Rehabilitating DNA and Universal Body

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Themes: new embodiment synthesizes DNA, Rehabilitating DNA and Universal Body, seeing DNA was unplugged in Saqqara, seeing strings of DNA material have to be tuned into harmonics, seeing Nibiru and Wormwood related to eaters of suns, how the son of God is a Sun, our sun is damaged so connecting to the Polarian Sun codes for Arc Gates to function.

Opening: As we hold this space, beloved God all that is fully aligned and connected into the living light. We ask that which is fully connected through our bodies and our being, through the highest capacity of exchange of God's infinite light love and power. We call upon our Guardian families and our defenders of truth sovereignty and liberation. Beloved family we ask to please update our template our being, both individually and collectively to be forever perpetuated in the eternally sustained light of God. We ask that our container and session here today be fully dedicated to the purposes of One. And again as we ask to be sustained in that eternal power, we ask to give that eternal power as the lighthouse and container of ...I don't know, I have been saying this a lot, the Glory of God, the Glory of God. It sounds so biblical but that is how I have been feeling, that which is the truth the light and the Glory of God to be ignited in our heart.

We ask gate keeping to hold our influences with our families and our communities, as well as our mission and mutual God purpose into the core of One the source of our genesis. With deep reverence as we breath the living light into our forms, into all created form. We set our intention to remember that which we are fully and completely. As we state our mutual purpose as One please resurrect any inorganic pattern into the organic living light now. And to that we say beloveds, thank you, thank you thank you.

Okay, again it's interesting I think the last time we connected there was a lot of landmass relationship to the area where you live, and I am feeling that again starting to come up. I feel like they have installed Google map in my head these days. You look at the horizon and go oh, that's what that is over there. Okay, so they're taking me into points of Egypt and saying that there is, in terms of understanding... Okay there is so much coming in I am trying to actually verbalize this. Okay, the first Guardian that is standing in front of me, and this doesn't happen where I get such an intense visual, is telling me welcome to logos. So what he is saying to me on your behalf is that for you when you went through the timeline's in Egypt somehow this initiation and expansion into the actualization of your being became connected to the Planetary Logos, which means the blueprint of the planet itself.

Planetary Creational Blueprint

So it's almost like saying that a new level of interface has been connected through you, as you, as a part of what could be best described as a steward of the plan. Meaning your body your consciousness your being becomes a projection of that which is in alignment to Planetary Logos, planetary creational blueprint. That which is basically assigned and agreed to come back to be the embodiment holder of helping to assist, like one of the points of light that hold that blueprint within the logos itself.

And so the logos energy is understanding directional movement of forces on this planet. And understanding that you're being your body your Consciousness is a part of that planetary consciousness at a level that assists moving the plan, the Ascension plan. He's telling me about the sons and the daughters of God returning to restore the logos back into the divine schematic. And that exchange or that encoding process for you, happened in the trip in Egypt (Summer Solstice June 2010). So it was like you went back through a timeline to re-collect pieces of yourself in certain places. Because I'm seeing there was some sort of retrieval, or you met up with part of your identity from that time. And that connection when it happened, for you it was almost as you stepped onto the land or the ground there.

They are showing me something about your eyes it was really hard for you to see that. And your eyes were burning, because again the gateways and the windows to the soul, are also representative to the gateways into the parallels of these dimensional doorways. And these doorways were opening for you as a personal being, and the identity or that aspect of self that was there. Which is interesting, I see a divine appointment not from an Egyptian time. It's this piece that came in that is a part of who you are, this is a higher spirit body it is an aspect of identity. It is a part of your consciousness a part of who you are in another time and space. And that part met you in the physical in that space and started to reintegrate, it's really interesting because it's almost like a reclaiming of home. I feel a homecoming through the merge of it.

And for some reason that space, whether that is the cosmic heart energy of what has been the portal of this planet that connects through the cosmos and all of that, there was a gateway that was open there temporarily, and that this solstice timeline was very important to that intersection. In that solstice period, the planet and the alignments to that time were opening galactic gateways, and the gateways for intersections. And I see them again like spokes on a wheel that were coming from everywhere. So it wasn't like one direct galactic super highway, it's like literally looking a bicycle wheel with spokes, and each of the spokes coming into the center hub. And this center hub was where we were in Egypt.

Monadic Integration

And I'm seeing this aspect of higher identity, this would be over-soul energy, part of your over-soul came though this to reunite with you, that's what it is it's a reunite. And the when the reunite happened again there was a lot of not only clearing and shifting of density, but you're body had to undergo a lot in order to acclimate yourself. So I'm seeing that during the time that your eyes were really bothering you, that was the point of connection. During that period of time is when that reunite and alignment happened. And I am being veiled from it, so there's something about pain or trauma that was seen. That when that part of yourself reunited the pain of seeing something, like the windows of the soul created an effect for you. Your eyes were hurting and it was hard for you to see. It was almost like there was a veil that when that aligned with you, then you had to integrate that and to release that from your vision.

