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Microscopium is a small constellation in the southern sky, defined in the 18th century by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille. Its brightest star is Gamma Microscopii of apparent magnitude 4.68, actually a yellow giant located around 381 light-years distant. Two star systems—WASP-7 and HD 205739—have been found to have planets, while another—AU Microscopii—has a debris disk. Microscopium is a small constellation bordered by Capricornus to the north,Piscis Austrinus and Grus to the west, Sagittarius to the east, Indus to the south, and touching on Telescopium to the southeast.

The stars that now comprise Microscopium may formerly have belonged to the hind feet of Sagittarius. However, this is uncertain as, while its stars seem to be referred to by Al-Sufi as having been seen by Ptolemy, Al-Sufi does not specify their exact positions. Its name is Latin for microscope; it was invented by Lacaille to commemorate the compound microscope. Its stars are very faint and hardly visible from most of the non-tropical northern hemisphere.[1]


The words micro- and macro- are used in pairs as in microcosm and macrocosm. Hermes Trismegistus's axiom 'As above, so below', meaning that all that is in the Cosmos is mirrored in man the small universe, reflects the macro/micro correspondence. Macro- comes from the Indo-European root *mák- 'Long, thin'. Derivatives: meager (from Latin macer, thin), macro-, macron (mark indicating long sound), amphimacer(three syllables with second unstressed, from Greek makros, long, large), emaciate (to make or become extremely thin, from Latin maciare), mecopteran (insect with beaky structure on head), paramecium (a single-celled microscopic aquatic organism", from Greek mekos, length. [Pokorny mak- 699. Watkins] Macedonia. The Greeks seem to have used the word mikros in the same way as we use the words 'small' and 'little'. [2]

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