Alhambra’s Gridwork Synopsis

From Ascension Glossary
Dawn on Charles V palace in Alhambra, Granada, Spain.[1]

Emerald Order Guardians brought to our attention the next stage of reclamation of Christos and Return of the Emerald Order that began on 11:11 with the Cosmic Mother Dragon reclaiming her body parts in the sacred architecture connected to the Alhambra Palace in Spain. Essentially, the Cosmic Mother’s sophianic heart principle has a galactic access point within the Alhambra Palace complex, which holds an incredibly powerful secret of natural alignment with galactic nodes. The Cosmic Mother Dragon connected with the Unis Mundi in this location and transmitted light seed codes into Alhambra through her sacred rainbow dragon breath through the 11:11 gateway, as a part of the solar fire that anoints and reclaims sacred structures on the Earth for their true divine purpose.

The features in the Alhambra complex are connected to the dark matter template of the Cosmic Mother’s Cathar body coding that makes up the layers of the coronasphere, in which current reversals through tenth gate and galactic tone 10 planetary life force were hooked into Vega artificially. This red cube network was reversing the energy into manifestation functions within the corresponding ley lines and portal system. Alhambra’s complex was the center of solar female energy inversions that were identified as a red cube imposter architecture hijacking the Solar Mary Sun-Star holographic patterning in a variety of constellations, with the main focus of recon being on the holographic geography of Alhambra’s complex being connected to the Vega star in Lyra. This metatronic code distortion connects to the timelines of the Lyran Wars, where our focus was upon several Celtic Massacre timelines in the Mediterranean that led up to the Atlantian Cataclysm cycle when Vega was the Northern Pole star, about 12,000 BC. The Lyran War timelines were a power source for several human holocaust timelines, which intersected into Alhambra complex from the Black Sun’s Roman Invasion and Islamic Caliphate period, culminating in the incredibly dark and disturbing history of torture and mass murder under the Spanish Inquisition. The clearing and extraction of methodical killing blueprints used by the Church of Rome, to carry out religious persecution and the intended SRA torture of human beings in order to harvest Loosh for their alien masters during the Spanish Inquisition and related holocausts, are being reviewed, cleared and accounted for in the timelines.

Thus, Cosmic Mother announced her mission to reclaim Alhambra on 11:11, to observe the energetic structure of the Alhambra complex on her behalf, which reveals the red cube network that was artificially put in place to mimic and control the red planetary earth principle in the elemental structures which respond to the Galactic tone 10 within the planetary manifestation. The artificial AI red wave transmissions were replicating the Yana families of the Solar Reisha into Black Dragon Queens in order to run lunar consciousness and metatronic code. The Yana would be a female principle ascended master type of Triple Solar Feminine cosmic consciousness that makes up the eternal cosmic spirit body, the Yanas’ spiritual body layers were severely damaged from Beast Machinery and from being reversed in inversion spirals running through the metatronic tone.

The Cosmic Mother Dragon connected with the Unis Mundi in this location and transmitted light seed codes into Alhambra through her sacred rainbow dragon breath through the 11:11 gateway, as a part of the solar fire that anoints and reclaims sacred structures on the Earth for their true divine purpose. Through Her rainbow breath pattern of the Tri-Une of the Universes united within the Tri-Matrix of the Rashala dark matter layers found within the triune rainbow breath, are small pearlescent and crystalline light seeds that are built into the Chrysalis star plasmas or Chrysanthemum body. The Chrysalis body is a white gossamer membrane that forms into a plasma dome made from the White Diamond Elohei flowers of plasma roses and chrysanthemums, and within the Chrysalis the plasma waters, the plasma flowers give birth or flower into new creations. The Chrysalis is the divine nourishment of sacred purity, another elixir which pours from the Cosmic Mother's body that extends into the creations of the flowering Sophianic architecture, as this elixir springs forth from within it.

