Galactivation and Lightbody Reconfiguration Session

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Themes: Galactivation and Lightbody Reconfiguration Session, an example of galactivation and expansion creating a vulnerability before it is integrated and stabilized. security breach 6D Sirian portal. reconfiguring 7-8-9 to Hara Line through neck, skull, and 3rd eye. harmonizing 3-6-9. astral body reconfigurations healing 2D/4D Split. Aurora Re-encryptions.

Opening: Taking a nice deep breath into the still point area and connecting into the deep center within our still point. We call in our beloved family of light. Beloveds in the name of the Melchizedek's the holy order of the ascended those that serve the ascended races in the sacred light and Law of One, from our still point of wholeness in manifest decision we decree in sovereign knowing here expressed at our command, lovingly stated with absolute intention the divine will and intention of the one-self One-God. Beloveds let's set the space, we call upon the Guardian races those that serve the Starseed identities aligned to the Law of One mission. We ask to work together and exchange the highest capacity of God's infinite light, love and power, all that is needed and necessary in order of priority to assist this soul and being in a full merge, in full synergy harmony and balance. Bringing the physical and energetic optimum to all layers of the being now.

We call upon those beloved's that serve the 12 Tree Grid and lines, to work with the internal Templars for all adjustments, upgrades and encodements, as needed and necessary to stabilize the physical into the new energy expansion and transduction through those sequences that are now beginning to move through the bodies. We are stabilizing our 12D Shield and now opening a 12D vortex for our group. As we open that expansion and step inside that pillar; North South East West Earth Sky and Heart, we direct the corners to be sealed into the light of unity and oneness impenetrable and invincible. We call upon the Aurora to anchor the space as sacred in service to the light and Law of One. Thank you so much.

Security Breach 6D Sirian Portal

Okay let's prepare. First of all I'm feeling that there has been a breach of security or something, it's a funny word to use. But there has been some kind of intrusion in your field. I would like to look at the source causation of this first. We want to fully clear and remove any energies of manipulation or intrusion, anything that has been stolen or misdirected from manipulation we want it revealed now. This is a strange thing, but I it's like all I can really see is that something was stealing your light. It's a very funny thing to say that something coveted you, saw you and was like siphoning or something. It is like you reached a new plateau or level in your light body, and this new level created a stir or something. I don't know what was so particular about this, but there was something that happened in your own light body stabilization. And it's like you got on the radar and there's this thing, I can see this thing.

Okay this is an entity. We are consecrating and commanding this space to all that is in the sovereignty of this being now. We complete the command fully through the epsilon sequence to seal the astral bodies and all layers of bodies where any infiltration has taken place. We ask the Melchizedek guardians to take this through any of the deeper layers of the core manifestation template. Okay this looks like a Chakra infringement, something that happened in the miodic and diodic grid structures.

In bringing the bodies back into their divine birthright we ask that all which belongs to this being to be returned now fully. This has to do with I want to say diamond grid points or some kind of grid points that were attempting to be merged. Okay this has to do with communication links to spirit and to other light codes. Let me look at this. Once again at the back of the neck, this area tends to be an area where stuff gets in. I wonder why, because this is definitely a vulnerable spot for all of us. There's an area there that a lot of entities are attached to. Okay so straitening the line of the Hara Line. Firstly we want to remove, it's like we're pulling the poles of the Hara Line and widening the structure. In bringing through the Monadic beam and merkaba staff what's happening is that your body is now shifting.

Hara Line Monadic Upgrade

Something is happening with your Hara Line. The Hara Line is the foundational part of our template where the grids of the chakras are built upon the Hara Line. I've just started to see that these changes are happening where we are looking at nesting dolls, it's so bizarre. I can see that at the third dimensional personality identity we have this Hara Line. When we start to move into the outside layers like incorporating more and more fields of energy, the 12D shield actually starts to become our Hara Line, and another field of energy starts to encompass our auric toroidal shape. It's really bizarre so I'm seeing something to this effect is happening with you. When this part of your light body construct, this merkaba staff started to come in there somebody got wind of it and placed some booby-traps in there or did some monkey business. I can't quite figure out what they did in there. But we are going to straighten out the Hara Line or the center-point line and align each of the rod and staff configurations as need be. Again straighten and fully open the center vertical line to its absolute divine blueprint of perfection. It's weird I can see them stretching it out, it's like it's stretching out.

