Working on Trinitized Forms for Templating Sacred Union

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Themes: Day of Maji, working on trinitized forms, working on particle level masculine feminine merge, templating unions, holding staff while counterpart on the other side is retrieving parts from GEG, he is getting moved which is effecting how they connect, seeing how many layers are involved in the alchemy, making it impossible to tell what is going to happen in multiple fields, working with dimensional correspondences.

Opening: We are memorializing our session here today on February 11th, today is the day of the Magi, which is generally the day of esoteric truths being revealed or being magnified into certain probable understandings of what will be created in the matrix. So today is the day of the Magi and both positive and negative forces use these energies to propagate certain directional fields that influence consciousness and the reality itself. So again we are consecrating and dedicating this space to the services of God, the services of one and the services of Christ through the unity vow. We ask beloved God please open all light fibers within our Avatar and God-Self so that we may consciously participate in this moment of self to be fully contained and dedicated to the purposes, which serve God, as we endeavor to be the knower of God to then be the way shower of God.

We ask our defenders of truth, sovereignty and liberation our Guardian and founder races that serve the one. What I'm feeling with you is an Ascended Master race lineage coming through to assist in the councils of light, which have guided us through other space time and multiple lifetimes, which seem to be converging into a focal point now. Again beloved's thank you. We ask here and now to fortify our communication links, spiritual links and to gate keep that which is our mutual highest purpose and actualization in service to the one light source. We ask that our missions our templates, that which influences the planet, our community our stewardship to be unified in the Cosmic Crystal Principle that serves the oneness and unity intelligence fields. Beloved Mother please breathe the living light into all created form and into our form. We state our mutual purpose as one here and now to be resurrected from any inorganic, artificial or illusion pattern into that which is truth, the integrity of the organic living light. To that we say beloveds, thank you thank you thank you.

Again as we pose the question, we're asking in terms of what to put within the container and that which brings full conscious participation into this moment of self-awareness, which feels to be about participation with genetic prototyping on unity and twin soul arrangements. I'm going to ask the councils which serve this being, in which she is a part and claimed within those Ascended Master lineages to be brought forth with clarity and oneness. Again with Guardian and Founder support we ask that which is in full clarity and intention of service in this moment of self and that which is appropriate for all parties involved up to this point, in terms of all work spiritually, energetically and through the prototyping of the bodies to be assisted into their highest capacities in this moment of self in this moment of time.

Balance Core Density Templates

Okay I'm supposed to set some kind of grid that allows a proper proportion of phasing within our connection here today. So again beloveds as we ignite Krysthala forms and Christ code forms, we are creating a container and structure that contains you, myself and our families through which to exchange the highest vibrations of spark unit generation, through the phasing that allows perpetual energy supply in our relationship with God's eternal architecture, God's eternal house the eternal life expression of Christ. We ask that each precise alignment that holds our templates our bodies, our work in the angles that fully align to the neutral blend zero point and the appropriate co-resonant relativity points between these energies to be brought into complete organic template to our first causal creation vibration. I'm going to ask that any core density template or mutation which has been created through the processes of the development of the sequences of these templates that are genetically altered and created in this being and the Council's projects, to be brought into the natural Christ code structure of first creation. And to set energetic balance in the core density templates of the various levels of this work, and again this work has included templates, merkabas and alignments.

So what I am understanding first is that a part of this process that you have been undergoing and have been related to originally, is constantly changing. So it's like saying at certain points in time space there are things that are relative, that change later. And as we know we keep getting upgraded into changes based on the changing fields and how the time space fields intersect and dissolve. And a lot of this is unforeseen. One of the things that has been very helpful for us to understand is that a lot of the pieces that we are revealing moment to moment, are pieces that were unseen in the detail, until it is seen. So a lot of the times those of us in the physical realm or in other realms, when we look to the higher realms or we can connect to these higher realms, meaning higher dimensional places of octave within the universal type structure, we're thinking or believing sort of erroneously, that that next level has full and complete omniscience into what levels can be seen in the hidden spaces.

And one of the problems apparently that is being explained to us, which has been a part of what has constantly changed your mission and created consistent upgrades and changes and shifts with the probabilities and with the work that has been done, is around spaces that have been considered Phantom or disconnected from certain parts of the grid. It's like the grid has a hole in it and it can't be read until that particular intersection in time space actually occurs. Because we're human and we're in the physical we actually are the only beings at this point in the universal grid structure, that have the ability to get into the inter-dimensional elevator and from this physical density be able to view every octave from this position. And the reason why is because we're in the densest place of the octave system. It's like saying we have beings and co-participants in our evolution and a lot of these are our families, our councils and they exist in other time spaces. They have certain views that are more expansive than us and they have certain views where they don't have the information. And they don't have the information until it actually is revealed in the tangible manifest in some ways, meaning that the actual thing whatever it is becomes condensed into physical matter and therefore physicalized through the field in some way. And then it's actually viewed and seen and participated with, through the various angles they can then trace, of where that thing came from. Wow, this is a very interesting and is helping me as well.

