your patience and your willingness to show up for a very difficult task. I'm very grateful and want to acknowledge how much I appreciate you for your role, your presence and your dedication.

So as we move forward I'm feeling that today there are pieces that are coming into clarity in terms of a context, which allows a witness and that witness is between you and I today. As we witness and acknowledge the past histories and the cellular memories that have accumulated some very difficult painful and dark energies to manifest within this cycle. It is seeing them for what they are and bringing them into the light of transparent truth that allows us to view them and to acknowledge them and transform them alchemically to be released, within a consciousness context as to why these particular patterns and situations have manifested at the level that they have. So in coming into awareness there is a lot of complexity in this history so please only take in what truly resonates with your heart and discard the rest. Again there is never any judgment that is placed upon any human being or life force in terms of the choices that are being made in in the life stream and in the consciousness participation. However we understand the complexity of what's happening on this planet at this time and the complexity also being at the root of the challenges that you have faced, both genetically within miasmas in the body that are embedded as a part of genetics, and histories which you have as a record in your soul imprints.

Wisdom Keepers

So I am going to speak slowly and find my words carefully to try to explain a very complex situation, which is coming to be witnessed, acknowledged and then unraveled from its emotional drama and its complexity. So it can be cleared, removed and released permanently from interfering or creating ambiguity or confusion at any level of your spiritual development, and again finding peace and fulfillment in your own potentials and in your own being. So when I feel you my dear you have some very emphasized histories in relationship to recent histories of organized religion on planet Earth, that have been a part of what has created the dark age and the religious distortions on planet Earth.

So in stepping back and understanding that there is a tremendous amount of complexity in working with the understanding of Christ consciousness and the various tribes and genetic lines that were given certain levels of esoteric information to hold, in order to keep it or protect it or to bring it forth into the assistance of evolving this planet and of course the human beings upon it. You are a being that has a lot of history as a spiritual leader or in prominent spiritual or powerful positions. And one of those positions has been shared in a type of counsel or group, in regards to these past timelines. And it has been shared with this gentleman who in this lifetime is in this role of a spiritual leader, but you have a much longer history.

In understanding this larger scope of this complex web I'm going to try to explain for a moment the state of the planet, because this is very global and macrocosmic in terms of how it fits into the larger evolutionary piece of the Ascension Cycle. And how this has been such a difficult lifetime for you to endure the pain of this power struggle, because there has been a lot of cruelty and ruthlessness and misuse of charisma and seduction, which is a part of the misplaced misguided use of power. And of course that puts more power struggles and power conflicts in between groups.

The Order of Melchizedek and Hosting

So this particular planet if we understand that there are evolutionary cycles that make up certain directional movements of a planet and a species. This last 25,000 years has been a challenging time in that many of the histories of humanities abuse with power and technology transpired, specifically with the pinnacle of the Atlantian Cataclysm. Which is basically the seed conflict over the use and misuse and abuse of power over others and using technology or knowledge over others. Now this planet and the lineages, which I feel a very strong connection to your bloodline is understanding the Melchizedek and Hibiru bloodlines, which acted as a hosting tribe for this planet. So there have been a lot of attempts to emulate and replicate the order of Melchizedek. The order of the Melchizedek is a universal and omniversal order of a conglomeration of beings that are both human and nonhuman that have dedicated to uphold the Law of One and hold the Books of Record. Which assist creation in the repair of the integrity of where certain levels of consciousness have been broken down and therefore have been damaged through whatever particular events have created that result. When I feel you in your spiritual bloodline you are a part of the order of Melchizedeks.

The Melchizedeks are the hosting tribe in this 25,000 year cycle of planet Earth. So with the order of Melchizedek there were a lot of complex events and catastrophic events that have happened with the lineages of Melchizedek, because it is the Melchizedeks as a part of the tribes that accepted rehabilitation and support of this last 25,000 year cycle. It is like saying taking the responsibility for attempting to restore the integrity of the fields of creation, the mechanics of creation by restoring the knowledge fields the informational fields. So it's like understanding that information and intelligence is energetic and its frequency. There are let's say spiritual codes and languages that are a part of the integrity of building the creational fields, which project certain experiences in the time fields. This is what the Melchizedek is responsible for, repairing and restoring genetic code and configurations of that code that exist within the mechanics of creation, that make up how we actually express as a being, once we come into the manifested form. Because everything that is in form content whether it is a human being or whether it's a reality, the experience of that consciousness the experience of that reality is based upon the code and the intelligence of what is recorded in the fields and the matrices of those fields that create the illusion of time and space within that reality. So the Melchizedek comes in and repairs the damage or views it, meaning the Melchizedek comes in to look at what got damaged, sourcing the problem going into the timeline and seeding in those particular timelines particular codes that will assist in the evolutionary potential in the progression of a species.

So it is like saying the Melchizedek's are not just working with planet Earth it's almost like saying the order the universal order of Melchizedek is an omniversal consciousness that has been called into this universe to attempt to repair the damage in the time fields, and the damage that has been created with in this particular universal time matrix structure. When we think of damage what we're talking about his soul damage, is the pain and suffering of the beings being trapped in certain phantom spaces or dead spaces and unable to evolve. This is the kind of damage we're talking about. When a time field is broken or damaged the consequences are quite serious to the being. Because that being that exists within that time and space has no ability to evolve or to heal itself once it has gone into a particular space in the time field that is damaged. And this is the problem within this universal time matrix, is that there has been an incredible amount of damage from the misuse of the fields and living out of harmony with the Universal Laws. Once we live out of harmony with the Universal Laws and we create a lot of damage we create a lot of destruction to the genetic material, which ultimately creates destruction of the species.

