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  • [[File:3foldedstrands.jpg|thumb|Kunda-Ray Sound Current]] ...r [[Breneau]]. The first light manifestations of the [[Emerald Order]] and Blue Flame projected from the God Source field, the Threefold Founder Flame or [
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  • ...ualine blue plasma light to circulate into these areas. As you imagine the blue plasma light swirling throughout your lower body circuitry, Intend to ident
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  • [[Sacred Blue Cow Grid]] (SBC) - Guardian of Blue Ray Family (India - Earth) of the Blue Ray and a part of the [[Threefold Founder Flame]] Aqua Blue Ray of [[Mother Arc]].
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  • ...masculine enforcer, or the [[False King of Tyranny]] held in place by the Blue Flaming Sword of AA Michael. [[Ascension]] and Liberation from this plane r March 2010 Newsletter]
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  • ...e the [[Universal Trinity]], that are projected from the Emerald Order and Blue Flame, Gold Order and Gold Flame, and Amethyst Order and Violet Flame from light manifestation of the [[Emerald Order]] are [[Solar Rishi]] [[Blue Ray]] orders of [[Elohim]] and [[Oraphim]] that direct support to the [[Guardia
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  • ...tos. There are Three Original Primal Order Sound Fields that make up the [[Ray]] Aspects of our entire Universal creation in the [[Universal Time Matrix]] ...y Sun of [[Christos]]. The Universal Trinity is the First Light of the ONE BLUE FLAME in 13D, the Second Light of the ONE GOLD FLAME 14D, and the Third Lig
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  • ==12D Ray== ...Ever Flowing into the expansion of One Source. As we work with this [[12D Ray]] and [[12D Shield]] we reconnect the memory of our [[Silicate Matrix]] Cry
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  • ...teams to help soul groups in the lower densities to correct their [[Violet Ray]] aspects, reclaiming their original etheric identities from the [[Gaian Ma distorted the planetary 7D Violet Ray current. See [[Inverted 7D Violet Ray]].
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  • ...lanetary keys when we activate our [[Inner Christos]] by running the [[12D Ray]], stringing 144 harmonics throughout our [[Lightbody]], otherwise called t ...[[Alien Hybridization]] coding imposed upon angelic humans. The Andromedan Blue Feather and [[Crystal Rose Heart]] coding are another example of how this i
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  • ...tire [[Universal Time Matrix]], it is the first primal sound tone in the [[Blue Flame]] which exists from within the body of [[God]] consciousness. When the [[Emerald Crystal]] is activated with the [[Emerald Ray]] transmission, this begins to grow into extensive Sophianic plasma floweri
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  • ...08, and they were a part of the councils helping to hold Mother Arc [[Aqua Ray]] principle in the core and help to activate the [[Crystal Heart]]s or [[So the [[Seven Higher Heavens]] planes, the intersection is the Aqua Blue Ray (Mother/Father Arc to Rainbow Body Fields to Aqua Suns or [[Seven Sacred Su
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  • ...rnate into the Lyran-Sirian lines that originate from [[Sirius B]], as the blue [[Azurites]] and [[Oraphim]]. The [[Christos Mission|Christos Founder Races ...distort the 6D Indigo pattern and reject the authentic [[Mother Arc]] blue ray transmission.
    7 KB (991 words) - 23:16, 28 May 2021
  • ...rix field. This is the [[Mother Arc]] and her rehabilitation of the [[Blue Ray]] and the [[Sophianic Body]].<ref> ==Former Blue Ray Holder==
    9 KB (1,410 words) - 23:56, 6 November 2019
  • ...hter Codes]]. [[Mother-Sun Codes]] may appear as pale gold with light aqua blue swirling energy. They appear to be proton light seeds that ignite solar bod
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  • ...Arc is the [[Aurora]] Ether, [[Zero Point]] merged with Aquamarine Founder Ray. [[Mother Arc]] is the [[Staff]] frequency and architecture of the [[Arc of reclaim the [[Great White Lion]] grid, for healing the Blue Flame Fallen [[Elohim]], and the Sphinx feline network back into wholeness.
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  • ...when a channeler or person is calling upon receiving [[Archangel Michael]] blue flame frequency, they are actually being bonded to the shadow clones that w ...ers]] and their AI networks of blue sword sorcery to hijack the 6D organic blue wave coding in the [[Indigo]] lineages. <ref>[
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  • ...rfect Proton Seed or Cosmic Egg, along with the braided unification of the blue plasma cores that make up the [[Aqualine Sun]] that creation can heal itsel ...ero Point]] and eternal flame that is merged within the Aquamarine Founder Ray and the [[Arc Zone]]. A quantity of the Cosmic Holy Spirit was transmitted
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  • ...a result of these recent spiritual initiations embodying higher Aqua Blue Ray frequencies, many have experienced a dimensional time shift into the future
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  • ...[[Alien Hybridization]] coding imposed upon angelic humans. The Andromedan Blue Feather and [[Crystal Rose Heart]] coding are another example of how this i ...ment to receive more step-down frequencies of the Cosmic Heart Mother Blue Ray through the [[Aquaferion]] Host network, through which we may experience in
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  • ...dek Lineages]] to which the [[Emerald Order]] are currently transmitting [[Blue Flame]] activations that restore the [[Emerald Sun DNA]] template of the [[ ...oding for [[Christos-Sophia]] and for performing [[Blue Flame Melchizedeks|Blue Flame Melchizedek]] family retrievals.
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