The nourishment germinates the crystal light seeds of the Cosmic Mother's sacred rainbow dragon breath, which restores the true Mitochondrial Eve that is heralding our Cosmic Mother's return for her children, through another stage of blood alchemy support that appears to restore the heme function. The Triple Solar blood codes are copper-rose-gold based, and also called Solomon blood codes that are transmitted from the Copper Dragon Ouroboros Rings into a sparkly coppery serum that is connected to Temple of Solomon failsafe architecture. This recent mission is designed to restore the solar feminine in angelic human blood which purges out the lunar female shadows, as well as reinstating angelic human chromosomes. The purpose is reinstating the true matriarchal genetic lineage which angelic humans are sourced from in the Cosmos as the divine solar fire that are extensions of the Sisters of Avalon, which protects the Cosmic Starhuman and Diamond Sun body that is carried in the rainbow breath of the Mother of Dragons.

The copper rose gold liquid light appears as a copper serum that unifies the inner masculine and feminine consciousness portals, or orifices within the human body and when activated is naturally run through the circular breath in the microcosmic orbit pattern. The breath then becomes the substance of inhaling and exhaling coppery gold liquid light serums which are running through the inner vertical channel, creating a unified pattern of figure eight energy patterns connecting with glands and organs throughout the microcosmic orbit. The Male gender principle is a 5-pointed star, while the Female gender principle is a six-pointed star, which are represented within our body as the function of each gender body obeys that principle in the direction of electromagnetic energy and consciousness.

The Alhambra appears to have an adamic body template that functions in compliment to the Albion master control in the United Kingdom, thus this highlights the unification of the universal star coupling of the five-pointed star and six-pointed star uniting in order to configure new portals, which give birth to the coppery dragon eggs throughout the planetary matrix. This was found to be represented in the Twinned Heart representations of Dual Cupolas in the Court of Lions, which are engraved with eleven pointed stars representing the planetary adamic body template of the male five star and female six star unifying as the Universal Starhuman Coupling seated in the Albion network; the Triple Solar Masculine Albion Star code, King Arthur, and the Triple Solar Feminine Cathar Star code, Queen Guinevere, united in sacred marriage or hierogamic union to co-create the crystal capstone of the corrected Universal Melchizedek Rod and Staff.

Aftermath, Extracting AI Hybrid Archons

The aftershock of recent planetary shifts with Alhambra, comes with another round of aggressive dismantling of Reversal 55 or base 10 current which contain metatronic coded architecture that held down or contained shadow bodies and lunar forces in the planetary matrices and humanity. This lends to de-manifestation occurring with the demagnetization of structures in matter that were exposed to the lunar magnetic fields of NET mutations that can collapse or implode with a sonic boom that generates cross spirals and chaotic fields in the outer environment.

The remains and remnants of this network reveal massive sized archontic entities that were placed in the in-between spaces of particle and anti-particle layers, to block the merge of several three in one matrices connected to the larger configuration of the Tri-Une of Universes. These archontic entities were projected out of the Universal Shadow Body and strategically placed by the black hole entities as gatekeepers, they appear as massive black blobs with AI hybrid genetic cloned jellyfish offspring, and are suspected to be the source of S.P.Es or suppressor parasites. These appear as black fluid or goo that have sentience that act as a part of the hive mind of the larger body of the archon. These black blob creatures were given energy signature names that appear to be connected to the Alhambra complex, in which three acting as one hive mind have surfaced with similar tones that were designed to replicate or clone out the organic dark matter tones of the Cosmic Mother and her Cathar layers in order to recycle them to power up lunar demonic forces.