I literally see a membrane being taken out in the center of your brain, like where your eyes are and where your cranial nerves are. Oh, they took out literally like a window screen that was cracked. I don't know what that structure is but it's like there are your eyes, and I'm looking at your brain and in between the brain and literally like the eyeballs. Like how the actual eyes and lenses are projected out of the brain. They are showing me again when our over-soul and our light of God, who we are actually comes in that light comes out of our eyes we are projecting that light out. There was a filter and a film there that would prevent the light from projecting out of your eyes. And they are telling me that has changed now, your eyes actually project light now they actually transmit light. There was something there that was preventing that from happening.

I am seeing that it took a little bit of processing, and that's why your eyes were hurting because that thing was there. And so once you joined and there was a connection made, and I am feeling it as part of a painful experience that is being shielded. They are saying it doesn't, we don't have to know what it is. Just suffice to say that there was trauma laced in that. So anytime there's implants that are placed like this, it's usually based on some level of torture quite frankly. And that's what it was related to. So this thing had a release of ritual torture or something like that, it feels sacrificial.

Shifting Vision, Optic Lenses

So once that was removed the alignment was able to happen and I'm seeing that it changed your lenses, literally your optic lenses. Meaning how your eyes have now become a projector of light and this is a part of the activation of others around you and the alignment your over-soul that is now clearly working as a part of the logos and creational blueprint. It's like when you are looking at something through your eyes, your eyes now have a direct feed to the 7th dimension where we have guardians working, again a family of consciousness right. So through this they can see things that are fed back. There's a new kind of feedback loop meaning that what you see from the body is actually returning to the logos level, where this can be fed back to re-imprint distortions. Which is what we do.

We go to these Timelines where there's destruction and Souls trapped and whatever it is. And these particular structures are then sourced, we find the coordinate or where the damage is and then somebody goes in and repairs it. Whether it is us or our family of consciousness, we're all working it together. So it is literally through the observer that it gets fed back. So I'm seeing that this is a new function that is happening, and they are showing it as this over-soul part actually became merged with you.

So I'm seeing that there was some kind of process, connecting it into the physical embodiment, getting it down into the sacrum areas so that your over-soul can actually come into embodiment into the physical. And it's like you have now a connector 2 inches beneath the navel and in the back of your head and it's perfectly aligned, I can see how beautiful it is. Meaning that the alignment happened just so wonderfully well, because I can see how it lays from the base of your skull and down your spine. I know what I'm looking at and it is like this seamless alignment. And I know it's a part of that over-soul identity that is aligned in perfect proportion with your spine. I can see the spine and the shushumna have become the monadic staff and the monad is now fully aligned into the vertebra basically. And the strengthened core is much wider and larger, especially around the still point area. It's stable there, very nice beautiful. Thank you beloveds.

Spanner Gate, Amalgamation Template

So additionally what they're saying is that now that you're connecting into logo's energy like this, that there are certain gate networks on the planet. And one of them of course we now is in that area, okay this is Spanner Gate. They're showing me that you have had all of these histories with indigenous cultures at various times and this is a part of this Amalgamation Template. We know that it is a synthesis of gender and a synthesis of various cultures, and it seems to be a part of your expertise. It is like saying as Starseed beings that have returned with different levels of configuration and genetic material we each have our sort of "God technology". What our expertise and our gift to the planet into the consciousness is. And your gift is this Amalgamation Template where you synthesize all of these different levels of information. And in this case what I'm seeing is a whole array, like in your Lightbody and with your over-soul. I'm seeing this whole array of cultural relationships now to the planet Earth. It's as if I'm observing through your lenses meaning your consciousness lenses, and I'm seeing all of these histories and how you have a unique and special relationship with the cultures of the earth.

Okay one of the guides is telling me that when we worked on the seedings of the consciousness experiment you were one of the consciousness beings that was literally a part, I would say if there were councils or beings that were working on this. Consciousness was working on breaking down DNA patterns in order to re-evolve and synthesize the DNA in the most efficient and foolproof way possible. What I am understanding as I feel the energy signature of this is attempts of creation, when we are consciousness and we are projecting or creating I guess these realms. I am actually looking at it from that level or experiencing it from some sort of creator God level. That when you're looking at this there is an understanding that something didn't work.

Mu Priesthoods, Seeding Experiments

Like saying okay, this genetic material was added into here and it evolved too fast or it exploded. I am seeing damage that was caused to bodies, stellar bodies, human bodies different life forms. And on the surface of the earth there was some point in time where there was, the best I can say is I'm getting Mu, Muvarian priesthoods. That there was something that has Muvarian in it and seems related to a timeline in which there were meetings and gatherings around how to reinstate the universal body pattern. Meaning the desire was to create a universal body and that that body would synthesize, very much like this amalgamation template that is your specialty, it synthesizes various levels of genetic material. And in the ability to do so is constantly I want to say tempering it and rearranging and reconfiguring these DNA bond chains so they become compatible with each other. It's like creating more and more complex strings in the macrocosm.