Collapse of Octaves in Dimensions

They're basically saying that there are certain components that can be seen in the architectural fields and there are certain components that are a bit of a mystery, or a wildcard. So as we go through intersections like we do, because a part of Ascension is the collapsing of octaves or realities that have existed in other time spaces, the membranes dissolve and the energy start fusing together and the harmonics of that space changes. So as an example is say you've got three dimensions where there are three different realities and timelines and identities, whatever you want to call this in that space. But it is an actual thing, there is a reality, there is an existence going on there. And these three realities have an intersect and energetically that intersection changes all three of those realities completely. Those realities will never be the same they are completely changed now because now they are fused into a mixture of the energies alchemically that have mixed within those three units. So they're explaining to us that like alchemy this is happening at so many different levels of complexity in the fields, that it's almost impossible to predict exactly, like X is going to happen at X time.

And so there have been parts of us working on projects in the field that are supportive of the Ascension timeline. And I'm understanding that the project that you have been working on has had some seventh dimensional correspondences from lineages and relationships that are close to your heart, that have a lot to do with reconfiguring Divine Mother frequencies, and changing the particle ray structure of the seventh ray and the Violet flame. So it's like saying planet Earth in this physical density, we know all the hoopla with the logos, the Violet flame, and what went on here. The crucifixion implants in the seventh dimension where the Violet flame exists and basically understand that seventh dimension of the Violet flame is the female principal at its highest particle emanation in this universe. So it's the highest particle in the solid universe. And we have been, as part of the Melchizedek family, mixing in vibrational octaves into that particle ray, because that particle ray has been siphoned and stolen and all the stuff that's gone on. It's like saying this part of the pranic life force of planet Earth is being redistributed to nonhuman beings that are taking advantage of us and taking advantage of this planet. And therefore the planet is depleted, it doesn't get the kind of energy that it would use for growth or nourishment or the well-being of the humans down here that are part of that consciousness.

7th Particle Ray Repair

So you have been working with councils specifically that are responsible for the circuitry and the circulatory systems on this plane, meaning planet Earth, the various consciousness fields of the seven layers of the solar planes. And where these energies are distributed back and forth, because this has correspondence beyond planet, but we also know the result of what's happened here. So it's a multidimensional project and it's very complex but mostly concerned with understanding all of these complexities around the seventh particle ray and how this is being repaired. Because they took the seventh ray Violet Flame and the organic tributaries of that energy for planet Earth and the Stargate systems that are supposed to conduct those areas, such as Lake Titicaca, Mount Shasta, Charleston South Carolina, and Santa Fe. These are areas where certain circulatory systems of this Violet Ray energy was coming through and it seems that a part of the Canadian lines are parts that precede this.

Mary Magdalene Essene and Cathar Line

Because I feel again you have Cathar, you are on a Cathar line and there's something about where you are. You on a Cathar line and that Cathar line gives you encodements that were from that lineage, which I'm understanding was Mary Magdalene Essene. All of the divine feminine Mother energies and frequencies and esoteric levels of information. Understanding from the female everything is birthed. And these holders these light holders of esoteric wisdom and that information were obviously attempting to hold that for the planet, in the midst of patriarchal domination being implemented by these draconian controllers. So there are definitely dark histories about attempting to keep it on the planet. Because as we know we have to get it embodied, we've got to get it embodied, get it in the physical. And this is why they seek us out and have in past cycles killed us and massacred us, because they don't want this on the planet. And it has to physically embody to be here. So if somebody's not on the planet in human form keeping this alive, on the planet in a human body they can eradicate it, it just ceases to exist in the consciousness.

Template for Twin Ray

So I'm understanding we have had, I'm am talking about you and I because we've had some similar lifetimes around this, where we are incarnating just trying to keep it in the body until we can get to the end of the cycle so we could to work on this. So I'm understanding that through the principle of the seventh ray there has been work that you are doing on templating with the twin soul arrangement, meaning the masculine and the feminine energies in merge at that level. So what I'm understanding is that the core bodies have changed. It's like saying when this sort of process was there, and it started long before March 2009. I'm not sure when exactly it started, but I'm trying to say that this was something that was happening whether it was conscious or unconscious. It was already in the works prior to him leaving the planet. And it was about not only working with the seventh ray energy but working with octaves and the electrical system, that are about the masculine principle being able to meet that level.

