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The Universal Shadow World emerged from out of the reversal current of the 11th dimension, in which these fallen black hole entities were reconfigured into Black Dragon Avatar Collectives with AI brains, and these bizarre shadow creatures became the entity attachments to living beings, at individual, collective and beyond levels. These Black Dragon Avatar Collectives use advanced artificial intelligence antichrist technologies to drain life force energy out of our Universe, and are able to hijack and possess living beings that are consumed by their unhealed shadow body. Upon the production of the Beast Machine and the Black Dragon Avatar Collectives in the 11th dimension, they descended through each dimensional layer via inorganic wormholes or architecture that generated Typhon Tunnels. Upon manifestation into the lower dimensions, this generated more shadow mutations that led to the proliferation of corrupted elementals, shadow creatures and astral mirrors which generate false images, Negative Form artifacts and conjured entity attachments. [1]

Lunar Matrix, Lunar Female Distortions

Thousands of years ago, the NAA and the Power Elite Luciferian bloodlines discovered that in order to gain access to the Planetary Staff and spiritual-energetic gateways, stargates, portals, interdimensional links into different timelines, they would need to find ways to capture the Mother aspect of the Godhead, by gaining control over Dark Matter, and gravitational or magnetic field manipulation. The insertion of the Lunar Matrix was accomplished in part by dragging in the moon satellite, to be used as a base of operations and for transmitting lunar broadcasts for achieving magnetic field manipulation and mind control. This makes the earth a bonafide Prison Planet. This also serves to gain control over the Sophianic female Christos expression on the earth, by inverting the solar female staff current in the human lightbody, and forcing the inner female principle to run energy reversals with lunar force overlays from the Lunar Matrix.[2]


Consettia is a Black Dragon gestalt and related demonic hierarchy that has been identified for eviction in several Guardian Host architectural repair projects involving the Caduceus Network and Baphomet Network dismantling from the Wesa Black hole systems, that surfaced during the Paliadorian Activation cycle. [3]

Red Nile Cube Wesa Tech

AI Redwave False Timeline Perception

Instead, these Black Dragon entities attempt to hijack those with Azurite memories on Gaia by running the Red Nile Cube coding in their target’s lightbody, which includes Inverted 7D Violet Ray transmissions of phantom codes from the Gaian Shadow Body, and False Feminine Violet Reversals that run imposter identities using the Ruby Sun DNA, magenta beetle and red spider programing.

The Red Nile Cube matrix from Wesa generates an internal feedback loop in the crown area running into the base root of the perineum through the microcosmic orbit circuitry in the spinal column. This generates false timeline perception by altering the consciousness body north position to invert upon itself, so that the person perceives moving towards the future timeline, but they are actually facing into the past timeline, into an AI phantom time loop. See Artificial Timeline Wars.

Monuments, Obelisks Consecrated to Thuban

Through many accumulative years of session gridwork, it is clear that the Black Sun human controllers worship this AI Phantom Matrix in Thuban as the top of their Pindarian Control System. These are comprised of the satanic-lunar-Moon Chain hierarchies and their Satanic Alien AI Gods’ creations that ultimately source from a parallel fallen system, Wesa. These Black Dragon Moth hybrid creatures, the Omicron-Draconians set up headquarters in Thuban which is a major feature in their satanic rituals for human blood sacrifice. Many monuments, obelisks, hydroelectric dams, tunnels and impressive building sites across the globe have been consecrated to Thuban, as the anti-Christ pillar connected as the Northern Pole Star. The preferred alien hybridized bloodlines of the Power Elites were schooled in satanic rituals for the purpose of gaining dark sorcery and occult power in their blood rituals. This vast network has been used to control the world and to control the timelines via Black Dragon Timekeeper constructs that are powered up by reversal current gridworking and Thuban as the North Pole Star. See Anti-Christ Pillars.

Forked Tongue Reversal Speech

The Rasha Body had been severely damaged by the colonization of assorted genetic labbed AI hybrid shadow creatures, enormous sized archontic jellyfish and all that has been discovered with the Wesan black hole. Including the Transhumanism agendas with Alien Machinery that operate upon artificial Black Goo and corrupted shadow elementals being controlled by on and off planet AI quantum supercomputers. Recently, Emerald Guardians were able to fish out another massive Archontic entity blob from out of the 2D-6D layers of the Sarasota-Temple Mount stargate that was directing hierarchies of the Black Dragon Avatar Collectives in the hydrological cycle of the planetary water supply. This was being done through lunar based technologies using Anti-Christ Voice Transmissions (Forked Tongue backward serpent speak) infecting the lower aquifer portals and the 2D elemental layers.[4]


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