Introductory Starseed Briefing Session

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Themes: Introductory Starseed Briefing Session, typical initial starseed/indigo session; introduction to the greater ascension context, help identify Starseed lineage, or contract, or specialty niche, in order to support their process of self-recognition and alignment with their higher purpose, magi lineage, access to records, stewardship role, Mind Control and NAA.

Opening: As we open our session here today, we are discussing the different levels of your multidimensionty that have come forward in the last six months or so. And I just want to say that you're actually perfectly on schedule, in terms of the global relationship and what's happening on the planet. I can't help but be really proud of you for having come to these levels of realizations and connections through your own meditations and experiences. Because a lot of it is, in terms of the mechanics of creation, very complex in terms of the physics that is governing time and space.

It's hard for me to know where to start but clearly you are aware that the planet is going through a process, my particular name for this is ascension. I call it ascension but there are a lot of different terms that people are using, such as 2012, or the Mayan calendar countdown, or the shift in paradigm and yes it's definitely happening. What's been happening in the last six months at a planetary level is for the first time our planetary Stargates started opening to galactic frequencies.

What that means is that prior to this time, this reality system is a Holographic reality made of multiple tones of what's known as the music of the spheres. You can use the harmonic scale in music, Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do, as a model dimensionally, of the higher octaves and tones that are part of the sound tone color frequency spectrum of our particular reality structure. During this last cycle we've been in a one-way portal, you could come in here and you could incarnate into the holographic bubble but it was very hard for the consciousness to leave.

Ring Pass Not

Because it was literally like a ring pass not where we were in a cycle of 26,000 years, going through the human experiment, the consciousness evolution experiment. We were going back and forth between the astral plane and coming back in here. And now we are coming to the end of that cycle of evolution, which is the end of the precession of the equinoxes. And when this alignment occurs into our galactic core, the Milky Way, which is again the center... (question).

Yes, it's actually happening now we're early. The issue is and I will talk about this in the moment, but there are certain beings on this planet like your self that have agreed to wake up first. So not everybody is having the same experience at the same time, but there is a family of consciousness that in my language I refer to as the star seeded races or the Indigo races. These are levels of consciousness that were born as multidimensional, which is not what the rest of humanity was dealt genetically. A way to describe this is that there have been for a very long time souls and consciousness that have been a part of this density this planet Earth at this dense level, for a very long time without realizing that they had other opportunities in alternative realities to choose from.

So what's been happening down here is basically a couple of different things, it's quite complex. There are a lot of extraterrestrial agendas in the direction and the control and the dominion of planet Earth, and actually the human consciousness upon it. Because humanity has been in a dark evolution phase and has forgotten its origins, has forgotten how to connect to God, has forgotten that we're multidimensional and that we live in a multidimensional system with a lot of different vibrational choices. This has created unfortunately or fortunately as a part of the whole process down here, entities that have been controlling a program that enslaves and controls the consciousness and really suppresses the consciousness, from its ability to ascend, or to evolve, or to move into any other place. And I want to say to you again, this information is the guardian perspective. If you have read anything about me, I am a star seeded being who had no idea this was going to be my role on this planet until really a few years ago, because as we know, spirit and our connections are always on a need to know basis.

So all I can share with you, and what I'm speaking of is from my personal truth of experience and what I have seen and having counseled thousands of people that are indigo and stat seeded. I have seen the patterns of evolution and what has happened within this last cycle that were coming out of, this Kali Yuga or dark cycle. So we're at a really interesting crossroads where clearly humanity is not the only intelligence that is interacting with or influencing the earth plane. In this last cycle the beings that I referred to as the controllers, or that the guardians refer to as the Controllers, are a group of races of extraterrestrial forms, meaning they are just not human. Humans are extraterrestrial too, so it's a non-humanoid form. They have decided that they want to control the resources of this planet and so they have put in extensive Mind Control programming, through psycho-tronic devices, scalar wave devices, etc. that control the mental program of what the human being is actually experiencing, and believing that they are experiencing it from self-directed free will. But truly these are programs, if you've seen the artificial intelligences and the matrices behind it these are designed to keep the human consciousness in very low and dense vibrational states.