And when I am seeing these strings I am literally seeing string theory, the flying strings of the universe. These strings that are a part of what we know as the basis of quantum physics, those strings are like tones that have been created out from sound and light. And I'm seeing that it's like the breath of consciousness and the literal Divine Mind of the creator allowing these tones and these qualities of harmonics. And these strings were designed to create the universal body, meaning the more of these elaborate strings of tones and colors and codes were a part of the DNA creation, a part of the creation of many different levels of being, entities, human bodies, creatures, you know creation. These strings were little pieces of the DNA.

It's really interesting, as I'm looking at an infinity field in space. I'm almost looking at it as if, you know when you go through an infinity field and you see like you are passing through galaxies and you are feeling stars moving. I'm seeing the strings and it's like I am moving through fields of strings. And these strings are generally invisible and are not something that we generally see at this level. I'm looking at the strings and they are deep configurations of all this, it is just beyond belief in amount. There is no way to quantify how many of them there are, millions, trillions, zillions. I mean it's just there everywhere.

It's almost like a really interesting thing is happening now as these membranes collapse in between these dimensional fields where these strings were existing. Very much like strings on an instrument, if you are playing a guitar and each guitar string has a tone. I mean this is like going on forever these strings are everywhere, and they each have a tone and they each play a type of music. And that music is a piece of consciousness and is also a piece of what can be called DNA. It's like saying I'm looking at the raw material of DNA before it actually came into ladders that connect. And part of the creation of creating a universal body was to collect these strings, these unbelievable umpteen levels of sound tone harmonics and patterns and actually string them together into DNA chains.

DNA Harmonic Tones in Universal Body

And that part of creating these is synthesizing and using your amalgamation template to actually merge these strings into harmonic tone patterns that could be played in certain tonalities. And these tonalities would operate at various dimensional doorways. And the original plan or what I'm seeing is through the process of doing this, through the creation of universal body is to go into again the lowest octave state of where those harmonic string-tones exist. The physical creations or the creations that were projected from those harmonic tones would go through a series of levels of evolutions to actually move into higher octave patterns so they could assimilate more of these strings. And then when these strings started to assimilate they would actually, like a tuning fork ding, there was like a tone within the DNA ladder that they held.

So meaning that they had the creation tones, cause I am looking at a stair-step, like literally if your a creator God and your looking down. You're looking at this entire circular reality with all of these octaves being played at all of these different levels of the spiral. And at certain levels of the spiral you would see what had been projected out as part of creation. Moving up this stair-step spiral and again it's organic, it's just like the being is tuned or toned like a tuning fork, to actually connect with these levels of vibration. But in order to do that it needed to assimilate patterns that were harmonic that could be attuned at a level, so the being could move to the next level, meaning now they're integrating the level of the harmonic pattern. And in the DNA, it's like I hear the DNA singing literally when this happens. The DNA in the creation of the being when it's connected to that string it makes a sound, it's music, and when the music then comes in it's almost like saying I can hear it.

When the DNA gets activated from the sound tone, I see the DNA playing music until it becomes harmonic. It's like saying you take a tone that was not previously integrated into the DNA and yet it's activated. The DNA activates in the being's form, the piece that's being activated the string comes to the person. I see the string coming from the dimension where that octave exists, that string comes and re-integrates itself into the DNA. It's not attuned yet, and I can see that it has to harmonically adjust itself. And that is what the amalgamation template is, that what that function does. They're helping me to understand and you to understand what that does, what that template that you hold does.

And so it's like when the tone comes in to the DNA, it's not attuned yet. It's like if you are listening to tones of music and you hear this beautiful melody and it is all harmonic, and then all of the sudden a discordant tone happens. So this template, allows that to tune it self harmonically until it adjusts to the current DNA patterns. Part of the synthesizing of that DNA is through the template that you're holding, so the DNA can harmonically integrate this new tone, which again is a new quality. It's a new quality but what's interesting about this is that I've never seen it this way. Meaning that you're thinking that the DNA pattern is entirely harmonic. But what I'm seeing through this is it doesn't start out that way. It's like a process of genetic rehabilitation and creating universality in these bodies is synthesizing various levels of harmonic tone patterns. And those harmonic tone patterns also include, as we know, issues with entities that are completely discordant, that have completely gone outside of that realm of integration and connection to all that is. So there seems to be mutual purpose in creating a universal body. Because what I'm understanding through this perception is that the benevolence of creator is always the choice. Meaning for the being that has evolved itself into whatever state, to be able to come into harmonic patterning through the strings. But at a certain level of threshold if too many tones are placed above that pattern, what happens to that being? I'm trying to choose my words carefully because I don't know how else to say it, except that that being ceases to exist in the way that it did.

Meaning that if you persist for whatever reason and you're not moving into the harmonic tone pattern at some point. They come to a threshold almost, because we are talking about a universal body. It's not just independent to solar body or human body or reptilian body or whatever. It's a universal harmonic pattern with all of this different music being synthesized at some level because of the rolling up. Meaning that the lower harmonic patterns are rolling up, they are ceasing to exist. So what happens to those beings that are in those places that cease to exist, because those harmonic tones are being synthesized into these other patterns? They have got to evolve, they have to move, they have to adapt, they have to do something, because at some point they cease to exist in that state.