Because again it's like saying we are able to heal by creating the third field. So what has happened on our planet and how they've done things like siphon off the seventh ray, is they create a bipolar wave. So I'm understanding the two of you were about working a pathway harmonically to the seventh ray energy levels to create the third field encodement patterns in the ray structure up to that point. So it's like saying you cannot jump from the second dimension to the seventh, meaning that you have to go through each of the harmonics of the dimensions to re-template and create this pathway. Creating these sets of three, these trinitized forms and understanding you're resetting the electron balance, the proton balance. And the rotation of these two fields expand out a third field from the fission fusion event of that male-female merge. So it truly is understanding that union, even at the particle level is going on in order to actually manifest this on multiple levels. Not just the inner part of our being but the outer part of our being too.

And what has been the most difficult and frustrating part is not having the physical manifestation of this represented to you as it goes on. It's like you're working on it where the masculine counterpart is on the other dimensional side and you are here. And I'm seeing that there is a braiding, a frequency hitting multiple harmonic threads that are necessary in order to build literally something like a DNA helix ladder, because it's a fission and fusion of masculine DNA and feminine DNA. So everything is in male-female principles and I'm seeing multiple correspondences in the genetic alignment in the templating that has been going on.

Now there is some difficulty with this because when certain levels expanded in the masculine fields, meaning the base electrical patterning that you were using has now got to be changed. The pattern through which that union could be accomplished at its original intention point is not possible, because another intersection, another dissolution and another massive alchemy of those multiple dimensions has shifted the entire foundational structure now. So it's like what I was speaking of earlier, about when the three dimensions intersect and crash with each other and now they are forever changed. This has happened to you several times in the process of building these alignments. But at the same time I'm seeing that they create bridges and what seems to be a potential reality bridge, that is being archived for later use.

So it's absolutely not about a waste of time it's actually templating that's being used, will be used in an archival pattern. I'm seeing the archival pattern being cataloged or something, it's definitely together and it's been archived it's being collected it's not something that's being lost in the field.

So now I'm seeing this part, I am going to ask if they can clarify, is this a monad? Okay, so parts of the male and parts of the female that are monadic in nature, meaning the monad part is in a process of fusing or being released. It's like what I'm seeing is this if this makes any sense. The part of your male that left this plane in March, he went to a time space that now he can't, that space cannot exist at the way it was at the time he positioned and left. And parts of him that were somewhere else have to be reclaimed and re-collected, because you have actually superseded his evolutionary capacity, of where he is spiritually in his body vibrationally. He can't match you where you are now. It's like saying he was spun off out of the place where he was and he's now in a process somewhere else, claiming parts of him that have been used and impaled.

And I'm going to say when we came down here we did not know the extent of the infection in the matrix. It's like saying parts of us, parts of soul bodies, parts of Monad bodies got sucked into reversal systems or into other black hole or dead spaces. What I'm seeing is he's going through, in his time space, a retrieval of pieces of his monad extensions that have been stapled and impaled in various systems that are no longer going to be rehabilitated. So it's like saying originally when we came down here we tried to rehabilitate certain systems. The original Ascension plan was we would merge this planetary body in its etheric template with the fifth dimensional parallel. This is no longer happening because it cannot happen. So okay now we have got to change our plan, now I'm seeing the same thing.

Masculine Principle Rod, GEG, Seraphim

The Golden Eagle Grid is a consciousness grid with Seraphim genetics, winged being genetics, angelic's, Fallen Angelics all got stuck on this thing. So you have this consciousness grid and it represents a part of the consciousness of beings that are making up that group field, parts of your mate are stapled to the field. That consciousness grid is a part of planet Earth and is a part of the Rod function of planet Earth. When the controllers and negatives started to infiltrate the Stargates and consciousness spaces, this is one of the grids they infiltrated. Which means they use it to siphon off reversal systems and what's known as black magic grids that are used by Antichrist or those types of agendas and purposes so it fuels their systems.

He is in a process and somebody is in a process with him, meaning there is more than one, it's a collective consciousness piece. It has something to do with the shifting over of the rod function of planet Earth. Again the male principle is the Rod, the female principle is the Staff. In order to be in physical alignment with this on planet Earth in the physical, this construct of light body, because it's a part of us it's micro-macro. Meaning it's a part of planet Earth and it's in our body at the same time. In order for us to be embodied in rod and staff in physical that structure has got to exist in us.

I see that right now his incarnation on the planet cannot include the rod function. It's either prototyping and attempting to do this so that it can be met, because I don't see that it's over yet. We have had a shift on planet Earth where the controller agenda infiltrated a part of the masculine principle that was responsible for changing the electron and manipulating the archetypes of the male consciousness on this planet. So when we understand the male consciousness and the principle of the male is much more than thought forms, it is particle structures, it's how the electron rotates. It's like saying the electron consciousness has changed in order for the rod function to be embodied on planet Earth.

Rod Function of Michael Family

Originally this was the Michael consciousness and that consciousness was holding the rod function of planet Earth. We know all the stuff that happened with Michael and the infiltrations that went on there. And part of that was a very complex system called the Nephilim Reversal Grids, because Michael consciousness had a lot of Nephilim hybridization in it. So it meant that a part of the plan of the Christ and the Melchizedek was to create hybridized forms so that we could heal a lot of this errant hostile consciousness that is disconnected from source. They are unable to rehabilitate themselves or understand or experience themselves as a part of that.