Survival and Poverty Consciousness

If a human being is convinced, is consistently in survival consciousness, poverty consciousness and fear, this will keep the consciousness operating within a parameter designed to control them through the divide and conquer scenario. So these races have been manipulating humanity for a very long time and they manipulate things like the wars over oil, the governmental attacking. All of this this stuff, these dramas are actually played out at Galactic and other parallel universes in the dimensions that interact with ours. But it looks like it's originating here. It's physicalized on the earth plane in a different way, in a context that the human mind is playing the game of polarity. As an example Iraq and Iran is a very important Stargate on this planet. A Stargate is an opening that moves in between, almost like a wormhole that moves in between time and dimension. In my context time, the time matrix, is the same as dimension it's a plane and reality of existence. So when we move into a higher dimensional or octave state, what we're doing is we are skipping forward in time. We're moving. So literally what's happened the reality that you and I are having this discussion right now, even though it's multidimensional, but our focus and station of consciousness is in the densest part of the time matrix. So in a sense what we're doing at this time is we are collapsing all of the dimensional perspectives, into literally a singularity. That's what the ascension is, bringing it all into the one, into the moment of now. There is no past there is no future.

But in this process that were undergoing which is happening now, we are literally moving into the membrane of the next universe and that is connected for me, through the core of Andromeda. So when our Milky Way, which for me is through the Orion Gate the eighth dimensional gate of our planet, is the center of our universe. It's like understanding we have a core that is sort of like a God energy matrix, there is no time and space in there. It's like this is the source from which we have all sprung forth, and through that expansion and fragmentation into multidimensional layers of experience, we went as a consciousness and had all of these experiences in different types of spaces. And even though people call reincarnation our past life, it's really not, it's all happening at the same time. All the reincarnations and all of the identities that we've been, or if we remember ourselves in a parallel reality, the metaphysical and New Age tends to call that a past life, but really it's that's not quite accurate. It's happening in a parallel reality at the same time. And we're accessing that memory from whatever that experience is as our Soul consciousness, or another level of our divinity.

What's happening right now is an incredibly exciting time and it's something from the Guardian perspective they mentioned has never been completed and accomplished like this before. So we're actually creating something entirely new as a species and literally on planet Earth. Yet we have a lot of challenges because there are many races that have been controlling this reality, that are still not willing to evolve or give it up. They're very resistant. (question...)

Holographic Insert

All of the beings post-Atlantis are here now, because they know that this is the final conflict. So there's a lot happening right now where we don't really know what it's going to look like. It's really fascinating because we have all of these beings exactly as you described. It's a program that has been infiltrated into the entire grid of the earth and therefor the entire collective human consciousness. (question..) The war is over consciousness and the currency is genetics and DNA. And the reason why you are having this experience and the ability to perceive multidimensional realities, is a direct result of your DNA. They don't understand how this is working. What I've noticed about them, which is fascinating as you figured out as well, they are at some levels mentally brilliant. They have an understanding of holographic architecture, they know-how to condition and create Holographic Insert realities that are artificially replicated. They can create conditions in the environment to get the results they want, in group consciousness. And target certain groups that they want to control with a certain vibration. So they're very developed in the holographic mechanics of creation, but they're using mind projected principles that are coming again, strictly from an intellectual point of view rather than a direct source consciousness.

So those of us down here that have agreed, because what has basically happened is, we have not come from here. Those of us that have incarnated on this planet from the star-seeded races have come from sometime in the future. Generally we retain more of our star seeded genetic and the advanced civilization that we came from. We brought that information with us. When we were born all of us obviously had to get through the baby body into an adult body and figure out how to protect ourselves and be activated into this consciousness. And that was really a part of the plan, we didn't get our instruction manual and a lot of us were kind of "hidden".

It wasn't appropriate for us to be totally woken up and aware in most cases, because they would've tried to take us out. Now the thing is with it, is that the karma is very severe if they kill us directly. They are not going to do that. What they try to do is manipulate it into happening. So the issue with this is now that we are coming into the awareness, and I want to preface this by saying there's no fear to be had with this. There is absolutely nothing to fear, the issue with this is, for those of us that are being brought online into the exo-politic agenda and our role as consciousness, and in service to the God consciousness. That which is the organic living light that is here to preserve the sovereign life and to allow all beings to be free that want to be free. To allow beings that have the right to connect to their source, because what's gone on here is a usurping of the source. What they've done is they've taken over the soul bodies, making a very difficult. (question...)

Yes, they've taken the bodies over so what happens now is that when a consciousness has incarnated into a reality it's totally in amnesia. It has no idea who it is, just doesn't remember the situation. What is happening is that the ego is like an artificial intelligence itself, it's a personality program. So "that" who we think we are, the Lisa part is literally a blueprint that exists at the third dimensional structural level. And it's a part of the elemental vehicle that we are embodied in. Our bodies are physically comprised of the elemental structures of the earth. And the earth has been corrupted and has been taken over, a lot of the wiring and the grid work in this and that, enters the elemental structure. So that means if that is embedded genetically in the body, so all the programming is genetically embedded now in the third dimensional elemental form. So what has happened is beings have forgotten how to connect to their higher divinity, such as their soul matrix or oversoul matrix or God consciousness. They are operating only as an artificial identity, believing that's all they are.