So I'm seeing that there is in a sense an understanding that this is, I want to say the cost of not evolving. Meaning that there is through the physics and the natural organic movement of the fields, it's not a judgment it's not like this being is bad and not loved by God, but it's got to re-assimilate itself into these higher tones. Because it just can't stay there, that place is not in existence anymore the way it's being synthesized in the pattern. So this template that you have that synthesizes energy, they are showing us how that works with the DNA pattern. And this feels like a new level of understanding, possibly a part of your consciousness that is connecting to the logos of this planet and its connection to the purposes of that. Meaning that the template of synthesizing these either damaged tones or things that cannot plug in to that DNA because of the discordance. Because looking at a tone pattern that goes up in a sequence, very much like Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti. You can't go from Do and get to Ti, like you can't skip the in between notes because the universe is made this way, these are the mechanics of creation.

Regressives used Shortcuts

So what's been happening with the reptiles and these beings that don't understand, I guess from their point of view. They are in "Do" and they are trying to get to "Ti," and they are trying to find a short cut. They don't want to go through the process of re-assimilation through these harmonic patterns. So what they have repeatedly attempted to do with their own genetic experimentation through abductees and basically, what I would call their crimes against humanity, crimes against this planet. From their point of view what they're trying to do is create a shortcut. If the dimensions are formed into a higher octave systems similar to "Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti" they want to create a Wormhole between Do & Re and come out a Ti, at the top. God is like saying, consciousness is like saying, what do you think you are doing? You think you're going to actually be able to assimilate all of that middle code? Basically what we are being told is it is impossible to do. They have been successful at controlling this realm because its octave system is lower. Meaning most of the control mechanisms that are coming are instituted in the lower octave realms.

Meaning when the beings in fourth, fifth and sixth dimension are being controlled to do things at the dimensional level that impact this 3D dimensional matter. But it's because the octave systems are similar in those realms. But as we start to expand that potential and ability, it becomes impossible. They're saying they're trying to create an opening or a wormhole into areas that are impossible to be connected, because of the tones and the strings that exist there. So it's almost like saying you have these beings, these Mavericks and Bullies creating holes in the fabric of space-time in various dimensions. And a part of this is their supreme arrogance in thinking they are God-like beings that can just do what ever they please. At the same time the more destruction they wield, the more destruction they wield on themselves.

So I'm really starting to understand we are reaching a time frame where it's getting harder for them to I would say, expand their agenda to the place that the beings that are on this planet have been working for a long time to create the harmonic tones for. What I'm understanding is that those tones cannot be I want to say artificially replicated. For some reason I guess what I'm trying to relay is that there is a certain parameter of artificial replication AI that was possible. We are reaching an area where it's not, it is not possible to artificially replicate and usurp coding like they have been doing, because of the harmonic structure of the Universe. These strings with zillions of them around are in this reality or are aligning to this reality that were not here before.

And this again is a part of the membrane collapse the natural ascension process and they can't stop it. The membranes start collapsing and these realities start rolling up, because higher frequencies and different sound tone patterns and codes start coming into the reality. And again the tone of the whole thing changes, it moves to a different place, it moves to a different tone, space, everything, the physics the energy, all of that changes. What I'm seeing is very similar to human beings that keep persisting in trying to do old behaviors that are not working. I'm seeing that this is also happening in higher realms, meaning realms that are not necessarily enlightened, but with reptilian forces they also have their own version of this. Where the technologies they have been using are ceasing to work in the same patterns that they were before and achieving the same results. And this is again creating chaos in those realms at those levels of identity. So it's an interesting thing that we're being given information to see and to look at.

12 Tribes

In speaking of the various harmonic strings that create patterns, what I'm understanding additionally is this process of how the 12 Tribes were created. Meaning that the DNA material and the configuration of these tones in the various quote "races", were held to complete this function. Which has to do with alignment and configuration of the DNA patterns in the various bodies, as they were projected in the lower octaves so that they could most efficiently move it up the DNA ladder. So it's like saying you took one big DNA chain, and I got to tell you it's just one of trillions, it's unbelievable. I mean I can't even get the mind to wrap around the size of it and the variation of it it is beyond comprehension. But there was like plucking a little section, and you pluck the section and it had a DNA pattern of 12. And those 12 got broken down into various patterns within what we know down here as races. And that is the skin color and the eyes and all that stuff was a part of these small genetic arrangements all based in a core raw material. Like saying it's all made of the same stuff you know, God source energy. If I'm looking at DNA as a raw material and looking at all 12 strands of the harmonic represented, the colors the sounds the movement patterns the little shapes around them. Looking at the DNA like this and then seeing that they were little pieces that were plucked out, and that was spread among 12 main tribes within the peoples in these bodies. And those with this purpose would come in and we would re-assimilate these patterns through various incarnations, by choosing to be in connection and to live in these various cultures and bodies. And they all had a different sort of harmonic tone, but they were all one in the same at the same time.