So in a sense it's like saying the Melchizedeks are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the time space fields and assisting in tracking the damage. Like say when somebody puts an atomic bomb in a timeline, the radiation and the damage that is the result of some kind of major event like dropping an atomic bomb, creates humongous impacts to the time space fields. It literally rips holes in the fabric of space-time and creates incredible destructive damage. That destructive damage not only creates problems in the time space field it creates problems in the genetic material and ultimately in the bodies, or the existence of the being within that particular time and space field. So as a being that is from the order of Melchizedek you have a lot of history with the histories feeding the Christ consciousness, the histories of holding the Essene materials and the histories of the order of Melchizedek in the timelines of Egypt attempting to restore the blue flame into the core of this planet. There are several of these particular events that have come into let's say an intermediary resolution with you in this time is space. It means that the body of you in this time is ending and coming into completion with many distortions and many different levels of damage that had happened within the orders of Melchizedek. Through multiple timelines in which that order came specifically to incarnate into the particular times that were very important in the event horizon for humanity's evolution into this period of time of Ascension.

So it's like saying during the times that you were seeded and you came into embodiment into a physical form to do the work of the order of Melchizedek, you were doing it for the 2012 timeline. Meaning that it is in this body and this being that is coming into completion and wholeness with this unfinished business through multiple timelines. And this is also why my darling things have been so challenging and difficult for you because of the nature of the intensity of the pain and the damage that was created from the cataclysms and the destruction, from the abuse of power. And in some cases the misuse may be somewhat unconscious, of using particular power in a way that created a lot of damage.

So let's go back for a moment in understanding. Okay in the order of the Melchizedek is out of the 12 Tribes it is the Melchizedeks that are hosting the ascension for the planet. What that means is that the Melchizedek agreed to come back to this planet in the last 25,000 years, to host out this Ascension cycle and be responsible for attempting to bridge higher genetic material by repairing the genetic bridge between the lower strands and the higher strands. So it's like saying as a part of the repairing of the genetic rehabilitation and the biological embodiment of that, is understanding that intelligence is consciousness and is energy and frequency. So remember that energy and higher frequency is consciousness intelligence. So energy is conscious, consciousness is energy it's all the same. If you understand that your job is to embody the highest frequency of the highest intelligence that you can, while in a body here, and to participate with that in the best way that you can in this process of completing multiple timelines of these particular events. And you have had multiple events coming into conclusion in this life. Okay so there's more than one so I'm going to try to bring it all together and hopefully this will have some cohesion that brings it into clarity for you.

So the purpose of bringing it into clarity is so that we can transform confusion into clarity and alchemically transformed the release of some of these things that are confused and damaged, and understand the reasons why they are there within your body and within some of the experiences that you've had. So with the order of the Melchizedek, understanding that one subset of the Melchizedeks is also the Hebrews. So the order of the Melchizedeks and one of their sub tribes of Hebrews, we know that some of these tribes have obviously gone on to create Judaism and have a strong emphasis in what has happened to organized religion with the Torah and with Judaism on the planet. So the offshoot of the Hebrews prior to the creation of Judaism was the Essianic or Essene and Cathar relationship to holding certain Books of Record. These were about holding esoteric knowledge through tribes or councils or orders, that would be pretty much esoteric or hidden through the course of the dark age. So it was known that this cycle was going to be a dark age in the process of development of this planet and that this planet's body would be the furthest out, from the core of the universal heart of God as possible. Meaning that this planet and this timeline as we come into the end of this cycle, we are leaving the densest darkest part and the furthest out in vibration away from the core of the universe itself.

So it's like saying this timeline that we're in right now is as dense as we can go. So it's like saying that we have come from the future, back into the past in order to change the events that happen in the future, based upon certain destruction that has happened in this last 25,000 year cycle. Which has impacted humanity greatly because what we see on planet Earth today is a result of the accumulation of the last 25,000 years. And how the abuse of power and the power struggle into patriarchal domination and patriarchal slant, has also distorted the true knowledge from balance in bringing the feminine age back into balance. Which is a part of what you agreed to do and why you chose to be in a female body this time around.

Hatshepsut and Akhenaton Timelines

So in most of the lifetimes that I'm feeling the memory of that are coming into conclusion and attempting to be resolved in your being you were a male. And you were a male throughout many lifetimes in the order of Melchizedek where you were either in a Hierophant or Priest functions or working with the spiritual initiation process, where adepts would come to you to learn from you or go through the spiritual initiation process. Now the last lifetime that I'm feeling, which also has a significant cord with this current spiritual leader, is an Egypt lifetime where the Melchizedek initiation rituals were used in order to attempt to ascend and evolve human beings and also extraterrestrial beings from that time. So during the time of the order of Melchizedek there were blue flame holders in Egypt. And during these times in Egypt towards the end of the dynastic period this is during the times of Hatshepsut and into the Akhenaton stage, where the order of Melchizedek came in groups. Not just one person like what is commonly thought of in the story of Jesus Christ. It wasn't just one man it was groups of beings that came together to accomplish a certain goal. And that is what you did. You came with your Melchizedek pod, the soul pod group and returned at different times to attempt to seed different levels of information and frequency. As well as to reclaim soul fragments and deal with problems that had happened on planet from prior timelines.

So let's go to one particular timeline that is a very problematic with Black Magic in your body, which is a part of resolving and ending the curses and the Black Magic, from the pain and the damage that was incurred as a part of your responsibility. So understand that as a Melchizedek and as a "spiritual leader" what happens is that when we come into that responsibility, and God knows many of us don't want that responsibility but we came back with that particular lineage. And because of the power in our aura and because of the frequency of our light it created a responsibility on this planet. Because it's like saying that a being that returns to this planet with an extremely high frequency has an effect and an impact in the planetary field at a much higher level then someone who doesn't have that field. And again it has nothing to do with the judgment or worthiness or any of that, it has to do with the energetic physics of the size of an aura.