It felt like a compaction or something at the top there. They are building, like a level of your merkaba is being built. So they are doing some repair work again it's about the staff energy in the center that is holding these, I guess we would call these step down conductors or transducers. It's almost like looking at a horizontal plane of these bodies. Okay, those are the hova bodies, okay. We need to strengthen the new, what do we call this okay we're calling it the 13th pillar. The monadic beam is the 13th pillar, which is replacing the Hara Line and this is connected into the eighth dimensional energy.

It's almost like what I'm seeing is huge source energy opens up, and that energy is like beaming out a monadic beam, which is part of your larger group monad. And when that energy is now starting to come in through that thymus area point, and it somehow reconfigures the Hara Line, what used to be a Hara Line. So this is like a new level of the light-body grid that is being activated and then put into place at this time within your own development. So again we want to check each of the Horizontal Triad Bodies, these are the tissue capsules that create step down or transductions. It's like there is a vertical pillar that is the core of you and then there are these horizontal spheres, very much like the 12D shield. But they go through the center of your body and they stabilize that core. And that's what we need, is a stabilization of the core with each of the hova body capsules.

Something happened I'm feeling like around the Horizontal Triad Bodies or hova body. Okay what they are telling me is that you had damage from a past life. You were either impaled or there was a lot of damage around your trachea and your throat. I can see that something happened some kind of damage happened around your neck and throat into that whole area, and that severing in your light body created a vulnerability and weakness. That shock and trauma of the soul having the experience, created the weakness in the etheric template layers. So there's a hova body that should be exactly at that point, where the damage is and it's not stabilized or something. It needs to be repaired across your shoulders I can see it moves across the top of the shoulders and around the throat area.

Horizontal Triad Bodies 7-8-9

Okay they are telling me these are Horizontal Triad Bodies or hova bodies 7-8-9. So again each of the layers as needed, we need to direct all codes geometric codes and patterns from the seventh, eighth and ninth. Okay each of the three stations of identity from the seventh eighth and ninth dimensional levels, to be harmonized and synergized within the instruction sets of the hova bodies. What they're showing me is that there is a circular disc and that is the holder of instruction sets for the seventh eighth and ninth identities. And this is where apparently that previous past life damage is that's bleeding through. I'm seeing they're going back, we want to collapse any timeline or identity to the original source causation. Again bringing blessings bringing light I can really feel the presence of the pink ray of unconditional love, really soothing and healing that whole area. Because it was pretty traumatized at whatever that timeline was.

This is a reconfiguration and a manual override to the Christ consciousness the cosmic intelligence of the zero point fields. Again assist the body in the realignment at that level, stabilizing the wings, stabilizing front to back as we are working with areas where the shoulder indentation is from front to back clean out all debris. On the right side in the six dimensional portal there has been activity, we need to look at this please. Remove any breach of security that has come in through the six dimensional portal on the right armpit area. I just got another big awareness of you and a Sirian connection. Yeah, because that's the sixth dimensional portal it's like I saw you are using that. You are one of the ones that would use this portal to go back and forth. And there has been an entity that has utilized that access from you, is attempting to utilize that access. I think that's the breach I'm feeling. Something entered. You reached a certain level of your light something happened in your light body where you reached a certain level somebody saw this and started trying to access this.

