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Abadan is a city and capital of Abadan County, Khuzestan Province, which is located in the southwest of Iran. It lies on Abadan Island (68 km or 42 mi long, 3–19 km or 2–12 miles wide). The island is bounded in the west by the Arvand waterway and to the east by the Bahmanshir outlet of the Karun River (the Arvand Rood), 53 kilometres (33 mi) from the Persian Gulf, near the Iran–Iraq border. Abadan is 140 km from the provincial capital city of Ahvaz.


The earliest mention of the island of Abadan, if not the port itself, is found in works of the geographer Marcian, who renders the name "Apphadana". Earlier, the classical geographer Ptolemy notes "Apphana" as an island off the mouth of the Tigris (which is where the modern Island of Abadan is located). An etymology for this name is presented by B. Farahvashi to be derived from the Persian word "ab" (water) and the root "pā" (guard, watch) thus "coastguard station").

In Islamic times, a pseudo-etymology was produced by the historian Ahmad ibn Yahya al-Baladhuri (d. 892) quoting a folk story that the town was presumably founded by one "Abbad bin Hosayn" from the Arabian Tribe of Banu Tamim, who established a garrison there during the governorship of Hajjaj in the Ummayad period.[2]

10D Stargate Abadan, Iran

Abadan island currently houses one of the largest oil refineries in the world. Basra and Abadan are the location of the original paired tenth dimensional stargates of the planets internal templar or 12 Tree Kathara Grid. Abadan’s 10th gate in Iran was aptly named in order to energetically link into the Black Star Abbadon, from the previous connectors in Orion to the 8D Black Hole and then into the Yahweh Matrix or Yod Hay Vod Hay System. In Revelation 9:11, and note the time code as well as the number code of 911, Abbadon[1] is described as the Destroyer, the Angel of the Abyss, the King of the Plague of Locusts. In our lifetime it has been made clear through observation that this region has suffered terribly from continual sieges and war campaigns in order to exert control over the area and suppress what’s located there.

This region was once the home of ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia that was filled with the sapphire diamond infused sacred krystal waters of the Triple Solar Sapphire Blue Ma’ ah Goddesses that inhabited the planetary Rasha Body, along with Mer Peoples in the seas that helped to protect the Solar Mary’s sapphire crystal. The Blue Solar Goddesses returning to our world through the Starry Night Dark Firmament remind me they embodied and inhabited within the 10D Sha-Ra complex and sang the Ra-Sha-La tri-tones for the 10th Stargate Network, which is the sacred Divine Mother Language that was sung in the Edenic world of Tiamat. These sapphire beauties were our direct communication link to our inner avatar Christos-Sophia, through their embodiment in the planet’s 10th gate, angelic humanity would be able to hear, feel, see and experience the existence of their Inner Christ self.[3]


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