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Guardian projects have included the systematic dismantling of Anti-Christ Pillars holding cardinal directions in timelines along with the metatronic architecture that has been used to hijack the organic timelines and reroute them into the phantom for AI replication. The emphasis has been on dismantling the most powerful Anti-Christ Northern Pillar in which a three faced entity, Pindar-Thoth-Azazael was using stolen Azurite DNA from Wesa and the Gaian Phantom Body to run reversal current into the entire planetary grid, for holding the Northern position in the Anti-Christ positions of the clock shield. The effects of this Anti-Christ Pillar overseen by the Pindar Draco Alien and its minions has extensive alien networks spreading its tentacles throughout the United Kingdom and up into the highlands of Scotland which has a direct conduit leading into the 7D Gaian Matrix.

It is important to remember that these same Draco AI hybrid entities infiltrated the top of the pyramid of the One World Order controller structures, who are taking orders from the Black Sun which is being directed by the Pindar-Thoth-Azazael gestalts enmeshed with AI supercomputers and their artificial timeline programs.

Pindar, Thoth and Azazael shadow forms have been more present as they are being cleared away from our lightbody as the Anti-Christ Northern Pillar is being demolished and these vandals are being evicted from the earth. These parasitic attachments were made to leech upon our Gaian (monadic) and Taran (soul) timeline histories in order to keep our consciousness split and lightbody pointed towards the anti-Christ northern position of the Black Sun, so we could not reclaim the full diamond sun body template of angelic humanity.

There is a physical entity that is White Draco or Dragon Moth that considers itself supreme royalty. This White Draco merged its hive mind consciousness with the AI uploaded brain of Thoth, along with merging its consciousness with a third identity, Azazael. Azazael was generated from the Azurite DNA genetic mapping in the Wesa matrix, so it is an AI hybrid shadow entity that has access to Azurite memories on Gaia. This also seems to be the main genetic lineages of the Dark Azriel or Dark Archangelic forces manufactured in Wesa as the AI hybrid shadow armies to conquer our Universe, that are purely satanic consciousness gestalts that were replicated into fallen seraphim lines. This entity’s tri-merge with AI generated Luciferian and Satanic consciousness is the result of consciousness uploading and brain mapping, through which the Pindar Draco Alien Dragon Moth creature takes on a human form to get around on the earth, but clearly is not human.

Pindar, represents himself as the supreme purebred royal leader of the earth for serving the Draco Empire, and heads up all the Bloodline families in a top-down pyramid of mafioso control. Apparently, he is at the top of the pyramid as the hidden capstone, and all under him must take his orders down the chain of command or suffer punishment, torture or death. The Pindar entity assigns positions and roles throughout the organized hierarchy of the anti-Christ and Satanic Councils, and many are holders in positions of running specific alien machinery, other networks and pillars, which connect directly to run reversals in the cardinal directions, also called the inorganic four.

The Pindar oversees the geo-political operations globally, but his merged AI consciousness with AI Thoth and AI Azazael holds the antichrist architecture for running the beast machine throughout the Northern Pillar. This position is the most important cardinal direction, which oversees the land mass of United Kingdom, entire North America and Antarctica. This means Pindar is overseeing all the main spiritual gateways such as the 11D Stonehenge, 9D Antarctica, and North America, such Stargate 1 Inner Gate Cyprus, and Northern Arizona.

The point is knowing that Pindar is the top of the chain holding the Northern position, and he assigns other entities to hold the Southern position, the Eastern position and the Western position for running beast machine reversals and carrying out the NAA agendas for the One World Order. This particular anti-Christ architecture is what has controlled the Maji crown alignments that hold the krystal compass directions, this is the organic consciousness code alignments that the Guardians are correcting and bringing online with the Solar and Gold body activations at this time.

Keep in mind that these Black Sun entities like Pindar have stolen Christos coding and God creator code for their use to gain power over humanity through the Law of Reversals, or anti-life. Whatever satanists hold up as holy in numbers, such as using trinity patterns in threes, or the number 13, or the 13th pillar, is stolen creator code they use in reversal principle in order to gain power for satanic forces in their organized rituals. The use of 13th Pillar in satanic ritual is stolen directly from the Mother aspect of the Godhead to generate satanic and lunar force demons that run the Dark Alien mother and Baphomet distortions. Everything they carry out in satanic ritual is in reversals or inversions to the organic creator code, which is the intentional abomination to desecrate our sacred alignment with God and Christ, ultimately designed to defile and debase humanity by tricking them to worship their own demise.

Pindar seems to be heavily involved giving orders to run the world conglomerates of transnational businesses, such as giving orders to the Council of 300, with the main goal of manipulating the geo-political environment. Pindar enjoys staging proxy wars for proxy nations for their massive corporate entities and running of industries that serves the Draco Empire, such as mass human trafficking and child trafficking off planet, and setting up empires or colony’s on other planets from the earth’s stolen resources. This is run at the top by anti-human, non-human forces, these are Draconian entities that comprise the Orion Group and Alpha Draconis who created partnerships with those Luciferian bloodlines that have the most significant amount of reptilian DNA from thousands of years of genetic modification and alien hybridization.

What is being witnessed currently is the interdimensional geo-mapping of the anti-Christ architecture that holds the structures for the dimensional layers of the alien hierarchy for the purpose of serving these Wesa alien predators and running their AI shadow armies. The holographic mapping and tracking of beast machine coordinate locations in the directional nodes of running these reversals and AI current, is in order to get these satanic nests deep at the root of their infection in the earth, so that they can be more effectively extracted. It is only a matter of time, and in the heat of this battle for earth, now that the Solar Rishi have come into our dimension, the Guardians are throwing down the gauntlet.[1]


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