It's funny but you are a sixth dimensional portal. Now the thing that's interesting about this is not everybody has this access. Beings that have been given, God how I say this, I don't know what else to say it it's only the elite races that have this level of access. Because it had a genetic integrity to it you had to be at a certain level to be able to use this passage in and through Sirius. So something has attempted to figure out what that is from you in order to steal it or they're trying to figure out what the genetic code of that is. Because it's a portal that opens into Sirius and it's not a commonly used portal it's got some kind of special access. So it's kind of like you have some special access to the Sirian Lodge and somebody's trying to pick the lock. It's a bizarre thing but that's what I'm seeing. And they got into the area on your right shoulder like there's an indentation in there and it goes up through your neck and into your third eye. I can see it because it goes into the third eye.

So we're going back to remove any manipulation, breach or intrusion from the sixth dimensional portal in the body. Fully seal any intrusion and we are deflecting, it is a deflection of any type of psychic attack or other energies that are again not of the oneness. Send it back to source send it back into the Galactic quarantine, protect the foundation of the field. There is a reset of coordinates happening in your body for this. We need to calibrate the body and phase-align new coordinates as per over-soul and Council commission. There's a commission, okay Galactic commission tenth dimensional commission is now downloading a new coordinate code for you. And these coordinates also have to do with changing your coordinates in regards to this portal. I don't know why they are doing it this way, it's like somebody had you on a lock and now they're taking you out of the lock. It's like a phase lock, somebody had you on a tractor beam or something like a lock onto your field so that they could access this or attempt to break it down.

So they are moving the coordinates of your soul location or something, I don't quite understand how that is done. But the 10th dimensional level the over-soul just came in at that level and I could see the Galactic commission. (question...) Yes exactly, they had you on a vector lock in this dimension. It's like you're doing something else somewhere else. And so in that place, a way to say it is that because you don't know your vastness at this level you're more vulnerable at this incarnation. So whoever you are at the 10th dimension takes no shit. You are like NO. So what they do is they go around and they find an aspect of identity that is still connected to that monadic family that has that coding. And they try to manipulate, because at this level of awareness you may not be aware that that's going on. (question...) Yes, to be quite honest with you I don't think you did anything. I think that this is the product of what's happening right now. One of the issues that we have to remember is that we get the assistance and help we need, but we always have to listen to our intuition. So it's almost like in a sense, now they needed us to create a portal to allow this exchange so that they could remediate the problem before it became an issue. I mean I've asked that question too and I've gotten the same answer. And I get this with you too right now that it is an all out gasping for anything. It's a last gasp at attempting to control.

So those of us that are at the level of code that they're interested in, they are trying to crack the code. They don't want to get with the program and they are desperately running around trying to manipulate and swindle whatever information they can get. Because what I got through this was again that you have a some kind of special access through the Sirian portal and they wanted that access and they were attempting to manipulate that access. Either through you or through some kind of stealing of code or trying to figure out what that was. But honestly it doesn't feel like it's been there that long at all, it was pretty recent. They have not gotten away with anything it's been pretty recent actually. So okay I can just see it's like these stringy things with a bunch of code and numbers around hem. It's really interesting it's like I'm seeing your field and there are all of this these stringy things with codes on them. It's like you're going through the stellar carwash with those large things on your window screen and they get washed off. That's what it looks like to me it's kind of funny, we've got to have some humor in this my God.

Just cleaning up that area again we need to look at the axiatonal line point this is on the second finger, again strengthen and correct the sixth dimensional axiatonal meridian on the right side of the body. Correct and strengthen, make sure all tributary lines into some of these lower nadis points and structures that are opening at the base of the neck. Something is coming in I could see a Nadial Structure coming from around shoulder plugging into the base of the neck on the right side. Making sure that this is completely in symmetry and balance to the being. Remove any blockages in that area. There is something at the base of the skull right there on the right side.