So a part of the hybridization was the effort to try to heal this consciousness that had been disconnected. At the same time it presented a lot more challenges for us, because this hostile warring consciousness also became more and more infiltrated in the pattern of our planet.

So I'm understanding that the Rod function and the changing of the male electron and the various merkabas that are built to control how those spins work, because it means that to be in unity, to be in balance between male-female, there's so many different correspondences in the particle fields that have to meet in order for the chemical process to happen. Because what I'm really seeing is it's very similar to if an electrical catalyst came to the crystal sand at the beach, it creates glass, it fuses it together into a crystalline structure. And I'm seeing that alchemy happens when the polarities are unified, there is another effect, there is another chemical process that happens.

Now what I'm understanding is that pieces of the monad, the monad being defined as the seventh, eighth and ninth dimensional layers of the consciousness. So it's understanding each of our bodies have three layer of correspondences and I'm seeing layers of correspondence that were not necessarily thought of as needed our maybe weren't needed at the time. This is that hard thing, of what came first the chicken or the egg. Was it always there? This is so mind-boggling to try to figure out in linear sequences and in our moment of now what is the time field in terms the opportunity of the moment.

So all I can describe is that the changing field has changed the structure considerably, and it's consistently changing. And this makes it extremely difficult to impossible to impart a direct date or time, in terms of what will manifest. It's almost like I'm seeing that there is that wildcard and that sometimes, literal manifestations are not known until they show up in the physical. It's literally like they don't know what it's going look like.

Recollecting Monadic Parts

So in this case what I'm understanding is that your counterpart, in this moment of time, is seemingly retrieving and I want to say fusing or assimilating parts of his bodies that have been somewhere else, and this is understanding multiple extensions of stations of identity that are somewhere else. So a part of your soul extension and a part of your monad extension is in XYZ he's over and XYZ, getting that part and fusing it back together and it doesn't feel like an easy process.

I don't understand this either this has been said before, but for some reason it's easier and faster for you in the physical human realm, even though it's as slow as snot down here. We feel so slow and lumbering in the density here, but there is something from your position in human density that makes it so that you can do this faster than he can. The way the field correspondences work at those levels, they are not as effective in their quickness, so to speak. It's odd but understanding that down here it can happen quicker if you're corresponding to it and participating with it, rather than him on his side.

So I've understood that there has been this kind of projection towards you with the burden of holding all of this, which is overwhelming. But at the same time I can see why that was done, because if you could from this level of human consciousness work with these patterns, you could do it in lightning speed in comparison to what could be done on the other side. So I'm seeing that there has been some interference on this. The beings involved in this are attempting to make a sincere effort, I mean I don't feel maliciousness. Their have been attempts to thwart it and manipulate it, but at the same time overall I'm truly sensing and feeling that certain higher levels actually understand the difficult challenge that presents in being a human being with this kind of responsibility or workload. I mean it's definitely a very difficult and challenging role to play in the overall piece here.

Genetic Prototyping Male-Female Unity

But I'm seeing that it is a part of the genetic prototyping that allows the change between the masculine and feminine particle to be rehabilitated or moved into the new base structures, that are attempting to be implemented in the fields at this time, which has to do with the change of architecture. It's like saying our logos our planetary brain is invaded, the architecture of the planet is invaded and because of that it cannot conduct and exchange with the third field. Which means in the state the planet is in right now true union cannot exist, because we can't be in that field without the architecture, without the God field present.

So there are levels of coming into male and female relationship, but the ultimate goal and nature of what we are trying to achieve is not just the physical correspondence of that. It's truly the fission and fusion of the DNA patterns of the male and female and how that changes the electron proton structure and allows the third field of neutron to be created. And these are at this time attempting to be birthed in the planet.

So in this moment of time with the structure of the planet the way it is, the structure that would support him returning isn't here yet. Because if he came at this time he would not be able to fulfill that piece, it's like he can't hold the station that he's in right now. The rod function that would match the staff in order to make the rod and staff, and the unity template and the merkaba, that's got to hold the bodies in that template in this physical world. It's not here yet. And I'm understanding that is a Crystal Correspondence that's even beyond the seventh, eighth and ninth layer of the monad. And I'm seeing the body has almost folded in on itself and right now this is a part of what's happening on planet Earth.

In March (2011) even though we don't really know what this is going to look like, this is the unity field correspondence that is supposed to bring the support to this union architecture and to the planet so it can be held here. I've been seeing over the last weeks and this is a relative part of creating union with the rod and staff alignments, which come from the Crystal Correspondences based at the 13th and 12th layer. So it's like saying the male energy that has been electrified, this is what the reversal fields or the Metatronic reversal fields have done to the masculine consciousness on this planet. They have electrified it and reversed the actual structure, it's inorganic it's artificial. If he came in right now he would be still be in the artificial inorganic phasing of his masculine energy.

