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The Cosmic Monad of Holy Father God returns through the Emerald Order, along with the transmission of the liquid light Plasma Waves of the Cosmic Christos at the end of the Ascension Cycle. Holy Father and Holy Mother unite to activate the Permanent Seed Atom in the Crystal Heart and return the blueprint of the Permanent Seed Atom to those it should belong to as divine human beings. This enacts Universal Law through “return to rightful owner” or RRO to those human beings that have developed their heart center, and aligned themselves with their true essential nature, the embodiment of spiritual consciousness in unconditional love and Compassion.

The Yod of Father God is the aspect or finger of God that works through the principle of Compassion in Action to restore the Law of Compassion for humanity on the earth. In this context, the Yod of Father God is related to the original cosmological blueprint that influences the organization of stellar bodies and constellations made from the Father's principle in the Universal Law of Structure. As the Law of Structure re-organizes the cosmological planes into higher harmony and balance as consciousness increases, the Yod is formed in the creator's blueprint during the expansion into higher consciousness to shower loving compassion upon those who have open hearts that may receive it. When the Yod appears in the astrological timeline or blueprint of a human being, that person experiences a deeper relationship that connects into the presence of the Holy Father. The interpretation of the Yod presence, compassion in action, is left with each person to experience directly and intrepret as it relates to higher spiritual purpose.

Awakening Father God

The Emerald Order beings are connected to the Cosmic Monad and are a part of carrying out the divine will of the Universal Father Arc or Father God principle. They were beyond our reach in previous timelines because of a “ring–pass–not” placed around our Solar System, related to the Orion Cross implants. During this time they return to activity with the earth plane and humanity. The Rishic Suns uphold the principle of divine law in that they dispense to those people that have merged themselves with their divine (spiritual) principle; those human beings who are not controlled by the material forms of the lower three worlds (1D-2D-3D). The awakened Rishic Suns, as a Cosmic Monad principle, will pour this new Solar Spiritual Source, or Kunda-Ray into the human monadic principle, so this builds, repairs and alters the monadic bodies here on this material plane. So this timeline begins as the great adjuster of the recorded memories of the many polarities experienced in the energetic principle of Universal Law, the Gender Principle that functions in the Law of Polarity or Pair of Opposites. This dispensation of Universal Law is an adjustment of energy that must be accounted for through divine or cosmic justice to be reconciled in this end time cycle period. The Cosmic Monad of Father God and the transmission of the next phases of the liquid Plasma Waves of the Cosmic Christos are returning now to activate or return the Permanent Seed Atom to those whom the permanent atom seed should belong to. [1][2]

HGS Amplifier

As an Amplifier (Talisman) it is defined as Rod of Power – Magenta Wand:

Magenta and Gold Founder Ray merged with Mother Arc. Yod of Father God, also Father Arc, is the Living Compassion of the God head, and the Hand of God’s compassion in action, which is activated through our Heavenly Father. Together, with his counterpart, Mother Arc, Father is overriding the Gold Ray by creating the Universe’s Golden Rod, and also creating a new Cosmic Green Ray, to bring healing to his children and the earth. He is the healer and re-animator of the Family of Michaels, the Male Christ principle. He is the rehabilitator of patriarchal domination and masculine tyranny through his Hand of Compassion, which is his Yod, or Rod of Power. He returns the Rod of Masculine Power to balance with the Staff of his Wife, and together, they restore Balance to the Universes. Through their marriage of equal force, Mother’s Sound of Love and Father’s Light of Compassion, together they are the Hieros Gamos of the living holy spirit of the Unity Logos. When male principle healing, mental body healing, or physical demonstrations of an compassionate action to resolve disputes is needed, Heavenly Father will give his hand to help. Upon Mother Arc’s return to this Universe, and through her eternal love for him, she collected her husband’s parts and restored him to his True Glory and Power. (All 14 dimensions of his parts were collected to restore him.) In his Hand is the Rod, and can be called upon when a compassionate action, resolution, movement or clarity in a situation has been requested in heartfelt prayer. Father issues are best resolved through his hands. He is committed to end war throughout the patriarchy lines. His Tetramorphic or Animal Symbol is a Bi-pedal Golden Eagle with Spread Wings, wearing a Gold Solomon Shield with an encrusted Diamond Heart Breastplate (Overtone & Resonate Tone).

Astrological chart

A Yod is a name for an aspect which forms a triangle shape. The two sextile (60° apart) planets means that they are harmonious to each other but weak where as the quincunx (150° apart) planet is incompatible to that pairing as it shares neither gender (masculine/assertive or feminine/receptive), element (fire, water, air, or earth), or modality (cardinal, fixed, or mutable). This aspect activates a powerful conduit of energy, and/or a deeply felt block, in the direction of the third, separated planet.[3]


In the Guardian reference Yod is a symbol code and holographic architecture that forms within a blueprint that refers to the presence of the “Finger of God”. This is not an explicit reference to the mystical Hebrew tradition of Yod as the beginning of the Hebrew alphabet letters that spell the name JHVH. (Jehovah). We have learned that Jehovah is an Annunaki ET that decided to inflict salavationistic models of violent religion upon humanity. Although there are some other similarities in the use of the letter Yod in this Guardian terminology, the main distinction is the deviation from the 10 base alphabet and 10 base Sephiroth as represented in the Kabbalah mystical science and Black Tree of Life.

As we have been informed, the base of creation is 12, and the 12 Tree Grid of Life represents the 12 Forces and their 12 timelines. The Guardian material presents that the Male Christ Electrical pattern is 12:12 and not 10:10. We use the term Yod to refer to Base 12 Krystic architecture in the God Masculine principle, represented as the Finger of God in creation to dispense the Law of Compassion. When we call upon Father’s Yod, we are calling for the Law of Compassion, we are asking for the compassionate action of God’s finger to be with our inner masculine principle to guide us through our challenging life circumstances, in Divine Right Order. Yod is synonymous with the Virtues of Humility and compassionate action of the Universal Father principle being taught to us in example. To know the Holy Father, we must develop our inner spirit to become more like him. The Yod can only be represented while in the Three Parts of its inherent Trinity. The Holy Father, The Holy Mother and the Holy Son. The Yod means “hand” and it suggests an outstretched hand or arm that is reaching from Heaven to earth, it is the bridge of God consciousness made between heaven and earth. Yod is the first letter of Yeshua, the Guardian Christ which is also a reference to the Father principle of God of which he as the (Christos) embodies in human form while on the earth. The Yod is Spirit of One and from the One all other things are created in this Universe, through the power of his spoken word all is made in Universal Love and Compassion.


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