So if you as a consciousness believe that's who you are, what's happening is genetic digression. The genes are actually digressing with every evolution, with every reincarnation. Like say if somebody goes through their life in 3D, thinking that's all that they are. Their consciousness takes them to the plane of their vibrational level, and they'll just go back into the astral plane. They'll have nowhere to go except to go back into the physical and try to figure it out again. Now what's happened is the controllers have taken over the astral, they have commandeered a lot of humanities soul bodies and that's literally the fourth chakra and the emotional body. The first level of the spirit really, the spiritual force where the being can actually connect to a level of its own divinity.

Magi Lineages

So if the body is not connecting to the spiritual force the only direction it can go is degrading, digressing and breaking down the genetic code. The more broken down (question...) Yes, and you are going to be very interesting to them, because you are, and again please feel in your own heart, but my lineage connection to you is of a Magi. So what that means is that you hold the Book of Knowledge of the mechanics of the universe. And that lineage is called Magi lineage. That level of consciousness was like a record keeper for the universe and many of those beings embody this knowledge and literally protected it with their bodies. Like their body was the container of the knowledge. It was done that way for safety purposes, because literally genetically you have to crack the code in order to access it. Because it's not, you can't replicate this knowledge because it's direct from the source. It's literally coming from the organic living light of creation. What's gone on down here is to really differentiate that which is the living light code that is organic, the life force of God, and that which is the anti-life force. Which is death, because it's degenerating.

So any time you use artificial systems like the Annunaki and the Dracs, and these beings to control humanity, it's basically because they have to find a power source, because they are not connecting into the source. So they use all of these really intricate complex webs of harnessing and gathering and sucking and siphoning consciousness units. Because they use the consciousness units and the emotional body of the human being, because the extraterrestrials what the guardians have said to me, is that the human body is very special and very unique. There's not another one like this in the universe, there is something very special with the human body specifically at the emotional body level.

We have an emotional body that works in ways that no one else has got. And that emotional body is a source of great power, because even though we don't know it and we don't know how to harness it or use it for the common good or greater good. This is used energetically and siphoned. So they keep people in fear or they keep people in sexuality and addiction, they definitely want to focus on second chakra all the time. The lower chakras are all about survival fears or addiction issues or are generally the main problems that suppress humanity from their next level of conscious evolvement. They keep you stuck down there and distracted and externalizing, because again if we go internal and we start connecting to the source, we start accessing consciousness intelligence. I have learned that they don't understand this, which is fascinating to me.

So when beings like us, the star seeded, start to be activated at a DNA level because the galactic frequencies of our home are starting to come into this planet that not been here before, they regard us as total anomalies. And they want to study and steal us, or whatever. They will be standing around scratching their heads, and staring at you because they don't know how this is happening. And that has actually been amazing to me. (question...) This piece that we are becoming an anomaly, right.

Because what they have been able to do, is they have taken a program and they have used repetition and memorization as a way of mind control. They have set up the curriculum and the education of our children to be this way. Because it educates you right out of multidimensionality, could you can't connect into the direct knowingness stream of God. When you start to connect to the higher intelligences, this is not mental principle, where it is coming from. It is literally the direct cognition at a cellular level that is a part of our God particle, and they don't have this. They use mental projection and all be it, brilliantly. Because when you see what they've done it really is brilliant, it is very clever. But once you understand that they can't think beyond a linear program, because literally they think linearly. They have a mental projection and they perceive or project what they think we're going to do, based upon probabilities of what the mind is projecting. Because we are leaving the mental projections and coming into the now moment consciousness, which acts and behaves in a completely different way, they're losing control.

Frequency Fences and Starseeds

Now the issue is some of us got beyond the Frequency Fence. So it's like they're seeing a fence, like a frequency fence and they see all the orange-gold beings in there. Because most of humanity on this planet is existing at that vibrational level in the first three chakras. Are you familiar with the Chakras? Okay, we'll just in understanding a simple model that the guardians gave me that I thought was very helpful. They talk about two levels of beings on this planet, there are third dimensional beings and there are multidimensional beings. The third dimensional beings, and again with no value difference given, this is just understanding the vibrational physics of the consciousness. And this is why we're here, the star seeded, is to help the consciousness be able to move out of its enslavement. So the third dimensional being, (question...)