So it's like saying if you come back to the planet and your aura has a one-mile large radius meaning that it's that huge. Because the bigger your light-body the higher the frequency and the more impact you have on the planet. Which means simultaneously the more responsibility and burden you have to stay in pristine integrity with maintaining that field at the highest capacity of truth that you can. Meaning in full alignment to service to God forces and being in alignment with Universal Law. So a being like yourself having the lineage of an order of Melchizedek being when you came here and you accepted this job it was like saying that there was a danger there was a difficulty with that. Because if anything would go wrong with your mission it would create a fallen effect, meaning that you would fall you would lose a part of your light body from whatever cataclysm was impacted. Because you would be holding the karmic imbalance and the energetic imbalance of all of the human beings that would be hurt or destroyed or fragmented as souls from that event, and that's exactly what happened.

Atlantian Cataclysm and Lemurian Holocaust

So okay let's go back to Egypt. In the Egyptian timeline there were those that came from the Sirian emissary base into the six dimensional portal and worked with the heart consciousness of this planet. This planets heart consciousness at that time was headquartered in the planets body in Egypt. This was why this was a sort of an extraterrestrial portal and why we came back at that time to try to help to release the many beings that got exploded and fragmented into the underworld spaces after the Atlantean cataclysm and the Lemurian Holocaust. So it was like saying you returned to this planet as a part of the Council, from the order of Melchizedek. This order came on a crisis mission to try to reclaim pieces of beings and light bodies that had been exploded and lost through some cataclysmic histories. Because when a being is involved in a massive explosion that is atomic in nature it creates a humongous mess. That person's body, not only is their form exploded their soul body is exploded which makes it impossible for them to reclaim their pieces in order to reconnect themselves fully back into the Godhead, in order to again bring those pieces back into cohesion and healing, and to connect back into the core of the eternal living light.

So it's like saying when we become disconnected from God source, let's say we're exploded into bits, we cannot sustain ourselves directly from the source light anymore when are disconnected. Which means we tend to become parasitic or latch onto something in order to maintain some kind a life force. And that's exactly what happened. So as an example with the Atlantian Cataclysm when there was a misuse of power and there was a war over how the direction would move forward in the next cycle, there were factions that split into brotherhoods that did not agree. And this was the beginning of the polarity in this cycle of evolution within humanity. That seed conflict was a conflict over power and over what would be considered in alignment to Universal Law and not in alignment to Universal Law. There was a conflict over that understanding and ultimately an abuse of power and an ignorance of the law, was used which created a tremendous loss of life. Meaning that many human beings were decimated in that cataclysm as well as life forms, plants, nature kingdoms, trees, animals, multiple kingdoms were impacted by the loss of that particular cataclysm.

Now in that cataclysm some of those beings made it out of here, meaning that some of those tribes of humans that were a part of the Atlantis time cycle made it into the center of the earth. Others made it off the planet and others managed to get out of harms way, but many did not. Those beings that were exploded in the cataclysm became stuck in a type of purgatory almost, a suspended animation where you have let's say somebody that was in an extremely evolved God-being, someone who's very connected and very conscious at a certain level. And all of a sudden they're reduced to a mineral consciousness because their body has been decimated and exploded by a humongous atomic cataclysm. This is why the Melchizedeks returned, they returned to reclaim those parts of the beings that had been exploded. It was a covenant with this planet not to leave those people in the state of mineralized consciousness. Because it was known that if these beings were not reclaimed, if they were not brought back or retrieved they would not ever be animated again. Meaning that being that was a person that was an entity that was a magnificent being is now reduced to raw substance of elemental forces. Meaning that in the return through the ascension cycle that being would be reconstituted as raw substance and would not be able to be animated again as a conscious living entity.

One of your covenants with this planet was to hold the record of those beings so they would not be forgotten. Okay it's hard to explain, but it's like saying if you remember those beings and you hold that in your heart till the end of the cycle, that being can be reconstituted and reanimated. If you lose your memory if you lose what you are holding, that being will not be reconstituted and reclaimed. So your promise to this planet your promise as a Melchizedek was to return and reclaim the Christed beings the human divine beings that had been lost in the cataclysms. That then left them shattered into bits and unable to reclaim those pieces for themselves. So in a sense what you are holding from especially your time in Egypt is the consciousness as Isis that is restoring her husband Osiris by reclaiming all of his pieces in order to reanimate him again.

Now this has been an archetype that has been a bit abused and misunderstood in the powerful connection that you had with this gentleman, because he is a part of your counsel. Meaning that he is a being that has been with you on your tour of duty in the order of Melchizedek and you remember him from those times. You also have a deep desire in your heart to reclaim him because you know he is lost. Now with this understanding in mind in this moment of time, there are more complexities to understand, like what is your role and what is not your role. And how you best conserve your spiritual mission out or role by not controlling or manipulating it or using Black Magic. Because there is a tremendous amount of deception, lies and confusion and everything between military manipulation to dark force manipulation going on within that particular group. Which you must extricate yourself from and clear the artifacts of those programs insignias and symbols that you had received from being a part of that group. So it's like saying this is why this has been so difficult for you to extricate yourself from this particular group, because there is a small piece of your memory that knows that parts of your family are lost in that group. And you are now being elevated to another level of growth in which you must now end and complete that memory and that entanglement, because it is now an obstacle to your growth, which cannot be maintained anymore.

So going back to Egypt as a part of the Essenes and the Council of Carthage in which you have a history with this man. In that particular time in returning in the time of the Egypt, the Melchizedek rites and the blue flame rites were given to the Egyptian councils. And of course that knowledge was given during that particular time cycle and a part of it was to come to this planet while the heart chakra of the planet was still open. Because at that time the Ark of the Covenant that was the opening in the heart chakra of the planet to the heart of the universe was open. So it's like saying this planet is the heart of the universe and very much like our heart the heart chakra opens into the universal core. With the damage that happened with reptilian invasion and with the unsuccessful attempts to get the people that were locked into the enslavement through the Atlantian cataclysm, meaning locked into the underworld and locked into the soul-fragmented state. That was not successful in its mission and the pain of that is something that you hold and is something that is attempting to be corrected and healed in this timeline of the planet now. Meaning the conclusion and the completion of the Ascension cycle and the attempts of this reclamation that we have done before.