So what I'm seeing is that there is a support platform that is being created and gridded, in order for these unions to be manifested down here. They're still not manifesting down here because they can't. The Mother Arc which is the 13th dimensional aquamarine spectrum is a part of understanding cosmic heart and Mother energy that is beyond this universe. We had to go beyond this universe in order to bring higher octave's that went beyond the problems that we have in the structure here. I'm seeing that we have the vertical alignments with the staff, which is what Mother Arc is. This is what the Mother Arc gates are, these various parts of the planet that are starting to prototype what's known as Diamond Heart transmissions. These transmissions include instruction sets for merkabic vehicles to be aligned in unity. So what I'm also understanding is those mekabic vehicles are our aura. Everything that is a living structure has a merkaba field, or a broken one.

Electron Reversal and Masculine Distortion

We've been basically understanding that our merkaba is our inter-dimensional travel vehicle. It's also our wings and that when the Controllers electrified the electron and did what they did to the masculine energies on the planet, it created the distorted masculine thought forms and the Patriarchal Domination, but it also created an electrical fence around the planet. This is what the frequency fence is it's created by the electrical distortion of the male fields of the male principle. The electron is over electrified it's not in balance with the female proton. It created like a static fence very much like a barbed wire electrical fence in a prison, you hit it and you get electrocuted. So we still have that going on and on the planet.

And a part of the basis of how they have electrified the fence is using male energies down here, and a part of Michael consciousness and the 11-11 base, was being used to fuel these systems. The male energy must come to a 12-12 base electrical format to meet with the female 13-13. So the 13-13- and 12-12 apparently, that's understanding what Mother and Father Ark is. Father Ark has just been birthed through Mother Arc. And I'm understanding it's through her that this field has been merged or created. And I'm just starting to see that's what the Diamond Heart transmission is. Finally we have the first cause primal light field off the God core, Mother Father Arc. It's magenta and turquoise aquamarine light, they are fusing together and that is their creation. And that creation is the merkaba, it's the crystal field it's the crystal spiral, it's the thing that brings the unity together. And this unity merkaba system is starting to hopefully emanate, because I'm understanding it's just starting. But I'm also feeling lots of wildcards and unknowns with what that's going to look like, in terms of what that manifests as.

Trinitized Form of Monadic Mating

So as this is moving forward, what I can extrapolate in terms of the guidance that I'm getting on this, is understanding that this has been a process that has been complex and large. Having to do with multiple bridges connecting genetic prototyping, that changes particle ray structure through multiple channels as it circulates through the Universal Grid systems. You've got different layers of it corresponding in multiple places in the seventh, eighth and ninth dimensional field of the monad, which is where I feel your counterpart is. There is a process attempting to bring the three components into a trinitized form, just as there is down here at the same time.

The beings that exist at that level are working to align their trinitized form. When we're down here building the trinitized form trying to align our pyramids to theirs. I'm seeing that literally we're building triads, they are building triads. We're trying to build these triads upon triads to fit inside each other, so we can create a link that corresponds to that being, to that aspect of our self. Because it's almost like understanding too, these pieces of our monad, these aspects of our self got spun off in all of these different directions. That's what karmic monads are, that is what reverse monads are, it's like seeing this part of our monad. We had a piece of that monad and the extensions of it are trapped in a place where it's stuck in one of these artificial feed lines. And it means that it's being used by the reversal grids in that system that are sucking the energy and making it impossible for that to be reclaimed and to recollect itself.

I'm seeing that apparently we're doing multiple projects to try to reclaim those monads and that's a part of the process that is currently underway at the same time that we're doing this. Because I'm understanding the Krysthala forms of unity are also, as they are being synergized and built, are also at the same time corresponding to retrieving aspects of beings monad that have been stapled off and used in various systems. We have to build a new system for the part of the body to be released, so it's got a new vehicle to get into. So you have a piece of the monad stuck on the Golden Eagle grid and it's impaled over there. It's stuck within the static fence and it can't get out. It's a piece over there, we can't just go and release the piece. We've got to have a body or some format for it to follow. It's on a structure and without the structure I do know, it seems like it either hurts it more or fragments it more. You can't just rip it off the impaled structure it's got to be put in a body.

I'm seeing that's what we're building now. That is what the Shield of Solomon is about, it's a temporary... God this is amazing. It's a temporary construct that is being utilized as a de facto rod system structure, to override the Golden Eagle dysfunction. The original planetary rod system is completely broken. We were trying to fix it and we've reached a point where it's not going to be fixed. Because the infiltration at the level that they have gotten in there, the Golden Eagle is Iran, Iraq Giza, look at what's going on over there. There is so much strife and change and so that system over there is an area that is the rod function of planet Earth. The Shield of Solomon is something that we have been building as a grid structure to apparently collect and hold monads and fragments, and it's also acting as a part of the masculine principle.