Those of us that are Starseeded or Indigo are the ones who are able to perceive it, most of humanity is not at this time. They are still completely unaware. So the issue again, just realizing the 3D being is only using those first three centers to process and digest the reality. So if they're only using the intelligences of the first three centers, they are accessing their personality matrix, they are not accessing their soul or their divinity or any spiritual force. The first three levels of the body's energy field synthesize material force of the planet. If you're only using those three chakras you're only synthesizing from; the first chakra which is literally the unconscious, the second chakra which is the instinctual level or addiction of the body, and the third layer which is the Conscious Mind matrix that controls the brain patterning.

So literally we are receiving information that we think is being processed by the brain, but the control panel is in your solar plexus. So those three combined make up a third dimensional being operating in a physical identity, that I call the personality program. So if you think you're only that, it's very easy to get stuck there. Now somebody like you, okay you were born multidimensional. I mean you came in here with a lot of work to do, quite frankly. What I've seen is a lot of foundational work, you had to work to chop wood carry water. You had to learn the matrix, since you are not from here. (question...)

The guardians are telling me that we're moving into a cycle called the galactic consciousness cycle, which means it's the next time for the level of information that encompasses wisdom. So what was going on in the last 20 years, and I know you weren't really a part of that, as I can see you're more intellectual and sensible and cerebral, and you're also in a male body for that reason. The New Age was bringing in the desensitization, to begin to promote these schools of thought, to begin to get people out of fear around such progressive ideas. We can see "what the bleep" and the quantum physics. And it's clear that it's all about merging science in with spirituality and finding the bridges between both. And that may be your perfect niche.

I just want to say, and feel into your own guidance, be careful of using the mental projections without first aligning to the God consciousness as the true authority. Because the issue is the mental manipulations around the ego consciousness levels, exist up into very high dimensional states still. We tended to think that once we got out of the astral plane, that there would be enlightened planes there. And I can just tell you from the truth of my own experience, it's not. The mental corruption in the various races, extraterrestrial, ultra-terrestrial, those are formless, it goes way deep. I'm dealing with phantom spaces in the galactic timelines. I had no idea how corrupt it was up there. And these are levels of consciousness I can't even describe. This is co-creator God level of Phantom Matrixes of entities that have been siphoning group souls, in the guru disciple arrangements, in the Asian grids over there. So that's what the big war in Tibet is about right now. This guru disciple relationship has been something that has been used to power phantom spaces, it's like taking energy and sending it somewhere else. And they're using it somewhere else and this time is done, this time of parasitism and vampirism it's over. This is now a time of establishing the sovereignty and the inner sustainability of the integrity of your own light, in source, in God energy. And this is seemingly a part of the reeducation, of not only human beings but non-human beings. And understanding how to connect to this, because they've... (question..)

Probably the two most intense mental implants in humanity are the fear of change in the fear of death. We don't understand what happens after we leave these bodies, because we forgot about the multidimensionality. And I started to see that that fear and resistance to change was something that was an Annunaki projection. That exists at other levels of reality, they too are challenged. They've been existing in a certain way, they've had use of resources, they've had dominion at certain levels in their realm, and this is a big change for everybody.

So the Ascension, this universal ascension and alignment into the next universal structure this is humongous. It is very curious, because I have to tell you there are very few people like us. Okay I'm doing this for a living, I do this all day long. There are not a lot like you honey, I have got to tell you that. (question...)

That means though that in a sense, we're being prepared to hold the space for others. I have asked the guardians, why are there so few of us that have made it this far? I mean what is going on with that? One of the things they have said, is it's very challenging for the human, in the density in this hologram to get someone beyond their belief systems. Because if you are so entrenched and invested in this reality, as you know, you have to let go of everything, at the risk of looking insane or even crazy to others around you, that you may care about. And that's quite difficult.

Blood Sacrifice and Soul Binding

One of the things I have become aware of is how they have kept the structures in place, of that "program", is through the binding of souls. So a lot of what has to be done is a sequence, where soul consciousness or beings or entities that have been ritualized in offerings of sacrifice, some of them are Blood Sacrifice, it comes from all over the place. So it's understanding too, that these programs have been held in place from human suffering. So the beings that exist in body and disembodied, it doesn't change because they left their body. They are still bound into these grids of the earth that create the projection of these holographic fields and contribute to the "conditioning of the program". So there's a lot of freeing and liberating beings, some human some not, that have been used as sacrifice or are suffering or in the blindness and don't know how to move or evolve from that time and space. So what I am seeing is that we free the beings from their enslavement and then we're able to change the structure that was there. Because there are like holographic structures, there is an architecture that is been held in place. There are millions of them and a lot of them are around money, which is a big one. There is a tremendous amount of manipulation and subversions to keep money in the hands of certain people that have bloodlines that are being controlled. (question...)