So this 12 tribe seeding has a special relevance or connection to your being through having consciousness memory of synthesizing those patterns through the harmonic tones in this way, by using these strings and playing these strings. And that seeding and someone is saying the third seeding, so it was the third time. And I want to say laying the template of that or the plan of that, of the re-assimilation of DNA pattern code to create this universal pattern body. And how to do it without having the being hurt them selves, it's like I'm really seeing that emphasis and it has to do with that expertise you have. The synthesis of these strings, the best thing I could describe is it has a consciousness technology attached to it that you have. And that allows a blending merging ability with the DNA to move into different strings without hurting itself, as weird as that sounds.

Masculine DNA and Feminine DNA merging

So now what it feels like to me is that as this part of yourself has become merged this is the part of you that became merged with you. So meaning that this orientation or understanding was probably always there as a part of your being, but now I'm seeing that this extra layer of your God-Self is able to perform this at a new level for sure. It's an absolutely new level of harmonically arranging the DNA through these sound tone patterns, which are again these strings or these sub-harmonics that are coming through the various levels of the DNA so the DNA can actually merge. What is very interesting about this is that DNA also has masculine and feminine, and I know as has been mentioned before that that Amalgamation Template was about masculine and feminine merging. And now I'm seeing that this template, the purposes of this are very much related and based in DNA. Meaning that there is a DNA masculine principle and there is a DNA feminine principle, and these are the DNA letters that have to merge. This is another level of understanding sacred union and intermarriage that has to happen by the synthesis of masculine and feminine principle, and all the way down to the particle physics.

So the base code of the DNA there are 12 of those, and there are 12 of the acceleration codes, that are male. So the male and female DNA codes which are merged through what's known as the Cellular Alphabet of those fire letters. Okay, they are saying that was why it was important for you to go back to the place on the planet, where the cellular alphabet was unplugged. I guess that was Saqqara. So understanding when we were in that area of the earth we were experiencing through the galactic super highway and whatever was being set up for us as consciousness, to be there to fulfill what we're here to fulfill. Is that it was at that particular timeline that the cellular alphabet and the fire letters of the DNA were scrambled and removed. So this is like saying those discordant tone patterns were replaced so that our music, our DNA music could not be played in scale. And that scale then shrunk and it was like we were destined now to play two notes. It was like we had this whole orchestral movement and now all the sudden we have two notes. Like dee-dee, dee-dee and those are our notes now.

So when we went back into that point in time and we came back into the future, it's like saying we went to the point where the DNA was unplugged and scrambled in the cellular alphabet level. And a big part of that was the split between the masculine and feminine. Because again these fire letters that are needed in the cellular alphabet to activate the male DNA and the female DNA is critical. If those tones aren't there, if they cannot fuse if they cannot merge they don't. And that is of course a part of the purpose of why they scrambled the DNA, which was a part of removing not just morphogenetic fields and blueprints that were responsible for projecting our DNA and physical matter, meaning the tones and the refractions of our light and what we had available to us here. But they obviously did it to the planet, they did it to us, it was a huge event.

Nibiru and Wormwood

So it's like we went to the point in time where that event occurred... and I am hesitating say this. I'm just going to check. And we erased it. Somehow we erased it and we brought it back into the future. So I don't know how that's going to work. Okay, when we went into this wormhole we went to the time space in the grid where the cellular alphabet of human DNA, planetary DNA was actually reversed. And I see it going all the way up into United Kingdom this was into the 11th gate, and it was controlled at the 11th gate. I'm seeing that at the 11th gate level, the situation with the ballast between Nibiru and Wormwood, you know the entities that are controlling those stellar body projections, had a trajectory that was moving in a certain pattern along with our solar system. They wanted to do these harmonics they needed these harmonics.

So I'm seeing that not only were they attempting to get those harmonics. I would say that was the primary objective and they didn't care what that did to us. But it's an interesting perception to see that, because you go okay why did they put reversals in the DNA pattern on purpose. But I'm actually seeing that they reversed the DNA pattern and they sent this field, so it's like seeing a field of strings, they sent the field of strings through a grid network and it went into the 11th dimensional Stargate. And when it did it created a trajectory pattern that secured the stellar bodies of some artificial bodies, and I think this is Nibiru and Wormwood. I am seeing like a seesaw and on the seesaw I've got two bodies, but I know they're not real they are like artificial I don't know what they. I think this is something to do with the Wormwood thing, which was like an artificial thing they put together. I don't know what the purpose of that is exactly. But I'm seeing that the reversal of these tones in our planet were actually used, I didn't know they were usable. But I'm seeing they used them.

And when they did this it allowed their planet and the structure they created, I don't know if it is their reality? I'm not sure what it's representing, but what I understand is it's almost like it became parasitic to us. I'm seeing it as if a giant octopus through out its tentacles as it was sinking into the abyss and hung onto us, meaning our planet. That's what it looks like. It's like they falsely parasitized us, meaning they connected to our solar system. They connected to our universe? It's weird I'm seeing solar body, solar body. They connected to the solar body of our planet and the planets in the trajectory around our sun and when they did this, it was parasitic. Meaning because it wasn't organic to this creation our solar system and the sun, meaning it was manipulated by them as beings, to connect to a trajectory. Because I'm seeing the movement of an orbit it's an orbit that's what it is. It's an orbit around the sun they connected to our orbit and when they connected to our orbit they got an energy supply. And that's why they did it.