What I'm understanding at this point is there was a process in this project that was instituted at a source dimension, that has now changed. When this process began it was being connected into the intelligence of the seventh dimension. And now that is no longer, it's not there. The space that this was originally connected to, it's gone it's not there anymore. Yet, the same principles of what we're talking about extended into multiple dimensions.

So even though from the human level this would sound completely overwhelming, because it's the question all of us as light workers ask. How far does the rabbit hole go? It just seems never-ending, you reach one level and you've got more, to this point, to this point. It seems that you go forever. So that is the question I'd like to put out there in terms of our own revelation of choice, in what is the most aligned integral way to proceed with this? So that it is not feeling like cruel and unusual punishment to you. What I'm understanding is this counterpart of yours right now is re-collecting pieces of his monad family or extensions. And what's strange about this that's hard to explain, is it feels like what is happening and what he is doing now is not what was known, prior to this happening. Something happened and revealed that there was something that had to be done, that was not seen previously.

Because what the process is for you and him, it's almost pointless for him to come back unless he can come back in unity, because the purpose of being here on the planet. I'm feeling too it would be like incarnating into something that would be completely covered with Miasma that would make it impossible to achieve this. What we're understanding is multiple levels of complexity, the physical flesh on planet Earth is genetically altered and enslaved. There has to be compatibility in the levels of the substance of the raw material of the body, with this pattern that we are describing.

The neurological pattern and the brain patterning, the frequency patterning of this is seemingly quite difficult to achieve given what we know has happened to the male body on the planet. It has obviously happened to both genders, but when you incarnate on planet Earth you are imprinted with the consciousness fields of the planet. So there's no getting out of not taking it on. Just like all of us down here have the Crucifixion Implants, because we're part of parcel of planet Earth. If you're here and you are in a body it's part of you, and this is the way it is. I'm seeing that there is a lot of difficulty and complexity aligning this, but it doesn't feel complete it doesn't feel over.

Bridging Dimensional Realities

I feel very uncomfortable making any statement about a physical manifestation. I just have no idea, but I am aware that this is something that is work that both you and your counterpart are doing. I understand that this has Ascended Master purposes to it, and I don't feel it as a manipulation agenda. I feel it as a necessary chain in the link of the multiple bridges being built. We look at multiple levels of taking the stair step of ascension into the necessity of seeing and synthesizing all truths into one. And this is the difficult part of the various levels of distortion and a lot of what we are doing, what you are doing, is coming across distorted code that isn't seen as distorted until you come across it. And it's being processed through the observer and overridden, or used in an efficient function that serves where you are in the time space.

This is also describing why we need the processes of going into the dark, because we see where the source of the infection exists. You can't heal something you can't align something until you know it's there. So I'm seeing there has been a lot of that with this process, because planet Earth and the grids on planet Earth have been severely controlled around union between male-female. The distortions that have been propagated through sexuality, and I have known this for a while even though it has been very controversial, as I probably mentioned before. In looking at the fields and knowing the distortions that are there and seeing the complex matrix of the Nephilim Reversal Grid, and how distorted it is and how it works behind all the pornography and all of the distortions between the sexes. That is an incredibly complex second chakra implant that most people carry, which creates a total distortion in your opposite.

Marital Distortions

So it means when people get married, or whatever they call that when the couples come together, it is close to impossible to have a union, a clear union because of these distortions. And these are definitely controller placed. They are not organic they are put there, and that is because somebody up there realizes that our freedom is in our union. Meaning that we are designed to do this, it's our freedom it's our liberation, it's more than what it has been made to appear in the physical realm. It's been so distorted and so debased from what it really is, because it truly is our connection with God.

So when we are able to come into true union, and as couples we can't even fathom what this would be, but if at some point we are successful in these rod and staff unions, and we are able to create the sacred marriages accurately in physical, which are Christed structures. We are supposedly able through the alchemy of our principal merged to literally emanate a field that is like unknown. Meaning it is so powerful, it is so above and beyond anything it's literally like an emanated God field coming out of the love of the beings in union. And apparently we are all in our different ways, those of us that work with grids and do this kind of work for the planet as part of our agreement here, are collaborating in some way with this.

This is a piece that you're doing, I have a piece that I'm doing, but it's all really for the same thing, which is to bring unity to this planet. Because in this moment of time and through the histories of this planet, apparently even though there's a lot of propagation in the New Age talking about twin souls and soul mates, honestly it's not accurate. It's just not and it's hard because it's something that is so core to us, like the cells of us, the consciousness of us we know. It's so confusing because this is our divine sovereignty and birthright, we we're designed for this. This is who we are and this has been taken away from us. And it's such a big wound, it's very painful because our natural organic expression and fulfillment as God beings, as God would have it, is this. And we don't have it.