Melchizedek Ascension Rites in Giza

So in Egypt there was a return and through the Blue Flame Melchizedek rites there was an Ascension through a Stargate, through the Ark of the Covenant portal in Giza. That was a project of Melchizedek and was in different times of the Egyptian dynastic period, a dangerous time. Where the Melchizedek order manifested in clusters at that time in Egypt, to reclaim second dimensional beings underworld beings. Meaning beings that had exploded and been reversed into the lower astral planes and were trapped there and could not get out. So the order of Melchizedek returned together to try to assist in aligning the portals of the planets body, where these cataclysms had occurred. And to retrieve the soul fragments that had been lost from the Lemurian Holocaust and from the Atlantean Holocaust, as a result of war and as a result of power conflicts and as a result of cataclysms.

In the returning to the Egyptian cycle these Melchizedek rights were shared among the group and as well in those that came to Temple and wanted to learn the Esseanic rites or Melchizedek rites, in order to learn how to ascend and become a star. And in different timelines, the timeline of Djoser Invasion in Saqqara was one, the timeline of Hatshepsut in Egypt was another, and the timeline of Akhenaton was yet another where the Melchizedeks returned together in a group. In a pod with a minimum of 12, in order to do this work to attempt to open the stargate portals, realign those portals into the planetary body and create a safe passage. Where these beings that had been exploded and damaged could be healed and reclaimed and rehabilitated, at some point in the timeline to be retrieved. So that at the end of the cycle of 2012 these beings could be found again could be remembered again, and could be reanimated again to be back in alignment to be breathed into the eternal breath of God.

Reintegrating Osiris Pieces, Isis

So it's like saying when Isis went and collected the pieces of her husband Osiris she collected 14 pieces of him, to bring him into healing. And then Horus the Christ consciousness the liquid eternal life, breathed life into him and he became eternalized once more and that is exactly what this was about. At the time when the Melchizedeks returned there were incredible challenges and also resistance and warring with reptilian factions that were doing everything possible to stop this from occurring. Because when somebody is in pieces like this, let's say somebody explodes into bits and their body parts are now being used in the underworld and in the lower astral plane, the reptilian forces and the controller forces, the vampiric forces in those realms use those body parts. And they use those body parts against the rest of humanity. So it's like saying their purposes are fueled are powered by our bodies. So understanding the rule of the dark.

The dark forces are parasites and use other people's energies and body parts to power their realities and their agendas. Without us they are really up a creek and this is why they have become parasitic. They are completely dependent on the planet and on humanity for existence and they do exist as a parasite. The Christ consciousness the Melchizedeks are here to reclaim the Christ, the cosmic Christ consciousness, which is the eternal living force of God back to this planet. And as a part of your lineage in returning to embody this and to heal this lineage, this pain that you have felt is the pain of the damaged bodies that are existing in the underworld of the second chakra in the lower astral, that have been trapped there because of the various histories of these explosions. Also understanding the reptilian contingent taking advantage of it and trapping that consciousness in those spaces. These spaces are called underworld or dead spaces. If a part of somebody's body is trapped in a dead space that body, that being cannot reclaim that part of themselves until they actually become connected into the God light again, in order to return this part of themselves into integration and wholeness.

Now because of your history with this man, as a part of the councils of the Essenes that had certain levels of knowledge and books of record, which were being authenticated and saved and kept for this planet. It is like understanding that back at that time you knew that what you were doing was working for the 2012 time period. Meaning what you were doing in Egypt, what you were doing in the Councils of Carthage, what you were doing in the Esseanic timelines was knowing that at the end of the cycle the alignment back into the heart of the universe and the Mother would return. And your work your purpose was to bring that knowledge, hold that knowledge protect that knowledge with all of your life force as a part of the order of Melchizedek. Simultaneously that would require genetic rehabilitation and repair of the genetic damage and mutations throughout the various timelines.

Colorado Connects to 8D China Stargate

So again in this timeline in coming back through this timeline you and this man met up again, as a part of his particular responsibility to bring a part of the book that he was given to hold it in protection. However what had happened as we understand is only portions of information were given. And larger pieces were not activated because of the usurping of the information to serve the patriarchal slanted agenda of the negative alien agenda. So again in understanding that the headquarters of the negative alien agenda is in Colorado, is in the center of that state. The Center of Colorado and parts of New Mexico have been chosen as the core of the headquarters of the negative alien agenda, which is represented by the Alpha Omega Agenda or the New World Order. The center of that area actually in the core of the planet resonates with the Orion energy that comes through the eighth dimensional Stargate in China. So the guardians have shown us that the eighth dimensional Stargate in the center of China, when it creates an orbital energy that resonates through the core of the planet and moves out in a concentric ring sort of an orbital cycle with Orion, that orbital cycle comes through the other side of the planet in the center of Colorado.

That area of the planets is extremely active with the negative alien agenda through the shadow military complex, which is used by the negative aliens to manipulate their particular agenda in the patriarchal slant, which promotes their particular agendas. Now over the course of the particular cycles of histories involving the Melchizedek order, there was a split in the Melchizedeks that happened and these Melchizedeks went into the patriarchal slant and became distorted through their understandings of the original Law of One. Again this is a byproduct of the electron distortion and the mental body mind control fields as well as the frequency fence that was placed around the planet that started to distort the mental bodies within this physical planet and this timeline. So it is impossible to be on this planet and not be distorted if you are using your mind. Any level of using solar plexus consciousness and the levels of the personality matrix are completely distorted in the mind control fields that have become accelerated and amplified specifically in the last 10 years and will continue to do so until that changes. Because that is the core conflict on this planet, which is playing out from the Atlantean leftovers, which is the abuse of technology the abuse of knowledge over others.