They somehow were able, like tentacles and etheric cords to project a structure through these etheric cords that would falsely stick itself to our orbit. And when they did that it changed the movement of the pattern that was organic for us, meaning our planet's alignment to the sun changed, our planet's alignment to other planetary bodies changed, holy crap. Okay so this piece is what really ruined our Stargates. Because what happened is the natural portal systems that were connected through this elaborate architecture of the universe, understanding that stellar bodies, planets, stars all of these have an architecture in them selves. So when they stuck themselves, and it's weird I'm seeing it as sticky, almost like a tentacle that's wrapped itself like a parasite or a leach onto something and it became burrowed like a tic. It's like saying the structure of this thing that is connected to our planet and to our solar system became embedded like a tic. Meaning that it just got deeper and deeper infiltrated and it's infiltrating our planet, it's infiltrating all these levels. It's not just our planet the whole solar system is not in alignment in its appropriate orbit because this thing literally came and latched on to us. And I don't know where the heck it came from? I don't know what that's about.

Consumers of Suns, Solar Bodies

But it's like seeing it literally, like a consciousness and beings that were existing in some kind of reality, that I certainly can't understand at this level of my brain. They existed, they needed an energy source they needed life. They looked for a sun and they found one. Oh my God. Okay so I'm seeing that these are the consumers of suns. So it's like understanding the solar body is the soul body of various entities. So it's like understanding everything has consciousness the heart of our planet the heart of our solar system, the heart of the universe all of this is living sentience. And it all revolves around the power source and I'm seeing that as the sun. The sun is the projected collective soul bodies, meaning this sun is our consciousness, all of us are suns we're all suns. And those of us that are down here in these universal bodies attempting to reunite ourselves with our Creator so that we can become solar deities, we can be the sun. I'm seeing that we are the sun, we are the sun of God we are that body. This thing came and leached onto our body, at multiple levels of micro-macro relationship. When they did it changed everything it messed up all of our Stargates, which are in our personal body represented as chakras. And those alignments to the planetary bodies of our solar system that were our body, then were knocked off their orbit they were not in alignment. And I'm seeing that's what happened to Egypt. The alignment of the pyramids, were aligned exactly to these coordinated points of our solar system. When they came in and changed this, it moved the body of the earth degrees off from where it could actually connect.

So literally a lot of us down here that are doing grid work what we have been assigned to do and are agreeing to do, is to... this is why we need these inner hub gates and these systems that we are building between ourselves and our star families. Is that these gateways and connectors of frequency and consciousness fields were not in circuit with us, were not in alignment to us for this reason. So now is the time apparently where we are attempting to reconnect ourselves to our source energy from all of this damage that has occurred. What I'm understanding with this is that you're working with Spanner gate. So since you came back from Egypt and this has grown and evolved and expanded as a part of your physical identity. This aspect of your God-Self has connected to you and now is evolving to bring more of this gift, healing, connection to the planet through you, through your body. Getting your body acclimated and able to work with these synthesized patterns of making a universal body, through what you know in DNA. Meaning that this is part of your higher consciousness is a part of your God-Self that works with these harmonic tone patterns that literally sews the DNA together. But not like Frankenstein sewing body parts together, this amalgamation template you have does something that allows the tonalities of these patterns to be synthesized in such a way that the harmonics are returned to the entity, the being, the individual that is undergoing this.

The word that keeps coming is the re-assimilation pattern. But that doesn't feel right, it's not being assimilated by anything, it's not being consumed by anything, it's being literally rehabilitated back into its solar deity form. This alignment to the sun pattern where the solar body, which at this level is representative of our connection into the God source, this allows that pattern to occur. It allows us to connect back in that way. This is happening I think through you're being, through whatever healing modalities with your one-on-one or group practice, as well as the planet now because of the logos relationship.

Polarian Sun and Polarian Gate

So I'm seeing that there is I don't know, wow, there is another sun in Polaris. And the Polaris sun and our sun are connecting in these hub gates. For some reason there's something important about, I think this is why at one point I'd seen two suns and didn't quite understand what that was about. It was like seeing two suns one at a 45° angle, and that sun aligning with us. And I understood that second sun that I was seeing in our solar or universal body in the orbit, was representative of the Christ Consciousness. And that was when I really understood Oh, the son of God is literally a sun. Meaning it is a sun body. And I understood that as that sun body was aligning to what we see with our physical eyes on this sun, now I'm understand why our sun that we see on this planet is phantom. The reason why it's phantom is because we have this elaborate octopi hanging off our solar system, sucking it dry, killing it basically. They are killing our sun they are sucking it dry. However it's been connected or needs to be connected, it is not.

