Starseed Generals

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Many of the advanced races in our system were unable to know the difference between these artificial timelines and got caught in phantom pockets of AI reality systems, unable to move out of them. Through the ongoing insertion of stacks of booby-trapped AI Timelines, there was a slow and gradual infection that went undetected. The use of incredibly advanced quantum entanglement Alien Machinery technologies was largely misunderstood by many other star races, who did not comprehend the alien cube clone warfare dynamics playing out on Earth. See Looking Glass.

Additionally, some Starseeds were Generals in this Galactic War and were assigned as the groundcrew which were required to learn very quickly, how to become psychological warfare experts while in the midst of the sophisticated ongoing divide and conquer and Confusion tactics, that are the basis of targeted spiritual warfare. This has been one of the roles of ES community, to study the macrocosm patterns of the NAA’s mind control programming by observing the functions of these advanced beast machine technologies and alien cube networks. These technologies are controlling the brains and mind matrices of the alien hybridized power elites, and being used to lure many of the asleep humans towards the acceptance of mainstream satanism, through implanted thought streams of artificial light and sound technologies and holographic overlays of cloned identities. One cannot observe these artificial archetypal patterns in the macrocosm until these same mind control patterns are identified as running in the individual ego-personality, and ultimately eradicated. The effort must be made to clear out these negative behaviors from controlling our perceptions in the process of developing self-awareness. Without this Negative Ego training, one is blinded to the dark manipulation of higher sensory input by these same anti-human forces and easily falls into their sophisticated Mind Control operations, becoming a Dark Portal pawn in service to those anti-Christ groups who want to eradicate the original angelic human template from this Universe.

Andromedan Council, Tri-Matrix of Krystal Star

Many of the Krystal Guardians affiliated with the Andromedan Councils and the Tri-Matrix of Krystal Star were not experienced as strategic war generals with advanced training in AI based targeting technologies. This required first getting past the blank slating and consciousness sweeps of military grade psycho-emotional warfare and direct thought stream implantation, in order to see what had happened in our past as a result of NAA invasion. Sourcing the invasion from a neighboring fallen Universal system, revealed the source of the infection as a result of AI hybridization that generated stacks of fallen phantom-based realities, allowing a glimpse into the far advanced future timelines. More specifically, the artificial timelines of those fallen races that had chosen to decimate multiple civilizations filled with living species on their quest for immortality, by existing in the Godless worlds of Artificial intelligence. [1]

Emerald Covenant

Emerald Covenant

Simultaneously, the Emerald Covenant supports the Paliadorian Covenant, which is the eternal promise given to angelic humanity that were originally seeded upon Tara, that their spiritual family will not remain trapped in time and eventually will ascend in order to be returned back to their original spiritual home in the God Worlds. Unfortunately, the extremely advanced AI cube reversal clone technologies and the Wesa entities that are using them, enslave and manipulate the Annunaki and Fallen Angelic lineages as strategic warfare tools designed to explicitly target humans for genetic and spiritual destruction. These groups have acted as Solar Dragon Michael Usurpers, for the purpose of manipulating Awakening humans and routing them into false Channelings and artificial frequency initiations designed to distort the 6D Indigo pattern and reject the authentic Mother Arc blue ray transmission.


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