Okay something unusual just happened. There was like a double terminated crystal that just popped out of your right neck, like right side where your skull and your neck meet. Okay so something got released. So there was like I would say a time capsule with information and it was encapsulated in a Crystal Light kind of form. And that crystal just popped out from behind your neck when this plug-in came in. And it's like whatever information it was holding is now part of your being. It is like it was holding information for you as a placeholder, until something could be released in your neural-net and I just saw that happen. So again allowing this process activating all sixth dimensional tributary lines coming through. Again what I'm seeing is we want to make sure that connection from the neck, base of the skull into the brain and out through the pineal gland is clear, again that layer that comes out through the sixth chakra. And deeper into the internal Templar system allow any kind of reset that is needed for the optimum function of the third eye system.

Harmonizing 3-6-9 Resonators

It's like a U shaped line moving from the base of your head skull neck. It's like I'm looking at you from behind and there's some kind of etheric surgery being performed from the center of your skull moving down the neck and then moving towards the right shoulder and down your hand. So the sixth dimensional meridian is the one next to your pinky on your right hand, the ring finger. In strengthening each, they are showing those intersection points between 3-6-9 on the right side stabilizing. This is interesting that this is all the masculine stuff, where usually we're always dealing with the feminine stuff. But specifically I guess because the sixth dimensional portal access is on that side of the body. Yeah I am feeling we need some sub-harmonic bands using the universal harmonics in bringing this through, specific attention on the right side of the 3-6-9.

Templars please reset and attune each of the 3 the 6 and the 9, to now be in calibration and alignment with each other. Moving some oscillating wave patterns now the Aurora is coming in and there is some re-encryption or something that the Aurora is doing, this goes back into the root level now. Because now the adjustment of your physical alignment, something is going on in the root area and the first dimensional access. Okay we're going through adjustments also in our astral body, as the astral plane is getting reconfigured our astral bodies are also being reconfigured. They were talking about the fact that at one point the human being was not meant to experience its main emotional center in its second chakra. The second dimension was actually the mineral kingdom and was not meant as an emotional plane. So at some point in one of the many explosions and other things that went on here, when the human became separated from the Soul matrix that distortion created an inside out. I could see the body go inside out and the emotional body became a part of the second chakra when it was really the fourth.

So it's like our higher emotional center who we are as beings has always been our heart. But because we were cut off from our soul matrix and whatever distortion happened in the third dimension, it's like since our emotional body wasn't plugged into our physical body, it turned into some aberrant distortion. Where this body now became a construct of the second chakra and it was sharing space. Like all of the suppressed emotion over time because that center wasn't meant to conduct that kind of energy, it created more and more fragmentation and discordance in the human emotional body. This is where a lot of the problems that we suffer as a race today came from and why our second chakra is such a mess. So gosh okay that's interesting.

So they're saying that you're also going through an astral body upgrade. And so how I'm seeing them do this is you've already gone through upgrades in your monadic atomic core, which is the dimensional one level. Now what I'm seeing is there is a cord that is connecting like nested dolls on top, with all these bodies. So through the dimensional one access the atomic body of the physical is at D1, the atomic body of the astral is in the same area. If you move through the layers of the dimensional one into the atomic body, it leads you into the soul body atomic level. The soul body is the astral body and is the body that is now going through a reconfiguration. And so the Aurora force, again are a part of the Aurora races. Their job with us is to work on the re-encryption that reconfigures the elemental structures of our physical and now it looks like this is moving into a reconfiguration of our astral.

So this is a part of the process I'm seeing with you now. So we are just opening up the dimensional one internal Templar, this again has a lot to do with I want to say the gravitational pull or the magnetic pull of our bodies connection to this earth realm. And now there are some adjustments being made in this area because of coordinate updates. It's really interesting because I'm seeing literally at this interesting etheric level all of this information that is showing us that we are being removed from the human hologram somehow. And I think that is really contributing to our feeling of not being here and not being there, you know what I'm saying.

We are in this really weird place and it's not connecting, because I am getting we're being disconnected from that system. Like our meridians, we were getting nourishment and Chi from the planet Earth we were a part of that system and now we're not, we're somehow leaving that system. It's really interesting I don't know where the heck we're going.