In a sense I'm really understanding this now from yet another level of crisis management. We're down here on a mission trying to align the suns back so they can create an exchange. Now I'm understanding more about the seed in the sun and the permanent atom of that being imploded on itself, because they're sucking it out from the other side. They are literally, it's like seeing this vacuum just sucking that thing out from our sun. And that became a phantom sun because it couldn't regenerate itself again it's not connected to the source supply where it can orbit itself with its natural connection. And this is because of this tentacle thing, it's taken our sun out of alignment it's taking everything out of alignment. So we can't connect to where we need to go to create a universal supply of source energy for everybody, which is really what we should have and what it was designed to be.

So on the Polarian Gate and Polaris is some kind of sun. And you are apparently, and at this point please only take in what feels right, in this moment what I'm feeling is that when you brought this back and when this piece of you became more active, meaning it's becoming active. Something that was dormant in you that was always there is becoming more active in your physical person. And that amalgamation template of the DNA merging, through the synthesis patterns that you understand in the various strains of the DNA that exists at all of these instruction and blueprint levels, are needed at the Spanner Gate. And the Spanner Gate is the one that is around that area somewhere. They're showing me too that there are tones you picked up, from what I'm seeing as all the Indians and indigenous stuff, meaning all the Tibetan and the Lamas and the Sanskrit and the Anuhazi. I'm seeing all of these cultures and tribal indigenous beings that held sound tone harmonics, this has relevance to you specifically and this gate needs those tones. It needs, there is something happening. Oh I understand, thank you, because the parallel opened.

Fallen History of Parallel Earth Timelines

Okay in July and into September (2010) what we have understood is over the last eight weeks, the fallen history of our parallel earth started to connect here. And when this was happening, meaning we know about the illuminati and the manipulated agendas and all of that. There was an attempt and it's not over yet it's still going on it's going to go on for a while. Okay, so what has happened is the fallen parallel gate, it's that thing that was written about in the newsletter recently about the fallen parallels and the history of the Victim-Victimizer and all of this this.

This fallen history is like saying our parallel Earth, that we as beings were originally designed to ascend into the next octave system, was invaded and infiltrated by this tentacle thing that I am seeing that has interrupted the entire orbit of our solar system. When this became invaded, again this is part of these reptilian invasion histories and obviously the story just keeps getting larger. That when these alignments, meaning the intersection opened this timeline into this reality, at the same time beings in our family of consciousness were fast and furiously working on installing new platforms with the Aurora, in creating the Cosmic Cube. So it's like I'm seeing all of this working with the divine schematics of the 144,000 base code and working fast furiously on this. At the same time we're doing this beings with the other agenda are doing their thing. And what they want obviously, this is still the agenda with the phantom matrix crap, meaning they want to invade all of it they want to suck all of it. They're obviously influencing the solar system but it's like they haven't quite consumed all of the planets. It's like they have been systematically in our solar system going to various planetary bodies and attempting to consume them. That's what they're doing.

And when this opened into the alignment with this fallen parallel reality, they started to become aggressive in their agenda. So what we are working on at this time is encoding to our Aurora and Avatar of Ascension field. Which is like saying we've been given an encryption field, we work with an encryption field and based upon whatever our specific and unique configuration is we are working with the Arc Hub Gates. A part of the gates are being built to reconnect these alignments that have been taken off our sun, meaning we are aligning to the Polarian Sun instead of our sun. It's like we're creating gateways that are beyond ancient and beyond description. I don't know how they got there or if they were always there, I'm not sure. But I but I'm understanding that our sun, yeah it's not good. And the Polarian sun, there is a gate that has been opened by our Aurora families in Polaris and there is a sun there. And that sun is connected to the core of God and is a perpetual supply of God source. That sun is connecting to this planet, we're connecting through a gateway that connects to this planet.

And this is our mission I guess now, to work with the harmonic tones to build the stair step DNA ladders that go all the way to Polaris. And to feedback those tones that we need to our family so they can bring it to us. I'm seeing that we also tell them what were missing, like we go and look at something in the architecture of the gate network and we tell them this harmonic is needed. And they go and they find it and then they bring it back to us. I'm seeing that this is definitely a group effort and a larger collective effort. That right now as you are coming more into attunement with the physical personality having a connection to this information at whatever level this is showing up in your life, like I'm saying this is about an embodiment process and becoming comfortable with this. Meaning it's becoming a part of who you are and it's natural and it is just happening. But at the same time I'm seeing that our mission and our role, is these Arc Hub Gates, and the frequency of the Mother Arc of the 13th circuit is the female returning.

Unplugged Female from Earth Core

The female energy that was plucked out, that was a part of when they reversed the DNA pattern, meaning they unplugged the female energy from the core of our earth. That was again a big part of the DNA reversals and the reversal patterns through all of the cellular alphabet, and the fire letters got all wonky and all messed up then. So the return of the mother energy back into the core of our earth, as well as the alignment to the Polaris sun, as well as our families that are here to help us synthesize and work with reconnecting these pieces as they need to be to open. This is where we're going now, we are working with trans-dimensional interfaces. These are beyond all of the harnesses that were creating again bi-forms we're working with tri-forms now, everything is about trans-harmonic trans-dimensional trinity forms. Because we have finally connected the field through Polaris and into the God source which allows us to create a feedback of that supply, that we did not have with our sun.