So we're all pretty wounded around this, we've got a lot of complexities around trying to hold neutrality around this when it's something that really is core to the fulfillment of our God-ness, our connection to everything that we know is real for us as a being, that which is in the Christ light, the God light.

So what I'm understanding is a valid project and it is something that was established in the seventh dimensional fields, based on various reasons that have now changed. Parts of it have certainly been updated into new correspondences that are being worked from that level, that are not obsolete. Meaning that the pathway of you getting there is not for naught, it is something that is being archived, it is something that is being templated, it is something that has great value to the process of genetic healing. Because it's sourcing and finding distortions in the field as you find them, and they are then either made aware of in the consciousness or prepared in some way.

It's a rehabilitation project that you, as you meet the distortion that you don't know you're going to meet until you get there. So it's definitely servicing multiple levels of support in repairing the architecture of planet Earth and at the human DNA level. The other thing that I'm feeling is now we're working with the divine God house architecture, the 144,000 archetypes and this Mother Father Arc correspondence. Which necessitates that because I'm feeling that you have access to that part of Mother Arc energy, because of your divine feminine correspondences. All those lineages of Magdalene Mary and Essene and Cathar, it's a part of your body, you have access to that. And it's there the vertical staff is there for you.

The counterpart of it is attempting to merge at monad levels and is off retrieving pieces, trying to deal with reclamation of pieces that are being used in other places and recalibrating, or somehow changing the electron structures into different base codes. The whole architecture that was at a base 11, of that reality is now got to change to base 12. And these are again based on Crystal or Christ organic eternal supply light forms. And these are known as God architectures, this is the best way I could describe it. And that base architecture is 12 and that is the masculine stepping into the base 12 principle, to meet the 13 which is the feminine, and goes into the monad outside of this universe apparently.

So as this is all going on, there are those of us down here attempting to work with different functions. I think of these Christ, Krythala unity merkabas that they've been talking about recently. Understanding the unity merkabas that are being built and in alignment with the Solomon Shield seem to be the structure of the architecture down here, that is able to catch or allow these energies and frequencies and levels that we are speaking of to be brought to physical manifested presence. And that is apparently our work. You are trying to ground this into the grids here.

We're trying to anchor it in here. And meanwhile we have a lot of intensity happening, a month before our intersection begins. And we begin another intersection March 8th, March 9th. And the good news about this one is that this is the first time we've ever had a unity wave in this architectural pattern actually come here. I don't think it's really known what the result of that impact is going to be. But I'm understanding that we have, like we usually do, energies resisting and interrupting and trying to create chaos trying to jump on the wave for their agenda. So we have a lot happening, even if we just look at what's happening in Egypt right now. I think today Mubarak has resigned and there's so much going on globally that represents this massive change that were in. And it feels like we are in a wildcard period, where we can't really predictor or know what the result is going to be. Therefore what I'm really feeling with you is that the choice has to be with you. I don't know how else to say it. There are so many correspondences of what this connects to, and I think the most important thing for you to understand is that it's not for nothing. Because I know that sometimes when you're doing this in the physical, it feels like you're not getting anywhere and you're doing all this work and it's hard. (question...).

What is happening that is very difficult for you, is that you're working on the fields of unity at a hugely vast level, through a personal correspondence that is almost excruciating. I am doing my piece as well, but I didn't undergo what you did. So even though we're doing the same work, because it's about certain levels of healing that have to happen within the gender within the polls within the consciousness units. The experience that you've had and the method in which you have been in your life experience, that has shown up has an extra level of intimacy that is very difficult. But it is so much more then saying my twin is coming to be in the physical, it's so much more than that. The challenge is the parts that are impersonal to you.

Looking at cosmic correspondence to fields being redirected as a part of this action, it's very hard to try to place that in the human world. I can see there is no right and wrong, it's something that's so difficult because it has such levels of impersonal correspondence, and yet it's something very personal to you. How do you synthesize that in some way that you can survive here and feel good about it is the point. (question...)

I'm feeling that that's coming to an end. There's something beginning in March. I feel like our past, there is something from all our stuff that has accumulated up to now. It feels like there's going to be a drop, like we're dropping something and moving on into something else. Which seems to be kind of unknown at the moment. (question...)

I was aware of 4th and 7th dimensional correspondences to the Golden Eagle grid, which is interesting. I think we were attempting to either stabilize or heal parts of that. (question...). Yes, I think that it's just been like termites, it's like an inner infection that is just beyond repair. Our trump card is the consciousness of now. Because it is in the moment of that sentient consciousness of who we are, that is able to do things that we can't fathom. And it cannot be manipulated in the time space fields by those that manipulate that way, because those are all mental constructs. It's like saying we're not allowed to use those mental constructs anymore, we have to feel our way. Some times it feels like your blind in a sandstorm, you're blind in there and you've got one little feeler out and that's it. It's weird, yeah it's like there's just so much going on. (question...)