Aurora Re-encrptions

I can see again the Aurora are a kind of opaque milky with a lot of different colors, they are a race and they are also field. And they also direct that field to do this encryption. So they're kind of an interesting gamut if you ever sense them because you can feel the field of energy has its own sentience. It's different it's hard to explain because all of this is intelligence, like when you're working with the purple field of transmutation it has an intelligence. Somehow though I can feel that this Aurora field has a different intelligence, it's like a sentience of something different, it's almost like it is an energy field and it is and entity at the same time. And I am also aware the Aurora are a race of beings. But they use a field of energy this field of energy is whatever the encryptions that seem to be working with the new elements. And right now what I'm seeing is that there is an upgrade happening in your astral body and the point of access is in your dimensional one layer. You are moving into that area and it also has a reflex point about 2 inches beneath the navel.

Okay, that's what's going on. Oh my God do you have the Buddha belly at the moment? Oh my God, yes. I know we used to have a flat tummy remember, we'll be sitting on the other side someday talking about our flat tummies. I know the flat tummy it's long gone. I was hoping we would get the divine bodies you know, what's this about? Yeah, it seems to create a lot of congestion in that area two inches beneath the navel. So again I'm getting that the second chakra opening is connected to the astral layers through a distortion. So it's like our second chakra has the second dimensional plane, but it also has what's known as the lower astral in there, and our heart chakra is the higher astral form. But something is happening now where this body is getting healed somehow, there's a reconfiguration happening between that second layer and it's like merging with the fourth. They are doing something to make it whole. It was split.

2D/4D Split in Astral Body

Which is a new understanding actually, I didn't really realize this until a few weeks ago that our astral body is split. Yeah, that a part of our astral body is stuck in our second chakra and it wasn't meant to be there. It was meant to be whole, so that would be our main emotional body so to speak. So it's interesting because through the path of evolution our emotional body became subject to the primal urges of instinct. Because that's what the second chakra is and then people became primal in their expression of emotion. It created a distortion so that the true emotion could not be experienced. People then experienced love through their second chakra and it was addictive and codependent, all wrapped into the instinctual addictive primal urge stuff. It created some kind of convoluted mess in there. So this is good news now.

We're going through a reconfiguration in our astral body that is cleaning that up somehow, making the astral body whole. Yeah, I can see a tremendous amount of green energy, where the astral energy is coming into that lower point down there. And there is a re-shuffling of templates. Again two inches beneath the navel is important and it connects the radial cord, all of our stations of identity are connected to this radial cord. So again lots of activity in your body in that area at the moment, just seeing a light show go on, lots of purple and green and silver happening in that area underneath the navel.

Okay, just seeing correspondences being toned, something about the second and the throat. The second chakra and the throat are pairing, something is compatible in the pairing. What does that mean? They are doing tone sequences on the pairs, and what happens is your body is starting to be entrained into the Zero Point field. So they showed me that each of the chakras transduces a masculine or feminine quality of particle, what ever the energies are it is considered to be the attribute of how that energy moves. So they were just toning like the one and seven, and the two and five. There is something about the patterns now where your body is being prepared in the tonalities that allow the merging to occur.

It feels like less separation in the chakras as one aligned point or something. It is like the body is coming into the merge of the particle antiparticle, electrical magnetic part. And it's about holding now the zero point energy fields. And so there's some recapitulation happening in your chakras and it seems to have to do with the correction of the astral body. And then the alignment of whatever that breach was that had to do with your sixth dimensional portal.

Now they can, it was like you were on hold until you got your breach taking care of. So you're totally on a system of growth and your guides are all running around and everybody's on it. But what happened is that we had a little bit of a breach, and for whatever reason they couldn't take care of it. I don't know why. It's like you were on hold until this breach was fixed and your coordinates were updated. And now that your coordinates are updated that tractor or whatever that was that was on you is gone, and they can continue their work.

