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Abbreviation - APIN is Atlantian Pylon Implant Network.

Threefold Founder Flame

The planetary grid networks were created by Founder Guardian Races of the Threefold Founder Flame and Oraphim which comprise crystalline instruction sets connected to the Godhead of this Universal Time Matrix. (i.e. Great White Lion, Golden Eagle Grid). Guardian Founder APINs reinforce the original Morphogenetic Fields that support the crystalline matrix of the original Diamond Sun DNA of all organic consciousness and planetary life being guided through the evolution process of the Ascension Cycle.

The APIN components are generally linked up using a crystalline-based technology which is like embedding computer microchips into the Earth into a selected format. The Guardians have used them for free-energy systems, climate stabilization, healing, interstellar communications and broadcasting networks.

The APINs were designed in the shapes of creatures based upon the genetics and so extradimensionals could easily identify them from space. In some cases these shapes are representative of the Threefold Founder Flame Creators. It is not a coincidence that many Earth creatures resemble ETs becasue they have the genetic line, such as lions, cats, reptiles, insects, birds, etc. By having a creature extension of themselves on Earth, ET’s have an consciousness and awareness connection line to this planet that is a part of the process of consciousness evolution.


The first APINs were created 5.5 million years ago by advanced Guardian Founder races. The Leonine race created the Great White Lion and the Avian race created it's companion the Golden Eagle Grid to give support to Earth to prevent an evolutionary descent that, left unattended, was a certainty. These benevolent APINs interface with and reinforce, by resonance, the original blueprints underlying all creation. By supporting the Earth's inner morphogenetic structure, and its blueprint, which includes DNA and fire letter codes, these grids correspondingly support the planetary DNA and consciousness of all life on the planet, in particular, aiding the civilization and planet through the ascension cycles.

The philanthropic networks are: the Great White Lion, the Four Pillars of Man Grid, the Sacred Blue Cow Grid and the Golden Eagle Grid. However, the latter two were hijacked by the invader NAA and the Golden Eagle Grid was renamed by them, the White Eagle. The systems controlled by the invader NAA races of ETs are: the Phoenix Grid, Falcon Grid, Serpent Grid, Dragon Moth Grid, Jehovian Grids, NET, NRG Michael-Mary Turnstile Matrix or NDC. All these systems are energized during the ascension cycles every planetary time cycle, 26,556 years, that is, when the mechanics of the ascension process are functioning properly, which hasn't been the case for eight previous time cycles. Some of these global grids, such as the NDC, are activated by artificially applied scalar sonic pulses.[1][2]

The Four Living Creatures are Planet Grid Networks

Four Living Creatures

Great White Lion (GWL) - Guardian of Verticals (Egypt - Water)

Golden Eagle Grid (GEG) - Guardian of Horizontals (Iraq - Air)

Sacred Blue Cow Grid (SBC) - Guardian of Blue Ray Family (India - Earth)

Four Pillars of Man Grid (FPM) - 12 Guardians of Tribal Shield (Easter Island - Fire)

FPM Grid from Lemurian Network

Four Pillars of Man Grid

Founder's Four Faces of Man LPIN is in three sets of the four faces. One full set is an extension of the Earth LPIN connecting higher aspects of Earth: planets Tara and Gaia. The second set is another Four Faces of Man LPIN on parallel Earth, parallel Tara, parallel Gaia, and the third set on Inner Earth and connecting to its higher planets Inner Tara and Gaia. Hence the statement the Guardians of the 12 pillars connected to three sets of four faces and sound pillars. The Four Faces of Man is the most extensive in space time but some of the others have connections to parallel Earth. The Four Faces of Man LPIN (Lemuria Pylon Implant Network) has been referred to as the Guardians of the four corners and 'Angels of the four directions'. Its four heads are anchored in by sound pillars. In recognition of the Founder's creation of the Four Faces of Man, the Easter Island heads were built by ancient Indigo Maji descendants. This LPIN, created between 22,500 BC and 22,326 BC, was designed to restore the 12D blueprint of Earth and prevent fall of Earth into the Phantom Matrix. At the last planetary time cycle, intruder Annunaki raided Earth and prevented this LPIN from activating (during the ascension cycle). Thus it was rescheduled for 2012, began its first activation cycle in 2001 and the final 12th cycle in 2003, bringing the Great Great White Lion and Golden Eagle Grid on line. The Four Faces of Man is designed utilising such high frequencies that the fallen ETs in the NAA can't handle those energies.[3]

GWL Grid, Great White Lion

Great White Lion

Defined for advance HGS session work as: Guardian of Verticals (Egypt – Water). Session Focus is vertical channel openings, reconnection and activation of higher frequency (vertical) light bodies, opening and healing heart complex, emotional/spiritual bodies, Elohim, Feline or Blue Ray Genetic healing, Female Principle healing. Water Element emphasized.

GEG Grid, Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle Grid

The Golden Eagle Grid was taken over and named the White Eagle and combined with the Jehovian Grids. [4]

Sadly, the Archangel Michael Matrix is a mind control broadcast and biological weapon used to track and hunt spiritually awakening Indigos, which is designed to transmit artificial frequencies that reverse the fire letters so that the Christos DNA template is distorted.

This area is the most prominent to institute False Michael sightings and broadcast usurped channeling into the Golden Eagle Grid Network. It also has circulatory system linked to Giza at the 4D Astral Plane gate level and others.

Update: Electrical Peak 2021 See Solar Anointing of Michael.

SBC Grid, Sacred Blue Cow

Blue Oxen Grid

The Blue Oxen ('Sacred Cow')[1] was installed in 22,500 BC covering the whole of India, which was a specialized interplanetary network and runs on 12D Ray current. Its specialized feature allows Earth to connect to a different time matrix, and this process is called the Trans-Harmonic Time Cycle to enable Earth to enter a different time continuum, preventing it from being drawn into the Phantom Matrix.See Sacred Blue Cow Grid.

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Global Grid Systems and Mass Mind Control by Noel Huntley, Ph.D. (January, 2006)


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 86