The organic Rasha Body tones of AL LA are connected to the dark matter coded blood crystals of Solar Reisha or Yana’s, whereas these three archon entities with signature of Al-cantra, Al-cazaba, and Al-hambra were being used to invert Solomon blood codes and keys, while harvesting human sexual energies via the sexual misery programming powered up by red cube networks in Alhambra. The collapse of this particular network is critical for surfacing the revelation of truth surrounding the NAA’s pedo-elites, and is deeply entrenched in the horrible abuse humanity has suffered with sexual SRA rituals, and how the souls were being bound into further abuses after death. It appears these creatures act as a type of spiritual security guard for the most prolific of Earth’s galactic human traffickers which are the pedo- elites, and so this event may have macrocosm implications in finally revealing some high-level people involved in this abomination, as well as surfacing intimate personal levels or family of origin sexual trauma for compassionate witnessing and healing.

On the Spiritual Warfare front, this is a major grid shift that flushes out the unconscious shadows and demonic forces of the population to the surface, and can generate a new level of turmoil that suddenly surfaces with incredibly toxic asleep people acting viciously or social situations may arise in which those awake, actively seeking truth or deeply spiritually connected may be heavily tested. Tested with heavy resistance to hold steady and remain calm in the storm, and to know that speaking the truth and truth seekers are generally despised by the mainstream collective consciousness of this world. Thus, it will take every ounce of moral courage and strength to remain spiritually centered and firmly on the path. Our day will come, we must keep calm and carry on knowing we are a beacon of light for many others when we are spiritually committed to speak the truth as we know it.

What is Unis Mundi?

The term Unus Mundus is Latin for One World and was popularized by Jung for exploring archetypal forces of consciousness, thus, it has been injected into public discourse through purely intellectual concepts of theology, philosophy and alchemy. In this context, we describe the Unis Mundi as an energetic principle made evident from divine architecture that is the blueprint of the spiritual temple or dwelling which links cosmic consciousness with the material form or body. Further, this galactic node brings the cosmic spiritual alignment which brings forth the direct gnosis of the unified reality of God, or direct knowledge of the Cosmic Order and Source from which all things have been and are created.

The embodied solar tri-unity exists within the eternal present moment from which the alchemical forces and elementals of divine creation are made accessible to the spiritual initiate completing the Magnum Opus, where the Cosmic Christos consciousness magnetizes direct access to all timelines, knowledge and aptitudes, at the point of connection made with the zero-point source of the planet, solar system, Universe and Cosmos, all simultaneously.

The One World philosophy is the framework for the unity principle inherent in the Law of One, thus its rediscovery as it is uncovered from the thousands of years of stolen history hiding the ancient wisdom and spiritual freedom we once knew and recognized, coherently fills in the missing gaps throughout science, religion and psychology. During the planetary ascension, the Unis Mundi sacred staff cannot be blocked, hidden or defiled any longer, the truth of the nature of the reality is forcefully pushing upwards from deep in the crystal core of the planet, in which synchronicity and meaningful coincidences are the breadcrumbs we follow, as the divine plan of God restoring Cosmic Order through our personal mission sphere. If we would only listen to our heart.

Alhambra’s recent retrieval from the anti-human vandals inverting its sacred architecture and spiritual properties in base 10 reversals, begins another stage of planetary architecture restoration of the sacred crystal heart of the Triple Solar Masculine and Triple Solar Feminine, which is necessary for the reseating of King Arthur and Queen Meri-Guinevere within the Triple Solar Solomon Temple being built in the Albion. The reclamation of the Christos Mission serving the return of the Emerald Order, continues onward.[2]

Group Prayer for Alhambra

Our loving prayers for the divine representation of Alhambra as the Unis Mundi, as we restore and return the truth that is the living eternal light and holy spirit of our Cosmic Mother to this world: may the Earth's Holy Mother Sophia, may the Earth's sacred solar daughters of Sophia find Her body cleansed, find Her body washed away from suffering, purified in the crystal waters of eternal life, to be reborn and nourished, to be re-emerged anew. May Her natural kingdoms on Earth be restored to find their true nature as One with the Holy House of God in the Stairway to Heaven, as held in the loving arms of our Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father! And so, it is!


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