So what is happening in that particular group is that agenda is playing out. And that means when we are blindsided to our responsibility we don't understand the larger dynamics, which we are influenced by on this planet. We become a blind spot manipulated as a twilight master would be, because you have one vantage point of a limited perception and another particular perception is completely missing. On the planet at this time because of the patriarchal domination that has been used to enforce the negative alien agenda it has made it exceedingly difficult for masculine bodies to be able to get beyond their mental constructs, because of the polarity that body represents. This is why you're in a female body and was a part of the choice, because you actually have spent more lifetimes in a masculine body but returned in a female body this time to have better awareness of being able to extend beyond the limitations of the masculine polarity, and the limitations of the mind control.

Patriarchal Domination is Ending

So when we understand that the negative alien agenda is using Patriarchal Domination to enforce the enslavement of the human race the enslavement of the planet to continue the patriarchal domination in the next cycle, of course this is something that cannot work. Because these beings have been playing a part and they forgot that they are playing a part, and that the end of the cycle is over and patriarchal domination is ending. However they are still putting up a tremendous fight of resistance in their greed and power and control, to be able to continue their behaviors and shenanigans. Because they have had a long run of abusing human beings and a long run of abusing this planet. And somehow I think they don't believe that the changing of the guard is here and that the Christ consciousness as a force, as an intelligence power has actually returned to the planet, as it has now.

So again in understanding the patriarchal slant, this isn't at all casting any judgments on males, but understanding the inherent difficulty of the distortion of the mental body, and that the physical body of a male has the same polarity, which is more easily manipulated in the brain and the nervous system. Because the ability to source and self-source impulses and thoughts in terms of where these messages are coming from are not readily taught on this planet, because there's a tremendous amount of manipulation of extraterrestrial agendas happening at this time. When I feel the field of that body of work it is becoming increasingly distorted because the planet is becoming increasingly distorted. And the beings that have originally attempted to activate their past responsibilities, with good intentions, their lineage responsibilities of holding books of record of knowledge and information in attempting to return that knowledge to the planet. Again with a very limited perception, not being aware of patriarchal slanted negative alien agendas that information is very easy to manipulate and corrupt. And it is very easy to corrupt the human beings that are involved in a particular organization.

So sending love and compassion and gratitude for their service and yet at the same time, with the blessings of the grace of God and the assistance of the Melchizedek's that are not corrupted in the patriarchal Templar movement which is now controlling that organization. So it is like saying the order of Melchizedeks on the earth, and there are so many different complexities to this, because there are a lot of replications there are a lot of falsities of how the Melchizedek order has attempted to be replicated on the planet. So there are a lot of artificial plants of Melchizedek's as well as beings that have attempted to play out something that they remember. But in the order of Melchizedek there has been a corruption and that corruption is patriarchal slant and the inability to see, with correct balance and perception that which is in alignment to Universal Law of One and that which is not. So again when someone is unable to have direct cognition with their own spiritual source, they become in a sense a puppet of an intermediary. So what has happened is an intermediary and many intermediaries masking as certain entities have now started to pull the puppet strings. And it is extremely difficult at that level to determine how to source integrity, cohesion, clarity and that which is in full alignment to balance and full alignment to Universal Law of One, which is God's natural laws returning to this planet. So again the construct of the container that is created there is a very out of balance, very parasitic and is working with descension now at this point. Because it's been unable to understand how to move into the new unity source code architecture, which would free it from the parasites that are basically sucking on it and dissipating and dissolving the light and the truth and the knowledge that was once held there.

So with that in mind and with heavy hearts in viewing this, with love and compassion we want to send unconditional love, forgiveness and forgetfulness and neutral association to that situation. Because it is in neutrality that God source and Christ forces can assist and bring grace and resolution and reconciliation to that descending program. It is very clearly moving in a descension based upon planetary dynamics, without the knowledge of the unity source code or understanding how to create a container or how to self-source the information you're getting. This is the difficulty in the contract of many beings that attempted to bring this information in early to planet Earth. Because this started back in 1999 when we were all being brought online to activate our ascension and activate our memories and knowledge from the past to bring completion to it. So again it is in the highest emanation that we hope that that organization will choose to reconcile through its great schism of polarity, to return to balance at some time in the future. But again as you know the choice lies with the creator of that container, which is this man and this man alone.

Soul Pod of Melchizedeks, Reclaiming Fragments

So even though there are many beings involved in that organization the ultimate responsibility lies with him. And like yourself you understand this because in the situation in the Egypt, as he is holding the responsibility now, you are watching your life in the past play out through him in this current time. And it has been very hard for you to watch him descend through that particular pathway. So let's understand this a bit for a moment with the hope that this makes sense, and that is he is in this moment in time, in the position you were back in Egypt. And this similar situation with him is exactly what happened with you. So it's like saying when you came to Egypt with your soul pod of Melchizedeks all of you agreed to participate with the attempt to reclaim and to retrieve soul fragments that were there from a multitude of reasons. But let's say the primary reason of the destruction in the planets field was created by the Atlantean cataclysm and it created devastation in the soul plane and devastation in the astral plane. The astral plane is the soul plane.

So many beings have been exploded and parts of their bodies had been exploded in the soul plane. They then became parasitized and used as food by the reptilians and so the attempt to go get those bodies and reclaim them was a part of the reason that you're on the planet now. And what you did in Egypt.

So again during the timeline of Egypt in the reclamation of these bodies and to retrieve them from being used as food and being used by the reptilian forces that were attempting to invade this planet. The star gates were opened into the astral plane in order to get those beings reclaimed, remembered and re-assimilated, and get them all the way out through the universal portal. So understand that Egypt, Giza is not operational necessarily at this time. But at one time in the dynastic periods of Egypt the Sphinx was the open portal between the soul-plane the Sirian emissary base of the sixth dimension and Andromeda. That opening allowed an access all the way out of this universe, which is known as the seven lower heavens into the next universe through Andromeda, which is known as the seven higher heavens. During the times of Egypt through the rights of Melchizedek initiation the possibility of moving into the next universe into the higher realms, the seven higher heavens, was possible through that Sphinx and great pyramid telaport.

