Planetary Iron Core

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Due to the ongoing eviction of Alien Machinery perpetuating False Feminine Magnetic Fields and the modulation of the Magnetosphere with organic violet ray transmissions being saturated with intense streams of higher frequencies from Scepter and Reuche light symbol codes, as designated by the Cosmic Founders, the base magnetic tone resonance in the Planetary Iron Core has radically changed. Since the return of the Solar Rishi, the transmission of Scepter Codes connected to the Code of the Violet Sun have been streaming into the planetary grid in order to lay the foundation for the Rha God Worlds 36D solar plasma tri-wave woven frequencies. The Code of the Violet Sun with Scepter transmissions from the Amethyst Order now being set in the planetary architecture for corrections to be made with Red Cube Violet Wave inversions, are resetting the 15D to 7D blended frequencies to run corrections in the ultra violet spectrum of the magnetosphere.

These magnetic tone shifts in the iron core generate a tremendous amount of energy and heat transfer which slightly raises global temperature and increases tension in the global tectonic plates. The tectonic plates are currently releasing the buildup of magnetic pressure through volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and a variety of climatic weather events. The mainstream climate change controversy is not due to human caused activities but is directly related to the mechanics of planetary ascension and the geo-engineering activities of the Controllers who are attempting to manage its impact upon human consciousness.

Our angelic human DNA template is undergoing significant changes that are interconnected with the magnetic shifts occurring within the iron core and Magnetosphere, this greatly influences the magnetic balance within the human body which may generate some physical upgrades that come with intense Ascension Symptoms. This current phase of organic magnetic alignment occurring in the planetary grid directly impacts the functions of the human bio-neurology, specifically within the human Brain and Brain Waves that are being recalibrated during sleep state.[1]

Solar System Ascension Shift

The Solar System is undergoing a momentous shift whereby the eleven main celestial bodies or planets are being magnetically synchronized with the shifting magnetic core in our Sun-Star. Our Sun is the eighth Sun Star from the Pleiades or Seven Sisters star cluster located in the Taurus Constellation. Our Sun passes through the Taurus constellation from mid-May to mid-June in which oceanic Plasma Waves are currently being transmitted and are reconnecting our Sun’s magnetic core to properly realign with the stars of her Seven Sisters. The reunification of our Sun with her Seven Sister Stars in the Taurus constellation, effectively purges out a tremendous amount of collective human race miasmatic record and nullifies the effects of the trauma timelines that happened as the result of the Fall of Tara.


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