Aurora Portal Network

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Aurora Portal Network

Abbreviation - APN is the Aurora Portal Network or Aurora Parallels in the Planetary Grid Network.

APN - One of the Guardian Planetary Grid Networks defined for advanced HGS session work as: Override Networks, Inner Hub or Parallel Gates (Krystal Star).

Grid Work Session Focus is connecting certain Parallel Planetary Gates, Aurora Pillars or Inner Timeline Hubs with Aurora Earth Hosting Projects. Once Inner Christos is activated and stabilized, connections to Krystal Star through the Aurora Host is facilitated. Master Key Codes in Base 12 are the required access code. Aurora Host Matrix is beyond the Universal Neutron Window and into the core of the next Universe, the Seven Higher Heavens, or High Creational Realm. Krystal Star, Aurora Elements.

Aurora Platform

The consciousness units of the next Universe, the Rays of the next Universe, the beings that live there in alignment with Krystal Star and Unity Intelligence, are called Aurora. Krystal Star works with the Aurora to build Aurora Platforms that are safe zones that step over the reversal fields running on the earth from the Frequency Fence and NET.

The elemental re-encryption process of this Avatar of Ascension (AOA) project as a part of the Aurora Guardian Families is an adjustment that actually changes the coordinates of your “birth” blueprint and its genetic imprint on the flesh. An encryption is a set of vibrations that hold energetic intention. Every thought that a person has is an encryption that takes us closer to or further from alignment with God Source. The Aurora Re-encryptions is to return the divine blueprint that is encrypted in our Silicate Matrix as the Krystal Star or Christ Coding.

When on Meditation journeys the Aurora Platform allows us to take a portion of our Consciousness and a portion of our body into projection, or Glide. The first consciousness projection glides are to the closest safe zone spaces, the Aurora Platforms in our earth atmosphere. This is the ability to move one's etheric body out with one's consciousness in it and to go to visit places that are in the Ascension system.

There is an Aurora Platform that creates passage way between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy.



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HGS Manual, Page 159

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