These were times in which he returned with the Melchizedek order to teleport and assist in keeping that portal open and getting the beings that had been exploded out of these trapped dead spaces. That were being used in the phantom and all the way out and sending them back through the core of the heart of the universe the heart of mother the heart of God and into the seven higher heavens. These families the Galactic families the omniversal families of Melchizedek, they come from this universe and also not this universe. So the Melchizedek order is a conglomeration of human and nonhuman entities that have agreed to become a crisis management and go in where there are creations in trouble and retrieve beings that have been trapped or damaged or whatever. That is exactly who you are and what you were doing when you were doing this in Egypt.

Opening Portals

This man you know currently as this spiritual teacher, was one of your team in Egypt. You were on the Melchizedek order team and your group mission together was to do this work. Now at some particular time there was damage and there was a problem in using the Ankhs or using the materials of bringing the Rod and Staff in balance, which allowed the opening into the Ark of the Covenant. Meaning that portal would be open and access in between this dimension and all those other dimensions could happen. There was some damage there was a problem where the alignment was off, I'm not quite sure how it happened. But something opened into the soul planes and was damaged at a level it could've been booby-trapped by the reptilian's. But it's like saying obviously when we're dealing with massive use of force if we're using the physics of energetic force in the Universal Laws of God, which open Stargate portals and allow time travel and transport into multiple dimensions. Some of these dimensions that opened were not opened correctly and created a problem that created a backlash. And that backlash created a burden on you, which you're carrying now and are attempting to release now.

Because you accepted the responsibility of opening the portal as a part of the Melchizedek order Councils that returned to do this, your body your aura was huge. And your aura, the size of your aura is a part of the reason of how you can open the portal systems. Meaning that at this time on the planet this was the last time in the cycle of humanity that this kind of Creator God aura was embodied in a form on this planet. This kind of aura, like a Jesus aura, if we would think of the man known as Jesus Christ holding Christ consciousness. His body his aura was like a mile in radius, meaning a concentric circle a mile wide. That is how big the energy is that is how big the aura is it's huge. When your aura is that big there is a responsibility, because what you do with that aura, what you do with your consciousness power whether for good or for ill, has a massive consequence to it. This is the consequence we speak of in terms of the energetic backlash that is a part of what has been held in your body, and is a part of what is being released in your body at this time. So understanding that this is impersonal is a part of cellular memory record that needs to be released from these timelines in order to come into balance. Which allows the feminine principle of your staff to fully override the patriarchal domination of your past.

So it's like saying your body is holding histories in a male body where, through the male body the use of male energy was not used correctly, and because it wasn't used correctly it created a massive backlash karmically. Where the beings that were either damaged or stewarded that you were responsible for, were damaged karmically, and the payments of that the energetic imbalance of that went to you, because you were a part of holding that for the order. So it's like saying if you come to this planet and you're a part of the Melchizedek order and your aura is huge, and your a part of the creator God consciousness that has that kind of awareness in a human body, the preciseness the integrity the alignment to universal law has to be exact. The imbalance of the alchemy of the energetic backlash that karmically would be returned to you would be excruciatingly painful, and would cause you to fall from grace.

Meaning that which you were as a creator God, you would not return to in your human forms again because of this event. And that has created a lot of suffering in your heart. Because it's like saying in that not so distant past timeline, 5000 years ago 2000 years ago, there was a memory of being equipped with consciousness with tools, literally being activated in your higher DNA as a creator God on earth. And as a part of the order of Melchizedek working with a planetary body to repair it to allow portals to be opened to prepare it for the 2012 this end the cycle, which we are in right now.

After Egypt you lost that ability but again this is a part of what happened on the planet. Because what's happened on the planet as a result of actions and decisions of catalytic events that happened, this Egypt event was catalytic in terms of its event horizon. Meaning what happened to humanity after this and what would change in the direction of the planet's history was results of this. This is why the karmic burden was so heavy, very heavy. That karmic burden is something that you have spent this life getting clear of. But to understand that that is why there has been so much difficulty and challenge with your situation on this planet.

And again understanding the purposes, which you have returned to complete, to come into awareness to bring the feminine balance back, to override the histories of patriarchal domination and patriarchal slant that had been used in the past, and is being used on the planet now as a result of the histories that began this process. Because again if we look at the histories with the Essenes, if we look at the histories with the Catholic Church, if we look at the histories with Judaica and the Hebrews all of these became patriarchal slanted, when they were originally about feminine balance, they were about the female. Because again understanding the spirit the connection to God is the feminine principle.

So the patriarchal slant in the Melchizedeks also became patriarchal slanted and therefore out of balance. And when that out of balance occurred it created humongous energetic backlash and a causation of what would happen to the future species of humanity. So again this is the drama that was playing out in your relationship with this man and this contemporary spiritual group. It is a drama that is still unconsciously being played out in this group because the core pain, trauma and damage is based in this history. And until it is acknowledged and recognized for what it is it continues to be a source of manipulation, by those entities that manipulate the patriarchal slant of that channel and create intermediary relationships with distorted patriarchal minds, that are not of this Earth.

Healing Patriarchal Slant in Melchizedeks

So this is at this time of no concern to you because you are coming to the extension and expansion to complete this history, not feed it. Not continue it not play in the dramas of it but completed it and walk away from it. Because this is the portion of the catalyst in your own growth that catapults the clearing from this event, that was being manifested on the planet in this time and has been a part of the histories that you are holding in your spiritual lineage as a part of the order of Melchizedek. Now as a woman in this time that is coming into the embodiment of the order of Melchizedek, this is your goal to activate the female Melchizedek in you to merge and override the patriarchal slant that you hold as a history from your past. That means you erase the histories of patriarchal abuse in the Melchizedek order when you are able to fully align to your core truth, as your core essence and being is this. Meaning that this isn't a mental or thinking process, it is a feeling process entirely in which you come into the fulfillment and wholeness of your female Melchizedek embodiment, returned to the earth to restore balance. And that is your job that is your mission and that is yours alone. That has nothing to do with this man, there was a time where your histories were intermingled and created confusion for you. Because of the intense memories that you shared as having participated together in these projects and the pain that you have, where he is repeating what you did in Egypt. You're watching him repeat the same process however at this time it is not your responsibility. It is now time for you to end it because as you end it in your self you also help him.