When I feel that statement, I feel a misunderstanding. It's sort of like what I was mentioning before that certain vantage points in certain positions look a certain way. And what I'm feeling is that there are times when we are undergoing activations or expansions, or spans of certain information or changes in structure where there are openings in our aura, and it's true these openings can make us vulnerable. But they are also part and parcel of what is necessary for us to do the work we do. And so when I feel that, I feel that there may have been a temporary breach or something. I don't feel an infiltration or a possession, or anything like that.

When I was writing the December newsletter with the Fine Print, I think one of those clauses was you're committed to it without any attachment to the end result. Like oh boy, okay. But that seems to be what it takes doesn't it. One of the issues we have here is like saying we're having static noise that is planetary. A part of our human biology and nervous system is a part of the collective damage we all share. So I mean really it's all of what you're doing, it's building the spiritual muscle through the communication on a consistent basis. It's developing the communication because when you do that, it attunes neural synapses in your brain to be able to fire in patterns that weren't there before. So there isn't really an easy way I to make that happen. In terms of participating with asking to heal the neurological system, because our whole neural synapses, neural plexus, all of that starts existing in the heart chakra and the fourth dimensional body and we know what happened there.

Gnosis or Direct Experience

So it's like saying for a lot of us, because of that incredible damage there it takes a lot to have crystal clear coherence with everything. I mean I don't have it either. I mean I get what I get and I would like to have a lot more clarity. And one of the things that has been constantly emphasized to me is that they don't want me to have clairvoyance and clairaudience. Because the body is designed to be a sensor of energy signatures and they want me to practice that way. What happens if you actually get like written script like some people, is you become a scribe. They don't want us to do that they want us to use our consciousness from this position to translate it here. Because what happens when we do that is we shift the field that way. There are some people down here that get a file and they just copy it down. They don't want us to do that because when you're writing or copying script you become an intellectual rather than a experiential connector.

It becomes a part of us that can't be taken away. If you read a book and then you believe what it tells you are believing someone else's truth, it's not something that you experienced yourself. When you experience it yourself no one can take it away, it is the truth vibration and it has a harmonic resonance to that truth that no one can mess with. It's kind of like saying you become fully part and parcel of the God consciousness, because each one of us has our note that were playing down here.

So that's the whole mind-boggling thing is that everybody has truth. But that truth has an individual note that is resonant with God. And when you can attune yourself or entrain yourself to that frequency, then you can notice it. It's the same thing when you listen to someone speak, you can tell when somebody's just a talking head, or actually has experience with what they are talking about. There's a whole different kind of resonance there. And that's what we're here to do is to experience that and bring it into these bodies. But again I understand and agree with you, it can be so frustrating because we're translating something that doesn't necessarily fit here. (question...)

We're in different rooms doing the same job. I send my strength and my heart to that which supports you. Again I know the power is in neutral and yet I really wish for your actualization, of whatever it is that brings that correspondence in our human body. That level of joy that so many of us are not having, it is sort of eluding us because the work is just pounding through. (question...)

Celestial Management Structure

What we're talking about in terms of grid or architectural projects, is as far as I can tell not able to be seen or read or understood by anyone except those of us that are doing it. I'm trying to say that what we share as a part of this family is the language of architect, we're from the language of architect. And if a being does not have that energy signature they can't read what we're doing. I noticed that in myself as well, that there are constant misunderstandings about what I'm doing. You know how I was talking about in one dimension it looks this way, because the person can't see two dimensions of what's going on in the purpose for it. So I notice this person is let's say accessing certain information at the fourth dimension and they see me doing something, and they don't understand that it's related to two dimensions away. And they are saying what is she doing that for that does look right?

I've noticed the Melchizedeks and the Dragon Lineages as far as I can tell, seem to be the lineages that are able to span multiple dimensions at once. Which is why we do the architectural work. it's like we're the keeper of the grids the protector of the grids. This is what we do. I noticed that they don't understand we are the celestial management structure. There are a lot of beings in the New Age that haven't figured out that it's the humans doing it. They are looking up there, talking to so-and-so. Well no it's us. We're doing it they are not, we're doing it. They're thinking they're doing the celestial management structure work, but no it's the architects, it is what we are doing. So it's a strange, we are the celestial management structure we are the ones maintaining these structures. So it's interesting definitely.

So sweetie thank you so much for all that you do. I hope that again this sort of settles into some deeper processes that reveal, that bring further clarity. I notice that is one of the good things with the connections of our sessions, is they do generally create an opening. Much love to you. Thank you so much. Okay bye now.[END AUDIO TRANSCRIPT][1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions 2010]

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