Okay thank you. We just want to fully stabilize and it's really interesting because on another level you have to take this so lightly. Because in all honesty I used to get a little riled up about this stuff, like breaches and I realized that when we relax we get what we need. It is just part of the condition of what were dealing with down here right now. And our teams always take care of us they really do. But there are some nuisance items that we have to deal with sometimes. I do think that there's been more desperation from the dark forces to attempt to find information. I think almost like a task force that's been assigned to go get XYZ, it feels like that. I can't really describe it but I can feel a desperation they are trying to get something. Trying to get their little hands on anything to compromise us, in order to win the game I guess.

So okay now there's a really beautiful Sapphire and Silver light spinning around you. That has something to do with your calibration. Oh my God, okay so I think that is your monadic energy. It's like a Sapphire Silver light. Yeah, I just felt it it's spinning your fields into a calibration. I can feel it's like bringing you into some kind of cohesion like I can feel it's spinning in your field, it's sending out debris and its putting it back together. And it is not that you are not together but it's kind of like it's compacting you, like making your field really strong and coherent. It's stabilizing you. I can hear the sound of it it's like a helicopter. That strange sound with the air I can feel it making that sound that's cool it's very powerful.

Relationship Agreement for Mission Support

I guess at this level you really realize how protected and connected we are. It's just so weird trying to deal with the mundane stuff and then you see all this going on and it's just so bizarre. (question....) Okay I just saw they are adjusting a field to this gentleman now. There is something, you guys have agreement. There is definitely some kind of mutual agreement and I can almost see that there is a bubble, there's a field that you hold that he is a part of. And he just got spun out of there because of some of the changes with you. So they are actually, I can see this symbiotic exchange happening between you and his higher self now. It's like something's being recalibrated that allows a deeper union or connection with the new points that have just been plugged in.

It's a strange thing to say but they have said, and I don't know what this means exactly, that he is your faithful servant. That's a strange thing isn't it? But on this plane he's committed to the female goddess energy, whatever this is there is a total commitment there at this higher self level like we're in this together. I feel something really strong agreement wise at that level, it's intense. It's almost like your embodying this aspect of the female energy that hasn't been embodied and he's somehow holding the support of that. And I know here it feels reversed maybe sometimes, but over there it's the other way around. It's almost like he's really in a masculine energy and it is to support this. Like there's something that must be done and expressed and it's at all costs. It's a really interesting arrangement because I can feel a dedication there, a loyalty and a dedication. He's in it for the long haul. (question...)

That's really interesting to see the difference between the ego level of the personality and what the soul being is. It's like the reverse negative. Like I see it here and it's like the total opposite on the other side, of what the agreements are. It's interesting. (question...) Well it's like you are the female God principle and his role is to help you get that embodied in any way he can. He's like your humble servant to bring forth the goddess or female principle. It's like this has got to happen what ever it is. Like you're embodying the code and he is supporting that however he can, it's like a dual mission or something. The thing that is fascinating at this level it looks so different, in terms of relationships and partnerships. There is definitely a big bond with that, but what happens is he gets accelerated. As he supports you in doing this the spiritual reward is immense, it's a lot.

Closing: So to make sure again that we are fully complete. Any transferences that are needed and necessary in this exchange, in the highest priority of this being's light source full self-sovereignty and power of the oneness in service to the Law of One. Again there is a phase alignment and calibration through all layers and levels, bringing this energy into the still point, and then allowing all grounding to be through the still point anchoring within the center of the core of the body. Again please anchor lock and seal our work through the hologram. Anchor lock and seal through the time matrix. And as we close our session we want to seal this into the light of unity, bringing in the spin, please seal our field through that exchange. In deep love and blessings we thank our beloved teams and guides thank you so much, for your help and support. We ask this continue through sleep and through the inner planes as need be to fully strengthen and stabilize all levels, and continue the expansion of the light-body and merkabic system and it's circuits. Thank you so much. And so it is. We seal and end our session. Thank you. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions 3-6-2008]

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