Because at this time until he becomes conscious and aware in the participation with the next level of the galactic energy that goes beyond the patriarchal slant and the patriarchal mind control, he is going to be still limited to that old energy. And you are now growing past that and healing that in your self, because your histories are predominantly about healing the male energy inside you. So again understand that even though you're in a feminine body each of us has male and female energy, in the physics of energy that represent us. The right side is our electron side it is our male side and is responsible for the mental bodies of our aura, which are the 3rd, 6th, and 9th dimensions, 3-6-9. The left side of our body is the female side and is responsible for the heart, is responsible for the spiritual connection the vertical connection to our spiritual source light, to our Christ consciousness. The left side of us has crucifixion implants to suppress that consciousness in us, and that consciousness is the 4th, 7th and 10th dimensions, 4-7-10. But the fourth and the seventh when you look at the heart and the crown you can see that these are so important in the embodiment of our spiritual consciousness, in becoming the vertical staff of God.

This is your process and this is your embodiment. You are coming into the ascension prototyping of your galactic histories from the order of Melchizedek, to embody and go beyond the patriarchal slant and schism of the Templar patriarchal Melchizedeks and all of the results of the information that has been corrupted through the patriarchal slant. To bring now the override to the patriarch as a Melchizedek in the female Melchizedek order, which you are embodying from your Cathar are Cathage body. There is something about your Cathar, Cathode, Carthage body that is being activated from your histories of Essene that is coming online to bring the Melchizedek female into embodiment within you. And again this is the healing of the misuse of the Melchizedek technology, the misuse of the spiritual rites through Egypt timelines, the misuse of power and control by abusing knowledge and abusing technology and fighting over it in the patriarchy. All of this is about the abuse of power over others or hiding knowledge, hiding technology and yet using the technology and knowledge over others. This has happened within the patriarchal factions of Melchizedek, which is what this man represents.

Now that you have been evolved and asked to move out of that situation there must be a clean ending and cut with that history, memory, past. Because it is completely intertwined as this body of work is descending and as the cords of history that have bound you are being slowly dissolved. Because there is so much complexity this is why this has been so difficult honey and I hope this makes sense. Because there are multiple histories where the schism of the patriarchal slant of abuse in the Melchizedek initiation rites the Melchizedek knowledge was abused. These are histories that have come into the Catholic Church, into the creation of organized religion, into the misuse of the Essenes scrolls. Because again what I'm feeling with those scrolls is that most of that was given by women, and then transformed into a male thing when it wasn't. So I'm seeing there was a lot of complexity with misrepresentation, deception, lying, using knowledge and hiding it.

And then it became corrupted by Black Magic. Because any time lies and deception are the choice over transparency, the dark energy corrupts it. So a lot of this is understanding it just is what it is, it's not about judgment it's about understanding what happened to this planet. What's happened to the macrocosm and what that role is, as it's being played within you so that you can participate fully from an empowered context and insight from within your own heart. And let this go cleanly and freely knowing that you are now being moved into the unity source code. It is requiring the patriarchal slant the histories and the pain through the Melchizedek order, which you have under gone through your own experience as a soul as a being that has been on the planet that has been there. Those histories, memories, traumas, pain and the pain that you took on from the others that were in your care.

Because when you are a spiritual leader, let's say you're a Hierophant or Priestess, or Priest in this case because it was definitely more male then. When you are Priest and you are the one that is taking the responsibility of being in charge, when something goes wrong and it hurts people badly the energetics of that go to you to resolve. This is what you're resolving in your body. You promised, you said I will not leave you here. I will not let you lie there in the phantom spaces, in the inert purgatory of nothingness, I will get you I will claim you I will not forget you. This is why the implants and the pain, because the beings that use those bodies that you're protecting, meaning soul fragments that you are reclaiming and sending back, those beings the reptilians use those bodies as a power supply. A part of my role also is similar to yours there are a lot of similarities here. When I have gone into the soul plane I have seen vats of body parts being used as power sources, literally like batteries.

These are the beings we're not leaving behind meaning that we're here to make sure that we reclaim our family members, that we go get everybody out of there. Because what has happened is parts of bodies have exploded and we've got to get them out in order to reclaim those beings again, so that they can be brought into wholeness and returned into the eternal light of God once more. So in understanding that this has happened and one of the things I'm going to ask you is a part of bringing this into awareness now. Is first of all in your own return to rightful owner language, resigning from the matrix of the patriarchal Melchizedek program. Then restoring the pieces of the beings that have been stewarded to your care. The retrieval work is something you need to send to the Guardians so that they can be removed and cleared out of your body. Because it's like saying your body is like a portal and your body is holding pieces of soul fragments of your Melchizedek family members that had been exploded in those timelines that you are holding.

You're holding them because you want them to be returned to wholeness. It is possible for that to happen now, only since March. So in understanding the timing of this I hope that also makes sense to you. That we had to wait until the architecture of the planet was clean enough that this would be possible again. So in all parts of your work set up an entity transit portal in your home. I'm going to give you the language for that if you don't have it. It is to set the personal space and apply the core soul protection to your Melchizedek family. When you apply the core soul protection to your Melchizedek family, ask the Aurora Guardians and Melchizedek Guardians to come and get them. To relieve them of their duty and remove them from your body remove them from your aura, remove them from your body parts. Remove them and return them home into the heart of God through the Melchizedek order of the Mother.

As you do this this also will help shift your body. Because what I'm understanding now too is that there had to be an attunement and a strengthening of your core body, which is definitely felt in the last months. Which has allowed the process of the stabilization of your foundational core body to withstand this, because again this takes a lot of energy and a lot of power in the core spirit body and in the physical body. God knows that I am aware of this myself. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to hold this. Which you already have, so again it means this is already part and parcel of who you are and what you are.