We are being prepared to share or facilitate the knowledge we have to share with the world, at the particular place it's supported. It's been very clear that we've been waiting for the planet to catch up with us. So that we are able to be supported and authentically be in our power, and share and be what we're here to be, it hasn't been time yet. We've been gathering information doing our evolution, personal evolution work or genetic healing or whatever we're doing. And yet some of us like your self, which I call the energetic stewards, meaning that whatever our covenant with God is, we have agreed or have been chosen to do this. And that means that we're holding an energetic stewardship, which in a sense is a leadership position. So understanding the context, because again cause-and-effect is still working down here. If we are influencing the field we are influencing the masses, and we're influencing a lot of people without them even being aware of it. (question...)

I can only say this to you from... because this will be something that will have to come from your own truth and awareness, you'll feel it inside when it's time or not time. But certainly there is an issue with those that have achieved a level of integrity in alignment to the source. They are able to achieve certain levels of working with these intelligences that someone with another intention would not be allowed to access. (question...)

Because the Magi lineage that you're a part of, I mean you would have to be a Magi lineage to get to this. (question...). These bodies are polarity synthesizers and the alchemy that's needed to create that, that's why our spirit is guiding us or we have really intense or painful or extreme experiences. I noticed that that's very common in our family of consciousness, that a lot of our lives have been pretty heavy. Even though now that I understand why those events had to occur, because at the time it was not fun at all, it was awful. But coming back I'm so grateful, because it is like a phoenix rising from the ashes. There is something in us, in our genetic templating that is an advanced genetic package. And what I'm talking about is dormant DNA, dormant DNA that has not been accessed.

Now the guardians explained to me that everybody's got the potential, but the problem is many human beings are so damaged that it's almost impossible for them to activate that potential DNA. (question...) For some reason beings like you and I were able to reach a certain threshold, that most of humanity has not been able to in this time and space. Obviously the issue is critical mass and we understand that. Being the acupuncture points for the field means and that morph field, when we hold this at a level it means it's going to reach a threshold of critical mass and leave that open for others. Which again I'm sure is a part of plan. (question...)

It's fascinating that you mention that, because it was clear that we've never had this type of global experience in an election. It felt like the whole Obama event was almost like a holographic reflection of mass consciousness. I remember feeling that right away, because people that were not even aware of this level, there was language people were using. People felt a palpable energetic shift. And this is like just the every day average person that's not talking about energy. So it was so fascinating because there was definitely something much deeper and larger that was involved in that, yet I don't think anybody had a context of how to describe it. But it really did represent the planet's holographic reflection, and an involvement and awareness at a completely new level we've never experienced, especially in a political medium.

I'm really thrilled, whatever resources I have to offer you, it feels like you've done a lot of your own internal inquiry and internal work. And reached your own conclusions that are your truth vibration, and that's what it's all about. My stuff is geared for the person that needs a stepping-stone and context. Because again like I mentioned to you most people don't get there on their own. Given the context we're discussing, people need to be edged in there because mentally as we know, there's a fine line between enlightenment and psychotic break. We're not here to break people apart we're here to integrate them. So the mental and emotional and physical and spiritual layers of that consciousness can bridge together. So I'm kind of like a beginning for the mental, so the mind has something as a framework to begin to connect into that, which is really a non-thought space, in a sense, because the being-ness and the knowing-ness come from a non-thought space.

Like you know what you know as you know it. You can feel it. You can't explain it to somebody who's not having that experience yet. Because what we're actually discussing is beyond intellect, its experiential. You're having an experiential reality this is your life, right. And I'm having the same thing. And yet were being asked to hold a space, of supporting others so they can get beyond the intellect and into an experiential reality too and connect into the source.

Closing: I am so thrilled to know you and become aware that you're here. And again just please keep in touch, in terms of what evolutions and things that you experience. At the moment it feels like the time when we're all in a bit of a reconfiguration and waiting period. I'm just maintaining the status quo right now. And it's been very clear to me that this was not the time right now, and probably over next month or so it feels again after June that may shift. But right now it's all about maintaining the structure I have, and waiting.

It was a pleasure to meet you my dear. Thank you so much. You have a good evening and take care. Lots of love, Bye.[1]


  1. [LR Session 5-7-2009]

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