So I'm now understanding more about when we did this, the major gate pickup was in Seattle. So I'm seeing that when I went to Eceti and I was working with 13th gate hubs, I was actually working a diagonal grid into Seattle. Now I know why that was such an important location. And recently when you went to Seattle you did the same thing, you went and picked up 13th gate encodements to take back to Spanner. So it's like saying you have an appointment with the Guardian's and you're the God-Self and you're guided to be somewhere. And you go there and an exchange occurs and then you've got to take it somewhere else. So I'm seeing that this process of being in Seattle, there is Oh God, there some kind of gateway over there that is a part of the 13th bio-circuit.

Seattle Hub Gate

So that alignment with the 13th Gate and the Mother frequency coming in through Seattle, Seattle is a hub gate with this 13th circuit. So it's like saying somehow it was a connection point that works. We go there and we get that connection and we might be taking it around, at least in this case that's what I'm seeing with you. Is that being in Seattle was important after you embodied this over-soul part of you that has this DNA amalgamation template thing. The structure of it became more embodied in activating you after Egypt because of this event. And I completely and utterly agree with you that there is more power and healing and restructuring DNA that is happening through you as a being, it's coming through your eyes now your eyes are changed, and the forces coming through your body are changing. So again this is about the healing and merging of this masculine and feminine DNA ladder matrixes so that they can fuse together. They need to fuse together to put in that double bonded helix that's needed. With the masculine and feminine split and the feminine not here, this is not possible the DNA is just a damaged.

So we're coming to a point now where it seems that more detail is being given on what we are doing with actual genetic rehabilitation, because that's what this is. This is coming into I think our group fields. We get to, in this case as you're working with sessions, it's like you apply that in practice with a physical being but I'm seeing that this is very large because it's working with gate systems. These patterns of assimilation to the DNA pattern into the universal body through the gate systems is how were rehabilitating it. And it is something that we now on this side, we have tools and we have things that we didn't have before that we can now feedback and have exchanges with our families on the other side, that are a part of working this through the Polarian Gate system. Wow, Thank you thank you, thank you. (question...)

Santa Fe 7th Ray Circuitry

Santa Fe there's a huge amount of seventh ray circuitry there so it makes sense to me. Santa Fe, they said that the 8th gate that comes in from China goes into the core of the earth and comes out on Santa Fe. So I think that there is obviously some kind of circuit there that connects to the core of the universe, the core of the universe and the seventh dimensional circuit. Because again the seventh ray being the last particle ray feminine ray in this in this harmonic universe. Meaning the seventh ray, the violet flame is feminine in principle and what we found out in the last couple years is that our seventh ray was being taken off the planet. We weren't even able to use it, they were reversing it and sending it off to some false Arcturus area. And as we know too the seventh ray is the logos, so connection to the seventh ray is also connection to the Crown Chakra of the earth. Meaning in a sense what we're talking about is logos pattern, all the Crucifixion Implants all the crap, a lot of usurping in the architecture of our planet is all in the logos. They went into the blueprint and usurped it. So for a lot of us working with logos we're going to be hanging out in the seventh ray, and also working with bringing the feminine back here through the Mother, we are going to be working with the seventh ray.

We seem to be attempting, we have been working to bring the female energy here, the God principle of the feminine energy in this planet without the distortions and the stuff that they have done to it here. They completely, I'm really understanding they completely manipulated and interfered with the electron proton balance on our planet. Through the structures that they have been using it changed the whole electron proton structure. It's like saying if we are a creation that is supposed to have proton, which is female principal God particles running around, and they're not here. They're just not here. So for me the seventh ray re-encodement and what the Mother is, the Mother is returning the perfect proton that's what she does. And the perfect proton has the seed of creation in it from God. So however that is being returned to bring the projection that is changing this overall electron over electrified state that kept this in place. This is what the frequency fence is we're understanding Mind Control, mental body, masculine principle. This planet has been enslaved in its masculine principle mental body mind control and this is from this electron distortion.

Going all the way through at the particle physics level our reality is being electrified, there's no proton. And if there's no proton we can't feel, because again it's that whole principle thing, in the masculine principle its mental projection and active force. The female principle is receptive and is again the vertical connection to the higher fields. If we don't have a proton if we don't have vertical fields we cannot connect to our higher consciousness, this is why we have been stuck in the frequency fences of this electron gate. Which then is further manipulated with these systems of mind control that keep us lost in the looping of that mental body. Thank you so much.

Closing: Again I want to send my heartfelt appreciation to you, and to our families, those of us in the Guardian family, God connection and that which is in service to this planet, for freedom and liberation. Again we hold the highest exchange in the living light source. In deep love and gratitude, thank you, thank you, thank you so much. As we seal our field. Please seal our communication and our connection. And so it is. We seal and end our communication. Thank you. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Session 10-13-10]

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