Transit Portal for Melchizedek Order

So in the next week if this resonates with you darling, in your home set the personal space, create an entity transit portal in your home. And designate an area connecting Melchizedek Guardians and Aurora Guardians to that transit portal. From now on when you go to sleep scan your body and also state the command of return to rightful owner. And as you command your space in the sacred covenant of God's eternal light and law, that you apply the Cosmic Sovereign Law made manifest to your body and being, and to all beings you represent stewarded into your care through the Melchizedek order.

That you now recognize and acknowledge every face, every being that was in your care as a Melchizedek. And through the eternal love of the heart of the Mother herself that you return each of these beings, through your body, home into the heart of Mother. Through the entity transit portal that is assigned specifically to the Melchizedek Guardians and the feminine Melchizedek Mother returning to reclaim her pieces home. You can apply the core soul protection to each of those beings, but again in setting the space it is now time when you go to bed to release these bodies and beings. Most of these energies have been lodged in your second chakra and in your heart chakra. Because that's where they are they are lodged in the astral. Once they are removed from you this will also help you feel clearer, freer and emotionally freed from the pain and the suffering that is carried in the fragment of this memory. Because this memory ties you to this man, it ties you because it is the same thing he is doing now.

You now are at the stage of your spiritual development in your body, and again this is no judgment, it's understanding that you did not want to leave these bodies and beings and loved ones and family members behind. You are accepting the role of the feminine Melchizedek to reclaim the Melchizedek power back into the heart of God, the blue flame, and to assimilate those pieces back through that portal, which now is possible through securing that in your home and in your space. So as you feel guided and as you fill resonant with this information, but it's most effective at sleep time because then you can dedicate the whole night to this. And usually what it feels like is an arcing energy an arc moving out of your still-point and in your lower extremities, an arcing out towards the portal. You'll feel and arcing spinning energetic flow moving out of your body. And the release feels like releasing a burden and releasing heaviness, releasing density, it feels so relieving to have it done.

So this process may have been started but I feel that is a part of your own self-responsibility in participating with this consciously, that it's important that you set the space and set up the portal yourself, because again it's important that you interact with this and participate with it from your own conscious participation. The power of it is much stronger because these are being stewarded into your care. These were beings you took responsibility for, and there are lots of them. So they are all from the Melchizedek order and they came with you many times, through lifetimes that you had primarily through something about the councils of Cathar or Cathode, Cathage Councils of Melchizedek order in the Egyptian point of time, and Essene point of time. And these were again orchestrated galactic interventions with the planet to help reclaim the damage that had happened here. Because the damage has been here for a long time, the Lemurian Holocaust happened 50,000 years ago, the Atlantean Holocaust happened what 12,000 or 13,000 years ago. So again we've got histories of genocide, histories of explosion of beings being trapped here. And there was a specific group that you took responsibility for and it is now time to release them to the Melchizedek order, Melchizedek Guardians in alignment to God force Christ force.

And again the language is in the document 'set the personal space', as you set the personal space and you release this. The other thing I'm feeling is just to consciously if this feels in resonance with you consciously participate with the release from the patriarchal enslavement and patriarchal dominated Melchizedek order. There was a Melchizedek order on the planet that became infected with patriarchal slants and became misguided through ego. This is what you want to clearly state as witness to God and to Mother that you recognize that, that you acknowledge it and that you are now fully complete and resolved with that timeline. There is no need to carry that anymore in your bloodline or in your cells or in your memory embeds. It is time for the patriarchal Melchizedek corruption to be terminated and removed and cleared from your body, as you are fully willing, able and ready to merge and ascend into your feminine Melchizedek embodiment. To which you commit and dedicate your entire being, every cell, every pore consecrated to the divine light of God itself, through the female Godhead principle of the Mother returning to reclaim balance to the earth.

So my darling I hope this makes sense. There was so much complexity there my God I was really trying to find some simple ways to describe it. But again there were a lot of lifetimes with this. And it is coming to completion now it is coming to healing now. And understanding a lot of this is because of what you have done, your commitment to your body of work in the last months has been beautiful. I am so grateful and appreciative that you were willing and able and had the patience to do this process. Because I know how difficult it was. Again thank you, thank you thank you for your service. For your service to our family of Melchizedeks and for your willingness to transcend and go beyond the pain and the suffering that you have carried from the wounds in your second chakra, which have been manifested by the pain of the past that you carry in the lower astral of your second and fourth chakra.

Releasing Burden of Mission, Completion

As this release of soul fragmentation comes to conclusion and completion over the next weeks, November will begin a completely new cycle for you. Where you will be freed of this burden or this feeling of this burden, and a new sense of your freedom and connection with your female God source, your female Melchizedek origins will be the overlay and the emphasis of what you feel in your day-to-day life. Meaning the heaviness, the pain the suffering that you felt in your body as a result of the painful histories that you witnessed and took part in, in the Melchizedek order and the patriarchal infection that took the knowledge away, the true knowledge of balance away from the planet and from human beings and from the Melchizedek's themselves. You are now here to return that through your embodied being, you are now able with this being released at the soul level, to start to move into the monad embodiment in November. Which will again include your blue flame female presence to be inhabited and the freedom of that will be felt in your body as opposed to the enslavement and the pain that you have felt. But understanding why and the purpose of it, and the service of it and the contribution of that is so important.

Closing: So I truly acknowledge you and your role and your gift. Thank you so much for your service. Sending you all of my heart and all of my love. Thank you so much dearest. Please set your entity transit portal and start releasing as you feel guided specifically at nighttime setting your intention to release these fragments. And we now have our Guardian Council and Guardian support from both Melchizedek order, that is not corrupted on the other side, and as well the Aurora Guardians that will assist in the reclamation of this beloved family to return home again. Thank you, thank you thank you dear one, with all of my heart. And so it is we seal and end our session today. Thank you so much.[1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Client Sessions 9-13-2011]

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